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My Little Secret

The War Has Only Just Begun

Mom's Pov

I can't believe I let my only daughter out there in those crazy battle fields. What was I thinking, she could be torn to shreds and what can I tell Mike when he founds out about her death. Let's not forget all the brain washing I'm gonna have to do to all the kids that knew her name and teachers and....all her perfect grades and her name....I can't bare to go on. I must stop them, I run out to the horse stables where Lizzie was getting ready with Harry and Avalon not to long ago. I see David, one of the horse's caretakers, he's about 15 and he's practically the man of the house since he has several brother and sisters and a ill mother while their father died in the war the king is in, while for serving the kingdom. I run up to him trying not to trip over my dress. " David, David if you would just wait one moment."

He turns around raising a brow, he isn't used to me talking to him since I've been back from Earth. I used to take care of him when he was just becoming a toddler and even smaller, when early signs of his mother's sickness appeared and she started spending time in bed. He bowed and looked at me and asked," How may I serve you, your highness." I wave my hand and I say," Please David, I changed your diapers. Now stand up will you." He was beet red when he leaned up. I ask," Do you have any horses at hands reach?" He frowned and says," Yes..." Cautiously. I said," Well, ready your best ones because I need to catch up with my daughter and her friends."

He shook his head and said," Well, Miss I'm confused. Didn't you want them to go?" rushing to end the conversation I reply," Of course but, I now realize this is not well planned out so I need them back."

David turns his head sideways and said," Now, what would Miss Liz think about what you're about to do?" I sigh and say," She would want me to stop worrying because she could handle herself."

David nodded and went off to do more stable work before I could ask anything else. I walk to the bottom of the stairs that I'm suppose to walk up. I take off my long robe and put it on a open stable door and I open my wings.

My wings feel cramped after so long of not using them. I lift myself off the ground. "Steady now," I whisper to myself. I fly up to my room and go through the window. I don't know why I flew up here which I haven't done in years.

Maybe, all this thinking of what Lizzie would have done made think of something she would do. Oh I miss Lizzie so much and it was only the first day, I hope through everything she would come home safe and unharmed.

Harry's Pov

We wanted to run in and attack everyone, but we knew the smart way to do this was to flank them. We slowly sneak to one of the tents and find a men and women reject fairy. Again, they are fucking ugly....I pull the guy covering his mouth and eyes. Avalon had punched the women and cracked her neck. I took the men out the tent and slit his throat. The blood almost immediately spilled onto the grass. The blood was purple and I tried not gag, I pulled the body into some tall grass to cover the body so others won't be alerted to run or something.

Lizzie, was in another tent and her eyes were glowing blue as her magic choked the life out of all four men in one tent.

When they finally gave out, I walked up behind Liz and wrapped my arms around her waist. She knew it was me because with her eyes closed she with no problem lays her head against me and she sighed whispering" I love you Harry."

I kissed the top of her head and mumbled in her hair," I love you too."

Lizzie's Pov

All the men and women in the camp are dead and the general of the team was the only survivor, who we had questioned in the most brutal way. I had decided to skip out on that. I felt uncomfortable with all these war tactics. I still hear the screaming from the general's tent. I covered my ears and hummed to help block it out. My magic was drained today so that was the best I could do until I energize...that is.

I hear some one come behind me and I turn around and see Avalon, she sighs and said," Had my first kill today." I nod and say," Me too. " I said," Eva clears her throat and and said," I know that, they are the enemy but I can't help but feel somewhat guilty."
I know that I'm feeling the same way but I don't need my best friend
feeling that way. I held her hand as Harry did to encourage me earlier. " Remember, what they did to us right..." Avalon nods and said," Yea." I continue," Well, that's because I didn't marry him, image what he does to people who cross him. Especially, since he isn't looking for a relationship from them."

Eva looks at me and says," Yea, they totally deserve what's coming to them....but I just can't help but wonder if those 2 were in love or had any children, or if others that we killed now have orphans." She takes her hands from me.

She wraps herself hugging her knees keeping them close. I hug her go a long with it and just hug her. I've heard of this before, the guilt of taking the life of another. I had this just minutes before. I just hope this won't affect our friendship and when we return home...to earth.


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