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My Little Secret

The Strategy Gold Part I

Lizzie's Pov

" Oww!!! The pain is excruciating, guard take me to a doctor!!! ". The guard slowly turns to me and his eyes widen watched as the blood seeping from my wound started to stain the prison floor. The guard fumbled with the key and he immediately opened the door. He ran to me and wrapped his arms around me and said," Princess are you alright, what happened!!" I smirk and right on time the guard is knocked out by Harry . " Oh I'm fine, what about you " I reply to the knocked out guard. Avalon comes from behind the solid cell door and said," Get the keys, their are probably countless doors the direction we're going." I waved my hand around my supposed wound and the illusion disappeared. No magic from fairies are allowed but the magic from the dust we had was altered by the one and only me and I was able to make it look like I was seriously injured. Times like these I'm in love with magic. Harry takes the keys from the unconscious guard and I say," Which way are we going that's so far from our original course out?" Avalon smiled and said," You'll see now lets go."

Avalon was right, magic allows you to do countless things but this, this is just ridiculous. Avalon had led us up a secret passage and as she predicted, their were countless doors she needed to unlock with the stolen keys from the guards.

Their are so many guards I don't know not one of there names. I know sad but I'll make up for it when we start to fight against Marcus.

Once we finally made it out the passage, I realized we were at the edge of the camp, " Wait, that was an underground passage?!!" I said. I patted the ground frantically, Avalon reply's," Well yea, I explored the whole camp just in case of anything happened that would try to send our plan off course." I hugged Eva and I said," You thought of everything." We start walking away from the camp.

She broke the hug gently and she had a raised brow, " You seriously don't expect me not to do you? " I shook my head and gave my best friend another hug. After awhile we broke the hug at the same time and their was literally silence for 2 seconds and I say," Alright, Eva has led us this far now it's my turn."

I rub my hands together to be dramatic and say," Alright, we're gonna have to beat my father to the battlefield or at least catch up to them." Harry said," Okay, we know the main priority know we have to reach our goal." He runs his hands through his full set of hair that is also longer know that I notice it. I shake my head, off topic...

Harry smiles and said," How about you fly us there." Avalon runs to Harry and starts hitting him on the head and said," Does this look like a time for playing pony ride!!!"

" Actually, I think he's on to something" I say. Avalon turns to face me and said," I know it's a boyfriend and girl..." I shake my hands in her face immediately cutting her off. I say," No I mean I could fly their and if I'm at top speed, I would make it." Avalon tapped her chin and replied," I feel like this is to good to be true, like there's a punishment gonna be given for no apparent reason."

I playfully push Eva and say," Don't jinx us." I look at both Harry and Avalon and ask," Are you ready or what?" Avalon said," No duh." Harry smirking had said," I've been their from the start."

I smiled and spread my wings I feel anxious for some reason. I enchant Avalon and Harry to make sure that the if anything were to happen and I would accidentally drop them they would be okay. I also enchanted them to make them lighter weight for me because I'm definitely not Hulk. I held both their hands and then slowly I lifted them off they're feet, I smiled as they wobbled trying to balance themselves. Without looking at my face Avalon said," This isn't funny Liz, you're just an natural at this." I couldn't hold it in any longer, I burst out laughing and then picked up speed and flew off in the direction my father and his troops went.


Happy New Years!!!!! I didn't get to officially end my chapter because I wasn't finished because I needed to do New Years Activity but I'll finish promise.
~Miss Direction


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