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Shadow's Target


Scarlett Dane, now 18, has forgotten everything from when she was a child. She doesn't know where she's from, who her parents are, and why her golden necklace with a heart shaped charm on it, always gives her flashbacks of things she doesn't remember. Everything is just a big blurr to her. All she really knows is this; She's what's known as a Shadow. They specialize in special undercover missions, they make sure they don't get into any emotional ties, and never fail to get the job done. This one though, is kinda tricky, especially with Harry always snooping on her and eventually getting close to all the boy's. This was going to be harder than she expected.


*NEW* Adam Sevani

*NEW* Adam Sevani

Although he had a tough past with Scarlett, he manages to win everyone with his charisma.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Harry hates how Scarlett is always giving him comebacks... and how she's different from other girls... and how cute her smile and laugh is. Yeah.. He hates her.

Jocy Davis

Jocy Davis

Scarlett's partner for this mission. She's new and pretty shy...

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

He loves how serious Scarlett can be but funny at the same time.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Got along with Scarlett from the very beginning. These two are practically best friends.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

He always manages to make Scarlett smile with his love for food and his kind remarks towards her.

Scarlett Dane

Scarlett Dane

She's tougher than she looks and doesn't play games.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

Scarlett's Go-to-guy in the band for anything she needs.


  1. Chapter 1, Part 1: Time to Dance.

    Seriously? A back up dancer? For a boy band!?

  2. Chapter 1, Part 2: Time To Impress

    Let's just get this over with Jocy.

  3. Chapter 2: Moving In With The Boys

    Jocy you're a genius!

  4. Chapter 3 Part 1: We Trust You Louis

    So are you the good or bad guys?h

  5. Chapter 3, Part 2: Be Careful... Harry.

    Is that her? Taylor Swift?!

  6. Chapter 4: Zayn, You're the Best. Taylor, You're Just a Pest.

    Every time I see Taylor and Harry... I can't help but remember. Dammit Harry...

  7. Chapter 5: Dani? Is That You?!

    What just happened?

  8. Chapter 6: Blank Memory.

    Taylor Is Nothing But Trouble.

  9. Chapter 7: New Flames, Old Flames, What Else Can I Say?

    He Kinda Reminds Me Of Me In A Way...

  10. Chapter 8: Why Me? Shouldn't It Be HER?!

    This Is All Fucked The Fuck Up.

  11. Chapter 9: Inside Scoop.

    This Can't Be True...

  12. Chapter 10, Part 1: Everything is Coming Together Now...

    It feels like everything is going right.

  13. Chapter 10, Part 2: Or Is Everything Beginning To Fall Apart?

    So many questions...

  14. Chapter 11: Putting The Pieces Together.

    I wish I knew what I wanted...



  16. Chapter 12: Why Don't You Realize?

    It's not like that though... Is it?

  17. Chapter 13: And So The Game Begins.

    Does this mean... Everything's gonna change?

  18. Chapter 14: Losing It.

    And so the drama begins.

  19. Chapter 15, Part 1: Silver.

    Brown. Blue. Brown. Blue. Green

  20. Chapter 15, Part 2: She's Gone.

    High For This... That's the name...

  21. Chapter 16: Slipped Away.

    I'm Sorry...

  22. Chapter 17: Make Your Move.

    Bold move... Can you handle it?

  23. Chapter 18: Did You Really Think I Would Betray You?

    Nothing seems clear anymore...

  24. So, Who Are The Girls?

    Decided to introduce you guys to The Shadow's and Dancers!

  25. Chapter 19, Part 1: What Niall Knew.

    The biggest help of all...

  26. Chapter 19, Part 2: Behind The Scenes.

    How it all went down.

  27. Chapter 20: Dani.

  28. Chapter 21: So Close...

  29. Chapter 22: Unlocked.

  30. Chapter 23: Dani & Eddy.

  31. Chapter 24: Together.

  32. Chapter 25: Big News!

    “Jocy, tell her.” Niall smiles at her. Jocy chuckles and rubs her stomach.

  33. Chapter 26: Discovery.

    “Oh you’re one to talk. You were the one sleeping when you should’ve checked out why the alarm was sounding.”

  34. Chapter 27: Bonding Time.

  35. Chapter 28: 28 Weeks.

    I'll see you all soon...

  36. Final Goodbye!

  37. Testing, Testing, 1, 2. Does this thing work?

    A sequel? Whaaaaaat?

  38. WINNER!

    Drum Roll Please;

  39. Hey...


  40. OMFG



I usually have them all done and and ready to post, but, sometimes i like to edit or make a whole new chapter if I dont like it.
I'd say an hour or so?

SmileForMeeLovee SmileForMeeLovee
How long does it take you to write a chapter?
@Your average weirdo
it's outtt yoooo!
Oh, that one. It's amazayn! I thought you posted the first chapter of Shadow Hunters....

but I love it too!!
It's Simple

@Your average weirdo
it probably would have been a good idea to add the link e-e loll. I wasn't thinking c: