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Shadow's Target

Chapter 22: Unlocked.

She sat there- back against the wall- watching the rain droplets race one another down the window. Nothing really amused her anymore. Her judgment seemed clouded.
Her eyes shifted to her sister-Michelle. She knew she must've been talking about those boys again to Jason, but, as usual, he said no.
"They'll come to us. Don't you worry your precious little head Michelle." He chuckled. Michelle let out a small growl.
"This is taking too long Jason! If you'd just let me-"
"Michelle!" Scarlett rose off the floor, wiping off the dust from her clothes. Her cold demeanor made Michelle shiver a bit. Not enough to let Scarlett know she was frightened though.
Scarlett walked slowly towards the two, showing no signs of emotion.
Her cold silver eyes could make anyone coward in fear.
She stopped in front of Michelle.
"Just wait. If he says they'll come, then, they will." Jason turned to look at Scarlett, amazed by how easily she was being manipulated by the necklace. He always believed she’d be the toughest of the two to control, but, apparently not. He smirked as he placed his hand over his chest, an eyebrow arched, showing he had an idea.
"Why don't we give the boys a little teaser? I hear they're having a concert today." He let out a sinister laugh. The two girls looked at one another, smiling in agreement.

As the two weaved and dodged through halls and doors of the stadium, they finally ended up where they wanted to; above the stage. They were just on top of all the metal pipes and equipment the boys used to hover above everyone in the crowd. Nobody seemed to notice them.
Scarlett got down in a ready-to-pounce position, aiming her body towards the curly haired lad.
"I don't see why we can't just kill him." Michelle obviously had blood lust rushing in her. The ring controlling her had quite an opposite affect than what Scarlett's necklace had on her.
"If we did that, many people would go after us. Including out parents." Scarlett said matter of factly.
"Isn't that exactly what Jason wants?" Michelle chuckled as she twirled her hair in her fingers.
"It all has to go according to plan." Scarlett said in a monotone voice.
Her eyes stayed locked on the curly lad as he sang. His persona captivated her for some strange reason; the way his lips curl when he smiles, how his eyes twinkle as he belted into song, the way his hair fell perfectly...
Scarlett was startled momentarily by a voice.
"Did you hear something?" She looked to her sister for an answer, but, just received a shrug from her.
Harry... Please...
There it was again.
Scarlett shook her head, trying to get rid of the voice she was hearing.
"Hey, look." Michelle touched Scarlett's shoulder, making Scarlett turn towards the curly haired boy.
"That's what we want." A smile tugged at the corner of her lips as she spotted what Jason had talked about before; the ring and the key.
It was all cryptic to Scarlett as to why those two worthless pieces of jewelry interested Jason so much.
Something caught the two girl’s attention; the items began to glow.
The curly haired boy stopped, examining his necklace.
"Is that why Jason wants those things?" Michelle asked Scarlett.
"You’re asking the wrong person." She responded back. The girls looked back down to the boy.
He stopped.
Scarlett let a small gasp out as his eyes met hers.

[Harry's P.O.V.]
"If I'm louder, would you see me?" Niall sang to Jocy, causing her to blush immensely.
"They're too cute." Elizabeth whispered in my ear. I let a smile take over my face, agreeing with what she said.
"Would you lay down, in my arms and rescue me?" I feel like those two have been falling deeper and deeper in love by the day.
Sometimes I long for the moment where that would be me...
My body froze. I could've sworn I heard someone say my name.
Harry... Please...
I felt my necklace tugging at me. When I looked down, the key and ring were glowing.
"What in the world?" I think they're pointing at something? I moved my eyes up to the direction it was shifting to.
Two dark figures stood above the bars, staring right at me.
My mouth began to open a bit, letting a slight gasp come out.
"No way..." I croak.
"Harry! Your line!" Elizabeth mumbled to me as she danced by. I snapped out of it, focusing back on the music. I couldn't help but keep looking back.
My eyes aren't deceiving me... That's Scarlett and Michelle.

"You sure about it mate? Maybe it was just a hallucination." Liam said as he handed me a drink.
We were back at Niall and Jocy's hotel room talking about what I saw back there. Jess, Jane, Laura, and Daisy were all there as well. Everyone was just a little disbelieved about what I said earlier.
"For the third time; it WAS the girls." I sighed as I placed my forefinger and thumb on the bridge of my nose. I couldn't shake away the strange feeling I got when I looked Scarlett in the eyes.
"Why would they come over and just do... Nothing? That's REALLY strange." Daisy said as she fidgeted with files on her computer besides me.
"Do you think maybe they were trying to follow us back here?" Louis suggested as he plopped down on my other side.
I sighed and dropped my arms on my legs. I reached for my water bottle and removed the cap.
"But don't you think we would've picked up their signal when Jocy was checking the perimeter?" I added as I took a sip of my drink.
"That's true... There are gadgets out there that can hide your trace even with a gadget like Jocy's around." Jane said. I heard Jocy let a groan out as she punched the wall.
"This is all such a huge mess... I should've never let them go in the first place." Jocy sighed as she ran her hand through her hair in pure frustration.
"Don't blame yourself. I should take the blame. We should've never let the girls put that jewelry on before we scanned them." Jane mumbled as she toyed with her nails out of despair.
"So what now? Should we go back for hem?" Zayn asked as he leaned over to the side of Daisy on the couch.
"Do you really think they would stay in the exact same hiding place?" Niall asked doubtfully.
"Actually..." Daisy began, catching everyone's attention.
"According to this..." I leaned over to see the screen of her laptop. Everyone else flooded in as they tried to catch a peek.
"The readings say that they actually ARE in the same location." Daisy said as she looked at us.
"That's kind of strange don't you think? Doesn't sound like Jason at all." Laura mumbled as she examined the screen.
"Maybe they actually WANT us to go back." Louis commented.
"But why would they?" Liam asked puzzled.
"Maybe they want to take us too." Niall chuckled.
That's when I stopped. I looked down at my chest to pick my necklace up and examined it, then, I looked up to Jane.
"Can you guys scan this?" I said as I removed my necklace from my neck. Jane and Jess exchanged a weird look, but agreed nonetheless.
The two sat down on the floor plugging in cables and devices to another laptop while I watched.
"Daisy, do you have your cell phone connected to the data system? I don't want to go through the trouble of connecting mine all over again." Jane chuckled.
"Yeah, here!" Daisy smiled as she handed her the phone. Jess took it and plugged some cables in.
"Ready?" Jane asked as she types something in.
"Yup!" Jess piped.
"Go." Jane smiled. I watched as Jess slowly moved the cell phone up and down my necklace once.
"That should do it." Jess smiled.
"Can I see?" I grinned. The two nodded and I crawled over to sit besides Jane.
"Kay... See that there?" She pointed to a blue blob.
"Yeah..?" I mumbled.
"That's the blue light I told you about before." Jane chuckled.
"Wait... If you already know what was going to come up when you scanned it, then why'd you make us scan it again?" Jess chuckled.
"Well... Is there any way you can see what that blob has? Like..." I motioned my finger in circles as I tried to find the right words.
"We know what you mean; you want a full analysis of what the blue light means, right?" Jess smiled over to me. I nodded towards her.
"I think Niall should do it. I have a couple things I want to discuss with Jane if we're actually going to go head on with Jason. That, and, Niall WAS the one who figured out a lot about Sky's past." Jess said as she nudged Jane.
Jane just sighed in response and stood up with her.
"Lets discuss then." She chuckled. Niall then came shuffling next to me and took control of the laptop.
"Okay! Let's see this..." Niall looked so focused on the screen. To my surprise, he seemed pretty used to fidgeting with this stuff.
I watched as he clicked on files and pulled different screen's up. It all seemed so complicated, yet, Niall made it seem utterly simple.
Once a blue screen said 'FILE DOWNLOADED', Niall stopped momentarily.
"Okay..." He mumbled as he rubbed his chin. He clicked on another screen and a weird box popped up with the word 'RESTRICTED' on it.
"What the..." Niall seemed a bit baffled by it. He pursued to opening the file up, but, got no response back. I guess he was getting a bit frustrated as he ran a hand down his hair.
"What? Can't you get through it?" I asked as I looked at him. He thought for a second, waved his hand around in a circle, and couldn't figure out what to say.
"I haven't seen this before." He said as his eyes fluttered.
"What is it?" Liam mumbled as he appeared behind us. He placed his hands on each of us and leaned down to look at the screen.
"What’s that supposed to be?" He laughed as he took a look at the files before us.
"I don't know... I can't open it though. I think I'll just ask Jane once she's done talking to Jess." Niall grumbled in defeat. He set the laptop down in front of him and stood up.
"Let me see if Jocy can figure this out." Niall muttered as he walked off. Liam then took his place and picked the laptop up. He positioned it on his lap and began to click on things.
"Liam..." I started to get hesitant by his sudden interest in the files.
"Hmm?" Was his only response towards me.
"Do you really think you should be playing with that?" I chuckled as he clicked on some other things. He let a laugh escape his lips and continued to click and type things in.
"This actually looks familiar. When we went to that headquarter place, Daisy and I ran into something similar while looking through some computers.” He grinned as he continued to click on various things.
“I heard my name!” Daisy piped as she seated herself besides Liam. Her eyes were squinted at the screen. She placed a finger on her lips as if in thought.
“Is this…?” She stopped midsentence.
“Yup. Looks just like it doesn’t it?” Liam laughed.
“Dude… Harry, you have data in this necklace of yours… Well, that’s what Liam and I think it is anyways.” Daisy murmured as her eyes widened.
“Is that a good thing?” I asked in a barely audible mumble. She looked at me and chuckled.
“I believe so! It’s weird though… The ones Liam and I were able to successfully open had like,” She stopped again.
“Videos?” Liam tried filling her sentence.
“I want to say so, but, it was different. It’s kind of weird, to be honest, that you have some Harry.” Daisy chuckled.
“What did you do?” Niall snorted as he came up behind us with Jocy.
“I opened the file up!” Liam smiled at Niall. Niall raised his eyebrows, impressed with Liam.
“So… What exactly are they?” Jocy asked as she crouched down behind Liam and me.
“Umm, well, Daisy and I figured it was data since some of the ones we looked at were like videos on instructions for certain things.” Liam shrugged.
“Can you open one of them?” Laura asked as she looked over Liam’s shoulder. Liam and Daisy exchanged a glance.
“The unhighlighted ones right?” Liam muttered. Daisy nodded and turned back to the screen.
“You mind if we look at some of these Harry?” Daisy asked me. I nodded.
“I’m pretty curious myself as to what’s in them.” I chuckled.
“Let’s open one of these babies up then.” Jane grinned.
As the file began to load…
My mouth parted slightly, letting a small gasp escape from my lips.

“IS EVERYONE READY?” I let a shriek out when I heard Jane’s loud voice boom trough my headset. I pulled it off and let it hang around my neck as I pressed my hand against my ear to stop the ringing. I looked at Jess besides me and she had the same look as me.
“I think we heard you LOUD and clear.” Jess emphasized through her mic. There was a moment of silence before Jane finally spoke.
“Oh… sorry. I didn’t know my settings were off.” Jane chuckled. I placed my headset back on and continued to pilot the jet.
“Harry, are you sure you can work this thing? I mean, my hands aren’t the injured part of my body you know.” Jess chuckled from behind me.
“Of courseee! Scarlett let me drive the Jet Ski and we were perfectly fine.” I grinned over my shoulder to her.
“Keep your eyes ahead please.” She said nervously.
“Don’t worry Jess! I’m sure Harry will do perfectly fine.” I heard Laura say.
“Thank You.”
“Either that or he’ll crash.” Zayn mumbled. I heard a couple laughs and rolled my eyes.
“Alright, it’s up ahead you guys. Expect heavy security and plenty of obstacles. Never let our guard down, got it? Report anything you believe is worth reporting to Liam, Jess, or I.” I heard Daisy say into the headset.
“Everyone place their jets onto auto-pilot.” Jocy said.
“You can just switch the setting so I can control this Harry.” Jess said to me.
“Alright then.” I flipped the switch and soon enough, she was the one in charge.
“LOU! YOURE TOO LOUD!” Zayn shouted.
“WHATEVER!” He retaliated.
“Good luck. Make sure Sky is safe when you get to her.” Jess said to me. I nodded and she ejected me out of the jet.
“OHMYGOD!” This was still a bit frightening…
“C’mon Harry!” Niall yelled as he passed right by me.
We all landed safely on a building that connected to the central building we got into the first time. I looked at Jane who was crouched down on the floor reading a blueprint she had.
“Okay, in my group I’ve got; Laura, Louis, and Zayn.” Jane said as she pointed at each one.
“That leaves me Harry and Niall then.” Jocy said as she strapped her backpack on.
“You totally set it up so you could be with Niall.” Louis smirked as he tightened his knee padding.
“Actually, I did.” Laura mumbled as she looked away.
“Laura!” Jocy chuckled as she nudged her slightly.
“You two work perfectly together!” Laura laughed as she threw her goggles in her bag.
“Enough chit chat guys. Liam just sent me a message saying that they’ve gotten inside the computer system, and,” He looked up at all of us.
“There’s guards’ coming this way.” He said softly.
“Let’s get going then. We all know what to do when we see the girl’s right?” I said as I looked at everyone.
“Don’t worry Harry. After all of that… We will make SURE it all goes as planned.” Jane gave me a reassuring pat on my back. I nodded thanks to her.
“Hurry, we don’t have much time! My readings say they’re getting near.” Niall said in a hard tone.
“Let’s get moving. Be safe lads… And Jocy.” Louis said as he ran off with the rest.
“This way you two!” Jocy hissed at us.
Just as we were turning on our invisibility settings, the hallways went pitch black.
“What the hell?” I murmured as we came to a stop.
“Glasses you guys!” Niall commanded. I took mine out, and placed them on.
“I don’t see anything out of the ordinary…” Jocy whispered to us. We continued to walk in a hurried pace, making sure we wouldn’t get caught.
“Do you think it was just a power outage?” I asked Jocy. She seemed a bit hesitant to answer my question.
“Babe…” Niall pushed on. Jocy let a sigh out and pulled her cell phone out.
“Jocy to Base. Come in Base.” She talked into it.
“We hear you loud and clear Jocy. This is Jess.” She said. Jocy began to slow down and placed her forefinger and thumb on the bridge of her nose as he closed her eyes.
“Can you do a full analysis on the section we’re in please?” She asked.
I stopped. Niall and I exchanged a look and turned our attention to Jocy who was now completely still in the same position.
“Zayn actually had just found a power box and managed to get into the main Intel with Laura. Want me to ask him?” It was Liam this time who was speaking.
“Please do.” Jocy muttered.
“Babe, what’s the matter?” Niall placed his hand on her shoulder. She let out a sigh and ran her hand through her ponytail.
“I don’t think this is a simple ‘Power Outage’.” She said quietly.
“What do you mean by that?” I asked. She looked up and around the ceiling, looking for something.
“It’s almost similar to a simulation we would do in Shadow training when we start off as security… Except-”
“DAISY TO JOCY! DAISY TO JOCY!” She was cut off by the sound of Daisy’s worried voice through her phone
“Jocy here. What’s the matter?” She waited for an answer.
“Please, please, PLEASE… Don’t tell me it’s dark in there…” She said softly. Jocy tensed up.
“Jocy, what’s the matter?” I asked her calmly. She turned to face me.
“Except...You’re the targets.” I recognized that voice… I was about to turn…
It was too late though. My body sprung forward as I felt something clawing at me from behind. The sharp pain felt as if it was slowly inserting itself into me, making me suffer ever so greatly.
“MICHELLE! Let him GO!” I heard Jocy shout.
"That just isn't doable." She chuckled.
“JOCY!” Niall shouted.
The room felt silent and my thoughts slowly got clouded as the darkness overtook me.

Just five more minutes.
“IM AWAKE!” I retaliated as I shot a glare towards Scarl-
“Jane?” I was disappointed to see it was just her standing besides me.
I guess I was just dreaming that we had actually gotten Scarlett back.
“Told you he’d be fine.” Turned to see Louis chuckling.
“What…” I looked back and forth and noticed Jocy, Niall, Zayn, and Laura here as well.
“Why are we all lying down?” I said through an awkward laugh. Lou shot me an Are-You-Serious face, to which I shot a shrug to.
“Incase you haven’t noticed yet Harry, we’re all kind of tied up.” Jocy said mindlessly.
“Wait, we’re what?!” I tried to move my hands, but, something held them back as well as with my feet. I looked below me and saw we were actually hanged back by our wrists and ankles.
“What the…” I muttered under my breath. Jane rolled her eyes a me and let out a long sigh.
“We were trying to get you, Jocy, and Niall away from Michelle, but, as you can see-”
“They failed.”
That voice…
My eyes slowly trailed down and up the steps ahead towards the voice. She had black lace pumps, a black deep V neck dress with sleeves that had plenty of small rhinestones, hands placed on her hips, hair in a high ponytail, and her eyes… Locked with mine.
They had a different glow in them than im used to seeing, one that made me want to look away.
I couldn’t though…
My eyes trailed down to the small necklace that adorned her neck.
“Scarlett…” Her name escaped my lips as I looked back up to meet her intense stare.
She didn’t react. She only blinked slowly and turned her attention to everyone else.
“If you don’t mind telling me; where are the others? I know there are more of you missing.” Her eyes scanned through our little group as she counted.
“Three of them.” She murmured emotionless.
“Please… Sky…” Jane said silently as her head rose up to look at her friend. Scarlett just looked at her, tilting her head slightly to the right. She let a huff out and walked over to the computer. Jane clenched her jaw and her nose crinkled up in anger.
“Snap… Outtt… OF IT!” Jane flailed her body, trying to release herself from the metal chains that held us back
“Calm down Jane! You don’t want to-” Zayn was cut short.
I felt an electrical shot go throughout my whole body. My body sprung forward from the pain, but, it left as soon as it came. My whole body went limp and I hung my head down. I could hear heavy breathing coming from us all.
“Jane… Please… Stay… Calm…” Laura said out of breath.
“Sorry… I… I forgot…” She said panting.
“Whatwasthat?” I asked in one, quick, oxygen deprived breath.
“Michelle said that these things will send a huge electrical voltage through our bodies if we try to fight it. We’re better off just staying still.” Zayn muttered under his breath.
“The only way you can get out is if I press the button behind you all. For the meantime, you’ll keep getting electrocuted if you keep fussing, So, I recommend you guys keep still and reason with us.” Scarlett said in a monotone voice. She walked down the steps and came towards us. She stopped inches away from my face. I moved my eyes up to meet hers.
“You’re the one.” She muttered.
“What?” I weakly asked.
“Scarlett, dear!” A voice echoed through the room. Everyone turned their attention to Michelle coming down from a platform alongside Jason. Guards filed out from different entrances and took their positions.
“I see you don’t want to be making the same mistake again.” Niall scoffed at the amount of security everywhere.
“We can’t let anything go wrong this time, child. It’s all for precautionary purposes.” Jason smiled boldly as he waved his hands around.
“You can’t get away with this.” Jocy said through her gritted teeth.
“We have others who will come and help us! You won’t win!” Laura spat. Jason raised an eyebrow, amused by everyone’s angered reactions.
“Really now?” Jason walked down slowly.
“Are you talking about these guys right here?” He nodded towards Michelle. We followed her with our eyes as she waved over at some guards. They came out with Liam, Jess, and Daisy handcuffed.
“We’re sorry guys…” Daisy said in a whisper.
“That was some real guerilla tactics you pulled there Jason. That was LOW.” Jess spat as she wriggled under the guards grip. Jason merely shrugged.
“It wasn’t my idea. I just thought we should surround you till we got you to give up. It was their idea.” He nodded to Scarlett and Michelle.
“What… Why Sky?” Lou sounded hurt.
“I’m not your little ‘Sky’ anymore Mr. Tomlinson.” Scarlett replied as she walked away.
“That’s him. That’s the guy.” Michelle smirked menacingly towards me.
“Oh! You must be Mr. Styles.” Jason smiled warmly. I was sickened at how happy he was acting through this whole situation. I turned my head way so I would no longer face him.
“Rather charming you are. I remember you from the first time we met… Little Eddy I believe?” He chuckled.
“From the… First… Time…?” My voice went weak.
“All the data is still in there. He doesn’t know yet.” Michelle sighed dramatically.
“So it is true?” Jane whispered besides me.
“Harry… Please tell me you-”
“No. It’s with me.” I said faintly.
“We told you to leave it with Liam!” Louis said in a shout whisper.
“But look where they are now! Doesn’t make much of a difference now does it?” Jocy retaliated in the same tone.
“It was just as safe with Harry as it would have been with Liam.” Zayn muttered.
“Where is it?” I raised my head to face Scarlett with an arched eyebrow and her arms crossed against her chest.
“Why don’t you just look for it?” Michelle grinned as she walked up next to her.
“We don’t have time to play games Michelle.” Scarlett snapped towards her.
“Well excuse me Mrs. Perfection!” Michelle mocked as she rocked her head left and right.
“Just use your necklace darling.” Jason called as he walked up to the computer. Scarlett took of her necklace and dangled it across from me. She moved left and right as she slowly went lower. I could feel my necklace begin to pull from within my pocket.
“There. It’s glowing.” Michelle pointed to my thigh.
“I wouldn’t reach in there if I were you doll.” Jocy chuckled. Scarlett stopped and rose up. She turned her head towards Jocy who now had a rather teasing smirk across her face. Scarlett walked towards her till she was standing right in front of her.
“Excuse me?” Scarlett squinted her eyes at Jocy.
“You heard me right… Doll.” Jocy fluttered her eyes at her.
“Ignore her Scarlett. She’s just trying to get to you.” Michelle grunted as she went down to my pocket.
“Stop it!” I was about to move, but,
“NO! Harry!” Niall and Jane stopped me.
Fucking electricity.
“I’ll deal with you later.” Scarlett said.
“You can’t do anything to me now? Why’s that? Too busy taking orders? Wow. You’ve really hit rock bottom Dane.” My eyes flickered to catch Scarlett’s shoulders tensed and her jaw tightened as she stopped walking.
“Struck a nerve there didn’t she?” Jane added on to the fire burning in Scarlett’s eyes.
“Scarlett, stay calm-“
“I’m fine.” Scarlett spat. She slowly turned to walk back to Jocy, their faces now inches apart.
“You think you’re the funny one don’t you?” Scarlett said through her clenched teeth.
“No, I’m technically considered the funny one.” Lou said casually smiling towards Scarlett. I just tried my best to hide the laugh I wanted to release along with everyone else.
“Enough chit chat ladies! Let’s get down to business!” Jason shouted from behind the computer.
“Just take the damn necklace already Michelle.” Scarlett muttered as she came over to me. She crouched down and pulled on my necklace.
“It’s stuck.” She grumbled.
“Let me get it.” Micelle pushed Scarlett to the side and yanked it out.
“There we go-” The two were blasted back by a huge explosion along with everything else in the room. I hit my back against the wall behind me.
“YES! It worked!” Jocy squealed. I watched her get up, free from the restraints holding us back. I looked at my own hands to find them released as well.
“What was that right now?!” I screamed as I looked at everyone laid down on the floor.
“No time to talk about it! Let’s just go!” Niall said as he waved us all up.
“Wait for us!” Liam shouted as he ran towards us with Daisy and Jess.
“C’mon! This way!” Zayn led the way down the halls.
“Here’s our necklace back.” Daisy smiled as she handed it back to me. I thanked her and placed it around my neck.
“Do you honestly think you can get away THAT easily? Ha! Don’t make me laugh.” A voice boomed through the intercoms.
“Look up ahead!” Jane pointed at a group of guards coming at us from down the hall.
“And behind us as well…” Louis muttered as he looked back.
“SPLIT!” Jess shouted. We all ran in different directions. I was being followed by Jane though.
“I can’t leave your side for a second! Michelle and Sky are obviously after you.” Jane chuckled.
“I would’ve loved it if Scarlett chased after me, just not like this!” I joked as we went down a different hall.
We ended up going inside a room… The same room we ended up in last time we came here.
“Shit… Where do we go now?” Jane mumbled as she looked around.
“That’s the last time you two are leaving my sights.” A voice echoed throughout the room.
Great… Just what we needed.
I looked up and saw Scarlett looking down at us from the second floor.
“Just hand the boy over and we’ll be done.” Scarlett grinned as she jumped down to us.
“Scarlett…” I whimpered as I met her glare.
“Harry… Run-”
“NO!” I shouted.
“Harry, be reasonable! She’s getting closer.” Jane scolded me in a whisper.
“Scarlett… Please… Snap out of it!” I looked at her pleadingly.
“Please…” My voice went softer. I watched as Scarlett stopped momentarily, shaking her head as she closed her eyes.
“It’s me! Harry!” I said with my voice growing louder. She looked down, clasping her hands over the side of her head.
“It’s me… It’s Eddy…”
“STOP! STOP TALKING! I CAN’T… I CAN’T HEAR MYSELF!” She screamed as she fell to her knees. Her hands flew over her ears as she shut her eyes tight.
“Harry… What… What did you do?” Jane mumbled as she took a step forward.
“I… I don’t know…” I whispered.
“Do something else.” Jane pushed me. I looked at her with a concerned face, but, she kept insisting. I took in a deep breath, and went slowly towards Scarlett who was now covering her face with her hands.
“You remember me now?” I began as I took a step forward.
No response.
“We’re friends…” I continued.
Still nothing.
I sighed and thought of what else I could say.
“I miss you. I miss the old you. The tough Scarlett who would always sass me… The one who would pull pranks with me… The one who got the tattoo with me…” I smiled as I got closer.
“I always liked you… Just the way your eyes would twinkle, the warm smile that swept over your face when I told you something you loved to hear, the way I felt butterflies when we kissed that first time.” I chuckled. I looked and saw her hands were slowly falling down.
“Ive felt that same way for years.” I said slowly. She began to look up at me, her silver eyes slowly fading.
“Ive been looking everywhere for you… Dani.” I smiled as I stood before her.
Scarlett’s normal eye color came back…
“H-harry?” She said faintly. She screamed again as she covered her ears.
“GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” She shouted as she fell back.
“Leave the poor girl alone. Can’t you see she’s suffering because of you?” I looked up and saw Jason with Michelle.
“Go stop them.” Jason ordered her. A giant smirk crossed her face as she looked at me,
“With pleasure.” She jumped down and came running towards me.
“Oh hell no!” Thank you JANE! She stopped her and pushed her back across the room.
“Do it now Harry! She’s weak!” Jane shouted to me. I nodded and stepped over Scarlett.
“I don’t think so!” A voice chirped. I looked up and faced Jason’s knuckles. My head flew back as he connected it with my jaw. I stumbled over Scarlett’s leg and fell on my back.
“Don’t think you can get Scarlett THAT easily.” He smirked as he got down to me.
“JASON!” I looked to my right to see Jocy coming towards him with full force.
“Girls these days, am I right?” He smiled at me. He rose up, and with no effort at all, flicked her back.
“Got ya!” Daisy and Jess came from above and headed straight towards Jason.
“No no! I got YOU!” Jason pushed them back as well.
“He’s using the Guardians push gloves!” Laura shouted from across the room as she ran straight towards him with Zayn.
“Great. There’ more of you.” He groaned.
I watched as he kicked Laura back, and barely dodged a punch from Zayn.
“Whoa there pretty boy! I didn’t know you had some fight in you!” He chuckled.
“Don’t forget us!” Louis, Liam, and Niall came from different directions.
“You’re little friends are rather annoying.” He said down to me. Jason, again, pushed them back.
“ALL TOGETHER NOW!” Jocy shouted as she aimed some sort of gun at Jason. Everyone else followed.
I took this chance to slowly creep away, far enough from his reach.
:”THAT’S ENOUGH!” Everyone froze.
No, seriously.
We couldn’t move a muscle. We then all floated up a bit off the ground.
“What’s going on!?” Niall shouted as he tried to move his hands.
I looked down and saw Scarlett had gotten up.
“It’s her damn heels!” Laura groaned.
“Who’s the genius who thought up THAT design?!” Jess grumbled as she rolled her eyes.
“This has gone on for TOO long.” Scarlett shouted. Her head whipped around to look at me.
“You.” She moved her heel slowly and brought me down.
I tried moving, but, it was just no use.
She pulled a gun out and aimed it towards me.
“I’m about sick and tired of this.” She said through her gritted teeth. She walked towards me and placed her hand around my neck, gripping it tightly.
“You’re the one who’s making this voice in my head talk.” She said with a crazy chuckle.
“I’ll just take this, and it will be gone.” She gripped me neck tighter, making me choke.
“STOP!” Jane yelled from her spot. Scarlett let go of me, but, took my necklace away.
“Here, Jason.” Scarlett threw it towards him and he grinned.
“That’s all we’ll need.” He winked at me as he began to walk away.
“Im not done with this one.” Scarlett turned back to me, raising her gun up a bit.
“DON’T. We don’t want a mess to clean after, Scarlett.” Jason said sternly. Scarlett’s Jaw tightened as she placed her gun back in its case around her thigh.
“You’re lucky.” She muttered to me as she walked off.
“And let’s hope I am too!” A voice chirped.
I heard a gunshot go off and watched Scarlett fall face down.
We were all now free from her gadgets grip!
“What was-” Michelle was cut short as something wrapped itself around her.
“Shit!” Jason was now all tangled up as well.
“What was that?!” Liam yelled as we all ran towards one another.
“You guys are so lucky we got here on time.” I looked behind me and saw… Taylor and Adam? They were all dressed up in the same outfits we were dressed up in.
“What are you guys doing here?!” I laughed as I ran towards them. I embraced them both in a hug, followed by everyone else.
“I can’t breathe guys!” Taylor squealed. We all let go and began asking questions.
“Let’s just say that Harry here forgot his phone at his place.” Adam laughed as he pulled it out.
“Gemma called and was a bit worried about how your mission was going.” Taylor added.
“So, I decided to find you! But I didn’t know how…” Adam laughed.
“That’s where I came along. And let me just say, this stuff tastes horrible.” Taylor pulled out a vial from her pocket.
“Hey! That’s the one I sent Sky a long ass time ago so she’d regain her memory incase something ever happened!” Jane gasped as she pointed at it.
“Yeah. When Adam called me, I honestly forgot where it was that Jason had his secret hideout. I looked all over my boxes and ended up finding this. I called Selena, cause she’s still a Guardian, and asked if she knew what this was. She told me it was some memory serum. She wasn’t sure if it erased or regained memories, but, I took the chance.” Taylor chuckled.
“You’re a fucking GENIUS!” Jocy laughed as she hugged Taylor.
“Anything for you guys!” Taylor smiled.
“Uhh… Guys?” Niall mumbled.
“Hold on.” Louis chuckled as he asked some more questions.
“But guys?” He mumbled again.
“Niall! Wait!” Laura grumbled.
“GUYS!” Niall said loudly this time.
“What’s wrong?” I finally asked as I looked at him.
“LOOK!” We all turned and saw Jason and Michelle were being freed by Scarlett.
“Oh shit!” Zayn muttered.
“Hurry!” Adam yelled. We all ran towards them and tried to hold them back, but, they were relentless.
“What’s wrong superstar? Mad that im controlling your little girlfriend?” Jason teased.
My nostrils flailed as I tried to get him with a punch. He dodged to the right, smiling the whole time.
“I don’t see what she sees in you. You can’t even fight.” He smirked.
That’s it.
“You’re going to regret that.” I shouted as I ran towards him. I got a few lucky hits here and there, as well as Jocy and Jane.
“How are we supposed to stop them?! They won’t give up!” Taylor panted as she came up besides us.
“I don’t even know…” Jocy panted as well. I looked over at Niall and Lou who were now trying to take Jason on.
That’s when I noticed something.
“Did you guys see that?” I said as I squinted my eyes at Jason.
“No?” Jane murmured as she looked in the direction I was looking at.
“Wait… It can’t be!” Taylor gasped.
“You saw it?” I turned to her and she nodded with her mouth gaped open.
“Can you just tell us already?” Jocy asked impatiently.
“He’s wearing a necklace.” Taylor and I said simultaneously.
“So...?” Jane waved at us to continue.
“So far, what do we know about jewelry in your area of work?” I chuckled.
“That they’re gadgetsOOOHHHH!” Jane chuckled as she finally caught on.
“So what you’re saying is that the necklace must control something? Like… Sky and Michelle?” Jocy beamed.
Taylor and I nodded as we turned to look at Jason who had now successfully knocked the lads down.
“C’mon! Is there anyone who can really give me a challenge?” Jason scoffed as he raised his hands up.
“I got an idea. Follow my lead girls.” Jane smiled as she ran towards Jason. I watched as Jocy and Taylor followed along and I stayed back. They threw punches and kicks, headlocks and screams, then, Jane called me.
“HARRY, NOW!” She yelled.
I ran into the mob and aimed for Jason.
“Oh please!” He chuckled as he easily pushed me aside. I skidded on the ground, groaning at the pain.
“You barely touched me kid.” He laughed.
“Who said I was going for YOU?” I smirked as I stood. I pulled one of the girl’s earrings out and placed it on Jason’s necklace.
“What…? When did you…?” Jason was shocked as he felt the empty space around his neck I smiled and threw the necklace up high.
“NO! YOU IDIOT!” He screamed. I watched it blow up into a bunch of tiny pieces.
“Hey! Watch it! Are you TRYING to bruise my face?!” Michelle squealed as she blocked Jess’s hit.
“Owww! Niall! That was my LEG!” I heard Scarlett whine.
“It worked Harry!” Jocy shouted with a huge grin.
“You…” Jason was walking towards me.
I started to back away.
“You ruined it. YOU ruined my WHOLE PLAN!” He shouted.
“And YOU are dead meat.” I turned and saw Michelle and Scarlett coming from either side of me. They stood in Jason’s way and began to crack their knuckles and necks.
“Girlssss! C’mooonn!” Jason laughed nervously.
“You’re gonna pay.” Scarlett chuckled. The two launched themselves at him, pulverizing him to a pulp.
“You wanted a Challenge! Now you got it!” Jane laughed as she held her belly. I ran towards everyone with a huge smile on my face.
“Am I awesome or what?!” I chuckled with my arms spread wide.
“Harry! Stop!” Louis shouted.
“C’mon! I did amazing!” I laughed.
“You should really listen to your friends more often.” I felt Jason wrap his arm around my neck tightly. I was being deprived of breathing.
“Let him go-”
“Don’t come any closer.” I felt him place something against my head.
“HARRY!” Scarlett shouted as she looked at me wide eyed.
“Don’t.” Jason muttered in a serous tone.
“I… I can’t… Breathe…” I choked.
“Let him go.” Scarlett pulled out her gun and pointed it at Jason.
“Scarlett… Please…” I gasped weakly.
“You wouldn’t dare.” I saw from the corner of my eye that Jason had removed his gun from against my head.
“Try me.” Scarlett walked closer.
“Stop! Please…” I said in a weak voice.
“Listen to the lad.” Jason chuckled in an eerie way. I all of a sudden felt myself falling forward with Jason.
“C’mon!” Scarlett pulled me up and ran with me.
“What about everyone else?!” I shouted.
“They’re taking care of everything-” Scarlett toppled over.
A pool of blood formed around the spot she laid on.
“No…” I let a weak whimper out.
“No no no no.” I bent down to her.
“SCARLETT!” I heard screams and shouts, but, everything around me was going silent. There was just a hum in my ears as I looked at the sight before me.
“Harry…” Scarlett cried out weakly.
“Harry… Go.” She whimpered. I clenched my fists and turned to her thigh. I reached for her gun and got up.
“What are you doing?”
“Haz! Stop!”
I kept walking towards Michele and Jane who was now holding Jason down. I pointed the weapon to him, and took in a deep breath.
I pulled the trigger.
“HARRY! Are you insane?!” Jane shouted as she placed something over Jason’s thigh.
“You feel that?” I muttered through my teeth. Jason just groaned as he tried to deal with the pain.
“That’s not even half the pain I’m feeling watching Scarlett over there struggling to breathe.” I said roughly. I got a hold of his collar and pulled him so we’d be face to face.
“Don’t… Touch… Her.” I spat each word with venom before throwing him back. I turned on my heel and ran to Scarlett.
Her hand was clasped over the underside of her left chest. I leaned down to her and watched her eyes slowly closing.
“She’ll be fine. We just need to hurry and get her out of here.” Jocy murmured as she pressed against Scarlett’s wound.
“Harry…” Scarlett called to me. I held her free hand and waited for her to continue.
“Please… Don’t cry you whimp.” She smiled weakly. I let a chuckle out and wiped a tear from my eye.
“Daisy and Liam are almost here with the Jet.” Zayn told us all.
“Im sorry…” I whimpered. Scarlett furrowed her eyebrows and let a chuckle out.
“It’s not your fault. I shouldn’t have just placed my necklace back on immediately.” She mumbled.
“You know what sucks though?” She asked me. I raised an eyebrow and looked as she faced the ceiling.
“After all ive been through, I haven’t even been able to open this shit.” She chuckled as she looked down at me. I looked at Jocy and she smiled approvingly.
“Michelle!” I called for her and she came over. I handed her the ring and she gasped.
“Where did you-”
“Just put it on.” I smiled. I looked back at Scarlett and pulled my key over my head. I leaned over to Scarlett and raised her necklace up.
“Harry… What are you-?”
“Just let me open it before something stupid happens again.” I joked. She was confused, but, once I placed my key in her locket, she gasped.
“What…?” Our eyes met and I smiled wearily.
“Finally, right?” I turned the key once, and heard a click.
“Hey… What’s going on?” Niall said as he looked at us.
“You guys are glowing!” Louis gasped.
“Wh-what? Why am I glowing too?!" Michelle shrieked. I looked at my hands and looked at Scarlett and Michelle. What was happening?!
“Harry! Sky! Michelle…” Everyone’s voices were getting faint.
I closed my eyes shut, blinded by how bright everything was.
“Hey, are you gonna open them yet?” I heard Scarlett chuckle.
“Huh?” I opened them up slowly and saw we were in a white room.
“Where are we? Wait… Why is it just you and me? Where is everyone?” I mumbled as I looked around.
“I don’t even know.” She laughed.
“How come you’re not injured?” I grumbled as I saw she was dressed in a white hi-low strapless dress. She just shrugged.
“How come you’re in a white suit?” She laughed as she looked me up in down.
“ARE WE DEAD?!” I screamed.
“No! We can’t be! Look at your necklace.” She nodded at my chain.
It was glowing.
“What the?” I mumbled as I picked it up.
“Im thinking we’re in the necklaces control. When we lit up back there, it must’ve sucked us in or something.” She shrugged.
“Well, whatever it is, it’s scaring me.” I laughed.
“Dani! Dani!” A small voice shouted.
“Did you hear that?” Scarlett mumbled.
“Eddy! Stoop!” Another voice shouted back. The whole room began to change into a different scenery. I looked around and saw two little kids playing…
“That’s you and me.” I smiled.
“What?” Scarlett chuckled. I turned to her, probably with a crazy look since she backed up a bit.
“Scarlett! These are our memories!”


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