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My Little Secret

It's times to plan

Harry's Pov

I change into black skinny jeans, t shirt with a short sleeved button up top and high top black converse. I met up with Avalon to sneak to Liz's room to talk, she put on a stretchable outfit. Once we made it to Liz's room
she ran about with her hair in a high pony tail dressed fully. Avalon took both of her sides asking her the same question at the same time ," Are you okay?" She twirled her pony
tail in her hands and she reply' s," I want to see whats up with the constant war between me and my family with the reject fairies.' Avalon held up her hand and
said," Oh please don't tell me that you're thinking about having a conversation with those things are you." I frowned and said " You aren't right...."
Lizzie smiled and said," of course not, relax." What you should know is that I think since I'm the reason why this started I should at least stop it before it becomes an issue ya know."
" Look babe, I agree this war should be stopped but it shouldn't be our problem to deal with," Avalon put in and I agree with just a nod.

Lizzie gets up out of frustration and she says," You guys don't know the position I've been put in right now and it seems like you never will. I care for both of you and my family and it's for your safety that the threats are eliminated...truce or no truce. There is nothing you could say to change my mind so are you with me or not?!"
I sigh and so does Avalon in defeat and we say," Fine "at the same time. First she said" good, now we could get on to business....what I want you to do is......"

Lizzie's Pov

I close my eyes and remember the things that made me happy about being here with my father. Another thing about here is time is faster here. So that means here you could be here a month and on earth be it'll be 2 days the most. Avalon, Harry and I
were outside the protection for the kingdom wall picking the riding animals.....a Pegasus or Horse. Avalon picked the Pegasus because it didn't smell as bad as a horse.

I could see that they were surprised to see these delicate creatures even existed as did I to be honest but I took my chances for it to be true.
Harry looks at me and points to a spot behind him on the Horse and I shook my head apologetic and he said," Oh yea forgot ." I gave him a kiss on the cheek and led the way holding the map in my hands to the enemies land. I've got it from my fathers room with the paper on is desk, I looked at it along with the compass and package of food for us for as long as we are traveling. We travel east/west and go from there we flew days until we decided to make camp." Who knew, doing what's right would be such a sacrifice? Ugh" says Avalon." I smile and go in my bag to
pull something out. " I knew actually. " I pulled
out new clothes to change in. Avalon sighed and said," Why do I feel like I'm going to see the Wizard of Oz?" I grinned and reply," I don't know instead of asking us ask yourself okay we're finished."
She rolled her eyes hard and it looked like it hurt the way she held her head and said," Ouch!! " . I held my breath so I wouldn't say the 4 words...." That's what you get!!!" But, since me and Avalon are like sisters my expression had
said it all and she flipped her hair dramatically grabbed the pair of clothes
that I rested on a nearby log and went to a stream beyond some bushes. Harry was looking at the stars and while he wasn't looking I crept next to him and I said,' Beautiful huh." He turned to me and smirked in reply, he
then said," Not as beautiful as you. " I blushed and we kissed for the night before we heard a scream from Avalon.


Cliff Hanger!!!!! It's tome I put one in in it's been awhile since I did , I was supposed to do it all the time but I felt guilty about it. Now here it is.
Enjoy lovelies
~Miss Direction


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