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My Little Secret


Avalon 's Pov

I had waved goodbye to Niall and we were on our stallions Harry and I. We were prepared for the worst and had magic invisible armor, Lizzie had enchanted it. Only royal blood could make such armory. Lizzie and me had decided to wear something that could easily lower the enemy's guard, though we were secretly prepared for the worst. We galloped for days, ya know except Lizzie. She had to train her wings just in case anything crazy happened and we needed, let's not forget her wings are protected so they wouldn't collapse on us when we needed them the most.
We galloped with some guards form the castle with us so they may protect us when we sleep.

I made my stallion go faster ahead of the group and my hair flapped in the wind. I closed my eyes and laughed. I felt free and I opened my eyes and turned around to Lizzie and Harry who were smiling too.

" Come on and catch up slow pokes!!! " I yelled and I pushed me and my horse farther.

I hear Lizzie reply," Oh we'll see about that!!! " I hear heavy hooves pounding on the ground and galloping in my direction. I turn and see Harry almost next to me and Liz spiraling past me.

The wind slaps me across my cheek and for a minute I couldn't breath, the air was taken up from me.

I covered my face the best way I can. Harry is on my horses tail and I slap my horse's backside.The horse rears up and bolts after Lizzie, I lean forward so I wouldn't put so much weight on the horse.

Lizzie was so far ahead I only could see the blue of her wings. I laughed and shouted," Hey no fair !!!" Though I doubted that she heard me.

We continued to gallop but Harry and I finding no reason to continue since Lizzie had already won, stopped our horses to a trot.

Eventually, it got dark and Lizzie had slowed down and turned back to meet us. Once she was back she gave us a look. " What took you so long huh? " I rolled my eyes and replied," Well, I'm sorry if I don't have wings that make me soar so fast like you." She smiled and put her hands on her hips and said," I guess, I could've gone a little slower." " Ya think ?!" I shout and she laughed.

Finally, we came to a clearing. Which showed signs of a battle.

Harry 's Pov

" I reckon we sleep here for the night " said a guard named Phillip. I look at Lizzie and she smiled she walked to me and said," You were gonna say something." I say," Yeah, could you make a few tents so we won't have to sleep on the ground." She says," Your wish is my command." She snapped her fingers and 3 tents appeared across from us. I pull her closer by her waist and kiss her seductively and she holds both sides of my face, kissing back. I hear some one clear their throat and we break apart attention to look at guard named Matt. He said," I strongly think that you shouldn't use your gifts for such unnecessary reasons." Liz raised a eyebrow and turned to me and back to Matt.

Avalon who was watching the whole time and looking straight at Matt she said," I think you should mind your business on what who does what."

He shakes his head and replied," Actually, I think this is my business especially since I'm protecting you Princess Lizzie."

Lizzie frowned and Avalon continuing said," Keyword, Princess so you can't talk to the princess without permission from now on okay."

The guard furrowed his eyebrows then he sighed bowed to me and left to attend to his horse.

I was deep in thought and Harry noticed. He said," Don't look into what he said. It wasn't a waste to magic nor was it inappropriate."

I nodded and managed a smile and pulled Harry to one of the tents and waved good night to Avalon and had winked at me. I winked back and she went to her tent.

I lay in my sleeping bag wide awake. Harry was awake too and was looking at the top of the tent.

" Harry?" I say and he turns to me and says," Yes..." I sit up and said," Harry, if it's okay if we try again...with..." I blush unable to continue. I close my eyes awaiting for the laughter. I felt a touch on my cheek. I open my eyes and see Harry smirking and he said," When ever you're ready love." I blush light red and I nod a yes and roll on top of Harry.


I haven't been updating last week because of the amount of H.W I had and I was studying for so many quizzes and stuff.
I still want you guys to describe to me what is your favorite part of this story or thing.
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