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My Little Secret

Avalon's First Date

Lizzie 's Pov

I looked at Eva smiling at Niall. Their was silence and I sensed some tension in the room. Not from Niall and Eva, but the connection with Niall and the driver. We were heading to the resturaunt the reserved table is. Once arriving I burst through the door to get away from the tension in the air. Being the first one out I forgot my bag. I let everyone go ahead of me and Harry said," I'll save you you're seat love."
When they go in, I rush in the limo and
Searching, I felt arms around my waist automatically thinking it was Harry I asked," Aren't you suppse to be saving me a seat?" A familiar skin crawling voice say's, " Oh am I ? "

I turn around and see the man who hunted me in the park with Harry, dressed in driver uniform. I gasped and then kicked him out the side of the limo. He snarled .

I ask," What the fuck do you what with me?!!! " He smirked and he replied," Master wants you to accompany him in marrige." I rolled my eyes and said," When is this asshole gonna get it?! " He smiled showing all crooked teeth with some missing.

He shouted," When he has you!!! " He lurched for me, I grab his arm and bend it to his back. I elbowed his arm down and he screamed in pain," You and your master under estimates me. Did you think I'd still be that fragil girl you found me to be? "

screamed in agony. I kicked him in his balls and side kicked him in the face. Others seemed to be coming out the resturaunt so I had to think fast to avoid panic.

I concentrated and thought of the castle I was held captive. Finally, it worked...he was gone and I went in the limo and got my purse rushing in the resturaunt. " What took you so long babe?" asked Harry. As Niall gaped when he saw me. I say," You wouldn't believe how long it took me." I reply glaring at Niall .


Oooo did Niall set Liz up...stay tuned.
~Miss Direction


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