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My Little Secret

All good things have to come to an end

Lizzie's POV:
You could say I'm nosy or you could say I'm curious. But I have been asking Harry a lot about himself and his strangely long name Harold Edward Milward Styles. Marriage and legal last name complications. I also learned so much then I think I've leaned his life story, I'm surprised that he would be so open about somethings. Though when the tables changed on who talked about there history I bottled up. Harry said" Well you don't have to talk about your past. I mean if you aren't as comfortable about talking that's fine." I don't know if he knew but that just made me really guilty and so I replied" Noooo, no I don't mind at all." I of course didn't tell him about my little fairy secret and that my wings are like butterfly wings but human sized and they are my favorite color blue. I acted like I was a normal 18 year old teenager on a regular date with a hot boy named Harry. Yep everything was completely normal. I knew perfectly well I was acting weird since I opened up and had to improvise and put a few lies in my life story. Including the place I was born and etc. I just hoped that my change of attitude would ruin our romantic date.

Harry's POV:
I could tell Lizzie wasn't comfortable talking about her past as she say she is and thought to take away the awkward moment to change the subject of conversation, something related to the present. It should help her loosen up a bit. I ran my hands through my hair and sat up leaning against the big oak tree. I said" So Lizzie why'd you decide to come on this date with me?" She blushed and I could tell part of her loosened up and she smiled and said" Well you seem nice and who could resist that charm you have." I grinned and said "you think I have a charm huh, well makes you think I'm using the charm right now." Lizzie got up from her spot on the grass where she was laying on her stomach and playful pushed me sideways . My grin turned into the devilish smile and I said " You're gonna get it now." I got up and started running after her, she was laughing and running at the same time. Which was causing her to slow. I bolted at full speed to grab her by the legs. She looked back and saw me coming and dodged it, after balancing myself I ran after her again. She ran around a tree and I went around to see her coming my way she then went back the other way. We did that over and over until I she sped by when I wasn't looking. She wasn't fast enough and I caught her and sent us down a small hill and once at the bottom we both laughed.
Lizzie's POV:
I was the first one to get up and I reached a hand out to help Harry up. he took it and gripped it pulling me down. I landed on my side and I was facing Harry I looked in his eyes I immediately loved how the green of his glistened and I looked down to his plump lips. I knew he was eying my lips as well, before I knew he was leaning closer and I done the same until suddenly there was loud gunshots. We both got up abruptly and looked to locate where it was coming from. I saw people and screaming going for the exits in the park and I had a sickness in my stomach. It wasn't the "OMG I have to throw up!" kind of sickness. It was more like" OMG there's a fucking sicko in the park trying to kill everyone!" kind of sickness. Then again, it might be both but I'm to terrified, my thoughts were interrupted when I saw Harry go in the direction of the shooting. I may think he's a sexy, cute ...but come on the only thing coming to my mind when I saw what he was doing was," ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY!" Who am I to judge I'm gonna do the same thing. I bolt in the direction Harry went and crossed my fingers that we wouldn't be killed.


Hey it's me, I'm trying this new thing people are doing now with the cliffhangers. I would continue if , I don't know.... someone comments to tell me if there's any point in finishing this cliffhanger. I really need some feedback seriously. Subscribe, Comment, you know all that good stuff.


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