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Shadow's Target

Chapter 23: Dani & Eddy.

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
I looked up at crazy eyed Harry.
“Scarlett! These are our memories!” He shouted with much enthusiasm.
He's got to be kidding me right now. These were obviously mine! I mean, I WAS the one who got her memory wiped. He probably just got sucked in. Harry let a huff out and dropped his arms to his sides.
"You still haven't figured it out, have you?" He chuckled.
"All I know is that YOU'RE going nuts." I laughed as I looked around the setting.
"Dani, listen to me!"
My heart stopped. I turned my head slowly to Harry. My lip quivered as I parted my mouth open.
"Wh-what...?" My voice was barely audible.
Harry just shot me a warm smile and extended his hand to me.
"I think this will explain everything." He gestured to the kids in the playground. I hesitated to take his hand, but, ended up doing it anyway.
Suddenly, a bright blue path lit up in front of us.
"Where do you think THAT leads to?" I mumbled. Harry shrugged in response. I then felt my necklace begin to pull on my neck.
"What the..?" I turned and saw the necklace around Harry's necklace was doing the same.
It can't be...
"Guess we have to follow it." Harry chuckled as he pulled me along. I nodded and we began to walk down the trail.
"Hey! Watch where you're going you dummy!" The little blonde girl grumbled as she rubbed her forehead.
"Maybe YOU should watch it!" The little boy retorted.
I turned to see Harry beginning to chuckle.
"What's so funny?" I chuckled.
"Oh, you'll see. You're in for a big surprise." He grinned.
I was a bit confused to what he meant, so, I turned back to the kids in front of us.
"Young lady! Be polite!" A girl, a few years older than the blonde, scolded her. She had her hair in a slick ponytail and a poorly hidden smile she held back from watching the girl fall. The little blonde stood up and pouted at her.
"You're the worst big sister ever! You're supposed to defend me!" She crossed her arms and turned away from her. The older girl rolled her eyes and turned her attention to the little boy who was now getting up.
"Where's your sister?" She smiled to him. The boy looked behind him and saw her sister running towards him. He pointed towards her direction and the girl with the ponytail looked up.
"Oh my god! What happened to you?!” The boy’s sister laughed as she approached him.
"Your little brother and my little sister here got into some sort of dilemma, Gem." The ponytail girl laughed.
"I'm sorry Michelle! He's always running around everywhere." She chuckled.
Wait... MICHELLE?!
I turned to Harry
He had the biggest grin on his face as he watched this all.
“I actually still remember this.” He murmured under his breath.
I couldn’t believe it…
I looked back to Michelle. So, the blonde girl…
“I WAS A BLONDE?!” I shrieked out of surprise.
“Shhh! I want to hear what Gemma says.” Harry muttered as he shoved me playfully.
“How do you know her name?” I asked, afraid of what his answer would be. He turned to me and smiled.
“She’s my sister.” He looked back at the scene before us.
This was all too much to take in.
“It’s fine. This girl here is always doing the same thing.” Michelle pulled her sister into her arms. The little girl tried to wriggle out of her grip, but, it was of no use.
“Why don’t we take them up to the hill? Tons of empty space for them to run around in.” Gemma smiled.
Michelle thought about it for a second before smiling and nodding.
I watched as they began to fade away.
“Where did they go?” I muttered.
“Beats me. Let’s follow the trail.” Harry said as he pulled me along.
It was a bit of an awkward silence between us as we walked along the path.
I might as well break it.
“I thought you would’ve figured it out from the moment I unlocked your necklace with mine.” Harry chuckled.
I turned to him, taken aback by his choice of words.
“Then again, im no better. I used to think Michelle was Dani and that she just gave you the necklace for safekeeping.” He shrugged as he ran his free hand through his hair. His eyes turned to mine, and I don’t know why, but I felt this urge to look away from them.
“So…” I said softly.
“You’re…” I looked up to him slowly.
“Eddy?” He grinned. I nodded once.
“Of course I am.” He chuckled.
“So you’re the boy Michelle was talking about that one time…” I murmured under my breath.
“Huh?” He looked at me confused.
“umm… Nothing.” I looked up ahead and saw a field of dandelions appearing.
“Look.” I nodded straight ahead.
The field was filled with screams and giggles of joy.
“Watch it you two! We don’t want to take you back home injured.” Michelle yelled from the top of a tree branch.
“This is the memory Michelle was talking about…” I smiled slowly.
“I don’t remember this…” Harry muttered. I turned to him.
“I guess I wasn’t the only one who was missing all their memories.” I chuckled as I turned back to the scene before us.
“Those two are gonna end up getting hurt if they keep playing the way they are.” Gemma sighed.
“Let them have their fun.” Michelle chuckled as she watched her little sister reach for a dandelion.
The little boy spotted the little girls actions and giggled. The little girl turned to face the green eyed boy and giggled along. She extended the dandelion to him and smiled.
“You wanna make a wish on the dandelion?” She grinned as she did a little bounce. The little boy gave her a confused look.
“You mean a danilion?” He asked. The younger girl shook her head aggressively.
“DANDIlion.” She said loudly.
“What are those two going on about?” Gemma laughed.
“It's not a Dandelion, it's a danilion, hear that? DANI!” The boy emphasized. He then sprung an idea.
“You're a Dani!” He chuckled with glee.
“Oh my god…” Harry uttered in embarrassment. I looked up to him and saw he was turning bright red. I couldn’t help but laugh at him.
“I meant it as a compliment! Cause, you were carefree and went along with the flow of the wind-” Harry tried explaining as he looked at me. I chuckled and turned back to the kids.
“I was only 4…” He grumbled.
“Oh dang… Scarlett looks mad.” Michelle hissed as she looked at the little girls face all scrunched up.
“Let’s go before they throw a fit again.” Gemma laughed as she went up to him.
“You’re mean.” The little girl frowned. The little boy looked appalled.
“You’re ugly!” He retorted as he threw his fists back.
“Well YOU were a feisty one…” I laughed as I looked at harry. He just placed his thumb and forefinger on the bridge of his nose as he let a huge groan out.
“Edward! Be nice! She's a girl!” Gemma scolded the little boy. He looked at his sister and did a little pout as he crossed his arms stubbornly. The little girl couldn’t help but laugh at his name
“Ha-ha! You're an Eddyword!” The little girl giggled. This made the little boy even more upset and began to bicker with her
“They’re never going to stop, are they?” Michelle sighed as she stood next to Gemma.
“Okay! You're an Eddy, and she's a Dani! Now stop for God's sake!” Gemma said frustrated by their nonstop fighting. The two little ones looked at one another and began to laugh. Gemma, along with Michelle, was confused by their sudden fits of laughs.
“What?” Gemma asked as she furrowed her eyebrows.
“You look like a tomato Gem!” The little boy laughed as he pointed to her.
“A really red one!” The little girl added.
“Hehe… She’s a tomato.” Harry said under his breath.
“Michelle! Where are you?” A British accent called out.
“Gemma? Gem! Where are you guys?” Another voice called out. Gemma and Michelle looked at one another with wide eyes.
“Say goodbye now! We have to leave!” Michelle ushered her little sister. The little girl was upset that she had to depart from her friend, but, listened to her sister anyways.
“Bye Eddy!” The little girl waved her hand.
“Bye Dani!” The boy waved back.
I watched as the scene began to fade away. This sudden gush of wind hit me, making me stumble a bit.
“You felt that too?” Harry asked as he rubbed his forehead. I nodded and tried to shake it off.
“What do you think that was?” I mumbled as I looked up to him. He shrugged his shoulders up and down.
“Maybe it was just the necklaces…” He murmured. We stayed quiet for a bit as we tried to soak in everything we just saw. Slowly, more and more scenes played before us, and it slowly confirmed to me that I found him…
“So… Harry…?” I turned to him. He hummed in response as her turned to face me.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked as tears began to prick my eyes. He just sighed and looked at his necklace.
“I tried to. The day you left with Michelle to get your necklace back was when I was planning to do it.” He had a bit of sadness in his voice.
“I didn’t know anything till that exact same day when Liam blurted that whole memory thing about you.” He looked at me with dull eyes.
“You could’ve told me too you know.” He chuckled lightly. I rolled my eyes and looked down at my necklace.
“I didn’t want to tell anyone about it, about my whole memory-loss. I have a couple bad memories. And plus, what was the chance that the guy I was looking for was the same guy I hated in the beginning this whole time?” I said jokingly. I saw a small sparkle in his eye as he laughed.
“You could’ve opened up to me.” He pointed out.
“You could’ve told me your whole name.” I retorted.
“How was I supposed to know you didn’t know my middle name?” He laughed as he threw his hands back in defense.
“I didn’t know you!”
“You could’ve googled me!”
“I didn’t know about One Direction, Period!” I snapped with a hint of laughter in my voice. He just rolled his eyes and I punched his chest lightly.
“Im glad the old Scarlett is back.” He teased.
“Whatever Styles.” I smiled. We began to walk again, till we saw the path begin to light up again. This time, the kids looked a tad bit older.
“Whoa. Talk about fashion crisis!” I chuckled.
“What are you talking about? You still dress the same; Lazy.” He laughed. I shot him a glare to which he just winked back to. I stuck my tongue out at him and went back to looking at the scene before us.
“C’mon Eddy! We’re gonna get attacked by the purple eyed shark alien!” Dani shrieked as she ran around the playground. Eddy got down on one knee and began to make gun noises with his mouth as he aimed at something.
“I think that will make it stay back for the moment! Hurry! We need to get the jewel!” Eddy said as he ran behind Scarlett.
“Purple eyed shark alien? The fuck?” I laughed as I watched us run all around the playground.
“I bet you’re the one who came up with it.” Harry chuckled.
“Im the most creative person ever then!” I grinned to him.
"Be careful you twit!" Gemma yelled out chuckling as she watched her brother climb the monkey bars. The boy simply rolled his eyes and continued to try and imitate some crazy action moves.
Before he knew it, he fell flat on his face. He heard his sister chuckle from behind him as he rose up from the sand.
"I'm fine Gemma!" He squealed rather annoyed since he knew she was bound to ask him.
"He always acts like that around that girl; tough." Gemma laughed to herself as she watched Dani giggle at her fallen friend.
“Ha! You can’t compare to my moves.” I teased Harry as I twirled a finger to his face. He slapped it away and grumbled something under his breath. I just laughed and continued to watch.
“You okay Eddy?” Dani laughed as she helped him wipe sand off of him. Eddy simply nodded and smiled at her.
“Guess I’m shark alien food now, aren’t I?” Eddy smirked. Dani rolled her eyes and shook her head.
“I’ll let it sly this time.” She grinned.
"Gemma!" A woman shouted from a distance.
“Hey, that’s my mum.” Harry mumbled.
"Bring your brother with you and let's go!" The woman smiled.
"Okay mum." Gemma smiled back. She ran to her little brother who pretended not to hear her mother call out.
“Aren’t you gonna go?” Dani looked at him. He shook his head.
“I really wanna finish our game.” He muttered.
"C'mon, let's go!" Gemma said as she held the boy's hand.
"Do we have to?" He groaned as he pretended not to look at Dani. Her sister smiled a bit at how much he really cared for her, but, she quickly shook it off and nodded.
"It's okay Eddy. We can play some other day." Dani said as she rocked on her heel.
"Okay... By Dani!" Eddy laughed as he walked away.
Dani was left all alone to play by herself now.
“Scarlett!” Someone shouted out her name. She turned and saw her mother coming towards her.
“Mom!” She smiled.
“That’s… That’s MY mom…” I whispered under my breath. Seeing her brought a whirlwind of emotions to my head.
Why had she left us? Where was she? Where was my dad?
“Scarlett, are you okay?” Harry’s grip on my hand tightened slightly since he was getting a bit worried. I blinked the tears away and looked to him with a smile.
“Yeah… All good.” I mumbled. He looked a bit worried, but, thankfully, got the hint that I didn’t want to talk about it.
“Young lady! I was so worried about you! Where’s Michelle?” The woman looked around the playground.
“Im here mom!” Dani looked over her moms shoulder to see her sister coming towards them.
“Why did you leave her alone? You know what I told you about that Styles boy…He could be-” She said in a stern whisper.
“Mom, she doesn’t even know him. Don’t worry.” Michelle said as she did a tight lip smile. Her mom sighed and turned back around.
“Let’s go. Lunch is ready.” She said as she walked away.
“Who’s Styles?” Dani asked in a small voice.
“Our parents hated each other…” Harry mumbled. I shifted my eyes to see them full of disappointment.
“Do you know why?” I asked. He shook his head once.
“Maybe we’ll find out here…”
“Nobody, Scarlett.” Michelle whispered as she pulled Dani along.
“How come you and Gemma won’t talk anymore?” Dani mumbled.
Michelle stopped in her tracks momentarily and looked down at her finger.
“She’s wearing the ring…” Harry said under his breath.
“Umm… No reason. We just… We go to different schools now, Scarlett. Things get complicated.” Michelle said a bit hesitantly.
“I hope that never happens to me and Eddy.” Dani chuckled.
“I hope so too…”
The scene began to fade away, and another gush of wind hit us in the chest.
“At least I didn’t lose balance this time.” I laughed as I walked along.
A couple of scenes flowed in, but, I guess we were still hung up about the whole Michelle and Gemma thing…
“Why do you think they didn’t like one another? And why don’t Gem and Michelle talk anymore?” Harry asked me as he raised an eyebrow.
“I honestly wish I could tell you.” I sighed.
I looked ahead and saw we were in a school room.
“What the…?” I mumbled a bit shocked.
“I remember this! This is my old school!” Harry chirped as he watched the kids get out of class.
“Eddy!” Dani shouted as she ran to the boy. He turned to face his friend and smiled.
“You’re British accent was so-”
“No. Stop. I don’t even have the slightest hint of an accent now.” I grumbled upset.
I wish I had a cool accent.
Michelle still has hers!
“How was school?” Dani asked as she walked besides Eddy. The boy dug his hands in his pockets and thought for a second.
“I scrapped my knee trying to help this girl down from the rope climb.” He smirked as he looked at a pokerfaced Dani.
“Is that your idea of making me jealous?” I laughed as I looked to Harry. He had the same smirk on and nodded in approval to his younger self’s actions.
“You’re so immature.” I laughed as I looked back at our younger versions.
“I remember I was scared when I first climbed one. You did a nice thing Ed.” Dani smiled as they continued to walk along. Eddy frowned as his attempt to make her jealous failed.
“It’s one point me, zero for Harry.” I laughed,
“How were things at your fancy school?” Eddy said dramatically. Dani laughed and began to recall her day.
“It’s not fancy, for starters. It’s like a school where you have gym a lot. We do drills, races, gain muscle.” Dani flexed for Eddy.
“That’s just skin and bones.” Eddy said with a straight face.
My mouth gaped open as Harry’s laughter filled the area. I looked to him and punched his shoulder.
“Oww! That kind of hurt!” He grumbled as he rubbed his shoulder.
“You’re the skin and bones.” I muttered.
Dani gaped her mouth open at her laughing friend. She punched his shoulder and he made a face.
“Oww! That kind of hurt!” He grumbled as he rubbed his shoulder.
“You’re the skin and bones.” Dani muttered.
Harry and I stood there quiet.
A bit fazed as to what we just saw.
“Umm… Déjà vu.” Harry chuckled.
“I was only kidding Dani!” Eddy laughed as he embraced her in a hug.
“Mmhmm. So,” She separated from Eddy and shot him a smile.
“What did Gemma say about the whole sleepover thing?” She jumped with hope. Eddy sighed and looked down.
“She’s still with the whole ‘Parents’ thing.” Eddy mumbled as he kicked a rock.
“Michelle and her haven’t talked in years! The least they could do is tell us why!” Dani groaned in frustration.
“They DID tell us.” Eddy pointed out.
“But I mean the WHOLE story! They were like best friends.” Dani said softly as she fidgeted with her fingers.
“We tried to get them to talk again… But… All of our attempts failed.” Harry sighed.
“And eventually WE went through the same thing… Right?” I mumbled. Harry turned to me and nodded.
“You remember?” He asked me.
“Strangely… Im starting to.” I sighed.
“Speaking of best friends!” Eddy suddenly had a huge grin as he dug in his backpack for something. Dani watched him with an amused face.
He pulled out a gorgeous necklace out and waved it in her face with a grin.
“This is for you!” Eddy smiled.
I felt Harry’s grip get a little tight, and I looked up to see him smiling.
I guess this was a real special moment for him…
And me…
“For ME?!” Dani asked shocked.
“But… What if my ad thinks you’re my…” Dani stopped and looked around the area to make sure it was clear.
“My boyfriend.” She whispered so low that Eddy could hardly hear.
"C’mon just wear it!" Eddy laughed as he pushed the necklace closer to her.
"But it has your cooties!" Dani chuckled. Eddy shot her an Are You Serious face.
"You don't believe in cooties anymore..."He stated.
"Dang it! I thought you would forget." Dani joked.
"Just put it on. It's a symbol of our friendship!” Eddy smiled as he, again, pushed it to her. Dani sighed in defeat and looked at her friend.
"Fine. Mind putting it on for me?" She smiled as she turned around for him.
“Sure!” He chuckled.
He slowly draped it around her neck and clipped the back on. She turned around for him to see and he made a huge grin.
“There! It's precious. Look! It even opens with my part of the necklace!" He smiled as he pulled a necklace out of his shirt. He placed the key in the small hole found on the bottom of the charm.
“It unlocks?” Dani chuckled as she looked at the photo inside. She looked at the other side and read what it said out loud.
"I'll always pick you up when you’re down. Friends Forever! Love, Eddy.” She said with a soft smile.
I heard a click go off. My instincts immediately told me to look own at my necklace. I cupped the necklace and slowly opened it.
“It’s opened.” I smiled as I looked at the inside.
“I chose a bad picture of us.” Harry laughed as he placed his head besides mine.
I turned to meet his eyes and smiled.
“I think it’s perfect.”
“Is that your mom?” Eddy asked as he nodded towards a woman walking their way. Dani looked up and smiled.
“Yeah! She looks kind of mad though…” She mumbled as her smile slowly faded.
“I think I better go now. Bye Eddy! Thanks for the necklace!” Dani smiled as she ran off, leaving Eddy to walk home alone.
“Mom! What’s up?” Dani smiled to her. Her mother was looking behind her.
“I don’t want you talking to that boy, Scarlett.” Her mother simply stated.
The scene faded, the wind blew.
Harry and I stood there, shocked.
“Wh-what just…?” I mumbled as I looked at the endless path before us.
“I don’t….” Harry muttered.
Another setting began to shape before our eyes.
It was the same hill the two were at when they first made their nicknames, except, it was nighttime.
“So, you got the talk too?” Dani sighed as she played with a dandelion. Eddy nodded and looked up at the stars.
“Apparently my mom got a call that I was trying to talk to you.” Eddy sighed.
“I just told my mom you dropped your book and I handed it back to you.” Dani mumbled as she searched the stars.
“I can’t believe it.” Eddy growled as he punched the earth beneath him.
“How can they expect me NOT to see my BEST FRIEND?!” He said a bit more furiously.
“I don’t want to turn out like Gemma and Michelle!” He yelled as he turned to Dani.
She just stayed frozen.
Eddy sighed and pulled her in for a hug.
“Im sorry… I just don’t want to leave your side…” Eddy mumbled into the crook of her neck. Dani’s face sunk and she held on to her friend tightly.
“They work for different companies… It’s the adult world. We wouldn’t understand…” Dani mumbled into his neck. The two broke apart.
“Shadow’s and Guardians… What kind of company is THAT supposed to be?” Eddy mocked as he laid down on the grass.
“WHAT?!” Harry and I shouted in unison.
“My mom told me that your parents only hate my parents because they wanted Gemma to help the Shadow’s.” Dani said as she lay down just as Eddy did.
“My mom said that her boss told her that the Shadow’s would only use Gemma to take down the Guardians.” Eddy grumbled.
“Gemma was a Guardian…?” I muttered as I looked to Harry.
“I… I didn’t remember this…” He said with a shocked look.
“Now they think that Michelle’s little sister, you, is going to try and use ME.” Eddy grunted.
“I would never use you! And for what? I don’t even work yet! Im only 11!” Dani said as she threw her hands up for emphasis.
“I know! Adults can be so dumb sometimes.” Eddy rolled his eyes. Dani suddenly had a smile across her face.
“Adults… Dumb…We can still see each other…” She said to herself.
“What are you going on about?” Eddy said as he sat Indian style.
Dani shot up and had a huge grin.
“We can still see each other!” She squealed.
“And how…?” Eddy asked as he raised an eyebrow.
“My mom doesn’t know that we’re friends!” Dani grinned. She sat up in a comfortable position.
“She only knows that I always hang out with ‘Eddy’.” She looked to Eddy who seemed pretty lost.
“I don’t get it.” He mumbled. Dani sighed and continued.
“She knows who you and your family is and didn’t say anything whenever I mentioned the name Eddy, so, that means your name isn’t really Eddy, right?” She beamed. Eddy suddenly felt a light bulb go off in his head.
“And your name really isn’t Dani!” He smiled as he caught on.
“We can keep using our nicknames as long as we don’t tell each other our real names!” Dani squealed as she jumped up and down. Eddy shot up as well and cheered.
“We’re so SMART!” Dani laughed.
“No, YOURE smart!” Eddy laughed as he picked her up and spun her around.
“We can still see each other!” Dani smiled as she kissed his cheek.
This made Eddy stop and turn a bright red.
“Aww! You blushed!” I cooed as I poked Harry’s cheek. He just laughed and moved my hand aside.
“Eddy? Eddy, are you okay?” Dani waved a hand in his face. He snapped out of it and nodded.
“Y-yeah! I-I’m good!” He said as he tried to act cool.
“Smooooooth.” I teased Harry.
“We should probably go before someone sees us!”
And that’s how that scene ended.
“I think that’s when I finally realized I had a major crush on you.” Harry said as he scratched his flustering cheek.
I grinned and gave him a small kiss on his lips.
“You’re a real cheesy guy.” I chuckled between our kiss.
We continued to walk and talked about what we had just seen. A couple more scenes played, mostly us trying to avoid getting caught by our parents… And me acting strange…
“It’s like we were Romeo and Juliet.” Harry half smiled as he looked at me.
“You know, it doesn’t help any more that you keep barking down at me.” Eddy whined as he pulled his knees up to his chest. Dani huffed and turned to face the boy.
“I’m sorry that I’m so over protective of you.” Dani apologized with a sarcastic tone. She rolled her eyes and looked towards another direction.
“I should’ve listened to you…” Eddy said faintly as he lay back down.
“This looks familiar…” I mumbled under my breath.
“I just… I just honestly thought she was into me.” Eddy murmured. Dani looked down. The fact that Eddy had interests in other girls sparked something in her… She just didn’t know what.
"Dani?" Eddy mumbled her name. Dani slowly turned to look at him. A soft smile plastered his face as he sat up to look at the stars.
"Thanks." He turned to look at her. His smile sent her blood rushing to her cheeks, but, he couldn’t see that.
"There's nothing to thank me for. Im just glad you listened to me when I said to be careful. Who knows what would've happened. Besides... We're best friends remember? See?" Dani chuckled as she held her necklace up for him to see. He just sent her a sidelong smile and pulled her in for a hug. She was obviously shocked by his sudden approach, but, comfort soon began to fill inside her.
"I swear I won't ever forget you Dani. You're the best." He whispered in her ear.
"I won't either. Now... Get off of me. You're always so touchy touchy." She pushed off of him with a laugh.
"Oh you love it. All the girls do." He winked at her. Dani simply rolled her eyes and looked at the night sky.
“Ive seen a flashback about this before.” I smiled to Harry. He looked at me with a sparkle in his eyes that made my heart jump.
“You’ve always looked out for me…” He smiled as he stroked my cheek with the back of his hand.
Our small moment was interrupted when the room began to go dark… and ominous…
“What the hell?” Harry grumbled as he looked around.
Another scene began to come up… But… It seemed… Different.
Harry watched from behind the bushes as his friend went off in a strange car.
“Where are you going?” He murmured.
She needed help. And quick.
“Are you going to your house?” I asked as I turned to look at Harry. He had the palm of his hand up against his ear as he scrunched his face up in pain.
“Are you okay?” I asked as I reached for his cheek. He was startled by my touch, but soon relaxed and nodded.
“I have a bad feeling about this…” He sighed as he looked ahead
Harry looked at her sister pleadingly for help, but, her look gave it all away; she didn’t want him getting involved.
"Gemma! Please! I need to go see her-"
"Harry! Stop!" She shouted. Harry winced a bit as her face got closer to his.
"You know you can't talk to that girl-"
"She's my FRIEND Gemma! Please!" He pleaded. Gemma looked hesitant for an answer.
"Mom will kill me if I let you leave!" She tried reasoning with her brother, but, he just shook his head furiously.
"She means so much to me... I just need to make sure she'll be fine." He said in a soft voice as he looked down at his necklace. Gemma was broken hearted by the sight.
She knew she was going to regret this…
"You're such a stubborn brat." She groaned.
"GO! But YOU better tell mom that YOU-"
"I LOVE YOU!" Harry’s face lit up as he kissed her cheek. He was about to run off, when,
“Wait!” Gemma held her brother back. He turned and looked at her confused.
“You’re going to need some gadgets.” She smiled.
“Whaaaat?” I mumbled under my breath.
“I guess Gemma really was a Guardian.” Harry sighed as he watched the scene; Gemma explaining what each thing did and how it all worked.
I was just as surprised…
Harry had finally made it to where the gadget had led him to. All of this stuff was just crazy to him.
He looked ahead and saw girls going into a room one by one. There, the last person in line; Dani.
He couldn’t help but stare at her with admiration.
Little did he know, Dani soon spotted him.
"Eddy?" Harry turned to look at her. He grinned as he got up to walk towards her.
"What are you doing here?!" She muttered.
"I wanted to help you!" He said in a low voice.
"You can get in trouble! You better go!" She muttered again as she waved him off looking around to make sure nobody saw.
"I can't leave you behind!" Harry said as he got closer.
“You have no choice. Just… Just go home.” Dani muttered as she turned to look at her.
“But I came to-”
“I don’t WANT your help Eddy. LEAVE.” Dani hissed at him this time.
She was stunned when she saw Eddy’s eyes getting watery/
"Please... Come with me Dani..." Tears began to run down his cheeks as he walked closer.
Dani couldn’t do this… She just couldn’t.
She took in a deep breath through her nostrils as she prepared to say those menacing words Michelle taught her over and over again.
"We can't be friends anymore." It obviously pained her to say it, and it pained her twice as much seeing how hurt Eddy seemed to be.
"Why? Why not?!" He yelled furiously as he clenched his fists. The knuckles on his hands began to go white as he waited for an answer.
"Leave." Was all that Dani could come up with. She began to walk into the room, when,
"DANI!" He screamed.
“I can’t-” Dani mumbled.
“At least tell me your real name…” Harry said hopefully. He needed something… Anything… He needed her to stay.
“I… I don’t think I really should-”
“Then explain what’s going on here.” Harry spat as he got nearer.
“I-I can’t… I can’t get you involved.” Dani sighed as she turned to look at him. Harry couldn’t leave like this… He just couldn’t…
“Just tell me your name… And I’ll leave you alone… I promise you.” Harry pleaded as he stared at her with his saddened eyes. She was hesitant, ran her fingers through her hair, then closed her eyes shut as she said it out loud.
“It’s… It’s Scarlett…” Scarlett’s eyes flew open to see Eddy still standing there with his eyes glued to her. She was starting to panic.
"Eddy... Please..."
"So your name's Scarlett..." He chuckled. He didn't sound happy... He sounded more, grim.
"You said you would leave once I told you my name... Now... Eddy... Please..." Scarlett ushered him. Eddy simply looked up to her.
"Don't you want to know my name?" Eddy said faintly.
A smile began to play at Scarlett’s lips when he mentioned this. It was only fair, right?
She nodded and smiled as she looked up to him.
"Maybe one day we can go looking for each other." He smiled, revealing those adorable dimples she always loved.
"Sounds like a plan." She chuckled. They walked towards each other, only a few feet apart.
"Let us formally introduce ourselves then, Dani." Eddy smiled. He cleared his throat to tell her she can go first. She smiled and extended her hand to him.
"I'm Scarlett Dane. And who might you be?" She grinned. Eddy smiled and extended his arm out, taking her hand into his.
"Nice to meet you. I'm Harry Edward Styles.” Harry grinned as they looked at one another.
"What are you doing here?" A voice boomed from behind Scarlett. The two turned and saw Michelle standing there wide eyed as she saw Harry.
“HE can’t be here Scarlett… You KNOW that.” Michelle said through her clenched teeth. Scarlett was dumbfounded and tried to find something to say.
“I… I didn’t…”
“It’s not her fault.” Harry stepped from behind Scarlett. Michelle narrowed her eyes at him.
“Gemma gave me something that led me here…” He said in a small voice.
Michelle’s eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of her head.
“We’re in so much trouble.” Michelle shivered.
"EDDY!" Scarlett suddenly began to scream. Harry immediately turned to see Scarlett being engulfed by the surface beneath her.
"EDDY! HELP ME! HELP!” She shrieked. Harry dove in for her.
“NO!” Michelle followed right behind.
I felt something pulsate in my head. It hurt so badly that I pressed my hands against my head.
“You’re feeling it too…” Harry mumbled as he held me close to him.
“What… What’s happening…?”
I watched as the scene displayed us going through halls, dodging guards, planning everything out.
That’s when something caught my eye.
A woman. She had dark gray eyes, long flowing brown hair, and a sweet smile that revealed a dimple to her side. She was barefoot, tight jeans hugging her toned legs, and a white cardigan pulled over her body.
“That your mum again?” Harry whispered to me.
I nodded.
“I don’t know why… but… I have this weird feeling in my head-” I was cut short when a scene flashed before me.
Me sitting on the floor with my mom…
Her holding an orb…
“It’s okay baby…” My head snapped back to reality.
“Are you okay Scarlett?” Harry asked worried. I wasn’t sure what it was I just saw… But I nodded back at him with a smile.
Scarlett was shocked when she looked up to see it was her mother they had just bumped into.
“What’s happening? Why are the alarms going off?” Her mom asked worried as she looked at her two daughters. Her eyes quickly moved to Harry. Fear and worry crept in her.
“Oh no… No, no. My dear boy you have to leave now!” Her mom muttered as she approached Harry.
“But Dani-”
“Who?” Scarlett froze when she saw her mom’s confused face. That’s when it all clicked to her. She placed her hands on her hips and her jaw moved around as she looked dead at Scarlett.
“Young lady! Is he this ‘Eddy’ you always hung out with?!” She said in a shout whisper.
“I can explain-”
“No time. We need to go.”
My eyes widened at the man.
“He looks… He looks-”
“Like you and your sister.” Harry finished for me.
Scarlett smiled when she saw her dad come up from behind them. He glanced down and saw his two daughters. A huge grin swept his face and he chuckled.
“Im glad they’re fine.” He sighed. When he saw the small boy though, his shoulders tensed.
“Please don’t tell me-”
“Yes. And we need to get them out of here before Jason says anything.” Scarlett’s mom mumbled.
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
Every time they came face to face with another guard or had to pull out a gadget, I just couldn’t believe it. And for some reason… My headache just got worse and worse with each step they took.
“My head is throbbing like crazy.” Harry grunted as he fell to his knees. I quickly got down besides him and tried to comfort him.
“You’ll be fine.” But in reality, I didn’t know if we were going to be fine. What if Harry unlocking my necklace was exactly what Jason wanted him to do? What if this was all a trap and these headaches had something to do with it?
They were all surrounded now. Without their parents, how were they supposed to escape now?
“Stop.” A voice echoed through the room and the guards steadied their weapons. Behind them, a man came out.
“So you two must be the Dane sisters.” He smiled. Scarlett looked to Michelle who simply nodded in response. She didn’t seem worried at all. Her gaze turned back to look at the man.
“I’m Jason. I’m going to train you.” He grinned.
“We had a deal.” Stepped out from the shadows.
“And you swore you’d keep it.”
“David! Belle!” He grinned at Scarlett’s parents, but, they obviously weren’t here to chat. Jason frowned and cut straight to the chase.
“You two didn’t keep your end of the deal.” Jason shrugged.
“What are they talking about?” Harry whispered in Scarlett’s ear.
She didn’t know herself.
“How could we just let it slip?” David roared.
“David, calm down.” Belle soothed him.
“You weren’t supposed to read it in the first place.” Jason sighed. He turned and looked at Scarlett and Michelle.
“Hold the little boy.”
“My name’s Harry! And im not a ‘Little’ boy!”
“Eddy!” Scarlett hissed at him. He grumbled and was held back by two guards.
“Hold the parents too.” Jason’s grin now began to scare her. She looked behind him and saw her parents struggling to get loose.
“I have something for you two.” Jason said in a sing song voice.
“Don’t listen to them baby!” Belle shouted. Scarlett turned to her sister who simply winked to her. Scarlett was confused but turned back to Jason.
“Here.” He extended a blue orb to them.
“Why don’t you… Hold it.” He smiled.
My head throbbed… Like crazy.
“Scarlett!” Harry pulled me to him.
I was so close to collapsing completely.
“Touch it.” Michelle whispered to Scarlett.
She didn’t need to tell her twice. Scarlett was in a complete trance by the orb. She slowly reached for it and placed a hand on it.
“No! Stop!” Harry kicked the orb out of his hand.
“Agh!” Harry flinched and threw his hands over his head.
“Too late kid. She’s gonna start… Now.”
“AGGHHHH!” I threw my head back in pain. I could feel my veins about ready to explode.
“She’s mine now.” Jason grinned.

[Harry’s P.O.V.]
What was happening to her? Why did she look like she was in so much pain?! Did she feel the same thing as me?
I turned to look back at the scene before us.
This was it.
This was when she got her memory trapped in the necklace.
I continued to watch and saw her parents take me away when they managed to escape.
“What… What happened to Dani?” Harry asked as he choked on his sobs.
He saw Belle’s eyes go dark. As she looked down.
“Don’t worry. We’ll get her back.” David smiled a not-so convincing smile.
“You need to be safe for now. Let’s go to your parents.” Belle ushered him inside.
“I think he got affected too. The kick must’ve sent a jolt in him and wiped some stuff out.” Harry heard them mumble, but, didn’t understand what they meant.

Harry watched them discuss. They brought up Scarlett and Michelle’s name a lot.
“Must be their kids.” He thought.
“It’s okay.” Gemma patted my back.
“We wiped all your family’s data off of both organizations main intel. For now, its better you stay in a low profile.” Belle finished. She turned to look at me with a warm smile.
“Keep Harry safe.” She murmured.
I looked back down to Scarlett who was now unconscious in my lap.
“Please wake up…” I mumbled as I shook her shoulder lightly.
I looked up. Why was there another scene playing? I looked about 15 or 16 here…
"It's you..." Harry chuckled at the girl in front of him. He was trying so hard to stay calm.
"Umm... I'm sorry; I don't know who you are..." The girl chuckled. Harry looked at her and noticed she was in a bit of a hurry.
"You don't remember me...?" He was disappointed. Maybe he got the wrong girl again...
"I'm sorry dude. Maybe you've got me mixed up with my sister. We look a lot alike. That, and she's more of the guys type." She chuckled.
"Oh... I'm so sorry... What's your sister’s name?" Harry asked as he furrowed his eyebrows. Maybe Dani had a sister…
"SKY! Let's go!" Another girl yelled.
"Sorry, I've really got to leave dude." She scurried off.
Harry was disappointed once again. He didn’t know how he was going to find her.
“Here’s your drink.” The lady at the counter called to him.
"Thanks!” Harry walked away with his drink in his hand as he was deep in thought.
My head thumped.
Harry looked at the orb in front of him. He couldn’t help it. He HAD to reach for it.
“Aggghhh!” A pain rippled in me like a dagger. I fell forward after pushing Scarlett off to the side.
I looked up once more before slowly going unconscious.
“Not my brother you don’t!”
“Gemma…?” My voice faded slowly, and my thoughts went blank.

“Maybe we should try waking him.” I heard a guy’s voice. Was it Lou?
“Don’t be stupid.” That’s definitely Jocy…
“They’ve been out for so long. Even Michelle and Gemma woke up faster.” That… That’s Jane…
I fluttered my eyes open and waited for my vision to focus.
“He’s opening his eyes!” Liam’s voice boomed with happiness.
“Harry!” Zayn ran over to my side with Niall.
“Wh-what’s going on?” I mumbled.
“He’s up!” Lou threw a hand over his heart and let out a sigh of relief. I rose slightly from the bed with my elbows supporting me.
“Where is she?” I mumbled as I looked around. This wasn’t our hotel… Or our flat…
“She’s opening her eyes!” I looked over and saw Taylor hovering over another bed.
That’s when I saw her…
“Scarlett!” I jumped out of my bed and rushed to her.
She grumbled and whined as she opened her eyes.
“Harry, you should lay back down.” Jocy said as she came up next to me.
“Let me just…” I stopped when I saw Scarlett fully awake now and slowly getting up.
She rubbed her head and looked around at everyone with a smile.
“Mah head realleh hurts.”
My eyes widened. Everyone else had the same expression as me and we all exchanged glances at one another.
“Wait… What?” Adam held back a chuckle. Scarlett looked around at everyone, shooting confused looks.
“Why is e’ryone lookin’ at meh like that? Harreh, you too-” She stopped midsentence and her eyes grew large. She pointed a finger to herself, referring to who was speaking. We all nodded and she inhaled deeply.
“Oh god…”


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