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My Little Secret

Something's fishy

Lizzie's Pov

We've been at the castle for awhile I've been trying to get Marcus to talk about the treaty the whole time. No luck all he ever talked about is how pretty I was ,and being the girl with manners I had said thank you. So one night without telling Eva and Harry knowing, I had went searching the place.....I went to the room that had the the sowing machine with the women.
The women wasn't there but instead lay a dress so beautiful it was and then looked around it
the sowing machine had the same kind of silk in the threads. The women must have been making this, the tag had said wedding dress. My only question, I thought out loud," Why would they make a wedding dress?"

A familiar voice says," For our wedding of course, I hope you like your pajamas cause I do." I turn around and see....Marcus he was in his pj's ,smiles I feel practically naked, he stared at me like I was something to eat and I said," I'm to young to marry I'm only just turned 18. " Marcus starts coming closer until my back is against the wall and I could hear his breathing.
He reply' s," In fairy years you're 20." he leans closer to where
our lips is 3 inches apart, I gulp and my heart rate speeds up and he kisses me. He uses his tongue and he has groove..he pins me against the wall and presses me against the wall too. I try to push him away but, it's like wrestling with hulk. However I push him away long enough to say," I'm with Harry." He pauses for a moment and he lets me go.

" I understand, I guess I have to get rid of him then". he started to walk out, and I ran after him and grabbed his hand," Please no..don't kill him. I care for him way too much." He smirks and reply' s," Then marry me, or I'll kill everyone you love...even your step father on earth." I my eyes bulged and as I was in deep thought , while I wasn't looking he picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist and my back slapped against the wall. he kissed my neck and found his way to my shoulders and slipped my strap. I gasped, he whispered in my ear," Marry me or he dies." He kissed me and I closed my
teeth from him slipping his tongue in. He pinched me and as I was saying" Owwww!!!!" He shoved his tongue down my throat. He started to become aggressive and grabbed my ass with both hands and I yelp. I kick him and he's shocked at first then he smiles.

" I love a girl who could fight back. And here I thought, I was gonna get away with murder." He lets me down and I said," I'm loyal to Harry, and for him..I'll marry you. Though you must tell me why do you wanna marry me?!" he grins and
said," You are sexy, and if we marry when you're very old man dies
I'll be the next king of all flying creatures." I scoff typical
women-power hungry men. I say," Fine, you win I'll marry you horrible beast." He lets me go and says before I leave," Oh and you can't tell anyone unless you want them dead.I leave the room and run to Harry's room and knock on the door. After knocking several times Harry comes with his curls frayed, I looked behind me and push us in his room and turn on the light. " What's wrong luv?" My thoughts scream the answer to the question but my heart says no.

I kiss him and unlike Marcus, he's kiss was gentle,kind, passionate, and affectionate too, this allows me to say that all we've been through...I love Harry. He is always my knight in shining armor. Harry breaks the kiss and I mumble," Well that's very rude." he rolls his eyes and asks," What's wrong?" I dread the answer so I just
fibbed" I got nightmares and thought I was safe with you". He
knowing me to well wasn't buying it ,but the reason why I loved him was that he knew when to let things go for times sake. He nodded and said," Sure you could sleep with me." He made extra room on the green sheets and I sighed in relief. Harry said," When, I was young my mother used to sing me a lullaby for nightmares." I raise my eyebrow and replied," You're offering to sing me a baby lullaby?" He laughed and said," No silly, I'll hum the tune. It helps get you to sleep faster." I shrugged and say," Sure."
The soft tune is lovely especially coming from Harry,and before I knew it I was asleep.

Avalon 's Pov

I awoke to the fresh smell of breakfast and I quickly ran to shower and change, I was in something I personally think was great for the occasion. Perfect Occasioned Outfit. I was the first to be in the kitchen. Lizzie arrived with a cute and fashionable Harry wore his signature look. I sensed tension in the room between Lizzie and someone. I searched the room as Lizzie sits next to Harry and I see Marcus eye screwing Lizzie. I gasp and everyone looks at me and Marcus says," Pardon. " I shoot daggers in him and he puts his hand on his chest as he felt my eye daggers and he grins....smug. Again, I don't like the
way he's looking at Lizzie while she is flirting with Harry. He clears his throat and and stands up
he says," I have a special announcement to make and he looks at Lizzie while saying it and she turned white pale. He smiles at this and he asked," Would you Lizzie like to say it?"
He looks at Harry full of hate and innocently cracks his knuckles. Lizzie whispers in Harry's ear and he smiles.

Next, she stands up and she looks torn and she said," Marcus and I....are engaged." I gasped and I felt a heart attack coming on and Harry's chair fell back and he fainted. I stand up knocking down my chair and from the minute she walked in
and her sad when she had to say the news I knew my best friend was in
The guards came running in to protect him but I ran to Lizzie's side and said" Cry on my shoulder babe...cause I fucking swear!!!!!" He laughed and laughed at me and the sound made me wanna rip his head off.


OOOOOOOOOOOOO Major Drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Miss Direction


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