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My Little Secret

After the eye ass kicking glares

Harry 's Pov

I watched as Liz had tried to make the conversation relevant . I never offically agreed to be apart of this but I wanted to support Av and Lizzie. After all we've been through...you could say that Av and IT have beome good friends and I like that. I hate to ruin Niall and Avalon's love parade but, I feel like something isn't right.

Lizzie interrupted my thoughts when she asked," So Niall, when did you realize you're feelngs for Avalon?" We were still waiting for our meal and Lizzie was trying to make small talk to keep the couple from gazing at each other non stop.

Niall had looked like it took all his energy to turn his head away form Avalon and look at Liz.

" Well, I think...it was when I first met her. I knew she was special, and turns out she is my forever girl." Avalon blushed and giggled way to girly.

What has he done to her ?!

I say," I've heard you guys had you're first couple kiss in the pool. "

They both blushed and Avalon giggled. We started to share stories on funny moments we've had. Like when Liz and I first met...she was a non stop blusher .

" Oh oh, Harry don't you remember the time...I was talking to you at.... lunch and all those girls practically laser eyed me when you approached me " Liz said between laughs. I nod and said," They all asked me the same questions, can I get you're number? Are you single? They followed me to class and the teacher had to pry me away from the crowding girls." I laughed and ran my hand through my hair to keep it from falling in my face from his upward style.

Who knew we'd have so much fun.

Lizzie's Pov

Once in a while I would give Niall a look saying, ' I know ' He would turn his head quickly and pretend like he never saw it. It was time for the bill to come and Niall said," I have to the men's room real quick please excuse me." He got up and left, I said," Excuse me , lady's room," shortly after. I practically ran in the men's bathroom and saw Niall on his phone texting someone anxiously.

He looked up at me and whispered," Shit!!!! " I say," You know what you did wrong huh." He shouted," It wasn't my fault okay... Avalon life was threatened and it was you or her. I love her and don't know what to do..if you're still here..she'll die!! "

I throw up my hands and say," Duh!!, I'm a freaking magical creature...let's not forget princess here. I can help protect her."

He frowns at me and said," Didn't you think I thought of that?! " I raise an eyebrow and understand immeditely. " Whoever threatens my BFF and boyfriend are gonna wish they've never been born.

I know alittle harsh...but I'm dead ass serious.


What do you think Niall is good or bad?
Should Liz have forgiven him so easily?
I wanna know comment subscribe rate
~Miss Direction


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So I was trying to update but something happened and it erased what I wrote so I'll update tomorrow sorry guys.

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