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My Little Secret

During the date

Harry's POV:

So after the movie theater I figured that I sneak in a little surprise to be nice. I thought that before I do anything I want to to see if Lizzie's curfew would fit it in. I smirk and say" so what time is it?" Lizzie looks at me with caution and says" Um hold on let me check..."She looks at her watch and looks at me and reply's" uh its about 9:30...why do you ask?" I then make a devilish grin and say" No reason at all, lets get you home now shall we huh." Lizzie nods obviously knowing I'm up to something but she has no idea which makes me so anxious to see the surprise on her face. I open the door to the passenger seat and then ran to the drivers seat in a hurry. I got in put on my seat-belt and started the car, and off we went to our secret location.

Lizzie's POV
I stare at Harry while he's driving, I'm not being creepy or anything but something told me that the devilish grin wasn't a good sign and I decided to keep my eyes on him . I did notice as we were driving we drove past my house and I spoke up and said " Harry, you passed my house." He smiled showing the cute dimples and he replied" I know." I sat up in my seat and said" So where are you taking me then."He says" It's a surprise so I can't tell you to much now can I?" I smirk and reply" Oh really, well what makes you think I like surprises." Harry turns to look at me for a couple of minutes and he looked on the road again. He says" You love surprises." I opened my mouth to say he was wrong but we both knew the truth. I smiled at myself and I knew Harry was going to be something to handle.

Harry's POV:
I pulled up to a park I know and I opened Lizzie's door and I said" surprise" Lizzie says" So what you mean to took me to the park too...." I went to the trunk and then pulled out a picnic basket and showed Lizzie a perfect spot under a shady tree. Lizzie smiled a 20 watt smile that I could easily get used to and adore. She said" Do I sense you're trying to be romantic?" I grinned and replied " You do and you probably hear my stomach growling." Lizzie had laughed, and her laugh was as smooth as honey. I loved her laugh and I promised myself I would always get her to laugh like that again.


I'm sorry this was so short to the website had kept deleting everything I wrote and I became frustrated. So no riddle in this one either.


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So I was trying to update but something happened and it erased what I wrote so I'll update tomorrow sorry guys.

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Thanks I will.

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