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My Little Secret

My birthday

Lizzie's POV:
Today is my 18th birthday... and that includes how long I kept my secret. People might find it silly to keep it secret. But no... it would endanger my safety. There's no way I'm getting poked and probed like some alien. If anything I would be a beautiful alien. I'm a fairy, my wings are blue as the sky which is the same color as my eyes. That very morning I had checked them out fearing I might actually tear them off.

I heard my mom yell, "Time for Hold on," I reply getting dressed. I make sure I had my mascara fixed and a smoky eye effect. Yep I kissed the reflection of myself and said "Happy Birthday Lizzie.'' I ran down the stairs and at first I see no one there suddenly, my mom,dad, and best friend, Avalon, popped up from behind the couch.

"SURPRISE!!!!" They shout. They hand me my birthday breakfast. I nearly slipped back wards but I gripped the railing to steady myself.

"Mom,Dad..." I said.

Avalon POV:
I was there to show Lizzie the new car my Dad had got her, and it happened to be her favorite color. Lizzie had hugged me so tight when I showed her the car keys, it was a navy blue Toyota and I swear I saw tears rolling down Lizzie's cheeks. " Lizzie don't thank me, thank my dad. He was able to help pay for most of the bill. I wasn't even able to pay even half of the money,'' I said. She probably was ignoring me or didn't hear me because she did not say anything as we got into her new ride. I got in the passenger's seat as she drove past my house and we headed to school.


I'm still working on it but suggestions would really be great.


look on the side of the screen or below and you'll see stars and u will click how many stars I deserve.

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rate is what I mean with the stars.

How do I vote?

So I was trying to update but something happened and it erased what I wrote so I'll update tomorrow sorry guys.

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Thanks I will.

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