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My Little Secret

Time to Think

Harry's Pov

I was deep in thought on what happened the last couple of hours and I thought about the fresh knowledge on Lizzie. I overheard her talk to her friend Avalon, Lizzie asked her if she was mad
Avalon said no because it was to protect her.
I mean I'm not angry at her but I thought when she
told me, it was a joke and she wanted to break up with me in amusing way.
I was out of it for a while, Liz's dad was talking about how important it is to keep the secret.
he asked" So any questions? " I said," Uh yes, um what about the people who also
saw the creature." Lizzie's mom said" Yes well, we've sent some of our servants has
used memory dust so they don't remember seeing
the thing." I said," What about my sister, I'm suppose to bring her back."

" Don't worry, we'd had our best take her home and put in bed," said Liz's Dad .I nod and
reply " Thanks " The king had said," Your welcome, any time."
I looked at Lizzie for what seemed for years and she was
looking at me. She looked hopeful and somehow I felt guilty for even thinking she was blood related to those things that tried to kill us. My thoughts were interrupted when Lizzie's mom had
said" Well whose famished, follow me and we shall eat." Everyone got up and I got up last to follow the queen to the breakfast. Lizzie turned and backed up from holding Avalon 's hand and approaches.

" Hey," she says I nod and continue to follow. Lizzie groans and jumps in front of me and
she asks," Why are you mad at me Harry." She looked at me with
pleading eyes and I sighed and gave in," I'm not....mad at you Liz "
She looked surprised and she said" Really?!" I smiled and said," Babe...I'm just trying
to cope with , you being a fairy...everything I've been taught to believe gone completely out the window."
Lizzie says," Do you mean you like my...." I smiled and replied" Yes, I like everything about you
especially your wings." She smiled and kissed me, she held my hand and dragged me to the kitchen.

Avalon 's Pov

" Butter please ". Lizzie smiled and passed it to me and I said," What?! " She grinned and shook her head and said," Nothing Eva, nothing." I shrugged and said," I could
totally get use to this." I buttered my toast and bit it to make a
loud "Crunch!!" Everyone turned to me and I said," Sorry ." That's
when I ignored the fact that I was starving and I wanted to eat everything on the table. The king has said," I think now that you're here, we should celebrate. I'm sorry your birthday ball was ruined so how about we remake it." Lizzie seems very uncertain and she said," The creature tried to kill me and my guests. What are you
gonna do about it?!"
Her father reached over the table and held her hand and said," My child, now that you are here
you don't have to worry about those creatures. You're safe here and you could act like a normal Princess teenager." She smiled but weakly and I know it to well.
I said," You mean we could have parties!!! " Lizzie laughed and Harry chuckled. Lizzie looked at her father and said," Yeah Eva....we could party....but normal parties not sprites,pixies, and weird stuff is a no no." Her father looked upset and she saw that so she added," At least not right now." He nodded and smiled saying "I shall bring some of the people you invited to the party and then the servants will mind wipe them again."

Lizzie's Pov

Avalon and I are getting ready for the make up ball. Avalon had asked the pixies maids to bring all her closet dresses to my room which was very beautiful might I add.

I fell on the bed and Avalon said," Hun, my room is soooo top notch. My outfits would get me every guy in high school...I love this place." I giggle and say," Really now who would you pick out of all those guys Eva. Avalon thought for awhile and replied" Stevie I guess ." I smirked and replied," Perhaps he might be here." Avalon said " I hope ,so help pick a outfit Liz." I said, " Once I fix you, you got to fix me alright." Avalon waved her hand and said," Sure,sure just help you have the same kind of make up skills as I do." Hours later she was dressed like this and after she dressed me up like this.

We held hands to Harry's room Harry looked dashing. I blushed and Harry said," Okay ready to go?" I smirked and said" No duh..you see we're in dresses don't you.""Ha ha, very funny Liz. " Harry replied. I only giggled in response and Avalon gave us a look and and rolled her and said," Get a room already ." I playfully shoved her and said," Fine lets go then. But when you're with Stevie you're gonna regret what you said about me." She mumbled and I smiled and we walked to the ballroom and boy was it big.


This chapter took a lot of thought and editing so I really hope you enjoy.
~Miss Direction


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