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Shadow's Target

Chapter 25: Big News!

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
I feel from behind me Harry's murmurs escape from his lips. I push myself closer to him to feel the warmth of his body radiating from him, and in return, his grip on me tightens.
I slowly open my eyes to meet the brilliant light beaming through the windows, illuminating the silent streets in a pale orange glow.
I reach for my phone on the counter to see what time it was.
"Hmm..." I set it back down and try to wiggle out of Harry's grip without waking him. I then feel myself getting pulled in.
"No..." I hear him mumble. I chuckle and try to pry his hands off of me.
It's no use.
"Harry, let's go eat." I laugh. I turn around to face his half open sleepy green eyes hidden behind his messy chocolate curls. I watch as his chest pumps up and down from his small breaths.
"I don't wanna." He mumbles as he closes his eyes again.
"You're worse than me." I giggle when he buries his face in my neck.
"You smell like sex."
Okay. I'm done.
I push myself off of him and take the sheet with me.
"What? What did I say?" He laughs as I walk around the room looking for my clothes.
"I think I'm gonna shower." I mutter to myself.
"I'll join you!" I watch him jump out of the bed, unashamed of all his glory, and run after me. He picks me up in one quick motion and throws me over his shoulder.
"Harry! Put me down!"

"So... How was your night...? Sky...?" I hear Jade ask as she munches on her bowl of fruit loops.
"It was fine. Yours?" I ask casually as I look around the drawers for more boxes of cereal. Of course I have my best poker face on. They can't get to me that easily.
"Interesting. So, Harry," I turn around to see it was now Louis speaking. He had a smirk on his face as he wrapped his arm around Eleanor.
"What?" Harry asks with a mouth full of pancakes.
"Scarlett is pretty flexible, isn't she?" I felt my eye twitch a little, but, luckily nobody saw.
"Of course. She's a professional dancer and an agent. She needs those skills." Harry simply states.
Nice save. Louis grunts at his failed attempt and looks off to the side.
"Did you get my surprise?" Niall chuckles as he plops down by Jocy.
I turn back around with the box of cereal in hand and see Harry was caught off guard.
You see, Niall secretly placed a little foil packet in Harry's pants last night right after we left them alone in the room....
Harry slowly chews his pancakes and swallows it down. He places his hand under his chin in thought before he speaks.
"Yeah. Didn't you tell me it was Jocy's favorite flavor?" I sputter in laughter along with everyone else when Harry says this. I hear a couple choking noises and loud laughter echo in the room. I turn to see Jocy a bright red and Niall just as red.
Guess he's done talking.
A pleased smile sweeps across Harry's face and he continues to eat his food. I sit besides him and pass him a high five under the table.
"I smellll foooood!" We hear Jane sing as she runs down the stairs.
"Morning everyone!" She chirps.
She got a chorus of Hey's and Goodmorning's from everyone at the table.
I pour milk on my cocoa puffs and begin to eat.
"So, Lou," Jane begins.
"Yeah?" Lou watches her walk around as he waits for her to finish.
"I didn't know you were a bad boy." She smiles as she sits down. He scrunched his face up in confusion as he turns to look at Eleanor with an equally confused face.
"You know! Last night! When El was screaming; 'Oh Lou! You're such a bad boy!' That!" Jane smiles innocently. Again, more awkward choking noises and restrained laughs as Lou and El's eyes widen.
"And Zayn," Perrie quickly whips around to listen.
"You and Perrie are equally as loud." Jane winks.
"Oh my god... She isn't seriously talking about this." Jesy laughs.
"She's always like that. That's why we can't be around her when there's a guy." Laura yells from the living room.
"Do you want some milk for your cereal?" Liam clears his throat as he quickly tries to change the subject.
"Yeah! Oh, and Liam-"
"Jane. We get it." I laugh as I continue to eat my cereal.
"You and Harry were TWICE as worse as everyone else combined."
My big mouth.
"I think I'm going to make more pancakes." Harry clears his throat as he gets up.
"Was he good? Was SHE good? How does it feel to have finally gotten Scarlett-?"
"JANE." Harry and I quickly snap at her. She throws her hands up and laughs as she pours herself some milk.
"I wasn't the one moaning uncontrollably last night." She winks at me. I slap my hands over my face as I hear everyone begin to laugh.
"I guess if we need to get something out of someone, we go to Jane." Leigh Anne laughed as she gave her a high five. I roll my eyes and watch as everyone quickly drifts off into separate conversations.
"Where's Simon?" I ask Harry as he sits down besides me again. He shrugs his shoulders and looks around for someone.
"Jess!" He calls for her. She turns to face him.
"Do you know where Simon is?" He asks her.
"Umm... He left early. Something about getting everyone ready for the makeover today." She mumbles as she scratches her cheek.
I drop my spoon.
"Is he actually serious about that?!" I mutter with cereal still in my mouth.
"Sky, you’re getting milk all over me." Daisy chuckles from across me.
"Sorry." I laugh as I cover my mouth.
"Aren't you excited? New Scarlett for a new beginning!" Jade smiles at me.
"I don't know. I like how I am already." I shrug.
"Mate he just wants like a different hairstyle and makeup change from you." Perrie smiles.
"If love to see you with a couple lowlights or a lighter hair color!" Danielle chirps.
"I hear talk about makeovers!" Taylor scurried into the kitchen to join the conversation.
"I agree with her. Lighter shade might complement your skin tone." Taylor smiles.
"What if she tries like a smokey eye look?" Jesy beams.
I just sit there as the girls talk back and forth about a new wardrobe, hairstyles, makeup, and tanning.
"You're not really into this, are you?" Liam laughs as he plops besides me. I smile sheepishly.
"Is it that obvious?" I laugh.
"I think a new look would do wonders for you." Louis joins the conversation.
"What are you trying to say? I'm not fabulous as I am?" I tease.
"It could bring a bit more attention to you. Good kind of course." Zayn smiles at me.
"I don't know. I like Scarlett as she is." Niall mindlessly says.
"And this is why you're my favorite." I wink at Niall.
"What about me?" Harry nudges me.
"You're number one on my list of course." I kiss his cheek. He smiles satisfied and drinks down his milk. I sigh and slide down my seat.
"I don't like makeoveeerrrss." I groan.
"Maybe you can ask them for a subtle look. One that's not too big, but, enough to capture everyone's attention." Liam suggests.
"You're a genius, you know that? This is why Daisy always chose you to stay back and work the computers with her." I chuckle. He laughs slightly and shakes his head.
"Dot be modest! You're an absolute wiz when it comes to it!" Daisy bursts from the opposite side.
"I think Zayn is pretty awesome to work with." We hear Laura shout as she walks over to us.
"Who could imagine ZAYN doing dirty work?" Leigh Anne jokes. We let a couple laughs out as Zayn shoots her a look.
"More like Niall. He's the innocent gullible one." Jane laughs.
"Hey, watch it." Jocy chuckles as she shakes her fist at her.
"Or Lou! I mean, not to be mean or anything babe, but, you're-"
"Shut up woman." Lou sasses as he kisses her on the lips.
"What about Tay!" I laugh as I sit properly in my seat. Taylor covers her blushing face when everyone begins to laugh along.
"If I'd known she was that tough, I wouldn't have thought twice about hurting her." Harry laughs.
"I'm just that strong." Taylor sighs as she flexes.
"Wait, wait! Where's Adam? We need him here to join the conversation!" I laugh as I look around.
"He's still in bed." Jane mumbles as she chews.
I look to everyone with an eyebrow raised, and soon, they all begin to smirk with a devious look.

"Shh! Stop laughing Jess!" Jade scolds her.
"Sorry." She mumbles.
We creep slowly into Adam's room. Jane and Jocy go to the blinds to get ready. Danielle and Perrie carefully take off his bed sheets. Leigh Anne and Liam hand everyone water balloons and we all gather around him.
"On the count of three." Taylor whispered.
"One," everyone raises their water balloon.
"Two," we take out aim.
"THREE!" Louis shouts as Jane and Jocy quickly open the curtains and blinds, brightening the room. Water balloons pop and burst as the smack against Adam's bare back.
"WHAT THE FUCK!" He shrieked as he flailed his body around the bed. He rolled off and ran away from all of us as we chased after him with Harry in the lead.
We get to the kitchen and spot Harry cornering Adam.
"You guys are fucking asses!" Adam laughs as he shakes his wet curls around.
"We love you though!" Harry laughs as he tackles after him.

"I make a great agent! What're ya talking about?" Adam asks baffled.
"Okay, he did DECENT." Jocy says as he calms down from laughing.
“I saved your asses.” Adam mumbles as he finishes his food.
“Correction; WE.” Taylor laughs.
"Okay! Okay! I don't know about you guys, but, Jocy is the one who seemed more of a surprise to me." Danielle laughed as she leaned back in her seat. I turned to see Jocy click her fingers in the air and walk off swaying her hips.
"Shit. I'm the best there is." We laugh as Jocy's humor and watch as she comes back chuckling to her seat.
"She looks innocent, but, she's a real feisty one." Harry shudders a little.
"Still traumatized from when I hit you?" Jocy chuckled. Harry simply glared at her and got a couple of laughs from everyone.
"Well, well! Looks like everyone is here." We turn around and see Simon walk in with a couple people behind him. He looks at me and flashes me a smile.
"It’s almost time." He winks as he walks off.
I look at the clock by the counter and see it’s already two.
"Wow. We talk a lot." Jesy laughs as she checks her phone for the time.
"Well, I think I better go. Management has been calling nonstop. I think they want to talk about my appearance at One Direction's concert." Taylor laughs as she gets up.
"Mind if I tag along? I got a meeting today." Adam asked as he rose from his seat. Taylor nodded and they began to say their goodbyes. She mumbled ‘Text me’ by my ear and nodded.
We watch them gather their things and walk out the door.
"Who would've known that Scarlett would get along with TAYLOR." Laura laughed once they left.
"Or Harry with ADAM." Zayn chuckled.
"Hey! Adam’s cool! Plus, Taylor WAS under the Guardians control when everything happened." I stated.
"But Harry wasn't." I heard someone say under a cough.
"In my defense; I think Taylor controlled me." Harry huffed. I looked at him and shot him a look.
"What?" He asked clueless.
"She probably was." Louis defended him.
"Thank you." Harry smiled successfully.
"Cause I mean, he's real close to Adam even though he's the most jealous person on this planet. Not to mention the fact that Scarlett and he had a thing for a whole-"
"We get it." Harry cleared his throat.
"Here comes the green eyed monster." Perrie sang.
"Oh god. El, we need to go shopping." Danielle gasped when she saw the time.
"For what-" Danielle cut Eleanor off with a cough and I saw her widen her eyes quickly.
"Oh... OHHH! Right! Louis and Liam are coming along as well, right?" Eleanor elbowed Louis. They exchanged a couple glanced before it looked like something clicked.
"Yes! Of course!" Liam said as he got up from his seat.
"We'll see you guys later." The girls quickly pulled the lads out.
"That was weird." I mumbled as my eyes followed them.
"We need to go somewhere as well." Jane and Jess got up with Laura and Daisy.
"Zayn's going to help you guys, right?" Perrie shot a smile at them.
"Yeah! And so are Jocy and Niall." Jess smiled to them.
"Where are you guys off to?" Harry asked as he watched them gather up to leave. They shot looks at one another.
"We'll be back! Don't worry!" Jocy smiled as she scurried off with everyone else.
"What about-" They quickly shut the door.
"The girls..." I sighed. I turned to look at Leigh Anne and Jade whispering with Perrie and Jesy. Leigh Anne quickly hushed them and they smiled at Harry and I.
I looked to Harry who seemed just as confused and frightened as I was. He leaned in to me and whispered into my ear.
"I'm scared." I chuckled when he looked over at the girls who were fluttering their lashes at him.
"Sooo..." I broke the silence as I got up from my seat. I waved my hands around trying to figure out what to say.
"Do you guys have something to do?"
"Nope." They chorused.
"Somewhere to go?" Harry continued.
"Someone to meet up?"
"Anything at all?"
"Why are you acting weird?" I finally ask. The girls look at one another and smile at me.
"Girls! C'mon! The team got here early, so, we might as well start everything now." Simon said as he walked by.
"Wait; did he say 'Girls'?" Harry asked nobody in particular.
"We're getting makeovers too!" Jade finally squealed. The girls then ran up and grabbed me to drag me along.
"Harry! Help me!" I shrieked dramatically.
He just laughed as he calmly walked behind us.

5:00 p.m.
It's five.
I groan and slide down my chair.
"Aww! You'll get your turn!" Perrie laughed as she turned to me.
"Well, that's if Jade can decide whether she wants blue or purple." I grunt as I fix my position in my seat. I look back to Jade who was looking back and forth at the choice of colors.
"What if I get both?" She asks the stylist.
"She's gonna be a while." Leigh Anne laughs as she passes by with her hair still wet.
"Look! It's dry and ready! What do you think?!" Jesy bounces on her heel as she shows off her new hair color. I smile and nod.
"That looks amazing." I grin as she sits besides me to look at herself in the mirror.
"I absolutely love Perrie's hair though." Jesy gaps a she looks over at the now petite pink girl. Perrie straightens herself in her seat and fixes her hair up.
"Do you really?" She beams as she looks at herself in the mirror.
"You're beautiful. I bet Zayn will love it." I assure her.
"Okay! I'm picking blue! What do you think?" Jade smiles as she runs over to us for advice.
"Great choice!"
"It will look amazing."
She nods and runs back off to the stylist.
"Still waiting I see?" I watch as Harry walks in with a smug look on his face.
"We're going to go see how Leigh Anne is doing. C'mon Perrie." The two walk off with giggles. I chuckle and turn back to see Harry taking a seat besides me.
"Did she finally pick a color at least?" Harry asks as he looks at Jade.
"Blue." I nod. He shrugs and hands me a plate.
I take a look at it and see it's a couple of crepes topped with ice cream, strawberries, and chocolate syrup. I felt my mouth water a bit and turn to look at Harry who now wore a smirk.
"Did you make this yourself?" He nods and picks up the fork.
"I figured you'd be hungry again." He smiled as he cut a piece off and feeds it to me. I take it and instantly feel the bursting flavor in my mouth.
"This is amazing." I groan as I throw my head back. I gulp down my piece and set the plate aside.
"Thank you." I smile before planting a kiss on his lips. I look back to the plate and cut another piece.
"Is that it? Only ONE kiss?" I turn and see Harry with his lip stuck out. I roll my eyes and look back at the food.
"Fine. But I better get another reward later." He murmurs into my ear. I rub the goose bumps off my shoulder and can feel Harry staring me down.
"Stop." I chuckle without looking at him.
"I didn't do anything!" He defends himself.

[Harry's P.O.V.]
I look at my phone for the time.
"It's uhh... 6:45." I look up to Scarlett. She crosses her arms and narrows her eyes.
"Where is everyone? They're taking forever!" Scarlett grumbles as she scoots closer to me. I place my hand over her shoulder and shrug.
"It was pretty weird the way they just left like that." I say as I recall the event.
"Do you think it had to do with what Jocy and Niall were talking about last night?" She whispers to me.
"But what would it be? What's the secret?" She sighs.
"Is it someone's birthday?" She turns to me.
"Zayn's is on January, Niall's is on September, Louis is in December, Liam in August, and mine isn't till February." I shrug.
"And I know for sure it isn't any of the girls birthdays just yet." She sighs.
"Who knows." I shrug.
"Scarlett! Your turn!" Jade smiles at her as she walks off with her hair wet.
Scarlett groans and stretches out of her seat.
"I don't know how I'm going to do my hair."
"That's why we're here!" Perrie came running towards her.
"Harry, be a doll and hold my bag." Perrie hands it to me.
"And hold my earrings and purse as well." Jesy came along.
"Hold my things too!" Leigh Anne smiles as she hands them to me as well. I watch them walk off behind Scarlett, leaving me with their things.
"Well, okay then!" I grunt.

"More ice cream?" Jesy offers me some.
"I think I've had enough. Is Scarlett ready yet?" I say as I try to sneak a peek.
"Harry, you know you can't look yet." Jesy chuckles as she gets up.
"Leigh! It's your turn to watch Harry!"
"Just bring him over! We're adding the final touches on Scarlett." She shouts back. I quickly get up and try to dash off, but, Jesy holds me back.
"What now?" I groan as I slump my hands down childishly
"They're back!" She points off to the group as the walk in.
"We bring presents!" Lou shouts as he runs towards me.
"They're mostly for Sky though." Eleanor laughs as she sets the stuff down.
"I can't wait to see her!" Jane squeals besides Jocy.
"Not if I see her first-"
"Nuh uh uh!" Danielle stops me.
"What?! Why?!" I groan again with frustration.
"We've gotta dress Scarlett up first." Eleanor smiles.
"C'mon Jesy!" Jocy pulls her along. Jesy sends me an apologetic smile and runs off with the girls.
"Well that's a bummer." I grunt as I sit back down.
"You'll see her soon enough." Niall laughs as he takes a seat besides me.
"Umm, Harry?" I hum to him in response. Niall points to something besides me.
"You gonna finish that?" He asks about the ice cream.
"Help yourself." I hand it to him. He smiles and begins to eat it up.
"Where's Perrie?" Zayn asks as he looks around.
"Nope. If Harry can't see Scarlett, then YOU can't see Perrie." Liam laughs as he makes him sit down.
"What?! That's not fair-"
"Life's tough isn't it?" I tease.
"Simon was going to tell us something important anyways." Lou shrugs as he pulls a seat out.
"Yeah. He was saying something about the album." Niall mumbles between his ice cream.
"I'll go find him." Liam dashes off.
After a couple minutes, he comes back talking with Simon.
"So what's the news?" I ask.
"It's about your album." Simon says as he pulls a seat besides Lou.
"What of it?" Niall asks.
"We've already made announcements about it and have a date set for it to come out." He smiles.
"No way! That's great!" Zayn smiles enthusiastically.
"Yeah! When is it?" I ask.
"A week from today." He smiles. The lads and I begin to smile and cheer uncontrollably.
"But there's more to it." Liam interrupts our moment. We all stop and look at Liam's worried face.
"What? What is it?" I ask.
"We also have a tour date set up." Simon spills.
My eyes widen at the news.
"What? When?!" Lou asks with a smile.
"February 23 is when it starts."
"WHAT?!" We all shout.
"That's way too soon Simon!" Niall states.
"Does that mean we aren't going to have any dancers this year?" Zayn asks.
"That is such a short time." I groan.
"I know. I know. But with all the events that had happened with Scarlett and Jocy," Simon shrugged.
"We had to make quick decisions."
"That's crazy." Lou mumbles as he runs his fingers in his hair.
"We'll discuss this all in a matter if time. Don't worry. It will all be under control." Simon chuckled as he gets up.
"What about Scarlett?" I quickly ask. Simon stops in his tracks and turns with a smirk on his face.
"All in a matter of time." He winks and walks off.
"It's 'All in a matter of time!'" I mock his voice.
"I heard that!" He shouts. I chuckle and turn back to talk to the lads.
It was only minutes later that Leigh Anne, Jesy, Jocy, Jane and Daisy came running to us.
"You guys ready?" Jane smiled at us.
"Yeah! Lets go-"
"Hold on Styles!" Daisy pushed me back.
"We aren't letting you go THAT easily." Jane chuckled as she pulled some Aviators out.
"What's with the glasses?" Lou chuckles as she hands them out to us.
"You guys aren't going to kidnap us, are you?" Liam laughs as he places them on.
"No! Of course not." Leigh Anne laughs.
"They're for viewing purposes only." Jesy smiles.
We all put them on, but, gasp at how dark they are.
"What the hell?! I can't see!" Niall shouts.
"Hold on." We hear Jocy laugh.
Soon enough, a little computer screen pops up.
"Okay... Hold on." I watch as the mouse clicks around to a file. Pictures begin to pop up in a slide show of all of us during certain concerts or days out.
"Okay! You should be seeing pictures of everyone! But mostly Scarlett and Perrie before their makeover." Jane chuckles.

I feel someone behind me begin to push me.
"Whoa! Careful now." I chuckle.
"Don't worry, I got you." Jane laughs. I stick my hands out in front of my as I continue to watch the photos fade in. Some of which I took on Scarlett's iPod.
A smile sweeps across my face when I watch them slide by.
"Why are WE covered as well?" Niall asks.
"Just follow along." Jocy mumbles.
I begin to hear giggles and footsteps as we reach a room.
"Wow. You guys, it's not that big of a deal." I hear Perrie laugh.
"Look at Harry; giant smirk across his face." I hear Jess laugh.
"Okay! You ready?" I hear Danielle ask.
I nod and watch the Aviators go dark.
“You guys over do it sometimes.” I hear Scarlett laugh.
“Okay! Three, two, one… TAKE THEM OFF!” They shout at once.
Once I remove them, I see Perrie standing before us with a huge grin.

Her hair was a bright pink at the bottom and a lighter shade at the top. I see someone, who I guess was Scarlett, hiding behind
"You look beautiful.” Zayn smiles as he stands dumbstruck by her beauty. I watch as a pink shade creeps up on her cheeks as she looks down.
“Better watch it Zayn; Perrie is smokin’!” Laura whispers loudly to him.
“Where’s Scarlett?” I ask jokingly as I tilt my head to the side, catching a small glimpse of her legs peering from behind Perrie. Perrie furrows her brows and looks down her leg as well. She rolls her eyes playfully and shakes her head.
“Stop being so fussy! You look perfectly fine!” She laughs as she turns around. She pulls Scarlett up, but, she hides behind her hoodie.
“Okay, that’s enough.” Jade chuckles and pulls off Scarlett’s hoodie from her body.
“Hey!” Scarlett complains as they push her into our full view.
I watch as curled streaks of blonde hair fall down to her sides, red lips hiding behind them, a tight leather skirt on her body, and a white jacket with designs on them wrapped around her.
She slowly moves her eyes up to meet mine.
“They dressed me up…” She mumbled as she shyly placed her hand on her elbow. I laughed and went over to embrace her.

“I think you look beautiful.” I whisper into her ear.
“Isn’t she just lovely? Danielle and I did a good job picking her clothes out.” Eleanor fake cried. Scarlett turned around and laughed at their silly sobs.
“I think I might have to go lesbian on you Sky.” Jane bites her lip as she looks her up and down. I immediately pull Scarlett closer to me and shoo Jane off.
“Jealous?” Jocy mocks me. I stick my tongue out at her and pull Scarlett along with me to a seat.
“Simon better like this new look, cause… I’m not doing it again. I feel like a Barbie.” Scarlett half-jokes.
“Aww c’mon! You look amazing! Don’t fish for compliments now.” Leigh-Anne laughs. I chuckle and was about to speak when Scarlett cut me.
“So why did you guys all leave? And no B.S.” Scarlett threatens as she points a finger at everyone.
I see Louis smirking as he turns to look at Daisy. Daisy nods to Jane, who winks at Jocy, who nudges Niall, who signals Laura, who turns to Jess.
Jess, though, stood there confused.
“What? I thought we decided Jocy would say it.” Jess laughs.
“If she won’t say it, I will.” Liam offers.
“Why you? Why cant we? We WERE the ones keeping Scarlett distracted by getting our hair done first.” Jesy retorts.
“We got all the stuff necessary for her completed look though.” Danielle steps in.
Before we knew it, everyone began to shoot at one another, saying who should say what.
“Do you understand any of this?” I ask Scarlett as I wave a hand at everyone. She shakes her head and leans back a bit in fear.
“I feel like something’s about to go down.” She mumbles to me.
“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” Everyone goes quiet and turns toward the direction of the shout.
“Gemma?” I cock my head to the side as I see her walking in laughing with a pissed of Michelle.
“Is it really that hard to tell Scarlett?” Michelle groans as she pulls a seat out.
“Still grumpy about your heel?” Gemma chuckles. Michelle glares at her before sputtering a laugh.
“Never do we speak of that.” She warns my sister.
“Wait…. What is it? I’m starting to freak out!” Scarlett jumps off of my lap.
“Jocy, tell her.” Niall smiles at her. Jocy chuckles and rubs her stomach.
“YOU’RE PREGNANT?!!??” Scarlett shrieks in shock and happiness.
Jocy’s eyes go wide as well as Niall’s.
“NOOO!” They chorus as everyone laughs.
“Oh…” Scarlett shrugs and sits back down on me.
“Continue.” She waves her on.
Jocy rolls her eyes and chuckles before she steps up to the center.
“Gemma found a note. It had numbers on it.” She began.
Niall then stepped up besides her.
“She gave them to us because she knew they were important and we were the only one’s who could crack the pattern.”
I turn to Scarlett and saw she was a bit intrigued by the whole thing, yet, she seemed lost. I turned back to face everyone.
Louis, Liam and Zayn then stepped up.
“Your parents gave Gemma the numbers.” Liam smiled.
My lips parted as a gasp escaped from them. Scarlett muttered under her breath a ‘What?’ too low for anyone besides me to hear.
Jess, Jane, Laura, and Daisy were next to step up.
“We found out they were coordinates.” Jess smiles.
“And those coordinates are exactly where we last heard your parents were at.” Jane winked.
“The Bermuda Triangle.” Daisy chuckled.
“Of course, we haven’t gone ourselves to check it out though.” Laura giggled. Scarlett looked at everyone with a gaped mouth. She held my hand tightly as she inhaled deeply.
“So… This whole time-”
“We had to distract you while they went off to figure it out.” Perrie said as she moved up with the rest of the girls.
“So,” Michelle spoke up and we turned to face her.
“When shall we go, sister dear?” Michelle crossed her arms across her chest and smiled.


Just a little fun filler cx It's a little shorter than I wanted it to be, but, meh c: I put it up anyways ^-^


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