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My Little Secret

The End of the War

Lizzie's Pov

Avalon was put on a stretcher and Harry as well and was to be attended at the castle. I realize the fighting stopped once I had defeated Marcus. That, I still can't believe happened, I mean I knew that I could at least distract Marcus enough for my father to but in and defeat him when we first began fighting. That is until I realized that Marcus had extraordinary powers and I may not last long in that fight like I thought I would. All of sudden, I felt a surge of power..and..and...strength. That's when I knew I would now have the strength I need to defeat Marcus with or without my father's help. Since then, I used my new found power that I possessed upon him.
I did know that I never had that power before because it gave me a new feeling and it may be connected to my emotions.
I shook my head and cleared my throat. I needed to focus on the matter at hand, and that is taking care of my friends and my boyfriend.
I walk to the horse my father was on, I looked at my father and smiled...he returned it and then I turned to the battle field.

It was covered with blood and fallen bodies, some from my kingdom and some from Marcus's. My father's men had fought bravely and I was proud of them. I finally saw something that caught my eye, the thing that tried to kill me several times. A huge sword was rammed through it where it's heart is supposed to be, if I looked hard enough I would see the crest that showed the sword only belonged to my father .

I was happy we were done with that guy. My father said," Well, I under estimated you my darling. I hope you could forgive me." I replied," Of course Dad I could forgive you." I then watch Marcus, little pieces of cloths that barely covered his body be put in a enchanted celled carriage.

He sighed and then said," You could see your mother again, and officially tell our kingdom the danger has passed." He smiled off in the distance. I say," Okay dad I think you're being way too melodramatic so how about we just go home before you wanna ride off into the sunset." My father laughs, and to be silly he laughs like a deep voiced men.
I shake my head and jump on Harry's horse and guide it back to the kingdom.

As soon as I arrived the maids ran to me before I could even check on there safe arrival on my boyfriend and Avalon in their beds. They made me take a rose scented bath (which I so desperately needed after all this), and they had gave me a dress to wear and fixed up my hair, it was a total makeover .
A maid I recognized maid Jannie, I took her arm and I whispered," What is going on?!!" She raised a brow and said," Well, your mother said that we must get you ready for your official coronation as princess."

I said," Um, you can't be serious, I've literally just been through war and my mother wants to...have a coronation?!!!" Jannie had said," Your mother said that you would say something like this. She wanted you to do this because you'd probably be on edge after the war, and it would be best to have a social gathering."

I fold my arms and sigh and reply," Fine, but it's only because after the gathering I must talk to mother and I want her to be in a good move."

Jannie then puts the final touches to my hair and she sends me out of my room and into the royal coronation room. I rush downstairs so I wouldn't be late but I ended up being right on time. No oneseemed tired or at loss since we just finished a war that had many deaths of those who could've had several families. They smiled probably putting back the memory until after tonight.
I see mother and she gives me the tightest hug and kissed me on the head. She smiled and said," You look stunning Liz. I'm so proud of you.I must hurry but we'll talk after the coronation."

She then rushes to go inside and introduce me. Here we go....


Took me all night because of distractions and now I'm cranky. Enjoy!!
~Miss Direction


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