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My Little Secret

The Dust settles

Lizzie 's Pov

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and opened my eyes again to look at Marcus. He claps his hands together, and as he slowly reopens them, I see a black fire ball was being created. He smirked and looked at me, and said," Once I win, I get total power over your kingdom. With or without your hand in marriage!!"

" If I win my kingdom gets total power over yours and you are to be kept in custody in my father's dungeon!!!" I reply.

Marcus smiles. " Agreed," he says. He throws the fireball at me but a air back flip I managed to dodge it.
I drew out the shape of a creature and I enchanted the shape to become a figure, it then started to take shape.
It was a dragon , I sent it in Marcus but Marcus with a snap of his fingers the beauty was destroyed in a black explosion. I heard Avalon 's familiar voice say," Woah, when did she learn that!!"

I ignore it and focus on my enemy. Marcus chuckled and said," If you think that's gonna stop me, you aren't as powerful as your family's legacy say you're supposed to be."

I scoff and look Marcus straight in the eyes. I reply," That's just a warmup . I'm just getting started." Marcus said," Good to know."

He somersaulted and that caused a sort of black hole. Slowly it started to show magnet similarities, it started to attract and pull in everything. I turned my back to it and tried to fly away. Suddenly, a burst of energy from the black hole erupted and it was so powerful it slapped me against a nearby tree.

I fall from the tree and fell down on the ground. " Lizzie !!! " Avalon runs to my side and helps me sit up. I rub my head and mumble," Ugh.." Avalon asks if I'm okay. While nodding her I look behind and see Harry fighting off the men from the battlefield who wandered in our direction.

Looking up, I see Marcus with a smug look by his black hole. I grind my teeth, I shoot up back in the sky and as I do so a blue flame starts to grow around me. By the time I was at the same level as Marcus in the sky, I was engulfed in the blue flames.

I wasn't doing this on purpose, but soon I began to feel my wings had started to feel cold and I looked at my wings and they had a white aura on them. I try to keep my eyes on Marcus but my wings started to become numb. Marcus hadn't done anything yet because he was also focused on my wings, he looked hypnotized and I learned why.

My wings have transformed in design. They were still blue but they looked evolved, at first I didn't know what this meant. Then, I heard a voice echo in my head that said," You have now earned the royal wings of teleportation these wings can aid you in battle, and many new powers. These wings are rare and valuable. Use them well princess, use them well.." I look at Marcus, no wonder he looked at my wings like that. These wings basically name me a higher level powered fairy. I smirk and look at how pale Marcus has gotten, " Whats the matter Marcus..." I say," cat caught you're tongue." He looked very irritated and said," I don't care that you have been given gifts by the elders....I could still take you out."

He smiled and also included," Oh and this is dedicated to you luv." He drew a shape with his finger like I did but this time, he jumped into the shape. In black smoke he grew in size and his features were being morphed, I became horrified as I began to realize what he was becoming, he was becoming a dragon, the demon version of the beauty I had created.

Harry 's Pov

I look up and glance to see how Liz is doing, I think this is a game changer....Lizzie flies up at such speed she looks like a comet especially with those blue flames surrounding her. I snap my head in the direction my enemy is. I couldn't lose focus, I raise my sword and slam on the head of the creature. It's dizzy for the moment, but regains focus on me, then in one swoop I slice the head off the creature and the head and the body falls at the same time.

That was the last one I could see for right now, I step over the bodies I have defeated and run to Avalon and ask," How can I help ?" Avalon not taking her eyes off the battle shrugs and reply's ," Lizzie looks like she can...oh no" I look at Av and say," What".

She points in the sky at Marcus," You see him right, well he's morphing into a dragon, a copy of a dragon previously created by Liz. He looks like he might be bigger than the one she created too. Oh not good."


Well I kinda rushed on the last part in Harry's Pov but enjoy it.
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