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My Little Secret

Chapter 33

Harry's Pov

I sit down and run my hands through my hair. Really...ugh now I gotta tell them. I hope I don't loose the queen's trust. I close my eyes and open my mouth to respond but I was interrupted by the queen. " I shoud tell you ." Liz and Ava had turned to the queen both had their eyebrows raised.

" Tell me what? " asked Lizzie. " You're father is huh..." Lizzie flinched at the mention of her father.

Leaning on the wall Lizzie asked," He isn't gonna make it...is he?" The queen shut her eyes and replied," He needs more reinforcements. He won't risk his civilians either." Lizzie had looked like she's been shot and she took a deep breath and closed her eyes again. I say," Their is hope." Everyone gives me hard stares as is saying why give false hope, except for Lizzie. She had gave a sad smile.

" We could be the reinforcements with alittle training." Avalon raised an eyebrow and said," What makes you think we could survive the first wave of men." I rolled my eyes and said," Geessh, you're really have confidence in us. "

I looked at Liz, her emotion unreadable . She looks at her mother and her best friend and nodded. She turned to me and says," I'm in " Avalon sighs.

" I go where Liz goes." The queen looks at me and she shrugs and replied," I guess you'll start training as soon as possible."

The queen snapped her fingers and a guard cameover and the queen had whispered something in his ear and he nodded and left the room. Lizzie had walked to me and kissed me on the cheek. She gave me a hug and said," Thank you for thinking about me and my family. Especially since you're seperated from yours for awhile." I smirked and replied," My family is safe at home, I want the same for you." Lizzie smiled her 20 watts, the one I loved.


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