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My Little Secret

Party Time

Lizzie's POV: It's saturday and it's my birthday masquerate ball, I text Avalon { Me< hey we still on for the ball and stuff right? } Minutes later while I was in the shower with amy wings folded and carefully casted up, my phone beeped. I shut off the water grab my towel and rapped it around me. I grabbed my phone and it said { Eva< You know I got your back. So be there in a few with your dress and make-up and stuff. } I text back { Me< Thx xoxo } I let my hair dry and I go in my room and I let my wings out. The sun was peeping through the curtains and it shined on my wings. I made my wings widened and stretch, I flexed them and slowly lifted up. I then let myself down and put on a bra and fresh panties. Sighing I went through my closet for something quick to put on for now. I put on my blue jean shorts and a super high top. I look for my nail polish and see it in the high shelf and the ladder is downstairs. My fingertips tap the front of the shelf but, I can't exactly grab it. My parents are out getting ready for the ball or party or whatever and they are probably decorating at the ballroom rental. It actually surprisely has alot of room it is more than 3 football fields in each room. I listen out and fly up to get it I sit and turn around...my door is open. I sit down and get the rest of the supplies I look forward to giving myself a manicure and pedicure. I think about what had happened at last night I've decided to forget about that experience and I just hope that Harry had done the same. Now that I think about it does Harry know about my ball and everything? Well the only way to find out is to call him. The phome rung about 5 times and I heard a uplifted british voice, " Hello?" I spoke up and replied" Hey Harry are you aware that I have a maquerate ball and it's for my birthday. I was really hoping you would make it, but if you're busy that's okay. " I heard a immediate response" Sure tell me the address." I smiled.


so sorry it is short dinner came early soooo.


look on the side of the screen or below and you'll see stars and u will click how many stars I deserve.

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rate is what I mean with the stars.

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So I was trying to update but something happened and it erased what I wrote so I'll update tomorrow sorry guys.

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Thanks I will.

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