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My Little Secret

Girl Time

Lizzie's Pov

At my room, Eva and I decided to have a sleep over in my room. I was so excited and especially since I have something to tell her and according to her face expression she has something exciting to tell me as well. I bet that part of her conversation would be about Niall's visit at the after party. I wait in my room, then suddenly I hear the pounding running of feet heading in the direction of my doorway. I cross my fingers hopping that whoever it was would open the door and it would be Avalon. The footsteps stop at my door and I'm relieved to see that it is indeed Avalon. She jumps on my bed and sighs, she immediately looks at me and said," Boy do I have news to tell you." She looked at me eagerly and I said," Maybe, my story could wait. Go ahead, what is this big news you have for me?" She smiles brightly and reply's with ," Well, first recent news...Niall came and we had the most wonderful time and I was able to tell him that I loved him."

She was beaming and she looked off in the distance. I cleared my throat and then she looked at me and said," Well, if you don't mind me saying I have late news as well. Some I fear that might not sit well with you." I looked at her hard and replied," Try me."

She rubbed her arm awkwardly and then said," Um, so when you were out with Harry and I left gym early, ya see I had went to your library and learned more about your history. I had also learned that you aren't the only magical creatures.
Their are several other dimensions and different kinds of dominate creature in it ."

I raise a brow but she continues." ...Like werewolves, mermaids, vampires, shape-shifters,hybrids, and plenty more." I frown and say," Your point is..." Avalon says," In your history books, you could get to these places. However to keep the wrong hands from it, they made it a little difficult to get.

To do so, a royal in the different species who has the ability to transport you should have him,theirs a compass that could transport you that is entrusted with one of the species on earth hiding as a family, and the forest fairies have hidden one in their forest. But, if I know better after that battle, you might have one of those keys to transporting."

I cross my arm and say," So what you're saying is that ...." Avalon sighed and replied," I want to go to one of these worlds to know how to become like them, in order to become immortal so I could be with you guys forever."

I shake my head and I said," I love you Avalon, as a human. Even if I did have the ability to transport, I won't ruin it by doing this to you alright? In fact, I think that we need more HUMAN contact and I'll talk to my father, we're going back to earth."


They finally get to go home after the war. Let's hope things go back to normal for awhile. P.s the story ends in the next chapter. I might make a sequel if you convince me in the comment section to do so. I need at least 3-6 different comments from different users, so please tell me how much you love about this story to make another :)
~Miss Direction


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