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My Little Secret

More Secrets Revealed

Mom's POV

The Elemantor closed in on Lizzie , I looked around for objects and found a chair and I picked it up. I hit the creature on the back and it growled and hissed it then turned to me and grabbed my throat, lifting me off my feet. I kicked and wiggled and say," Matthew ..." I hope
that if the king really loved his daughter he would come and help her.
The creature has just about choked the life out of me and all of a sudden I saw my daughter behind the creature with the glass bowl of punch and she smashed it over it's head and he dropped me. He wasn't knocked out but he was dazed which gave us time to run, I grabbed my daughter's hand and we ran toward the exit...we were outside where other teens were calling parents or trying to get the police. My daughter's date was by Avalon
and she was already waking up.
I rushed Liz to her side and told Harry, " Watch out for the girls and please....stall the others from finding out. " I pointed to my daughter's wings and Harry had took off his jacket and wrapped it around her. I went back in the dance floor and the creature was gone......I went back outside and I ran my hands through my hair and a girl with a now ruined pink dress confronted me and said," I don't know what the fuck that was but you better get a handle on this crazy shit!!!!!!!"

I reached out for her but she backed up from me," I said" Look it's just for publicity ya know the ballroom rental and-" I stopped myself even I don't believe this crap and soon the girl had gathered around claiming that I had poor guardian and hostess
then there was a flash of light and the voices of the teens had
faded away. I closed my eyes from the light and used my hand to shield the light so I may see.
I look around for my daughter and her friends and the color comes back again but it wasn't the color of the night...but I know this place.

Lizzie's Pov

I wake up in a strange room I was surrounded by maids and I lay on my belly and I couldn't move my wings. Then I remember, I shot up and tried to look up at my wings. A maid with the name tag Jannie had came to my side and she said," Darling don't stress your self we had to stitch it. Now all you have to do is rest my dear." she had a southern accent, I asked," Where am I?!" The maid slowly laid me down and
I sighed then she replied," You're at your father's kingdom of course."
I say," Harry, Avalon, and Mom where are they...send them to me."
Nodding with understand ment she said" I shall send for them but they are getting ready and you should too. Let me show you where you may bath and get ready and remember...put on your ointment." She and the rest of the maids left me alone in the room and the last one before closing the door had pointed to a closet door. She whispered," Your clothes."....I nodded and
she left and I limped my butt in the shower.

The water had relaxed my sore muscles and had allowed me to breathe clearer, I closed my eyes and relaxed and all of the sudden when I opened my eyes I looked at the water and I saw it sparkle and shine everything was clearer better than
my normal vision and I liked it, I saw it the way it was in magic. I closed my eyes once again and everything was normal again.
I hopped out the shower and combed my hair while looking in the
closet for clothing. Surprisingly, it was dresses....there were in mint condition too.
I grabbed one that went with my mood and I fixed my hair and got dressed. I went to search for the room to meet everyone at, but I had kept getting lost so I just decided
to call for help from a maid Jannie. Out of nowhere she appeared and she bowed and said," Yes your highness." I replied," 2 things okay, 1
call me Lizzie and 2 where the hell am I? " She bowed again and she said," Hold my hand." I did so and light flashed and I jumped.

I opened my eyes to see a big room where my bio dad had been sitting in the chair near the entrance and my mom's hair in a
pony tale and she was in a gorgeous dress fit for a Queen.

Harry in a suit fit for a prince and a hankie pocket with
his eye color hankie....emerald. He didn't look at me either, he looked deep in thought.
My best friend Avalon had a bright outfit, that was her natural color....on the other hand she wasn't mad she was happy. She waved me over and I
sat down next to her she whispered," Those little maids of yours had made the outfit of my dreams, and check out these shoes!!!!" I smiled and said" Guess you aren't mad about me not telling you...."
She waved her hand and shook her head and replied," You did it to protect me
, babe you're my best friend and you did what a bff would do. So don't sweat it, let your pop do the talking now."
I smile and reply " Thanks for understanding ."


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