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My Little Secret

Rehearsel Dinner and Engagement Party

Lizzie's Pov

I sit silent as Marcus had told his sister on how he managed to get a feisty girl like me marry him and I scoffed and they both turned to smirk at me. I say, " Look, your asshole of a brother had threatened to kill my family and friends and the best thing I could do is say yes." Marcus smiled and replied," I know darling, it is the best thing
that I've thought of.""Grrr..I outta.." I said and he and his
sister laughed and I said," At least Avalon is my maid of
honor." Marcus sucked in his teeth and said," About Avalon".
I shot up and shouted," Where are they?!" Diamond looked at her brother and the family looked at me and Marcus 's father had snarled at me...he said," Young lady you're lucky, in my day you're head isn't chopped off right now!!!"
I stared at him and I reply," Sir, in your day pervert man would be executed and in this day they could molest any guest they have. If you'll excuse me I'm going to check for my best friend." At that moment a guard came running in and whispered something in his ear and he laughed and smiled. He looked at me and said," No need my dear they are dead, did suicide and fell out the window. Hahaha really how stupid could they be?!"

I shook my head and then shouted," You lie, they aren't stupid and they aren't dead!!!" The family gasped and I put my hands on my hips and made my best Avalon impression and rolled and eyes. An old women who must be Marcus's mother and said," How dare you nasty girl disrespect my family." I stuck up the middle finger and walked out the room and went to Avalon's room saw broken glass every where. my heart stopped and I walked through the broken glass frame
and I looked at the bottom of the balcony and saw the remainder clothes washed up with 2body figures washed up on the sharp rocks and I saw red liquid that I knew must've been blood .

Fresh tears had ran down my cheeks and I sighed and mumbled," This is all, my fault...if I hadn't brought them here they wouldn't be dead right now." I sat down on Avalon's bed and sobbed and then Diamond comes in and puts her hand on her hips and flips her hair chewing her bubble gum way to loud. " So are you...like...having..a girly moment right now because..I totally don't have any tissues." I look up at her once and look back at the ground. I asked ," Bitch, why are you here..go fuck your brother or something since that's all you're good for."
" First of all, my brother has a schedule on me, so not today-" I cut her off and say, " Bitch get the fuck out of here you nasty slut." My mascara messed up but I didn't care for now. I hope that ,m family comes for me." Fine, but hurry back to the table" Diamond reply's leaving.

Mom's Pov

Matthew had his best men go to King of the beast and rescue our daughter and her friends but I worry to much. My daughter marrying the unknown beast and his ugly oh I could only imagine the horrifying man. I cry for my daughter and the men has caught them before the wedding has even began. Wearing my royal gown I went to my room and wrote a secret letter to Avalon....only a code Eva would know since Lizzie would obviously getting the attention and Harry wouldn't understand. I wrote something simple backwards of course:
pots eht ginddew rof eht modgink ~ araS


Short story I know but it was good no? and for those who don't wanna see what Lizzie's mom wrote on the mirror:
stop the wedding for the kingdom ~Sara
~Miss Direction


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