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My Little Secret


Lizzie is the typical kind of girl,average student, has a great BFF, and enemies with the popular girl. Except she has a secret, a big one and no one knows not even her family and the worst part she was told not to tell.
She didn't until she met someone, someone that's risk telling,someone she might actually love.
~Miss Direction
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Lizzie's BFF would stand by her side always, sometimes a big mouth but uses it in Lizzie's favor, Even bossy,loves to party



he is always joking around and understands most things



Is a flirt and knows he's good looking using it to charm girls, but he hangs with Steffany sometimes

Fairy Bio Dad

Fairy Bio Dad

Appeared when her wings did and had told her about her history



The boy Lizzie falls inlove with



brown hair,sky blue eyes, sparkling pink lips, pale white skin/ BFF's Avalon

Lizzie's wing

Lizzie's wing



The best almost thinks in sync with Lizzie on making decisions

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Introduced later in the story



The bff of the popular Tiffany gossips alot



The most popular girl in school ,bff with Tiffany, has attitude, and goes on and off her ex Danny


  1. My birthday

    the big day( Edited)

  2. The New Boy

    Who's the new boy?( Edited)

  3. A Date

    is this a date..?( Edited )

  4. The Big Date

    OMG a date with HH( Edited)

  5. During the date

    HH being romantic?( Edited)

  6. All good things have to come to an end

    So how was the date?( Edited)

  7. Trouble has come for a visit

    Chapter 7

  8. Party Time

    So how was the date?

  9. Okay its really time to party

    lets get our party on

  10. Dresses

    not an update

  11. Memory Lane

    It's down memory lane we go

  12. My Parents are what...they're who?

    I'm a what?!!

  13. Flash Back Offically over

    Back to the partying

  14. The Party is over

    I knew it was to good to be true

  15. More Secrets Revealed

    My Hero?

  16. Time to Think

    What do you say?

  17. Ball Remake

    The Place of Magic

  18. It's times to plan

    Let's do what we can

  19. This is where we wing it

    Our plans totally messed up

  20. The Meeting

    So we talk

  21. Something's fishy

    Something's not right

  22. The news

    The horrible news

  23. Rehearsel Dinner and Engagement Party

    Who are you?

  24. The Big Day

    The Excellent and the Horrible

  25. The Wedding

    Shit!! We failed

  26. What did I do?

    Not a update

  27. Time to Relax

    We deserve it

  28. Pool Party!!

    Party like we can't stop

  29. Reality Check

    R u serious?!

  30. Reality Check with a big Bang


  31. Time of Confessions

    I have to confess

  32. Not a update but please read, for all viewers

    Sorry not a update

  33. Chapter 33

    Screw choice, I want to finish the story ( No one answered so forget it )

  34. Time to Train

    Playtime is Over

  35. Which one do u prefer, good or bad news

    Time to put that training to good use

  36. Not a update but please read,

  37. Avalon's First Date

    Omg so proud of her

  38. After the eye ass kicking glares

    Shit bout to go down or nah?

  39. Battle Tatics

  40. Spys Unknown

    Awkward moment

  41. Time to Use What We've Learned

    Yes, time for action

  42. Attack!!!!

    Finally, could kick some actual ass!!!

  43. Attack!!!

    Surprise Attack

  44. We see you...

    This is too much

  45. The War Has Only Just Begun

    Heartbreaking News

  46. The War Brings Loss

    I would be lying if war didn't have losses

  47. Reunion

    Father and Daughter Reunioned

  48. Reunion II

    Father and Daughter Reunioned II

  49. Spies

    Stay within the Shadows

  50. The Battle Finally Begins

    This means War( Edited )

  51. The Strategy Gold Part I

    That's a great idea

  52. Stategy Gold II

    It's in action

  53. When will the Dust settle

    This means War

  54. The Dust settles

    This may finally be over

  55. The Elders

    The Myserious Ones

  56. The End of the War

    It's finally over

  57. The Coronation

    You and now and forever more a Princess

  58. The Lesson

    What happened?...

  59. Girl Time

    finally, now tell me the dets

  60. It's good to be home

    Home sweet Home


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