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My Little Secret

Ball Remake

Lizzie's Pov
After tuns of dancing with Harry I said," My back is cramped ." Harry raised an eyebrow and I sighed and replied," Look I need to, stretch my..." Then, Harry understood and nodded, I loosened my straps and then let my wings out and they widened.
Again Harry looked at them in awe and I smiled and I
asked," So does it look good with my dress? " Harry said," Of course , luv if anything it makes you look graceful." I blush and I say," Thanks, but the pro about my wings is that if I need anything high I could reach them with these little fellas, " I said pointing to my wings.

Harry kisses me and I sigh and I look off in the distant and watch as Avalon flirts with Stevie who really seems to be wanting her attention. Though several other guys including Danny who was also was eager to get her attention. I hold up my finger and start to walk over to Avalon and though she hadn't called me, Eva and I had this
secret code when we had too many guy troubles we would flip our hair once and
that would send us off to each others side. I rush off to
her side and push the boy crowd she has apart.

Avalon 's Pov

I sit down at a nearby table and I fan myself, boy is it hot in this room there was a crowd around me caused more heat. One of the boys had asked me," Do you want a fine Avalon?" Honestly I did but I really didn't like the ones he had offered me.
I looked in the crowd of boys that surrounded me and saw Danny who was itching to get my attention and it looked entertaining actually so I
told the boys to move and they ignored me. I looked around for Lizzie and she was with Harry so what did was flip my hair and really hope that Lizzie caught the signal too.
5 minutes later Lizzie pushes through my boy crowd and , she got attention on her wings which I was surprised to see out and about and she said," Boyssss....beat it!!!" They stayed there for 3 minutes and Lizzie rolled her eyes and she said," Did. I.whisper?!!!" The boys rushed out of the way except for Danny he winked in my direction and I got up from my seat and pointed at me and he nodded smug, I smiled and pointed at Tiffany eye stalking us and he groaned and marched himself to her like a sad puppy dog. I grinned and laughed.

Lizzie sat next to me and said," You really got yourself some attention in high school huh?" I rolled my eyes and replied," I was trying to get Stevie's attention but he and been looking for something else I expect since all he stared at were
my breast." I sigh and close my eyes and I feel Lizzie
trying to comfort me and rub my back. Then she gets up and said," hey , this is my remake birthday ball and my wish is for you to get up and stop mopping first. I got up without a question and raised my eyebrows and said," How... you'd....get me up I was determined to sit in this very spot and mop the whole time here." She shrugged as if it wasn't the least bit important and I threw my arms up in frustration and decide to let it go.

I smiled for what seemed for years at the party ball because Lizzie introduced me to a boy named Niall..he had blond hair and an Irish accent.
He was so cute especially since we had so much in common except
he liked to eat more than I do and now that I think about it...I've never seen
him at the school. I said," Niall..do you...are you like Liz?" I nod in Liz's direction and he said," No, uh I'm human but my old man was half leprechaun, so he says but that's the only thing I have to here." I nod and smile glad he wasn't short and doing a jig every Saint Patrick's day.

Though I think he is a good dancer maybe that is a replacement for the jig, I laughed at his expressions every time a lady or guy would walk by with a food tray. Eventually, when
we finished dancing to our last song and I let Niall chase the poor girl
with the tray, though she looked really cute , I doubted that was the reason why he went off. Speaking of beautiful people where's my best friend in the whole wide world ...I search for her and she is talking with her father and he seems to be serious. He is letting the pixies come in and they put the memory dust on my classmates. I look for my date and he's still eating so I unnoticed rush to Lizzie's side.

" Babe, what's going on?" She runs her hands through her hair that starts to mess up, she says," Those damn creatures came and are attacking the walls for me.
Dad says," That is like daring to jump across rooftops that are 20 ft apart. I mean do
they always have to mess up everything everything stinking
party!!!" I pat her back and touch her wing blades and she said
" Oooww !!!"I jumped and replied," Sorry, still getting used to
your buddies." I pointed to her wings and she rolled her eyes dramatically, she said" get your date and meet me at my room....we got things to discuss." She rushed away dragging Harry with her.


Why do you think Lizzie wants them to meet in her room to discuss? New update enjoy
~Miss Direction


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