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My Little Secret

My Parents are what...they're who?

Lizzie's POV: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I stared at the man frustrated at the same time I asked again," Who are you?" He stepped forward and replied"Well....um this might come as a surprise to you but I'm your father . " I closed and my eyes and shook my head and replied" Lies, my father is in the room with my mother." He nodded and said" I'm your bio-dad and the king of winged creatures." I sat down on my bed and asked" how is that even possible?" He looked behind me at my wings and smiled and said"Very possible considering what's coming out your back, ya know you look just like your mom....oh Sarah but you have more of my color hair." I relaxed and said" My mom is my, real mom and you're my bio dad and you're the king of winged creatures and I have fairy wings. What does that make my mom then?" He smiled and he replied " Your mom is human here, but when she comes in our world she is a hybrid flying creature, fairy and angel." I frowned and asked"Wait ,why is she with step-my father then?" His smile had become sad. He sat down on the bed beside me and he said" Well um, I had broke your mother's heart and she didn't want want to be apart of our world anymore. Not before leaving pr with you." He smiled like it hurt him and he said" She was supposed to have you in our world but she didn't and you would be human, but the family blood was to strong and had allowed you to become what you are. I know when winged creatures change any world and time. I had hoped it was you when I felt it was on earth here." I gave a sore smile and mumbled" Way to make life difficult right." I sighed and said" And she probably settled down with my father a rich man of a company and my mom his assistant. I'm a freak huh?" My father quickly says," No,no, no of course not you're the most lovely creature and as you're father as king I want you to be with your own people I'm asking you as a future queen join me." I gave my father a hug and hugged as tight as I could, he smelled like cinammon and of nature. I replied ," father I would be honored to be apart of your world, but I don't think I'm ready for this yet. I need time at least give me 5 more years and I'll come ." He nodded and stood up he turned his back around to face me and said" I understand but you must know, now that you have your wings and are a princess you're constantly endangered in this world. To protect your family and those you really love, you must keep this a secret. You musn't tell anyone." He was stern and I knew he meant business, I cleared my throat and asked," but father, what if not telling puts someone I truly love besides my family puts them in danger." he grinned and put his hand on my shoulder and said "Then my daughter, you .....until then". He opened his broad wings and flaps them, and he said " I've left a present for you to help you come to my world if you need any help at all. You will recieve when the time is right and when you need it the most. Of course it will come in any form to protect our secret and from others who wish to destroy you." He started to fade as his wings caused a gust of wind to circulate around him. His final words were" I love you". That's the last time I've seen my father. I walked to my bathroom to take a shower and my wings reflected through the mirror. " Shit!!!" I said then I went back to my room and on my bed was a cast ointment. I read the label and it said `fairy dry cast ointment` I read the back and it said + never runs out + I closed my eyes and said" Thank you daddy".************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ( End of Flashback)


Short I know but I only wanted to finish the flashback then anything else I'll try to update later tonight though xoxo fans. You know what to do.


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So I was trying to update but something happened and it erased what I wrote so I'll update tomorrow sorry guys.

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Thanks I will.

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