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My Little Secret

Which one do u prefer, good or bad news

Lizzie' s Pov

Avalon has the trainer on the floor and the sword by his throat. Avalon said," I win." The trainer chuckled and he said," Indeed you have but you did forget my left side." We all looked at his left and he had his sword almost up to her back. He smiled and said," Well done ." Avalon helps him get up and she asked," Ready to hear what I have to say? " The trainer just shrugs and waves his hand." I don't need to. Do what you please for the day." He looks at Eva and he said," You guys deserve it."

He walks to the office and we smile at each other." Thanks Eva...I mean I know where supposed to prepare but I seriously...he was really tiring us out," I say. Avalon dashes to get her belongings and runs for the showers.

I laugh and yell," Ay, wait up!!" I get my stuff and run not to far behind Avalon.


I come right after Avalon who smells of roses. I raise a eyebrow and I say," Hoping to be meeting with someone huh." I put on perfume that had a watermelon scent. Harry is of course the last to come out. We decided till further notice we should go to the lounge house. I walked to the bar area and got me a tropical fruit smoothie. Harry wanted anything I chose and Avalon wanted anything that looked good. So I got her a mango smoothie with real mango slice on the side. The bartender winked and said," Have a nice vaca " he says. I thank him and give Eva and Harry their cups.

" How should we spent our well deserved free day?" asked Harry. I shrugged and I do the same we turn to Avalon.

" Well, I don't know about you guys...but I'm having that date with Niall," she says. I nod and said," I have an idea.

Avalon looks at me with interest. " We should do a double date." Avalon frowns and replied," I don't know. This is Niall and I's first date and I guess he was looking for something more romantic."

I say," What better way to learn it from the pro's." I was nudging Harry from his daydreaming probably about living in the freezer. He said," Huh " I roll my eyes and look at Eva.

She said," Sure, it's a double date then." We both smile and giggle and run out, leaving a very confused Harry.

and Me are waiting outside the castle and Harry is with us. We're waiting for Niall to arrive already knowing about the double date. Avalon asked," Why can't you take us to the place?" I turn to her and make a duh expression and reply," Every first date the guy..if he wants to be romantic, picks the girl up." "Oh," she says and we wait. I sigh and said," Fine..I'll use magic. I've never tried this before so hopefully it would work."

I close my eyes to try to concentrate to sense Niall. I say," He is coming. He has a limo....something isn't right." Avalon leans closer to me and asks," What?" I reply," He is getting news. It seems to be bad...he-" I stop and open my eyes and said," He is coming in 3,2,1. At the right moment a black limo showed up and the door opened revealing Niall in the back. He waves us in and we run right in...eager as fuck.


Okay enjoy this lovely chapter
~Miss Direction


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