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My Little Secret

Trouble has come for a visit

Lizzie's POV: " Harry!!!!" I run up the small hill to the oak tree and put my heads over my head. He grabs the picnic basket and packs our stuff, I shout out over the shooting , " Are youu crazy?! You run back nearly risking your life to pack our stuff?" He turns around and say" No it was more important than that." I throw my arms up frustrated and shout " What's so important about a damn basket!" Harry turned around with a small red box and opened showing me a diamond heart-shaped neckalace. I gasped and it was like their was only us in the area and I hugged Harry, I laughed and I started to tear up. Suddently, the shooting was deafening and the 2 turned to see the shooter yelling" Tell me where Lizzie Macintosh is... I know she's here!" My heart stopped and I leaned against the tree and said" Harry we have to get out of here." He nodded and grabbed my hand and as we were running he rushed out" You..uh, know that guy?" We got in the car and I shook my head said " Nope, not the sicko I know ". He blushed and replied" I..I'm sorry it's just that-"...." I know", I said cutting him off. " I'm teasing...but I seriously haven't seen that man before." I turn around and my eyes widen and shout" Harry Drive!!!!!!!!" Harry's POV: I down the box and turn around and see the man who was shooting and figure out why everyone was screaming loud. The man was wearing a grey hoodie and his skin was a icey skin and he looked just as cold, his eyes were blood shot red and he had a unatural blackish red pupil. The rest of his head was hooded and he wore baggy jeans wore no shoes. He was hunched over and he had something bulging his back and it looked spiked. He looked at us and I realized that he was heading for us. I snapped into action and stomped on the pedal to reverse and smashed the pedal to drive I heard in a blood curling voice" COME BACK HERE!!!!" My thought were was this man even fucking human. Out loud I asked Lizzie," How far is he from us ." She turned and said" Just 20 ft and closing." I turned and mumbled" shit, fuck the speed limit," I pushed the pedal all the way down to the junction. I drive straight and say" Um, I'm gonna have to take the long way to your house Lizzie." She shook her head and said" Drive as long as you need to get rid of whatever that is." The creature had started to jump and gain some road closer to us....jumping every 3 ft and rapidly increasing . I turn a corner and he follows I speed a yellow light and drive down make a left, then a right and we spot him but he looks way in between other cars and traffic. I sigh we lost him and I turn to a nail chewing,very tense Lizzie. I smile and rubbed her shoulder, I softly say "Are you ok love?" She shows a sign of her tension loosening. She sits up and smiles, the smile that I love. I turn and watch him fade and after the crazy stuff happening I let everything sink in. I hear thousands of people complaining on my driving and cutting them off. I hear hundreds of sirens heading to the park and I hope that no one was hurt. Lizzie's POV: "Harry I'm sorry about that whole situation we were in for whatever reason, that probably had something to do with me." We were on our way to my house and I was trying my best possible way to apologize about our date especially since it was the best I've been on. Most of them ending up with the boy hinting he wanted to get in my pants. I ran my hands through my curly hair and looked at Harry's....his was way more natural and bouncer. I covered my face and said" This date was ruined because of me, I bet you'll go and charm-" Harry put his hand on my mouth and shook his hand and replied " No girl could replace you, you're to valuable and that man or whatever had tried to take you or kill you had proved it to be true. So fate had told us to go on another date." I smiled and he had smiled back with his adorable dimples poking out. We stared at eachother so long I had to reminnd Harry he was driving. Soon we were at my driveway and the time was 10: 47 pm . I got out the car the sametime as Harry and he walked me to my door. I looked at Harry and mentally admired his eyes once more, he looked at me and I blushed. I looked up again and I gave him a hug we embraced and after a minute we seperated. I said " Thank you for protecting me, " Harry smirked and said" I'll always be your knight in shining army." I blushed again and we leaned in close till our lips brushed it deepened into a kiss. The kiss was romantic,passionate, and oh god it was heated. I ran my hands through his luxiourous brown curls, Harry hugged my hips pulling us closer. A moan slipped out and I felt a smirk against on Harry's lips he grabbed my leg and rapped it around his waist, our lips opened and closed with unsion. The kiss was too perfect and we broke off at the sametime. Now that I think about it are we thinking like twins are something. I opened the door and blew a kiss at Harry, he smiled and waved goodbye...I closed the door behind me and heard my dad in the Den I sneaked up the stairs. A voice called out from the den and asked" How was your date kid?" I replied " Fine dad, just uh fine." He said" Okay kid, go on get yourself some sleep. He didn't hurt you are anything did he!" "Daaadddd" I groan he laughs and I go upstairs and hear next door mom sleeping." If only they knew what happened on that date.


Shout out @Twilight who really inspired me to continue on with this story. Oh and if anyone has being watching TV lately kidsbop has copied "Story of my Life" I don't care if they asked permission that's just wrong and they ruined" Let it Go" for me for a while. Thanks for reading and I'm done with riddles unless you comment and suscribe enough to convince me. Thx again.


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So I was trying to update but something happened and it erased what I wrote so I'll update tomorrow sorry guys.

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