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My Little Secret

It's good to be home

Lizzie's Pov

Harry walk down the stairs carrying all the luggage most of that was belongs to Avalon, she liked most of the clothes here so she decided to bring some of the clothes along. I know that Avalon was really upset to leave but I still felt that this was the right thing to especially after our the terrible war experience .After Harry unloaded the bags into the carriage ,I look up towards the stairway and waiting for Avalon walk out. She eventually did but Avalon took her time." Avalon, you really need to hurry up I think of the time we get there it should be like maybe the second week of school we've been absent" I said. Avalon mumbled something but knowledged what I was saying or at least I hope she did I watch my mother walk out right behind Avalon and smiled brightly at me.

My mother was still in her royal gown and her wings were out. I was confused with a my mother coming with us? I open my mouth and at first other just noises but finally managed to say " Hey aren't you coming with his mother?"My mother said "But of course my darling but I still have to finish up girl business here so I will like you to tell your step father that I will be coming home late due to work."

I nod and then usher my friend and boyfriend in the carriage. I was about to get in but I heard a booming voice say, "Leaving without saying goodbye? "

I smile, then I give my father a great big bear hug." I thought I wouldn't see you so I decided to get a head start back to earth, I replied. my father said "I always have time for you".
He gives me one last hug and kisses me on the forehead he says "I hope to see you again ".Then I get in the carriage and set off back to my homeland.

Harry's Pov

My girlfriend lives on my lap dozing off while her friend looks out the window as we passed different places at lightning speed in the carriage." I guess this is a quick quick travel huh" ,I said I belong she shrugs without even looking at me. I know somethings up and push on ."What's wrong I see that you and Liz have been lately disagreeing with each other a lot more than usual, is there something wrong?"

Av looks at me, and she seems conflicted. I raise a brow and she seems like she's gonna open up but then changes her mind.

"I can't Harry, its kinda personal even for you and I to talk about." She begins looking out the window and I nod understanding. " If you need to talk to any on know that I'm their if you need me okay?"

Looking from the window again and this time, with full honesty in her eyes she mumbers okay. If I wasnt listening ad closely has I had I could've missed it.

Suddenly, Liz jumps up from sleep and yells at the horse driver,"STOP!!!!" The man stops with a hault and then Lillie kicks the carriage door and went to some bushes and vomits.

Almost immediately Avalon and I getout the carriage and then we assist Lizzie.

"Are you okay love? "I ask Liz and with such a pale completion she nods weakly and tries to reassure me but I don't believe her.

Avalon says," Um, should we go back to the castle." "NO!!!" Blurts Lizzie. "We are going back to Earth or I'm not a fairy."

With no further questions to upset Lizzie we get back in the carriage and set back to Earth once again.

Avalon's Pov

I'm back home and I see my dad on the couch in the den watching his favorite show Law and Order.

"Hey kiddo . How was the 2 week vacation with Lizzie? I say in a dull tone," Awesome."I struggle with my luggage and be for my da I offered help I refused. I stayed in my room the rest of the day.


Miscalculation, the next chapter is the end so enjoy this one. I know it's been a long time but hey, it's writersblock.Missed you guys and again enjoy the story wrote on my new phone I'm hype.
~Miss Direction


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