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My Little Secret

Reality Check

Lizzie's Pov

I opened my eyes and realize I'm laying on Harry's chest examining his tatoos I look up, I see Harry deep in sleep...his curls over his eyes and noting his long eyelashes. I smile and look at the time on the dresser. 9:40 am..." Oh shit the party!!!" I shoot up and kiss Harry lightly on the cheek and I, with Harry's shirt run to my room to shower doing other hygenic things( ya know brushing teeth using the bathroom etc) and get dressed in a fashionable order. Me after shower.
I run outside to the pool area and I see Avalon snuggled with Niall on a lounge chair. Everyone is gone and the place is cleaned up, I shake them both and they look up at the sun. Avalon hisses at the sun and looks at me. " I see you're feeling better," she says and I frown. " What are you talking about? I wasn't sick. " Niall mumbles and I turn to him and say" Huh" he repeats ," I'm hungry."

Rolling her eyes Eva said," Go home Niall..I'll call you for our date." He reply's ," But it seems so far without food." Now it's my turn to roll my eyes...
I said " Want me to send him home right." Avalon nods and I do so with just blue dust behind. " Now..talk " Eva says.


Sorry dinner came early.
~ Miss Direction


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So I was trying to update but something happened and it erased what I wrote so I'll update tomorrow sorry guys.

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Thanks I will.

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