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Shadow's Target

Chapter 24: Together.

[Harry's P.O.V.]
"Buhnahnuh." Scarlett chuckled as she pronounced the word slowly.
"Try fish and chips!" Adam laughed as he playfully shoved her.
"No fair! It's my turn." Taylor pouted.
"Let her chose a word now." Niall smiled. Taylor thought for a second before a smile crept up on her face.
"Stop fooling around. We all get it! It's exciting that she has her accent back." Louis groaned loudly as he threw himself back on the couch.
"But... My word..." Taylor sighed in defeat.
"Sorreh, Taylah." Scarlett mumbled.
{End Of Me Writing Out Scarlett's Accent.}
"You said my name funny." Taylor chuckled. Scarlett rolled her eyes and punched her arm softly.
"It sounds just like when you were little." I smiled as I stretched across Taylor's bed.
"Sorry that we're making such a mess, Tay." Adam sighed as he threw himself next to me.
"Where's everyone? They're taking forever and I Am STARVING!" Scarlett grumbled as she plopped down by Louis.
"Jocy texted me a while back. She said they had to pick up Michelle and Gemma first." Niall said as he looked through his phone. My eyebrows furrowed.
"How are they gonna get Gem?"
"We have gadgets!" Scarlett laughed.
I formed an 'o' with my mouth and nodded.
"I forget sometimes." I shrugged.
Just then, Zayn busted in through the door.
"I bring food!" He shouted. Everyone ran to the kitchen to help set everything up.
"Where do you keep the plates?" Liam asked as he looked through cabinets.
"Third one to your left." Taylor signaled him. He nodded and began to take everything out.
"Guess who else is heeeereee!" Jocy sang as she walked in.
"It asdfghjkl."
"What? Stop mumbling with your mouth full, Sky!" Jane laughed. Scarlett gulped her food down then spoke again.
"Fuck you." She growled as she scratched her nails in the air at her. Jane waved her off.
"I thought you'd be happy to see us!" I looked behind me and saw the girls from Little Mix, as well as Danielle and Eleanor, come in.
"Oh my god! Girls!" Scarlett rushed to them for a huge hug.
"Whoa! That accent is really strong." Jesy laughed as they all separated.
"Zayn! I thought you said you could barely notice it." Perrie chuckled as she went to sit by him.
"I lied." He grinned.
"Nobody likes a liar." Michelle came in with a smile.
"Look who's talking!" Eleanor sassed. Everyone laughed as Michelle winked back at her.
"Take a seat anywhere! There's plenty of space." Taylor laughed as she brought more chairs out with Niall and Jocy.
I felt someone throw their hands over my eyes.
"Guess who?" A familiar voice sang.
"Gemma." I smiled and removed her hands off of me.
"I missed you!" She squealed as she pulled me in for a hug.
"It's so great to see you." I mumbled into her hair.
"Sit with me." I gestured her to the seat besides me.
"And grab food before Niall and Scarlett finish it." Daisy laughed as she handed her a plate.
"You’re awfully pretty. I don't get how you and Harry are related." Laura joked and got a few chuckles from everyone. I threw her a glance and laughed it off.
"Thanks." Gemma blushed as she served herself some pasta.
"Speaking of Harry," Leigh Anne smirked towards Scarlett who was fighting with Niall over a chicken wing. The two stopped when everyone stared.
"What?" Scarlett looked genuinely confused. Niall took the opportunity to swipe the wing away from her. She shot him a glare and turned back to us.
"Yeah! Danielle, Jess, Leigh Anne and I were talking about it in the car! What's the deal with you and Harry?" Jade chuckled as she munched on her Shrimp Fried Rice.
"The whole accent thing totally freaked everyone out the most." Taylor laughed and everyone agreed.
"We thought she was under control again!" Adam chuckled.
"I thought I was still stuck in a flashback." I grumbled and everyone laughed.
"It's such a long story! You girls really wanna hear it?" Louis asked with his eyebrow arched.
"That's what we came here for!" Perrie sarcastically exasperated as she threw her hands in the air.
"We only got the gist of it while we got driven over here to Taylor's place." Danielle chuckled as she plopped down besides Liam.
I looked at Scarlett and she smiled back.
"You wanna start?"

It took tons of explaining, demonstration, and breaks in between for everyone to understand the whole situation. We explained the Shadows, Guardians, gadgets, and whatever else they needed. Somehow, we all ended up seated in Tay's living room just laughing at everything.
"I was genuinely shocked when I woke up with Jess and Laura hovering over me! I was about to scream for help!" Gemma laughed.
"No! She almost PUNCHED us!" Jess snapped.
"Hey, at least you DIDN'T get punched. Michelle got a good hit on me." Jane grunted to which we all continued to laugh.
"That whole story sounds so cool! Can I be a super secret spy?!"
"Jesy, last time we tried to be sneaky, you ended up getting all giddy and blew our cover." Perrie scolded her. Jesy plopped back down besides Scarlett and smiled sheepishly.
"I just like the fact that your gadgets are so fashionable." Danielle mumbled as she tried the anklets on and disappeared.
"Babe?" Liam began to look around for her.
"How do you work this...?" Danielle whispered to me causing me to flinch.
"She's by you isn't she?" Eleanor laughed.
"Enough playing you guys!" Michelle laughed.
"We got some serious questions we all still want answered. Like; Scarlett's accent! What the hell?" Lou chuckled as he waved to her.
"I was surprised too! I was like; whaaaaaat?" Scarlett bellowed.
"It's kind of obvious if you think about it." Gemma started.
"I agree with you. And I'm no super genius like Jocy here." Leigh Anne mumbled.
"Well then could someone explain it to me? Cause I feel like the dumb one right now." Adam laughed. Jane got up and pulled me and Scarlett with her to the center.
"You two got all your memories back, right?" Jane started. We nodded.
"Okay. What do you see in your head right now? Past memories wise." She asked. I looked at Scarlett and she looked back. We turned to face Jane.
"Well, everything is kinda weird right now."
"Yeah, like... I'm slowly starting to stitch everything together." Scarlett added on. Jane turned to face Gemma and Michelle.
"And you two?"
"Same. Of course, we already had most of ours. It's just a couple missing spots that need to mix into our memories." Gemma said.
"Exactly. Small things that were brought back, like... Quirky habits. But, what does this have to do with anything?" Michelle chuckled.
"I see where you're going with this!" Zayn said with a smirk.
"You're saying that Scarlett got her accent back because it was a habit of hers?" Jade asked unsure.
"Yup." Jane grinned.
"Is she going to have that accent forever?" Taylor asked.
"I don't think so. It was WAAAAYYY stronger when she first woke up." Jocy stated.
"So it's just going to mash up with the way she had already spoke?" Niall asked nobody in particular.
"I think so. It just has to fit in with everything that she's been used to for so many years." Daisy mumbled.
"Well, if we're done discussing Sky's accent, I'd like to remind you all that we have our last concert tomorrow." Louis sighed as he leaned back.
My eyes widened.
"What day is it?!" I asked in shock.
"Today is our last free day." Liam said. I heard Scarlett gasp.
"How long were we knocked out?!" Scarlett mumbled.
"Well, we went for you guys right after the lat concert at around 11." Laura began.
"Then we stayed there, for who knows how long, hanging." Jane said.
"And a couple hours fighting you and Michelle. Not to mention trying to escape." Jocy chuckled.
"Then we came here to Tay's place around 5 a.m." Adam said in thought.
"I thought it was 7?" Louis asked. Niall shook his head.
"No, we knocked out at 7. The girls went to find Gemma at 6-ish cause they thought she probably went into the same trance Michelle and those two did."
"Well, whatever." Louis grunted.
"Still doesn't answer the question." Scarlett murmured to me and I nodded.
"Point is; you guys were out the whole day yesterday, and today in the morning. Gemma and Michelle woke up yesterday around 7-ish." Jane finally said.
"Well, thank you for answering our questions." I smiled as I sat back down. She rolled her eyes at me and laughed.
"Wait..." Scarlett stood there frozen as she looked at everyone.
"What?" Jesy chuckled at her fazed look. She began to check inside her shirt, pockets, and get around her neck. She looked over at me and I was a bit nervous when she began to run towards me. She began to feel around my neck and patted me down.
"Hey! Wh-what are you...? WHOAAA SLOW DOWN!" I moved her hands away from my pants and looked her in the eyes. I chuckled when she got a bit red and sat down on the floor in front of me.
"There's a spare room over there of you guys-"
"JANE!" Scarlett and I snapped at her. Everyone began to laugh when we looked away awkwardly.
"What's the matter Sky?" Jocy finally asked between laughs. Scarlett looked a bit hesitant before she finally asked.
"Wh-where's our necklaces...?" She asked in a low voice.
My eyes widened and I began to pat myself down searching for it.
"Don't bother." Gemma mumbled besides me. I turned to look at her.
"Where are they?"
Liam got up and went into Taylor's room. He came back out with a small black box with a ribbon wrapped around it.
"Here." He handed it to me before going back down to sit with Danielle. I shot him a confused look, but, he just mouthed the word 'open'. I looked at Scarlett and she nodded. I took off the ribbon and placed it off to the side. I began to open it up and Scarlett scurried besides me to look inside.
I gasped.
"What is this?"
"Harry, those are the remains of your necklaces." Jane said with a sad tone.
"What happened to them..?" Scarlett's voice cracked slightly.
"When you guys went unconscious back at the headquarters, those things exploded. Your tattoos faded as well. They're gone now." Niall said. I looked behind Scarlett's ear, and sure enough, there was no tattoo. She checked me and nodded.
That's really weird...
"It was cool too... Tons of colors and whatever." Adam sighed.
"We're sorry. We tried collecting whatever we could." Laura said.
I looked back in the box and picked up a couple of pieces. The photo remained, as well as the half of Scarlett's necklace that had the inscription on it and a part of my key with 'Dani' written on it. A couple golden dust pieces were in there too, but, nothing we could really identify.
"That's so weird..." Scarlett said under her breath.
"The same happen to our rings." Michelle said as she pulled a silver piece out. Gemma showed me hers and then placed it back in her pocket.
"We think it was just the fact that the memories stuck in your necklaces collided with the memories your tattoos brought." Daisy shrugged.
"Well THAT sucks." Scarlett chuckled as she placed her piece back in. I followed and wrapped the box up again. A disappointing sigh escaped my lips.
"Are you alright?" Scarlett whispered to me. I shrugged a shoulder, not sure myself.
"I just... I feel kind of guilty for the whole thing, you know?"
"Why? It wasn't your fault."
"Maybe if I had waited till later to unlock-"
"No. If you waited any later, some other shit would've happened and we'd all be in another mess again." She chuckled as she rested her chin on my thigh.
"Don't worry. I have all the memories I need," she tapped her head.
"Right here." She smiled up to me. I grinned and kissed the top of her forehead. We heard a chorus of 'Aww' go throughout the room.
"They're so cute."
"You can just see the love."
"That's so precious."
"Why aren't we like that?"
"I miss my boyfriend."
"Are you guys gonna fuck sometime, or...?"
"JANE!" Everyone snapped. She threw her hands up defensively.
"What? They haven't-"
"I'm just trying to-"
"They're basically together-"
"JANE!" Jess smacked her upside the head and she let a huge grunt out.
"Ouch! Okay! Okay! No more sex talk. But, can I just say; Chris Brown had a song you guys should totally-"
"That's enough outta you." Jocy slapped her hands over Jane's mouth.
"Gemma and Michelle are right there, Jane." Perrie laughed.
"Look at Scarlett! Now he really IS scarlet." Louis laughed along with the lads. I looked down at her glowing cheeks. We made eye contact, but, she immediately broke it and got up.
"I'll help you clean up, Tay." She mumbled as she ran off into the kitchen.
"You two haven't had sex yet?" Michelle asked in a not-so-quiet tone. I looked over at Gemma who was biting her lip to contain her laughter. I got up and followed Scarlett.
"I'll wash dishes!" I called out.

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
"I didn't-"
"Harry!" I stopped what I was doing and slowly turned to face Harry. A cute smile tugged his lips as he and over with some more dishes.
"Now can we-"
"Let’s go over here Jane." Taylor pulled her along.
"But I wanted-"
"Have you heard the news about Channing Tatum?" Taylor gasped as she continued to pull her along. This sparked Jane's interest and she went along with her.
I mouthed a Thank You to Taylor and continued to wash dishes. I was a bit thrown back when I felt Harry's hand in the water.
"Sorry. I dropped my sponge." He chuckled. I nodded and didn't bother to look up at him.
After a moment of excruciating silence, Harry sighed loudly and stopped.
"What's wrong?" He whispered to me. I felt his hot breath against my neck and I jumped a bit.
"I-I don't know wh-what you're talking about." I murmured and continued to clean the dishes. Harry got a hold of my wrists and spun me around to face him. I felt my cheeks burning up as his green orbs looked deep into me.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" I managed to speak. A smirk crept up on his face as he looked down. I felt him intertwine our fingers together.
"Are you going to tell me what's wrong?" He looked up to meet my stare again.
"Nothing..." I began to slowly look away.
"Fine. I'll play hard too." Before I could ask what he meant, he lifted me up by the waist and sat me down on the island of the kitchen. He spread my legs apart and placed himself in between them as he wrapped my legs behind him. He moved his hands down to my thighs and then leaned into my ear.
"Speak, or you'll get it." His husky voice sent chills down my spine.
"F-fine." I mumbled. He pulled back and smiled innocently at me.
"Good!" He chirped. I rolled my eyes at his childish games.
"So? Why the face?" He asked more serious now.
I inhaled deeply before exhaling loudly.
"It's just that... When Jane brought all that up, I couldn't help but think about... About us. Are we together? Can we work it out? What about..." I trail off, unsure of I'm making any sense. He flashed me a sidelong smile and did a deep laugh.
"What's so funny?" I asked as I narrowed my eyes at him. He shook his head and his hands began to creep up slightly into my shirt. He stopped right at my waist and pulled me closer to him.
"After all we've been through, you're still questioning that?" He chuckled. I nodded slowly and cocked my head to the side.
"I love you, Dani." He whispered softly. I felt my cheeks begin to burn up, so, I look to the ground. And when I bring myself to meet his eyes again, I'm both relieved and shocked at the honesty and kindness in his eyes.
"I've loved you from the moment I found out I could feel this way about a girl. They weren't cooties. Gemma lied." He said in a serious tone. I laughed at his comment and smiled warmly at him. I wrap my arms around his neck and bring our faces closer together. Our foreheads lay on one another as we closed out eyes. I could feel his hot breaths escape him and hit me.
"I love you too, Eddy." I smile. I know this is right.
I love him.
"Oh!" Our moment was interrupted when he pulled away and began to dig in his pockets. His face was scrunched up in thought as he continued to look.
"What are you doing?" I giggled. He paused and ran off only to come back moments later.
"It was in my suit." He smiled. I was about to open my mouth when he held out a small white box in his hand towards me.
I gasped a bit.
"Wh-what is it?" I asked hesitantly.
"Open it." He smiled as he pushed the box into my hand. I look to him and saw he was grinning like crazy. I smiled and lifted the cover up.
"What...?" I chuckled as I pulled out a small golden necklace.
"You like it?" He smiled. I examined the small chain and found a pendant hanging around it; it was a miniature Merry Go Round.

"This..." I felt a tear roll down my eye and I looked to Harry. He looked at the necklace himself.
"I first told you I loved you on one of those." Harry smiled.
"I know it may seem cheesy, but, when I saw that necklace... It just reminded me of that day. I was just nervous and didn't know If you'd like it or not... Or if you'd understand why-" I cut him short when our lips crashed... Well... I crashed my lips on his.
I moved away to see his bewildered face.
"Whoa." He smirked as he blinked.
"I should get you cheesy stuff more often." He laughed. I punched his chest lightly as I set the box down. I held the necklace in the palm of my hand.
"Let me." Harry grabbed it and signaled me to pull my hair up. I jumped down from the island and turned around for him. He placed the necklace around my neck and clipped it on.
"There. Perfect." He chuckled. I let my hair fall and I turned to him.
"I love it." I smiled as I fidgeted with it in my fingers.
"Oh! I almost forgot." He grabbed the small pendant in between his fingers and lifted the top up. A small button was hidden in it and he pressed it before closing it again.
A small tune began to hum out of it.
"Is... Is this...?"
"They Don't Know About Us." He smiled.
"The same song that played on your little movie for me that day." I chuckled. It stopped moments later.
"Isn't it supposed to be in your new album-"
"Do you really want to talk about that right now?" He joked. I laughed and wrapped my arms around his neck.
"Nope." I smirked. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in.
"Then let's-"
"OWWWW!" We jumped back and turned to see where the noise was coming from; Taylor, Jesy, and Laura fallen on the floor.
"You shoved us down Louis!" Jesy groaned. She stopped and turned to look at us. A smile crept on her face as she slowly crawled away with Taylor and Laura close behind.
Harry and I exchanged a look and walked over to where they went of to.
"Guys! Seriously?!" We saw everyone was leaning against the wall with their ear pressed against it, had glasses on, or a cell phone with them.
They were listening to our conversation!
They stopped and began to hide any evidence.
"We can explain...?" Jane grinned.
I cracked my knuckles and grinned back at her.
"You better run! THAT'S WHAT YOU SHOULD DO!" I chased after her.

I shook my nerves off and looked out at the audience again.
It's been a while...
"You'll be okay!" Taylor patted my back reassuringly. I smiled at her weakly.
"Don't be so scared! It's an audience! Not a room full of Jason's!" Perrie joked from her seat. I glared at her and flipped the bird at her.
"Now, now. Don't be so mean." Laura laughed from behind me.
"You'll be fine. Don't worry." I turned to my left and saw Harry walking slowly towards me.
I force a smile despite the swirling nerves in my stomach.
"We'll be right here cheering you on!" Michelle yelled from the back.
"I'll give a nice shout out to you." I chuckled. I turned back and looked at Harry. His smile comforted me so much.
"It's just like the first time; crazy nerves." I laughed.
"You'll get used to it." He smiled.
"You're on in 3 Ms. Dane!" A crew member shouted. I nodded and began to walk on stage.
"Simon's watching by the way!" I heard Lou shout right as I was walking.
Fucking perfect.
"LOU!" I heard everyone scold him.
I stood center stage with the mic in hand.
I looked behind to the band and nodded. The lights grew brighter and the cheers erupted in the stadium.
"HOW YA DOIN?!" Shouts and squeals filled the air.
"I hope you guys are ready!" I laughed. More agreeing screams and shouts.
"This song is one of my favorites. I've created my own bridge, so, if you don't know it, then it's mine. Sing along if you know the words." I smiled and soon the cheers went down
I pulled the guitar off from the side and strapped it on.
Here goes nothing.

[Harry's P.O.V.]
"Are you crying?" Perrie gasped from besides me. I turned around and chuckled when I saw Jocy's waterworks happening.
"I'm just so excited! It's the beginning of something great! I can just feel it." She squealed.
"What song is she going to play?" Niall whispered to me. I shrugged. She never mentioned anything to me, but, did stay up a bit later than she was supposed to trying to write something.
A grin appeared on Jocy's face when everyone turned to her for an answer.
"It's by some of her favorite artists." She giggled.
"Artists? Plural?" Michelle mumbled.
I then shushed everyone when she began to play the guitar.
Then tune sounded really familiar... And then...
"What the...?" Jade was a bit taken back.
"She isn't!" Liam laughed.
I nodded.
I looked back at the screen and watched her sing the song.
She's so corny sometimes.
"I've tried playing it cool,
But when I'm looking at you,
I can't ever be brave,
'Cause you make my heart race."
"We're those artists! That's so sweet." Lou chuckled from besides me.
"Ssshhh!" Michelle muttered as she got closer to hear.
"Shot me out of the sky
You're my kryptonite
You keep making me weak
Yeah, frozen and can't breathe."
"Let's go out there!" Jesy grinned deviously.
"And Something's gotta give now,
Cause I'm dying just to make you see,
That I need you here with me now,
Cause you've got that one thing."
"Let's go now! Savannah! C'mon girl!" Lou sassed.
We all gathered around an opening by the back to sneak out on stage.
"So get out, get out, get out of my head,
And fall into my arms instead.
I don't, I don't, don't know what it is,
But I need that one thing,
And you've got that one thing."
"NOW!" Adam led the way out.
Screams bursted in the arena, making the silence that it once was disappear.
"Thanks a lot guys." Scarlett chuckled into the mic.
We gathered by her and wrapped out arms into each others back as we swayed to the song.
"And Now I'm climbing the walls
But you don't notice at all
That I'm going out of my mind
All day and all night. SING EVERYBODY!"
We all immediately followed her orders.
"And Somethings' gotta give now
Cause I'm dying just to know your name
And I need you here with me now
Cause you've got that one thing."
"Go next to her." Jocy shoved me. I tripped a bit and was soon pushed by Leigh Anne and Jane as well.
"So get out, get out, get out of my head
And fall into my arms instead
I don't, I don't, don't know what it is
But I need that one thing."
I got closer to Scarlett, and a grin immediately popped up as she turned to me.
"If I could show you what I'm made of,
Maybe you would understand,
That when I smile, my eyes are in love.
And I just want to hold your hand." I wrapped my arm around her waist and smiled as she continued.
"So get out, get out, get out of my head
And fall into my arms instead
I don't, I don't, don't know what it is,
But I need that one thing.
And Get out, get out, get out of my mind,
And come on, come into my life
I don't, I don't, don't know what it is
But I need that one thing
And you've got that one thing
And I need that one thing." The song faded down, silence momentarily swirling around us as we stared into each others eyes.
It was all interrupted too soon when screams began to echo all around us.
"You did great." I whispered into Scarlett's ear. She looked at me and chuckled.
"Let’s go superstar. It's your turn to sing." She whispered back.
I rolled my eyes and separated from Scarlett. I extended my hand out for her to take.
"Let's start." I smiled.

"For the first time in HISTORY; One Direction actually followed the choreography!" Savanna dramatically shouted as we all got backstage.
"I was surprised; I didn't know you could dance, Zayn." Laura joked.
He simply flipped her off and walked over to a laughing Perrie.
"This was it. This was our LAST show! What am I going to do with my life now?!" Elizabeth joked.
"You can be our maid and clean after us." I suggested with a smirk. She thought for a second before looking at Lou. He shifted his eyes around, confused.
"What?" He finally mumbled. Elizabeth turned to me and smiled.
"I think in gonna reject that offer." We laughed when Lou began to snap back at her.
"Ladies! Gentlemen! Friends of One Direction!" We all turned around.
"In the flesh." He chuckled. We rushed up to him and hugged the life out of him.
"Ladies... Come over here and take your... Men.... Away." He chuckled. We got off him and took a seat.
"Oh! All of Little Mix is here!" Simon smiled to the girls. They all chirped a hello.
"Well, I just came here to congratulate you all on ending your tour! It was an absolute success!" He smiled.
"This is the part where we all make speeches and cry." Scarlett whispered to me off the side. I nudged her and chuckled as we listened to everything Simon said.
"And with that, we shall go to the after party I planned for you all! All crew members, friends, and girlfriends are invited." Simon smiled.
"No way!"
"We love you Simon!"
"You're the best!"
"No Jane."
"Well? What are we waiting for? Let's go!" Adam hurried everyone up.

After a quick change and tearful goodbyes to the crew members that couldn't attend the gathering, we headed off to the party.
"Just promise us you won't get wasted." Jess sighed as she turned to Jane. She simply winked at her.
"I guess I'm gonna have to be the sober one tonight." Jess grunted.
We let a couple of laughs out as Jane began to tease her.
"I think we're here." Danielle said as she looked out the window.
We all scurried to look out and gasped at how huge the house was.
"Is this Simon's place?!" Jocy asked in awe.
"I wouldn't be shocked if it was!" I laughed.

We got down and began to walk up to the door. We could already hear the bass booming through the speakers and people dancing inside the house.
"Why didn't Gemma come along?" Jocy asked me.
"She thought it be nice if Michelle and we got caught up a bit, so, they're having a movie night." I smiled. Jocy nodded and was about to say something else when Niall appeared.
"LET'S DANCE!" He pulled her off inside.
"C'mon Harry! Let's go party!" Scarlett laughed as she pulled me inside as well.
Needless to say; this was the best party ever. Shots were passed around everywhere, music blared, laughs and cheers so loud that we wouldn't be surprised if the cops were called on us.
"Attention! Attention! Can everyone please focus on me?" Lou talked into the mic. The crowd calmed down a bit to look at him.
"Thank you! Now, as you know, the tour is now over." Boos and complains were shouted sarcastically.
"I know. It's a shame. But, I wanted to say a couple of thank You's to everyone single one of you who made this an amazing experience. The crew for making the concerts go smoothly, the drivers for getting us everywhere safely, our guards for being able to stand out crazy stunts and tactics," a couple chuckled hummed in the crowd.
"The dancers and our choreographer, Adam, for trying to teach us how to dance and ACTUALLY making us dance," more laughs began to echo.
"And our girlfriends as well. You ladies kept us all grounded." Awes began to come out of everyone and the ladies began to blush.
"I'd also like to give the biggest thanks to Simon. None of this would've happens without you. Enjoy your night everyone." As Lou began to walk off, claps and cheers were shouted at him and the music soon began to come up again.
"That was sweet of you, Lou." Eleanor kissed his cheek warmly.
"It's what I do." He shrugged.
"As well as have such a big conceited head?" Scarlett smirked.
"Hey! Don't start with me." He chuckled.
"The night is young! Let's keep partying!" Jesy yelled as she began to pull Leigh Anne and Jade to dance.
"Scarlett!" We turned to see Simon making his way over to us with a drink in hand.
"What's up?" She smiled.
"Tomorrow you have a meeting with the hair and makeup team. Be ready at 3." He smiled. Scarlett looked at me confused then turned to Simon.
"Why...?" She asked a bit slowly.
"Makeover. You're still signed to SYCO, and, with the reactions I saw tonight; you’ll be a smash hit. We'll talk tomorrow." He laughed and walked away with some other men.
"A makeover?!" Scarlett shrieked.
"They better not make me into some bubblegum pop princess." She sassed as she turned back to me.
"Maybe they'll dye your hair all sorts of crazy colors and expose your body for the whole world to see." I mocked. She frowned and punched my arm lightly.
"I'm kidding. I'm sure it won't be anything too big." I calmed her as I wrapped my arm around her.
"Hey, Sky! Harry!" We turned to see Jocy and Niall coming towards us. They seemed a bit tipsy.
"We need help getting to a room. I feel a bit lightheaded." Niall chuckled. Jocy giggled as he buried his nose into the crook of her neck. I turned to see Scarlett with her eyes a bit wide as she watched the two make silly faces and giggle randomly.
"Uhh... I've got Jocy. You take Niall." Scarlett laughed a she walked over to them.

"That's it. Just sit down." Scarlett slowly instructed to Jocy. I followed and sat Niall besides her.
"Simon says you-"
"Hehe. Simon says..." Niall chuckled. Scarlett rolled her eyes and continued.
"He said we can all sleep over here. There's plenty of rooms for us all, just... Don't make a mess... If you catch my drift." She laughed a she pulled me along with her.
"Harry!" I turned back to see Niall stumbling over to me. He got close to my ear and chuckled before patting my back and walking back to Jocy.
"Come here, babe." Niall tackled her getting a flirty giggle from her.
"Leeeeets go before we see something we don't need to see." Scarlett pushed me along as she closed the door.
She stood there by the door, listening....
"What are you-?"
"Shhh!" She slapped a hand over my mouth and placed her ear over the door. She signaled me with her eyes to do the same, but, I shook my head. She rolled her eyes and placed my ear besides the door as well.
That's when I heard talking.
"Do you think they actually fell for it?" I heard Jocy laugh.
"By Scarlett's face reaction; totally. And Harry looked a bit shocked when he saw me tackling you." Niall laughed along. I looked at Scarlett who was just as surprised as me.
"What are they talking about?" I mouthed to her. She shrugged and continued to listen.
"I didn't think Simon would agree to this plan. I'm glad he did though." Jocy sighed. We heard shifting in the room and footsteps getting near the door.
We ran off without warning and headed back downstairs. We stopped to catch our breath once we reached the kitchen.
"What... What plan...? We're they talking... About?" Scarlett panted as she leaned against the wall.
"I... You're asking... The wrong... Person." I panted as well. We took a couple more seconds to breathe before she broke the silence.
"I've got to get into shape." She chuckled as she began to walk outside. I scurried right besides her as we entered the alcohol infused environment.

"One last song before this party ends. Thank you all for coming." I immediately turned to Scarlett. She was sipping on her drink when she caught me looking. She stopped and slowly placed her cup down. She stood in front of me and faked a gentlemanly bow before extending her hand out to me.
"May I have this dance M'Lady?" She says in her best deep voice. I let a laugh escape from me before I curtsy and take her hand.
"I would love to Good Sir." I piped. We laugh and walk into the middle of the crowd.
"This is for all you couples out there." The DJ chuckled. The song began to play, and I furrow my eyebrows at the familiar tune.
"You know what song this is?" Scarlett chuckles as she places her hands around my neck. I shrug and turn to her for an answer.
"It's by my homie; T-Swizzle." She mimicked a 'gangster' tone. I laughed and placed my hands around her waist.
"Let's just dance."

"Goodnight you two! I don't want to hear any monkey business. I already heard enough from Louis and his bird." Zayn laughed as he closed the door behind him.
"Bye! See you two in the morning!" Perrie chirped before the door closed.
"I don't know about you-"
"But I'm feeling 22?" Scarlett smiled innocently. I stopped and gave her the look to which she chuckled at.
"I'm going to shower." I smiled as I gathered my things up. As I was about to turn, I saw her run into the bathroom.
"What are you doing?!" I yell after her. I get inside the bathroom and see that she's already closed the blurred glass door. Clothes begin to fling out from the top and land on the ground.
"Scarlett!" I laugh as I run up to the shower. I open the door and she gasps right as she was throwing her shirt over the top. She was only wearing her black lace panties and bra. I look around and see this walk in shower is huge.
"We can fit all the lads in here." I joke at the size.
"Then if they can fit in here, WE can fit in here." She smiled. I raise an eyebrow and was pretty sure a smirk was creeping up on my face.
"Don't try any funny business." She chuckles.
"I make no promises." I smile. I begin to take my pants off, leaving only my boxers on, followed by my blazer and tie so I could throw it out. Just as I was getting the shirt over my head, I caught Scarlett starring. She immediately looked away and turned the shower head on. I laugh and close the door to take a seat behind her. She poked her toe into the water, waiting for it to be just right before throwing her whole body in. I watched as she sighed happily with the water trickling down her whole body. I looked her up and down slowly, taking in every inch of her soft tan skin. Just looking at her so vulnerable made me want to...
No no... Stop.
I shook my head and look up to Scarlett's eyes. She had an amused look as she shampooed her hair.
"Weren't you the one who wanted to shower in the first place? C'mon Harry." She laughs as she steps aside to give me some space. I smile and walk up besides her.
"Go!" She pushes me in and I get soaked under the warm water. I run my hands over my hair and place my face under the water. I turn around and let it hit my back. I shake my hair with my hands and part it off to the side. When I open my eyes, I see Scarlett chuckling.
"What?" I smile.
"You always do that little hair thing. The little swoosh swoosh thing." She mimics my actions.
"It's a habit." I shrug.
"C'mon. You take to long to shower." She laughs as she splats a handful of shampoo over me.
"Don't worry darling, I was a hairstylist once." She impersonates an elderly woman's voice.
"Where you really?"
"Nah. That was Jocy." She chuckled as she massages my scalp.
"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" She laughs. I nod and let a purr out.
"Well, do me a favor and wash my body." She hands me a scrubby and turns around.

{I found it rather cute to read to read the following part with the song- Enchanted, by Taylor Swift- in the background. Just a bit of a suggestion c; Enjoy <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSMOcaZlMUI}

As the towel draped around the band of my waist, I look inside the bags we packed-incase we stayed the night- for some dryer boxers.
"Harry... I think I left my other bag with El." Scarlett groans.
"Then go and get it."
"But they were... You know... Shagging." She whispered the word as if it were taboo. I chuckle and look up to face her peeking her head from the other side of the bed.
"What do you need?"
"At least a shirt. I already have my panties and bra on." She sighs as I hear her walk over to me. I nod and begin to rummage through my bag. I find a black shirt and figure it would do.
"How about this?" I unfold the shirt to look for any stains and shift my eyes to Scarlett. I was left motionless when I saw she just stood there with one hand on her hip, her undergarments the only thing on her.
"Yeah, that's fine." She chuckled as she reaches for it. But when she lays a hand on it, I couldn't let go. Her eyes met mine and I see this longing look of love in her... The same one I have.
I needed Scarlett. From the moment I met her... I knew I needed her. We were meant for one another, and now, we were finally together. No interruptions, no evil villain trying to take us away from each other, nobody to interfere with this moment.
Neither of us move or breathes; we're frozen by the black fabric between us. I take a step forward, and she follows. Soon, smaller steps happen before our faces are inches apart. I could feel her hot breath traveling down, that sweet aroma that she was always cloaked in, her lingering skin pressing against my own. We drop the shirt and I place my hands on either side of her waist, slowly making my way to her back to pull her in. She moves her hands towards my stomach and runs them up and around my neck.
Our bodies are now against each others. I run a hand up to her cheek, and pull her in for a kiss. It burst into something amazing... Something that triggered an emotion within me... One that made my stomach flip with wonderful nerves. Our lips part, only slightly touching. My grip around her tightens as I pull her as humanly close as possible to me.
I've never had this feeling of not holding someone close enough...
"Harry..." The way she whispered my name sent a chill down my spine. I look into those beautiful eyes and wait for her to continue.
"M-make... Make love to me." She smiles nervously. I send her a sidelong smile before kissing her lips once more.
"Are you sure...?" I ask her slowly. She looks at me as her hands trailed up to my curly hair. She pulled me in with kiss that showed me she desperately needed me... Just as I needed her.
We pulled away breathing hard against each other, not realizing we had been restrained from oxygen for so long. She lazily smiled at me to which I smiled back.
"You don't know how long I've wanted to finally be alone with you like this, how long I've wanted to be this close to you. Just looking at you drives me crazy... And it's so hard to be around you... To restrain myself." She whispered.
"That makes two of us. You don't know how long I've loved you, Scarlett. How long I've dreamed of loving you..."
"Then show me..."
"I hope you're not saying this because Jane got to you." I chuckled softly. I got a smile from her and she looked down. Her eyes lock back up with mine.
"You're everything I need, Harry."
I pull her up, carrying her with her legs around my waist. I walk with her around me towards the bed, never letting the smiles of our faces fade.
I drop her slowly, leaning into her. I look at her once more, taking in her beauty.
"I love you." The words slip out of my lips so easily.
A grin sweeps her face as she places her hands on either side of my face.
"I love you too... Harry. I always will..." I lean into her, planting kisses on her neck. I stop momentarily and smile against her skin.
"I'm glad I met you."
As the lights dim down, and the small words of endearment escape from us, we go off into a whirlwind of ecstasy.


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