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My Little Secret

Okay its really time to party

Harry' s Pov ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After I hung up with Lizzie I smiled and mentally jumped for joy. In real life I said " Yesssssssss!!!!!" I get up from my spot on the porch swing and walk in through the kitchen and walk in on my little 14 year old sister Raine. She was tapping her foot and said" Welllll?" I shrug and reply" Well what?" She leans up from her slouch and says" Don't play dumb with me Harold Edward Milward Styles, If it wasn't for me even hinting the ball party you would be stuck in your room wondering what to do on your Saturday. So spill." She looked me hard in the eye and pocked me in the chest and I grinned my devilish grin and said" Okay sis, ok she had invited me and she said that I'm are welcome to invite someone as in friend or in your case sis...family. Her expression softened and she returned our family grin and I said" Go on sis get ready." She squealed and bolted up the stairs , my grin had widened into a smile and I jogged upstairs to my room to get ready. ~Hour later~ I was sitting on the couch in the Den with the TV on waiting for my sister to come down. I wore a black and white suit with a bow, it held a pocket were a violet is tucked in and which I hope is Lizzie's favorite flower. My mom came down the stairs with the camera...ugh damn camera. My father is usually what she thinks of and taking as many pictures of Raine and I helps her forget the heartbreaking past. Dad was having an affair and it wasn't who he cheated with and and how it was why he did it. He had said" I hate you bitch with your fucking boring bitch ass!!!!!" Raine and I overheard even if it was unintentional. I tried my best to block it out from Raine's young ears . My mom was heart broken and needed a hobby to help her get over it. Though I'm really thinking why the fucking did it have to be this, I got over it because it helped mom get through it so I'm just grateful. Mom came over to straighten my suit and tried not to trip over the unpacked boxes. She smiled and said" I'm so happy you're fitting in Harry, then again your looks always had it in for ya." She was tearing up " Oh mom, don't start crying again." She quickly wiped her tears and said" I suppose it is silly to cry especially on your big night with that girl huh", she nudges me I smirk embarrassed. Raine comes downstairs shortly after she wears a purple sleeveless frilly and her hair in a twisted bun. She wore light make up and purple pumps. She had a purple feathery mask and had a bronze with a black feather surrounding it she said" Har catch " she threw the mask to me and I caught it I asked" How 'd you know to get these mask if you didn't even know about the ball party?" She grinned deviously and replied" I just know". Mom gestured with her hands and says" Picture time now, come together and let me take this lovely picture" she smiled and it was the smile I haven't seen for along time.

Lizzie's Pov: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Eva came and did a wonderful job on our makeup and had brought my cute and beautiful dress. My mascara was luxurious and my eye shadow was a sexy shade of red. I don't know where I'd be without her, once she had beautified herself and I, I said" Did I mention you are the best friend in the whole wide world?" She smiled and replied"Yes but my favorite time you said it was just now Liz." I laughed and said" That's good, and hopefully you would I don't kno.....except Harry and us to be together in the future..." Eva stops cold and turns to face me...she whispers" Again with the name Harry, Liz how many times do I have to tell you he's just a faze and he'll end up breaking your heart. I mean not all pretty boys have hearts." I gasp and speak up louder than the whisper by far, " How could you not even consider the possibilities he isn't like your ex Max..who got what he wanted and left you for life to carry you away. " Avalon turned and was teary and she turned and I heard a sniffle. She looked at me and she said"Of course I didn't consider it I mean we didn't fuck each other I'd never get into it like that but. Max he cheated on me and those kisses. Gone down the drain, I want to protect you is all." She gave in my arms and I said" Don't cry it'll mess up your make up and I might cry and it would mess up my makeup." We laugh and Eva sits up and says "I accept Harry." I reply" Thank you, this means so much to me coming from you." A minute goes by and Avalon gets up and said" OMG what are we doing just sitting here, we have to get ready for the Masquerade ball party. " She pulls me up and says" Stay here I have our dresses. We need to look un-suspectful because the guest have to guess who you are and who your date is and the winner gets a prize they desire from the birthday girl." Avalon had come back with two dresses on a hanger she shows one a red wrap dress and the other was a orange strapped gown and on the tip of the hanger were mask that matched that were covered with feathers but the red had red glitter and bedazzles on it. I smiled at Avalon and I opened my mouth to shower her with thank you's but Avalon said" Hold that thought and did I forget to tell you I brought shoes." Avalon threw the dresses on the bed along with the mask and came back 5 minutes later with a box and Lizzie shoe size of red opened toed shoe heels. Avalon then bowed her head and said" Now.... you can thank me." I smiled and replied " Oh Avalon you are thee best friend a girl may or could have you know." Avalon grins and reply's" I know, my dear...now lets get dressed shall we." Avalon had a pair of a peachy colored pumps and holding her dress she went to one side of the room to change as did Lizzie. ---Skipping dressing and getting into limo to drive at the ballroom rental---

Harry's Pov
:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I walk in the ball party and everything is decorated with banners or with the first letters of Lizzie Beau Mackintosh. Their was streamers and of course their was tables of food cake cupcakes food from a local expensive restaurant. It was very top notch party and what made it a masquerade ball was the masked people and the scenery of a ball. I think people are really gonna be talking about this at school. My sister turned to me and said"I'm gonna explore and try to figure out whose who at school. " I shook my head and smirked, " Freshmen" I mumbled. I walk by the chocolate fountain and see their was a cheese fountain next to it. I took a cup poured myself some punch nearby. I scanned the crowd and hoped that I could find out where Lizzie is. Suddenly, my thought is interrupted when a mysterious voice from a microphone says" Attention all guest, we bring it to your attention that the birthday girl has arrived and the has began. I grin all I need to do is find my pretty little lass to make this night more worth enjoying.


Hey so this may be the most detailed and longest chapter I've done in this story and I really hope that it's enjoyed I mean I was typing for hours so I hope it's worth it. Once again you know what to do...subscribe and comment, I need some feedback to continue this story. Oh and tell me anyway you want me to improve my story in anyway.


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