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My Little Secret

Pool Party!!

Avalon 's Pov

The party is a success and everyone is dancing or hanging in the pool with the music that is played by the DJ we got for free,( Lizzie magically made him appear). I was talking to Niall whose wearing blue trunks and a tank in the middle of our conversation Niall said he had something to ask me, but I see Tiffany, Steffany and Danny came in, who the fuck invited them?! Oh well at least they could see how we beat them at their own partying game. I held up a finger to Niall to hold on and ran for Lizzie, she was holding Harry's hand while she hung with people around the pool. I said," Haz, I'm gonna have to borrow her for a minute." He nodded and I dragged her away. I looked at Danny and Tiffany holding hands, everyone knows Danny only got back together with her to get into parties like theses.

Danny saw Lizzie and he immediately snatched his hand from Tiffany and wandered away. Tiffany gaped at him but she eyed us so she flipped her hair and kept walking our way. When she makes it ,she says," Ya know this party totally blows. There isn't any good songs." Steffany says," Hmm, no good songs at all."

Lizzie reply' s," Oh really. Hey DJ lay me some beats." The DJ nods and plays:

The guests almost immediately responded and some pumped their fist in the air and started dancing. Those in the pool had started tossing the beach ball wildly with the music. I tilted my head slightly and said," You were saying." Tiffany looks around and said," We could still out do you any day." I rolled my eyes and I say," Bitch please you can't touch this." Lizzie snapped her fingers and the song came on:
"Can't Touch This"

Lizzie and I start dancing to it and singing the lyrics at the same," Can't touch this!!! " Rolling her eyes dramatically Tiffany huffed and stomped off, Steffany ran after her and we both say," Enjoy the party!!" Steffany is the one to say," We will."
Tiffany shoots her a glare and Lizzie and I laughed. Niall comes running to my side and he asks," Is now the right time?" I nod and smile at him and
he looks at me with his piercing blue eyes I blush, adore him. He's cute and funny and- my thoughts were interrupted when Liz says," Get a room!!!"
I look at her and she's giggling," Told you I'd get you. Just my LUCK too." She winks at Niall and he looks at the ground trying not to laugh. She looks at us and said," Okay, that's my cue." She runs off to do who knows what.

Niall takes both of my hands in his and he asks," Will you like to go on a date with me? " I look at him and say," I wouldn't like to go date with you-" Niall looks down and I held his chin and held it up to look up at me. I continued ," I would love to go on a date with you!!" Niall beams and hugs me spinning me around. I laughed and hugged him back. Once he lets me down I say," Race you to the pool!!!" I bolt for the pool and make a big cannonball sinking to the floor on the deep side. A couple of seconds later there's a vibration in the water and I open my eyes and see Niall holding his legs to keep a ball shape, I tap him and he unlocks himself.and opens his eyed I smile at him and I lean forward and wrap my arms around his neck and tilt my head....

Harry's Pov

I don't see Liz for awhile so I search for her in the pool house, just as I expected....she's magically stocking up on food,beverages, and snacks for the guests. She seemed drained from all she's doing so I sneak behind her and tap her with both hands. She yelped and her wings ripped through her bathing suit and pushed me making me land on my back." OWW!!!" Liz turns around and looks at me
her face was filled with concerned and she rushed
to my side and helped me up," Are you alright Harry?" she asked and I fibbed," Yes." I stretch and a loud crack comes from my back. Uh oh..not a good sign. Liz looks at my back and she says," Oh no, your back is gonna be bruised for tomorrow but hopefully my magic could heal it." She looks at me for approval and I nod, my back becomes ice cold nut I hold my tongue. " Why where you behind me anyway Harry?!" she asked and I chuckled and said," You seemed down and I wanted to make you feel a little better ya know." " Done," Liz says and she sits on my lap and smiles.

" Harry, you're so caring that's what I like about you." She wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me. It was more passionate and double the heat then our first kiss and gaining, her lips tasted of watermelon chap stick and they were soft. I got up and wrapped her legs around my waist and pressed her against the wall.
Her wings had folded back into her bathing suit and that calmed me, knowing I wasn't hurting her wings. We kissed in unison, I held her left leg and rubbed it from her calf to her thigh and she ran her hands through my curls.
Lizzie's Pov

I tilted my head for him to get better entry, my hands traveled from his curls to his chest, to his trunks. I used my index finger to tug on it , and suddenly Harry stops and lets me down. He looks at me and he asks," Are you sure about that?" I look deeply into his eyes and and replied," Harry, you were the first human to know about our secret, my secret...all the things we've been through together. We've been through hell and as we did that I knew I loved you, you've been patient and never asked anything of me. So yes, I'm ready." Harry smiled and said," I love you too Liz." He picks me up bridal style and takes me to his extra guest room.

Harry lays me down softly and he sits on the edge of the bed and, he asks," Do you have..." I said," No worries because, humans can't get a fairy....because not only has it never been done either." Harry shrugs and he begins to take off his trunks while I took off my bathing suit, I cross my fingers hoping his size is for me. He turns and I gape, it was.....oh help me. He hovers over me as I get butterflies in my stomach, he is by my entrance and it starts.


OMG!! This chapter was heated, hope you like ( My first time having this in my chapter ) I hope you like it. Shout out to all who commented and to Angela, this is the spectacular moment you meant right? :)
~Miss Direction


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