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My Little Secret

The Lesson

Avalon 's Pov

I woke up with a powerful hangover, I try to sit up to look at my surroundings and I fail and collapse back on my pillow hard, I groan and then slowly turn my head to the left of me to the direction of the ray of sunlight hitting the side of my face. I see Harry, he's in the bed with a cast on his leg and it hung up. I look on the dresser and I see painkiller medicine, wait they have that?! Well, I guess that even fairies need a bit of human made things. I look around and see a small bell, I use my good hand and pick up the bell and ring it. Almost immediately a women, a fairy nurse in fact, bows and says,"I see you are up, how may I assist you milady?"

" Um, I would like for you, to tell me what happened while I was out." The women said," The princess is having her coronation,it is quite an honor and she will have her after party. Unfortunately, you cannot make such a honor with your condition." I use all my strength to pull myself up and lean myself on my pillow and and say," What makes you think, I'm not going to the after party?" I raise a brow and the women looks at me unsure of what to do while I give her a sly grin.

I 'm dressed up to the most fanciest dresses until I found the orange one I thought captured me the most. Then, once the maid helped me apply make up, I turn to the still unconscious Harry. I turned back to the maid whose name I discovered was Jewel and said," Could you wake him up and help him get dressed for me please?"
Jewel sighed and nodded and replied," As you wish miss."
Before I knew it Harry and I were standing in the ballroom, and looking for Lizzie, we finally set eyes on her and I realized that her wings were glistening and were different in the design. This was probably because of the battle with Marcus, her dress was beautiful and her crown shined with her glossy hair.

I smiled,my best friend is now a Princess and soon will be a Queen when the times comes and I might as well be her second command and be there by her side forever if I could choose how to find a way too.
I walk up to Liz as she meets us half-way. " What are you guys doing here, you need to get some rest after that crazy battle," she said.
She looked concerned, and hated that look she makes when she's concerned. I replied with," We rested all too much when we missed your coronation, and the way you're dress transformed when the crown was placed on your head."

Liz raised a brow which I knew meant," How' d you know that happened". Before I could reply Harry interrupted me," The news travel fast, but that isn't really important now is it? Do you care to dance my princess." Lizzie looked like she wanted to say something but just shrugged it off and said," Yes, I would." She walked with him to the dance floor and I decided to sit while they're dancing.

I look at the crowd and see a familiar blond head. I got up and mumbled," Wait, Niall?!" I run and search through the crowd. Then I see that it really was Niall who was standing by the punch and was looking around for what seems to be me.

I run up to him and I smiled," So, you're looking for me blonde?" Niall looked at me in surprise and reply's," Matter fact, I am. Care to dance?" I beam and nod to let him know I really did want to dance. For I have missed him during such a crazy war.

However, being in Niall's arms still didn't make up for my one and only thing on my mind, being how to become immortal in order to be with my best friend.


I'm now finished so officially enjoy.
~Miss Direction


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