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My Little Secret

Time to Train

Avalon 's Pov

After training hours with Lizzie and Harry were drenched in sweat breathing heavy and bodies all sore. We were all fencing against each other, we had all been training for a month now and the constant yelling the trainer has been doing. We barely even have any free time. Especially me, Niall and I haven't had our first date because of this instructor. I had to change our scheduled date constantly and I'm tired of it. This man is the reason why Niall and I have drifted apart, I feel like we have rarely see each other at all.
One night I decided to discuss it with
Liz before we go to bed. " Do you think I should break things off with Niall ?" Lizzie had raised an eyebrow and asked," Why do you ask ?"
I replied," Well, me and Niall haven't being hanging around much and it wouldn't be fair if he were..." Lizzie hold her finger up before I could finish," He didn't say anything about it did he?" I shake my head confused and Liz says," Then that's your answer, you like him and he likes you. Plus no one makes you laugh more than him."

Agreeing I smiled and gave my bestie a big hug.

I smile at the memory and use it as my boost of confidence today to the trainer. As we are getting into our fighting stance, I break out of mine.

The instructor obviously looked highly upset and looked at me questionably. I put my hands on my hip and said," I think we should get a break from training...ya know. " The trainer smirked.

" Oh really then, prove you've learned something that I've taught and I will surely consider anything you may say." I smile and said," Deal!!! "

Let the battle commence....


I know no action or anything interesting, but never fear my next chapter will soon be here.
~Miss Direction


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