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My Little Secret

The Big Date

Lizzie's POV

The night of the date I was dressed in a Special Dress I recently brought at the mall. The outfit really went with my eyes
Avalon had said when we went. I put on a thin layer of mascara fearing of putting too much where he'll know I've mean trying to hard to get his attention. Especially since it was a small movie date, I put my hair in a bun where when I want to take it out it
becomes the bouncy curls I want it to be. I look at the time, still early I decided to put some glitter lip gloss with a pink shade.
I put a perfect amount so it won't rub off like some of my normal lip glosses do. I look at my bedroom window and wonder if Harry
realized It was a mistake ask me out. He could be in the arms of another girl being happy as could be, the thought of another girl.... I would kill her! suddenly the doorbell rung and in heels I ran downstairs. I was at the door when I heard my mom yell" Lizzie whose that?!" I say" It's my date see you at 11 the latest. Bye mom".
Without my mom harassing me I was able to open the door seeing Harry and pulled him in the direction of his car. I stopped and
watched as Harry had to regain from my sudden burst of strength. He eyed me from head to toe and said" You look lovely."
I blushed and replied" Why thank you don't look to bad yourself." He was wearing black converse and a button up collar shirt, and he wore blue jeans that were cuffed. I smiled and he slowly walked to open the passenger door for me.Once I was seat belted in he got in and we were off.


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