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My Little Secret

Stategy Gold II

Lizzie 's Pov

I flew at top speed and my hair loosened from it's bun and it eventually came out it's band. It flapped behind me and I could tell that the others not used to this speed had most likely closed their eyes. I enabled my wings to flap as hard as I could to give one big boost of speed. I look down and see troops of winged men of all kind being led by my father. He was on a huge warhorse that looked taller than an SUV and as big as 2 stallions. I point to them " Look there they are!!" I shout over the whipping wind. Harry and Avalon opened they're eyes. Avalon shouts," Go ahead of them, and make sure they don't see us coming!!!" I nod to let her know I understood and flew higher.
I hope that they aren't afraid of heights because we were going higher into the clouds and it was at airplane height. It didn't take long for Eva to realize the height we were at and I hear screaming.

I look at Avalon and yell out," Relax, it'll be over soon!!" Avalon doesn't look at me though. I see something whip past me from the corner of my eye. I look and see the familiar wing face, it's the creature I saw that interrupted my masquerade ball. He swooped down from above and I increased my speed.

The creature started to chase me. I swooped down to my father's troops yelling," Watch out!!! " My father snapped his head in my direction and he frowned obviously angry but he looked at the creature and yelled something at the men.

All the attention was the creature following us. I put Harry and Avalon on the ground, Avalon had took out her magic bow that can be fit in any storage. She took a arrow out of her sheath and she fired one at the creature's wings as it flew straight toward the men.

The arrow managed to fly right through it's wing and the flying was unbalanced completely. The creature landed on it's feet in front of the troop's leader my dad.

Caught off guard my dad was vulnerable, I landed spaces from my father but I couldn't block his attack in time. Just as the creature was gonna slash it's snarly nails against my father a sword appeared in front of my father's face.

The weapon was yielded by Harry, I smiled and watched as Harry strikes at the creature again. The troops are confused on what they should do since the king was suddenly attacked.

I hear the sound of thousands of fluttering wings, I turn my head and look at the forest my father's army was headed. Their were many of them, no matter how much I wanted to scream and run in my boyfriend's arms I couldn't.

  1. His arms were occupied
2. I had to defend my Kingdom

I take a deep breath and I flutter my wings and shout," Men, Attack!!!!" The troops see the approaching enemies and they react. They charge at the men and I smile as they do so. As they meet the enemies half-way they use swords, magic, and etc.

I look at Avalon and she's shooting arrows at the swooping enemies from above and Harry is fighting the creature. Everyone is distracted and occupied with whomever they are fighting.
I think only one person is worth fighting, I flutter my wings and start to fly to the center of the base of the enemy camp. I land at the base's first tent and flank the men surrounding the main tent.
I peak open the tent and see the one person I hate the most getting....a deep tissue massage?! What the fuck is wrong with this guy?!!!! I shake my head and mumble a fairy spell.....

frezero tiempa

Time stops in 10 feet of me and I step inside the tent. Marcus stands still in his spot, I will a dagger to appear in my hand and I hover over Marcus. He then rises and smacks my dagger out my hand, I shocked back away from him.

" How were you not frozen? " I ask. Marcus snaps his fingers giving him better clothing and he said," You really didn't think such a spell would affect a high level of winged species did you?" He smiled and said," That spell was mediocre anyway. Why a high level fairy like you would use that I don't know."

He looked at me with a smug look he closed the space between us and smiled. He said," Now girl, you walked right into my tent making my mission of kidnapping you unnecessary...thank you." I gulped and suddenly felt my knees weaken.

No,no,no!!! I won't do this here, I build my courage and I said," You don't actually think that act of yours is going to weaken me do you." He smiles as he was 5 inches of me in a flash I see specks of black so I know the sudden speed was magic.

He then said," I think that you'd do.." he grabbed me by the waist and nipped and kissed my neck," ...anything I want you too." I slowly look up at him and reply," Ya see that's where.." my hands roam his chest," ..you're mistaken." I wave my hands trying to attempt say a spell but he grabs my hands.

He smirks and shakes his head and scowled at me. " Why don't you just stop fighting me girl, cause it ain't doing you any good " he says. He then leans in to kiss me, I don't object or fight it...I let him kiss me." He smiles at me after the kiss," 'atta girl you..." he stopped talking.

He held his throat and touched his lips. He looked at me like I had 3 heads and he pointed at me he managed out," You dare try to poison me girl?!" I approach him as he holds on the table and I hold both sides of his face. I say," How could you not notice it, the spell was so mediocre for you anyway."

When did I have time to do the fairy spell...well you see it wasn't a spell, when I waved my hand as I putting a invisible layer of a fairy poison that could be applied on my lips. It won't kill him but just enough to shock him, I kick him I kick him in the nuts. " That's for threatening my friend and boyfriend!!" I punch him," That's for trying to force me into marrying you and having such your bitch sister for a brides maid!!!"

Marcus starts to laugh and he looks at me with a split bloody lips. " You love playing hard to get huh."

I smirk at him and replied," You could say something like that." I then hear the sound of my spell wearing off. The sound of footsteps approach the tent. Uh Oh.


Yeah, so this the longest chapter I've written in awhile I think so enjoy, I've been up for along while because I started late with this chapter and I'm tired so peace. :)
~Miss Direction


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