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My Little Secret

We see you...

Lizzie's Pov

I stare up at the ceiling of the tent. I was up and couldn't sleep, even with Harry being right next to me. I sit up and look out the tent, no one is awake yet so I walk out and decide to go for a walk. I put on a tank top and some sweats and walked somewhere close to the camp and not too far. I wish that whatever happens that we could always be safe. I know whatever happens today will change everything with Harry and with Avalon. Especially since my family's safety is on the line.

I lean on a boulder and run my hands through my hair. I strip my shirt off, only in my sport bra and sweat pants. I flutter my wings and slowly lifting my body up. I rise above the trees and see smoke by the upcoming sunrise.

There must be the enemy's camp area. I try to challenge myself and fly around doing flips and testing my balance in strength carrying some
tree branches to some big rocks and eventually to boulders.

With the just slight wave of my hands, I was able to carry the branches and boulders
without holding them. It was somewhat of a strain on me, but it was needed.

By the time I was successfully able to carry several heavy objects without putting on any strains...it was past dawn and I need to get back to the camp.

When I got to camp the guards were rousing up and I managed to get into the tent without them seeing me, but Harry was already up.

He wasn't surprised to see me up though. He raised a brow smirking said," Didn't get any sleep huh." I smiled and shook my head, and said," Took a early walk, to clear out my..uh head. "

He nodded and replied," Well, I'm not gonna act like I know everything, but I know that it wasn't a ordinary walk. " I say," not was something like that."

We come out the tent and Avalon was also up, my gosh we must have looked like we went through a tornado. I tried not to make eye contact and had a small breakfast of porridge with some sausage. I then put on my clothes and Harry put on his protective gear that the knights had gave him. Avalon came in her clothes too.


We're going to the camp that I had seen from early this morning, I didn't tell Harry or anyone else what my main activities were but I gave them slight hints on where the camp should be. Once we did we saw that there were many men we weren't expecting. Then it hit me . We had to kill them, it never came to me that we had to do this. I back up from our spot and say," I can't do this."

They all looked at me and frowned I said," I didn't want to much blood on my hands."I look at my hands as though I could practically see the blood right now. Harry had held my hands and said," You aren't remember. You have magic and you could do anything but that." I looked at Harry's encouraging eyes and I nodded. Together we did the most unbelievable.


I've been looking forward to the weekend so much to write a update. Now I did so, the job is done.( Taking a bow) Lol.
~Miss Direction


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So I was trying to update but something happened and it erased what I wrote so I'll update tomorrow sorry guys.

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Thanks I will.

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