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My Little Secret

This is where we wing it

Lizzie's Pov

I ran at top speed to Avalon and I saw why she had screamed, a creature so hideous that made my skin crawl and throw up the fancy cheese sandwich we packed from the castle kitchen.
The voice was even worst I had to do everything
in my power not to rip my hair out. It said," Lord Millword servant asks why are you
on this land."
I mumble to Harry, " He speaks about himself like a third person..just great."
He had his hand against Avalon 's throat which had razor sharp points, my eyes widened and I said," Chill out buddy.You don't wanna do this
that girl is really innocent...the reason why
we're here is to discuss with your Millword...he is, uh we have to speak business with
him." Avalon said,"I thought we weren't gonna talk to those things." I shot a glare at her
and say with clenched teeth," Well things change love." She groans and the sign of movement had made the creature tighten it's grip on her. The creature says," Servant take you to Lord Millword and you don't betray me, or she dies."

I nod and he lets her go she coughs she washes her face with the streams water.The creature adds," Servant be back, stay here till morning." I reply," Fine whatever ." The creature jumps from rock to rock across the stream and disappears behind the forest trees. I sigh in relief and Avalon says, " Great save, now let's get out of here." She rushes past me and I catch her arm and
said," What I said was true, we are staying here so finish what you have to
do in this stream and tell us when you're done so we could do the same."
Avalon groans and says," Fine.." stubbornly Harry and I leave her alone and he was awed. he said," I like a girl who could talk dangerous creatures out of anything." I smile and said," Well relax it was only one creature. We go back to our spots and wait for Eva to come back."

Avalon 's Pov

I can't believe Liz got herself in this shit, I hope whatever she's doing is worth it because there's no way I'm gonna let them take advantage of us not after everything we've been through especially since she's gonna be queen of the land of fairies.
I'm the first to wake and the first to see the little gremlin creature appear he looked around and said," Are you the people who discuss the truce of some sort?" I mumble" yes, me and my friends are." The gremlin discusses what we have to do before meeting him but I ignored him and was thinking about Niall...I sent him home because I didn't want him too involved in our situation.

My thoughts were cut off when Lizzie and Harry woke up and harry said," What the fuck is that thing!" Lizzie even shrugged and I said," I'm
calling it a Gremlin..is the name agreed?" Lizzie smiled and said," gremlin it is." " Um hellooo, I'm still here ya know" it said and Harry chuckled. It said," Ready to go ", we packed our bags the previous night just in case he came early. We slipped the book bags on and gave a thumbs up and the creature took our hands and teleported.
Mom's Pov

The servants had came back and said," Um, miss Princess Lizzie and her friends are gone along with some of there clothes." I gasped and I turned to Matthew...we may not be married anymore but I'm still treated Queen and that's because Lizzie isn't ready to be one yet. We have one thing in common though...she has
to be queen. I told Matthew the news and shouted," Whatt!!! Where are they ? where can they be?!!!" I thought about it if I know my daughter right...she
has the signs of frustration and if it happens twice...that means
oh heavens no. I jump up from my seat and the king does too I say," Lizzie has the habit when she frustrated she wants to make a stand and here that means confront the problem." The king grabs his hair as if to pull it out and reply 's if they find out who she
in the kingdom...they'll..................


Put in a extra chapter just for you ChloeLoves1D....catch big Cliffhanger you'll find out in next chapter hopefully right!!!!
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