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My Little Secret

Spys Unknown

Lizzie's Pov

We've talked, Eva and I , she was surprised and upset at the news I've told her about Niall. She avoided talking to Niall on the phone as he constantly called her though....she wasn't mad that I felt wasn't my story to tell. Avalon who was hiding in her room missing training..we don't need the instructor anymore....we just trained ourselves. I couldn't take it anymore, one day Harry and me visited her in her isolated room.
I knocked on the door and she mumbled," Go away."
I replied," Come on, Niall isn't a bad guy ya know..he was trying to
protect you."
"Yea, but putting my best friend at risk. " I'm opening the door okay" I say.

Creeping the door open, Avalon is cocooned in her sheets and is hiding her face under her pillow and hiding her face more as we walk closer to the bed.

She sits up and said," What do you want." I reply," You gotta talk to Niall. He's been leaving you more than 30 voice mails and calls."

" What do you want me to do then? " she asked. I replied," Call him back and get a explanation from him."

She asked," Why would I want to do that right now? " I shrugged and said," I don't know..maybe you'd want to hear why or how he did it. Plus I can't stand you ignoring Niall when you like him so much. You're thinking to hard on it."

Avalon sighed she said," Hand me the phone." I handed her her phone on the dresser and called Niall on speed dial.

She said," Yea it's me...uh yes I've heard about what you did. I want to know...why you would..." She paused probably getting a reply. I whispered," Gonna be downstairs in the living room because of our family announcement . " She nodded and shooed us away. We ran downstairs and we were the first ones there.


Okay enjoy rushed this soo
~Miss Direction


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