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My Little Secret

The Big Day

Avalon's Pov

Harry and I were hiding in, what seems to be the servant's room and they are surprisingly are hardly there to began with. I guess the Marcus dude is working them all to death and they never get a chance to sleep. I hope today's the day it happens...Harry and I sneak out the castle gates using a tunnel ,each wearing something partly appropriate for what we're doing. Me and Harry had found the secret tunnel through the servants room last night realizing it was handmade. Guess the servants sneak out .
We are planning on getting to the queen which is Lizzie's mom and
telling her the forced marriage that Marcus
has with Lizzie. I took a peek through the top and give Harry the
sign it was clear.
We walked out and headed down the mountain when a bird flew straight at us, thinking it was gonna attack us Harry shielded me from it. The bird just lands on the ground and coos and pecks at our feet. I moved Harry and smiled at the bird," Aw look at the cute bird it likes us. Wait..it has a note on it's leg." I kneel by the bird and I take the note of her leg and I see it's written in a familiar handwriting. The Queen is my first thought, " What is it ? " asks Harry.

I got up and sent the bird free and looked to Harry and replied,"
It's something the queen and I used to do when I was younger sending
each other messages and we would have to write it backwards so you'd have to read it in a mirror." Harry said," How do we read it without a mirror, assuming you don't have one." I stuck my chin up dramatically and replied," You assumed wrong Harold ." He
groaned and he said," You know I hate you saying my name like that
it's way to formal for me." I rolled my eyes and reply," No duh, that's why
I did it." I takeout a pocket mirror and look at the note through it at a perfect angle.

Stop the wedding for the kingdom.

I read it out loud and Harry smiles and said," Just my style!! " I hold up my hand and say," Like, we're dead..you do know that right.." Harry said," Duh, we could use it to our advantage. While everyone's in shock we grab the bride and get the hell out of there." I smile and say," I love the way you think Haz when do we start?" He has a devious smile and reply' s " The wedding of course. When they say any objections...we'll do our thing." I rolled my eyes and replied," I think that's a little known. How about we take the bride before the wedding. Plus she won't be heavily guarded cause we're supposedly dead and her parent's don't know yet and she has nothing to escape on. They wouldn't be expecting any of it."

Harry shrugged and said," Yea, sure we could do that." smiled and shook my head and we turned around and headed back inside the castle.

Lizzie's Pov

In a special room I put on the special dress and Diamond was getting pampered up as well in a dress for the wedding...the son of a bitch is obviously loving this and I bet she's imagining being Princess of my kingdom and pampered some more. I made a unladylike snarl and Diamond jumped dramatically and says," Why that sound doesn't go with such a lovely looking bride." I rolled my eyes and as I stood up I said," Go.to.Hell ". She stood up smiling very cocky and she left the room and the maids follow.
I sigh and I look in the mirror and make sure my hair is in place. I hold my breath and hope I don't cry again about the death of Avalon and Harry.
Avalon, my best friend and....and Harry my lov-, wait Harry?! I see him sneaking in the room from the window along with Avalon. I turn and shout," Harry?!" He smiles and said," Hey luv...miss me.." I step closer to him and smile. I then slap him so hard the whole
room echoed, " What the fuck Harry?!!" I turn to
Avalon and she looks at me hands on her hips," You better not dare slap me especially since I'm rescuing you bitch." I smile and I shook my head and I say," No, you deserve something better than that Eva." I hug her and squeeze her tight and I whisper," I thought I'd never see you again."

I broke the hug and we laugh and tear up then I inhale and stop crying so my make up doesn't mess up. I went to Harry and he was rubbing his face and I kiss his cheek that I slapped and we kiss passionately a long lost kiss that made Avalon said," Get a room ". I turn to Eva and I said," I'll remember that when you're with Niall." She scoffs and twirls her
curls blushing. She clears her throat and said," Let's get out of here okay." I smile at Harry and kiss him on the cheek and nod. We take a passage way to my guest room and I change into something suitable for our escape.
Just as we were going through the tunnel the door was bust open in my room and Marcus was the first one in." Well, well look what we have here. Looks like the 2 aren't dead....I felt like it was to easy this wedding. It just got interesting."

" Great just what we needed" I mumbled.


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