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My Little Secret

Reality Check with a big Bang

Avalon 's Pov

" You guys did that?! " I blurted and Liz had nodded. We were in my bedroom now and I had just taken a shower and was in my closet trying to decide what outfit to wear. I found it . I asked," Are you okay?" She laughs and in reply," Fuck no, I'm sore all over especially from the waist down." I laughed and said," Well is Harry awake?" I ask and Liz grins obviously thinking about the night before. She shakes her head while she was zoned out," He did most of the work last night." Now it's my turn to laugh while she smirks.

I look through the mirror and watch how my friend's face expression from time to time. I turned and say," Is something wrong Liz? " I ask and she shakes her head and she said," I was just thinking about, after all this is over with what will be done with us? "

I shrug and say," But, we shouldn't worry our pretty little heads about it. Let's just worry about the present okay." She nods and looks at me sincerely and shakes it off. She runs off and I trail after her.

Harry 's Pov

I woke up and while looking one way I was patting the bed on the other. I sat up and saw that the side of the bed Liz was on wasn't here. I sighing got up running my hands through my hair, I take a hot shower and thought about last night. Once out I think about the small details that happened. I smiled and got dressed. I went down stairs hoping to see Liz. Once there I spy the queen writing while waiting for us, I watch her call a guard to give her note to the messenger. I walked out from my hiding spot as the guard was leaving." Uh, writing to the king...what is the progress might us ask." The Queen had shot up and tried her best to hide somethings put I already saw what I needed.

She shook her head and said," You're earlier then I thought. I thought the party would've kept you away longer." I sit down and say," You could say, after all that work of getting the party together we were tired and headed in before the party." I smirked but I she was obviously in her own thoughts. She nodded as if she perfectly understood..I chuckled. If only she knew HOW we tucked in last night. I say," Tell me the truth," I say and the Queen looks at me again in confusion. I repeat," You're not very good at lying ya know. " She sits down and said," I'm afraid the war going on is very, um....strong on Marcus side. They may not um...they might not make it. They need more men, but they can't risk those with family"

I think hard and long and reply," I know some people who could fill in if you..." Running down the stairs are Lizzie and Avalon bursting with laughter. They freeze when they see me and the Queen talking. Face covered with tears Liz ran to her mother's side . " Are you alright mom?" She nodded and gave me a look that means," Don't you say a word." I turned pretending I didn't see the glare and got up to greet the girls. Avalon was the last to give me a hug she held on longer then expected and she whispered," We have many things to discuss." She leaned back and smiled but it kind of gave me a bad feeling.


Hey sooo, Cliffhanger!!! Where I am school starts tomorrow and I don't know if I'm able to update as long as I usually do. We'll see but I can't make promises, I hope you understand.
~Miss Direction


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So I was trying to update but something happened and it erased what I wrote so I'll update tomorrow sorry guys.

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Thanks I will.

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