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My Little Secret

A Date

Lizzie's POV

Avalon and I enter the cafeteria with a feeling of excitement. We were thinking about the party I was having this weekend and we were excited because it was a ball; a masquerade party. There was also a contest of who could guess the birthday girl's identity and costume. There was decorations and food to think about, of course, but we don't have to worry about that because that's my parents' job. All I have to do is enjoy. Avalon went and stood in line to get her lunch as I took out my birthday lunch my mom had made for me. As I bite into my tuna sandwich I thought about who in the school would show up, since Avalon and I put up posters for it. Maybe Courtney, or Steffany. My thoughts drifted to the new boy, Harry. I look around the lunchroom to find where he was sitting, expecting to find him sitting alone. Instead, I see Harry being crowded by other girls. I roll my eyes and mumble. I can't believe I thought I was the only girl to find Harry hot. Avalon arrives with her plate of salad and a chocolate chip cupcake. She followed my gaze to see where I was looking.

"Looks like someone is jealous," she said.

I scoff and say, "In your dreams. I'm not jealous of the 12.. 13.. 16..uh girls crowding Harry."

I plaster on a smile, but Avalon doesn't buy. Hell, I wouldn't either! As we talk I can't help but notice how Harry ignores the girls at the table and looks at me. I force myself to face Avalon and listen to her every word. She stops and looks in the same direction I was looking in not too long ago. She gasps and holds her breath, then she whispers,"Don't look now but H.H. is coming to our table."

"What?" I replied.

She rolled her eyes this time. "Hot Harry!" Her eyes pointed at him as he came to our table.

Harry's POV

I walk smoothly to her table and slide in the seat opposite from her. My elbow leaned on the table as I said, "Hey".

Lizzie blushed while her friend looked away from me. I smirked at Lizzie while she was twirling a small piece of her hair on her finger. " Uh.. shouldn't you be giving your attention to your devoted fans?" Lizzie said.

"Not when I have someone even more devoted." I said as I touched her hand.

She giggled and was about to say something when her friend cleared her throat. Lizzie apologized and said, "This is my friend Avalon Anderson, but I call her Eva."

I nod in her direction and say, "Sup." she smiles and shakes my hand. I soon turn to Lizzie and reach for her hand she places her hand in my palm. "You're a pretty girl, and I fancy you. Could I take you to the movies sometime?" I ask.

Lizzie seems like she is trying to say something, but nothing is coming out. She opens her mouth and closes it. I wasn't surprised at this and at the fact her friend answered for her. "She will," Avalon said.

I nodded, kissed her hand and smirked. "See you tomorrow at 8 , here's my number," I said, getting up. I gave her a card with my number on it and left. Girls liked the mysterious kind of guy every once in a while, and tonight I will try it on Lizzie.

Avalon POV

I rolled my eyes as Lizzie repeated the 62nd time about when Harry talked to her. I told her the same thing as she said it,"I know I was there!" She giggled the same way and I lost it when she began saying it again.I exclaimed" Great now while your prince Charming had treated you like a princess.. I'm treated like shit. He gave you the most loveliest gesture while boys give me a hand shake. He looked in your eyes guys can't look at me. Stop rubbing it in would ya!" Lizzie looked at me and I regretted the words as soon as they came out. I hugged Lizzie and apologized , but she shook her head as she managed to say" No, it was my fault.. I was always repeating it." I said" To make up for it I'll make the best birthday ball for you." So we got our last period class books and ran as the reminding bell rang. Once we got there Harry was already seated and winking at Lizzie. He waved silently at Liz and " Mouthed hello, you're late'. She replied mouthing "I know.' The last class was math and luckily I had Lizzie as my partner in this class. When I turned my head to see Lizzie I find Harry leaning by the desk as the partners where being picked. I grabbed Lizzie's wrist and pull her closer to me. I'm not losing her as my partner again. Miss Pattie eventually said " It looks like Avalon and Lizzie are going to distract each other. So, Lizzie and Harry together and Avalon and Tiffany you together." "Great , I'm with another bitch. "I mumble. I looked at Tiffany and can see shes disappointed too. I sigh she'll get over him...he's just a faze.


Times up the answer is a Race Car. Try it yourself New riddle: One night the king and queen went on a vacation,they came back and there was a third person... who was it... will give the answer next update. Don't you find it strange when you're over a crush and one day you are to close to he/she and accidentally swung your hands to touch or bump hands.


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