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My Little Secret

When will the Dust settle

Avalon 's Pov

I shot the last of the ugly flying beast for awhile and look around for Liz. I look up and see a flying blue winged girl in the direction of the forest. I frowned, why would she be going into the enemy territory. Unless....Marcus is here!!! I run to one of the knights and I say," I need to borrow this horse for royal business, you don't mind if I borrow this right thanks." I don't give him a chance to say anything and I hop on the horse. I grab the reins and say," yaahh!!" The horse rears up standing up on his hind legs and neighed then once touching the ground on all 4 legs the horse galloped in the direction of the forest, as I galloped by many men some tried to attack me but I kicked them off my horse's tail. The creature that attacked Liz in the sky, the Elemantor I believe it was called was being tag teamed by both the king and Harry.
I didn't want to disrupt the battle so I sped up the horse. The Elemantor caught my change in speed and back flipped in my roadway.
It frightened my horse and it reared up again and stomped around uneasily.
I aimed an arrow at him and released but he blew fire turning the arrow into a pinch of ash. I groan, he starts to strike but Harry shifts his weight in the one attack to strike the beast in the chest.

The Elemantor had staggered back caught off guard and he actually fell down. I wanted to laugh but didn't have time," Harry hop on!!" Harry turns his head in my direction and was about to say something but just did what I said (see they're learning). The Elemantor grabbed Harry's leg at the last minute and I flung an arrow at his hand , he caught it but it didn't matter. I slapped the horse's side, we're off.

The horse started to gallop to the forest jumping over rocks and once in awhile we would have to jump over tons of rocks at a time. We finally make it to the enemy camp and it looks like Lizzie has done quite a job.

We get off the horse and Harry slaps his arse and it gallops away in to the battlefield. We ready our weapons for any remaining men Lizzie might've missed by mistake in a rush.

We do find unfinished men and I take care of them from the trees while Harry takes care of those on the ground. I know a pretty good concept for a pretty good team.

Harry and I come across a tent, this was bigger than the others so we figured that this must be where Marcus is at and Liz too. We hear conversation but not the exact words.
I turn to Harry and and whisper," On my count, 1..2...3 " . I open the tent and I see the most disturbing scene ever. Lizzie was on the a massage table and Marcus was on top of her he looked as us.
He had held her arms on her chest while she kneed him in the gut and was able to roll on top. A dagger appeared in her hand and she said," Any last words scum." He smirked.
He said," Yeah, not being able to tear the clothes off your body when I had the chance." Lizzie flustered rose the knife and then stopped.

She looked at us and she said," Guys, what are you doing here." Before I could even utter a word Harry said," I've come to destroy the very asshole who thinks he could violate my girlfriend's body!!!" Harry obviously furious ran up to Marcus and grabbed him by the collar he was about to throw a punch.

When Lizzie stopped the fist from flying. Harry turned to Liz and asked," What's the problem?" Lizzie looked at Marcus and said," I can't help but feel, if this creature became King, he wouldn't lose so easily." She frowns at him, Marcus shrugs and says," You're right, if you really want to put an effort into this battle...I don't have a problem." Lizzie looks at him straight in the eye and said," full power no holding back right." Marcus smiled very smug and he replied," No holding back." The ground started to rumble and the tent had fell over. The Marcus's demon wings ripped out his shirt and Marcus had to get the rest of the shreds of his shirt off. He rose in the air and Lizzie had done the same. Harry looked up in the sky and mumbled," These are the moments I feel useless." I lean on Harry's shoulder and said," I know what you mean."

Both shielding our eyes we look at the 2 flying types of fairy in the air preparing the fight to end the immortal fight that's been going on forever between the kingdoms.


The next chapter really gets interesting my head is bursting of new ways to put the story. I realized I got an extra voter but would anyone clarify that their someone still reading this so I don't retire on this story. Convince me by commenting cause the silence is slowly eating at me. Again which I notice I started to say frequently is I hope you enjoyed this.
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