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Shadow's Target

Chapter 26: Discovery.

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
I couldn't breathe. I held my stomach as I fell back with my eyes shut.
The laughter just wouldn't stop!
"I feel so WEIRD! SWITCH ME BACK!" Eleanor laughed as she felt Louis body up.
"NOT TILL IM DONE TWERKING!" Louis shouted as he went back up against the wall once more.
"OH MY GOD! LOUIS!" Eleanor pulled him down and smacked him upside the head.
"I-I can't b-breathe!" Perrie gasped in between fits of laughs.
"Change them back!" Harry laughed as he recorded them.
"Okay! Okay!" Jane pulled out the pen and gave it to El. She faced Lou and he slowly backed up.
"Lou! Touch it!"
"But I like being in your body babe-"
"LOUIS TOMLINSON!" Lou quickly placed his hand on the other end and they switched personas again. Lou was back in his body, while Eleanor was back in hers. Lou ran over to the couch and plopped face down on it.
"You're no fun." He murmured.
"You want to see your video?" Jade laughed as she looked through her phone.
"You guys abuse those gadgets." Michelle chuckled from the front of the plane.
"It's so much fun though!" Jesy chuckled as she grabbed the pen. She looked around and stopped as her eyes landed on Zayn.
He was finally calm from the laughs when he looked up to see Jesy standing before him. She grabbed his hand without warning, and, they switched.
"JESY!" Zayn shrieked in her voice.
"Hey, Perrie! Come here babe." Perrie played along and sat on her lap.
"What? It's your body! I'm just sitting on it."
"But the real me is in Jesy!" He grunted as he took a seat next to Laura.
"That's enough playing for now! We're about to enter a danger zone. Switch back and take a seat that has a belt."
We all listened and prepared ourselves.
"The radar's going funny." Niall mumbled from the front.
"So is mine." Liam and Daisy said.
"Guys! The electric system is starting to go haywire!" Jess shouted over the now blaring alarm.
"Are we going to die?!" Leigh Anne panicked.
"Calm down everyone!" I shouted over the mumbles.
The plane began to suffer some turbulence and shook everything up. I plopped back down and curled up to Harry.
"Never mind. I'm FREAKING OUT!"
"Jocy! Help! I can't lift the plane up!" Michelle yelled.
"Harry, I'm scared." Gemma muttered as her teeth clattered.
"It's going to be fine..." He trailed off as he looked out the window.
"Systems aren't responding! I don't know what's happening!"
"Is everyone wearing the Shadow gear?" We all responded with a hum. Jocy let a sigh of relief out and looked at Niall.
"Good... Brace yourselves everyone!"
The plane began to shake and stir as it began to gradually fall.
This can't be happening...
"Harry!" I turned to him with a tear in my eye. He looked at me as he held hi sister close to his chest.
"I love you..."
The last thing I heard before going unconscious was Harry's sweet voice...

[Perrie's P.O.V.]
I looked around the plane and saw it was split.
"Oh my god..." I ran my hand through my hair, but, stopped when I felt something wet against the palm of my hand. I pulled back and saw it was red...
"I'm bleeding..." I turned and saw nobody, besides Zayn and Jocy, was on the plane.
"This can't be happenin! Zayn, wake up!" I shook him but he wouldn't respond. I got out of my seat and ran to Jocy to do the same, but, still nothing.
I don't even know how I stayed conscious through the crash...
"I might as well get these two to shore. The waves might pull us away." I dragged them slowly out with the little strength I had left.
"There... That should do it." I plopped down besides them and watched as their eyes moved around behind their eyelids.
"Oh Zayn... I hope you're okay." I ran my hand through his hair and sighed.
"I hope the others are okay..." Just then, I heard a twig snap. My head quickly turned around to the sound.
"Hello? Is anyone there?" I looked around the bushes but saw nothing.
Then I heard rustling.
"Is that you Jesy? This isn't funny!" I was starting to seriously get scared.
"Hello? Guys! Louis! Liam? Jade? Leigh! Scarlett?"
Oh. My. God.
"Wh-what are you...?" I slowly stood up and faced a dark figure coming out from behind some bushes. It was tall, slender, all black, and seemed almost like it was made of a metal liquid.
"Oh god..." What am I supposed to do?
"Gadgets!" I looked through my pockets and pulled out the first thing I found.
"Gloves? What do these things do?"
"AHHHH!" That thing just made a noise!
"Oh no... This can't be happening." I quickly placed the gloves on and hoped for the best.
"No! STAY AWAY!" It began to run with its arms stretched towards me.
"NO!" I threw my hands out in front of me as I shut my eyes, waiting for it to attack, but...
"H-hello?" I opened an eye slowly, expecting to see the dark figure in front of me and saw nothing. I opened my other eye and looked around.
"Where did it-?"
"Gggghh..." I turned to my right and saw it plastered against the trees.
"What the..? Did I do that?" I looked at the gloves and wondered... Maybe they...
"GRRRRRRAAAHHHH!" The thing was coming back for me!
"Okay... Okay. Let's see of my theory is right!" I waited for it to come right at me before I threw a punch.
"WHOA!" I watched as it flew back where it first emerged from. I looked down at these gloves and was amazed.
"I'm the Incredible Hulk!" I cheered and did a little dance.
"They can't detain you! Cause GLOVES ARE MADE TO PUUUNCH!" I stopped and relaxed myself. I wonder what else they could do. Maybe I can pick Jocy and Zayn up?
I turned to them and leaned forward.
"There's only one way to find out." I grabbed Zayn and threw him on my back with my hand supporting him.
"Yes! It worked! Now for Jocy!"
Yeah... This wasn't going to be easy.
"Dammit! What else do I have in here that can help me?" I set Zayn back down, took the gloves off, and looked through my pockets.
"An earring?" I examined it, but, thought it must've been the girl’s earrings.
"Ehh." I threw it off to the side, only to be scared shitless when it exploded.
"OKAY! Earrings are DANGEROUS!" I shook the nerves off and continued to look.
"Hmm? A necklace? I hope this doesn't explode either..." I set it back in my pocket and continued to look.
"A purple orb?" I squished it in between my fingers to see if anything happened. After I got no response, I took the penny sized thing and set it to the side.
"Hmm... What else is there...?" As I continued to dig through my pockets, I heard a bubbling noise behind me.
"Hmm?" I turned around and saw there was a purple light emerging from the water.
"What is that...?" I waited and saw a small raft pop up from the water.
"WHOA! YES!" I ran for it and pulled it out.
"Why is it purple- Oooohhh! It's the orb!" I chuckled as I set it off to the side.
"Okay... Maybe I can throw Zayn and Jocy in there..." I picked them up and settled them in the raft.
"Great! Now I can just pull them along... I guess. Unless they have something else that could help me...?" I found a couple more earrings, small tracking chips, a phone, and some sort of guns.
"Ooh! An anklet! It's pretty too! Why not try it on... It WAS in my outfit anyways." I chuckled and clipped it around my ankle.
"There! Pretty! Now, maybe I can use this phone somehow?" I began to walk around the shore as I scrolled through the apps this thing had.
"Why do I feel so light?" I looked down and saw I was beginning to rise.
"Wh-what the-?" I was beginning to get lifted off into the air.
"Oh god... How do I control this?!" I began to kick around and flap my arms to see if that would help.
"Let's try the superman pose." I leaned forward and began to head straight.
"Oooohhh! Now I got it! Left... Right... Back... Up... Dooowwnnn..." I kicked my ankle and dropped face down into the sand.
"Well at least I know how it turns on and off." I spat out the sand in my mouth and got up. I wiped the remaining sand off and tucked the stray hairs behind my ears.
"Maybe I can lift the raft up while I search in the sky! More ground I can cover! I AM A GENIUS!" I ran towards the remains of the plane to get some wires that were broken off.
"It isn't rope, but, it will do!" I ran back to the raft and tied it up in a fashion that I could get a hold of.
"Great! Now I can lift this baby up once I put my gloves on." I placed them on and turned the anklet on.
"Here goes nothing." I slowly rose off the ground, pulling the raft along with me.
"YES! It's working!" I got up high enough that I could see the ground but was away from any reach of any more of those creepy monsters.
"I don't see anyone..." I spoke too soon. On the ground, I saw a blue haired girl and a blonde.
"JADE! DAISY!" I quickly lowered myself down and placed the raft down. I ran towards the girls, but, they were unconscious as well. I took their pulse and let a sigh of relief out.
"At least they're breathing-"
"Perrie?" I quickly looked around and saw Eleanor running towards me with Louis on her back. I set the girls down and went straight for them as I wrapped one of Lou's arms around me.
We set him down by Jade and I turned to hug Eleanor.
"Are you okay? What happened?!" I asked as I pulled back. I saw she had a couple of scratches, but, it wasn't that serious.
"I woke up a while ago inside that forest. Lou was mumbling but he was still unconscious. I just decided that if I reached the shore, someone might find us. I'm just so glad I found you." She sighed as she pulled me in for another hug.
"It's fine. You didn't see anyone else around with you?"
"No... I didn't have the time to check with Lou on my back."
"We should see, just incase. Help me get them on the raft." I ran to Jade and carried her bridal style. When I turned around, Eleanor seemed surprised.
"Oh..." I shook my head and chuckled.
"I'm using their gadgets. These gloves make you stronger."
"Really? I was afraid to touch any of these things! Lou told me on the plane how some things are really dangerous if we don't use them carefully."
"Earrings. Careful with those." I laughed as I placed Jade down.
"Are these it?" She waved a pair of black gloves and I nodded.
"And wear the anklet too! It helps you fly!"
"Fly? That's crazy!" She chuckled as she searched for it.
Once we placed them all in the raft, and I explained how to control the anklet, El and I carried it off and up into the air.
"This is amazing! I can't even..." She trailed off as we flew up.
"I know! This is so cool! Let's search around the edge of the shore first. There's a bigger probability we might find someone else around there." El agreed and we began to go around.
"Wait... What is that?" I turned to where El was pointing and saw something dark. I squint my eyes to see if I could make it out.
And I gasped when I realized what it was.
"Oh no..."
"That... THING... Tried attacking me back where I was!"
"Well... I think it's trying to attack someone right now..."
"IT'S JESY!" Went down as fast as we could and I left El with the raft.
I ran straight to the dark figure and punched it in the back.
"GRAAAHHHH!" It flew back into the water.
"PERRIE! Thank god!" Jesy ran to hug me and was shaking.
"Hurry... We don't have much time... It's getting up." I nodded to the figure as it struggled to stand with the waves pushing.
"C'mon! Get in the raft." I ushered Jesy in and she sat.
"UP, ELEANOR! UP!" We pulled each side of the raft and ascended just in time.
"WE'RE BLOODY FLYING!" Jesy squealed as she looked down.
"Is this thing safe?" She asked as she turned to me.
"It's the only thing I could come up with at the time. It'll have to do for now."
"How are you two so strong?"
"These gloves!" El chuckled as she wiggled her fingers.
"Do I have a pair?"
"Probably. An anklet too! Those things are what help us fly!" I smile at Jesy. She nodded and began to look around till she found the items.
"There's a phone in here too!"
"There's no signal on it though... I was looking through it-"
"Hello? Is that you Niall?"
"What? Niall?!" I looked over at Jesy and saw she had a sort of hologram of Niall smiling at her.
"You girls okay?"
"How did you-?" I was amazed at how quickly she figured that thin out.
"Yeah! Perrie here took care of everything." Eleanor said.
"Oh it was nothing. Where are you?" I asked next. Niall looked around for a second before shrugging at us.
"I have Liam and Danielle here with me. They're completely knocked out though."
"Describe the area. Maybe we can spot you from up here." Jesy said as she looked at the ground.
"Up here...?"
"We're flying!" I grinned.
"Oh the anklets!" Niall chuckled in understanding.
"Yeah! We don't know what half these things do though. We need your help."
"When you find me, we'll talk."
"Wait, why can't you fly up here Niall?" Eleanor asked.
She had a point.
"Well... I have a slight problem..." He chuckled nervously. We watched as he moved the phone down and towards his leg.
"OH MY GOD!" We all shrieked as we saw the bloody mess. Niall's leg was stuck under a part of the plane.
"Yeah... If I move it, it really hurts. Have you seen Jocy? She pushed me off to the side when the plane was falling down... And... We got separated."
"She's with us right now. Still unconscious though." I sighed. He smiled and let a breath out.
"Great! Damn... This thing is going haywire. Well, try to find others. I'm around the shore of the water. Just keep searching. Call the phone Liam has on him and maybe I can reach it-" Niall smiled before cutting off.
"Niall? Niall!" Jesy tapped the screen.
"We need to find him fast." Eleanor sighed as we continued to fly off. Lucky for us, it was only a couple of minutes before Jesy spotted more people.
We landed and ran to see who it was. Jesy got ahead and kneeled besides them.
"It's Jess, Leigh Anne, Laura, Jane and Gemma!" Jesy shouted.
"Thank god they're okay!" I sighed as we got besides them.
"Hold on El. I think Jess might be waking up.
"But guys..."
"Do you have something I can wipe Michelle's arm with? She's bleeding."
"What is it El-?" I froze when two dark figures were standing behind us.
One of them was holding Eleanor by her arms, as if she was a doll.
"Shh. Just take care of everyone here while I try to get El and the raft." I think I'm going crazy. How was I supposed to do all of that?
"Perr-ie..." Eleanor gasped as the figure grasped her a bit tighter.
"I hope I don't hit the wrong target..." I ran straight with full force at the monster, connecting my fist to its faceless head. It flung backwards and dropped Eleanor.
"RUN EL! GET THE RAFT!" I pulled her up and shoved her to where it was. I turned and saw the second figure running towards me.
"Oh god..." I took in a deep breath and tried to punch it as well. It was useless though... It grabbed my fist and pinned me face down with my arms behind me.
"Ghhh... Let go!" I tried to move off as it began to tighten its grip on me.
"AHHHH!" I shrieked in pain when I felt it get stronger.
"I've got you Perrie!" The weight was lifted off of me, and I flipped on my back. Jesy was above me trying to hurry me to get up.
"C'mon! We better get everyone in the raft and hurry up-" she was cut mid sentence by a gush of strong wind. She flew back and tumbled on the sand.
"JESY!" I quickly got up and turned to see the figures walking towards me.
"That's it! Nobody messes with my friends!" I suddenly got the courage to try punching them as much as I could. They seemed to have gotten used to my moves though since they kept dodging and pushing me back.
"CAREFUL PERRIE!" I heard El shout as she got by Jesy. I got a couple scratches on my cheeks, and was slowly running out of breath after the figures punched me in the gut. I doubled over, but, quickly shook it off to fight.
I was seriously getting frustrated by now.
"Stop moving!" I lifted my leg up from the ground, spun, and kicked them back.
"Wh-what...?" I looked down at the boots. These must be gadgets as well!
"Thank god for handy shoes! I need to keep these..." I looked back up and saw that the black was coming off the two figures. I saw metal bolts and steel behind the peeling black silk.
"They're robots..." I mumbled under my breath. I looked through my pockets and found the earrings. I took a gun out and looked back up to the two figures running after me.
"I hope this works." I threw an earring at them and ran the opposite direction. The explosion made me stumble a bit and fall on my hands.
"Okay, this is no time to be taking a break." I got up and turned to see the figures in flames, but, still coming towards me. I aimed the gun at them and shot them. A giant silver net came flying out and towards them. I watched as electrical volts ran through their circuits and stopped them completely. Another giant explosion erupted and they completely combusted. I fell to my knees and watched as the flames grew higher.
"Thank The Lord." I fell on my back to catch my breath.
"PERRIE!" I saw Jesy and Eleanor running towards me with huge grins.
"That was amazing!" They lifted me up and carried me with them.
"I... I never... Too... Hard." I panted as they set me down besides Zayn.
"Too bad we didn't get that on tape." El laughed.
"That would've brought a lot of publicity to you." Jesy joked.
"You girls..." I was too weak to retort and simply waved them off.
"I'm gonna see if I can reach Niall." Jesy smiled as she walked off.
"Here. Let me clean your scratches." El sighed as she pulled a small cloth out. She slowly dabbed off the blood and fixed all my stray hairs.
"Thanks El." I smiled weakly.
"It's no problem. You did save me after all." She chuckled.
"Guys! I don't think he's that far away! Look!" Jesy ran towards us and showed us the phone.
A small blue light was blinking on one end, and on the other, a red dot.
"I think the red one is Niall!" Jesy grinned.
"Let's get going then!" I got up slowly, but, El stopped me.
"You need to rest."
"No! I still have some adrenaline left in me! You can stay here and take care of everyone's minor wounds. Jesy and I won't be too long." She looked hesitant, but, agreed nonetheless.
"C'mon Jesy. We'll get there faster by flying."
"That sounds so cool!" She piped as she tuned the anklets on.
We followed the red dot till we saw a small patch of white on the ground.
"I think that's part of the plane." Jesy murmured.
"Let's go! I think that might be where Niall is!" We got down and ran towards the crash.
"Hello? Anyone?" Jesy shouted. We stayed quiet and heard a faint 'HERE'. We ran closer and saw Danielle.
"There! Hurry!"
"PERRIE? IS THAT YOU?" We turned and saw him in the same gruesome position he was in when Jesy called him.
"Niall! Dear god... That's..." I shivered at his bloody ankle.
"Yeah... I pulled it out... It's stuck on my ankle though, and I can't move without it hurting." He chuckled sheepishly.
"I got it." Jesy lifted the metal off, and threw it into the water.
"Ops!" She threw her hands over her mouth when she saw how far she threw it.
"I didn't know I was that strong." She joked as she turned to us.
"Okay, I'll carry Niall. You think you can get Liam and Danielle?"
"I can try." She chuckled.
"Throw Liam on my back. Just get a good grip of me with the gloves, and you'll be fine Perrie." Niall assured me.
"Okay. You heard the man. Let's go." We flew the three off to where Eleanor was and set them down. When El saw us, she gasped.
"Niall! That looks really bad!"
"Yeah... The girls packed some bandages your pockets. It should be in this small white cube." He looked through his pockets and pulled one out. He pressed a small button on the top and set it to the side. We watched as it turned into a first aid kit.
"How does that even work?"
"Well, they use the laws of-"
"Just kidding. I don't even want to know." We laughed as Eleanor reached for the kit. I sat down next to Zayn and watched El and Jesy wrap Niall up.
"Wh-what's going on?" I turned around and saw Lou looking around as he rubbed his head. Jocy then started waking up.
"Whoa whoa whoa! It's alright!" El smiled as she wrapped her arms around him.
"What's with the fire?" Jocy mumbled as she sleepily looked towards it.
"My head really hurts..."
"ZAYN!" I placed my hands on his cheeks and saw his eyes slowly open.
"Babe...? Why do you have so many scratches?"
"It smells like fried chicken..." Jane grumbled as she flipped around.
"WHOA! Who started that?!" Louis finally realized how big the fire was.
"Why don't you ask Perrie?" Jesy and El giggled.
"Did you do that?" Zayn asked in shock. I chuckled and looked at everyone.
"I thought it was just getting a little chilly is all." The girls and I laughed as we gave each other knowing looks.
"I don't get it. What's so funny?"
"Nothing, Lou. Just rest for now."
"I'm really tired babe." Zayn mumbled as he set his head on my shoulder.
"Psh... You had it easy."
"What was that?"
"Nothing! Relax Zayn." I chuckled as I pecked his lips.

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
Why does my head hurt so badly?
I grumbled as I pushed my body up. I looked around and saw trees... And bushes... And I heard water...
"WE CRASHED!" I immediately reacted and looked around me. I spotted long dark hair and crawled towards it. I flipped her over and saw it was Michelle.
"Hey! Wake up!" I shook her, but, she wouldn't budge.
"Fine... I'll do it the hard way." I pulled the small squishy orb and dropped it above Michelle's face. A splash of water popped from it and woke her up.
"Are you TRYING to drown me?!" She sputtered through the water.
"You're alive!"
"Of course I am! Why wouldn't-" she stopped and looked around.
"That plane crash wasn't a dream... Was it?" I shook my head and saw her run her fingers through her hair.
"Do you see anyone else?" She asked as I pulled her up.
"No. Not yet. You're the first one I spotted."
"Maybe if we head a little further, we might find someone."
"Or maybe we just have to look behind that bush." I nodded towards my left as I spotted brown ringlets. Michelle and I looked at each other and laughed.
"Harry." We walked towards him and saw he was mumbling.
"What's he saying?" Michelle shrugged as we leaned in closer.
"Gem... No... Dusty... You don't know... You're..."
"Is he singing?" I sputtered a laugh.
"Let's just wake him up." Michelle pulled a blue squishy orb and dropped it on him. He flew up and began to choke. He turned and glared at us.
"That... That was horrible!" He continued to cough.
"Well, we wanted to make sure you were alive." Michelle smiled
"You okay?" I mumbled as I examined his face.
"Yeah. Where are we?"
"Plane crashed somewhere." Michelle shrugged.
"What?!" Harry's eyes widened as he stood up.
"Let's find the others then! We need to see if they're okay-"
"Whoa whoa! Shh! Do you guys hear that?" Michelle stopped us with a finger as she looked around.
A twig snapped.
"Might be an animal."
"What animal would live here, Sky?" Michelle grumbled as she continued to listen.
"A cat? Shark? Monkey?" I listed off for her.
"Don't move." Harry muttered as he grasped our hands.
"What's your deal-?"
"Look behind you, but, stay calm." We turned our heads around and froze. I gulped.
"That's not a monkey."
"Let's hope it can't run." We all dashed to opposite direction as it zig zagged through trees.
"What the hell is that?!" I shouted as we continued to run.
"It's Bigfoot!"
"Harry! Last time I checked, Bigfoot wasn't made out of some leather shit!"
"Nobody asked you Michelle!"
"Would you two STOP? We need to get out of here!" I yelled at them.
"Where do we go?!" I looked around and spotted a giant cliff.
"Anklets! Put your anklets on!"
"Why did you have to make accessories-?"
"HARRY! NOW'S NOT THE TIME TO COMPLAIN!" He jumped a bit and continued to place it on his ankle.
"C'MON! I SEE IT!" We got a running start and quickly ascended up. As we landed on a clear patch, we all took a break.
"What the hell was that thing?"
"I don't even know..." I looked over the edge and saw it was clear.
"You know what's weird though?" I turned to listen to Harry.
"It was standing there for a while. It didn't really look harmless."
"It didn't look HARMLESS? That thing was GROWLING!"
"Michelle has a point. Maybe it didn't do anything cause you spotted it."
"No... It's not that... It just looked like it was... Observing you? I don't know..." He trailed off as he looked out at the view.
"We better find the others. Who knows if that thing will try to go after them." I mumbled as I stood up.
"Yeah, let's get going. Where should we start?"
"Maybe they're by where we were." Michelle said as she looked down to the blur of green plants.
"Do I have to remind you we just saw a MONSTER there?" I smacked her upside the head.
"Hey! Respect your older siblings!"
"Fuck that!" I laughed as I punched her.
"We have gadgets you two." Harry chuckled as he cut in between us.
"Right... Forgot." I grinned.
"Sometimes I wonder about you 'Shadows'." He mumbled as he flew down.
"The nerve of your boyfriend."
"He isn't my boyfriend." I laughed as Michelle and I followed behind him.
"What do you mean he isn't your– Wait....? Has he asked you to yet?" I shook my head in response.
"WHAT?! SCARLETT!" Michelle shoved me and gave me a What The Fuck look.
"He hasn't! What am I supposed to do?"
"Umm... TELL HIM?"
"It isn't that simple." I muttered as I looked ahead.
"Are you two okay back there?"
"Yes!" We chorused.
"Sky, if you don't tell him, I WILL."
"Michelle, just let it go–"
"GUYS!" We looked ahead and saw Harry was under the grasp of the creature.
"HARRY!" I was pulling out a marble bomb, when;
"SKY! That thing has Harry. You can't act reckless!" Michelle pulled my hand away. I curse under my breath and pulled my gloves out.
"Then let’s beat it up." I smiled at Michelle, and she smiled back. We dropped down and ran towards it.
"I got left! You take right!" I nodded and ran off.
"Take THIS!" The creature jumped up into the air, causing Michelle as I to collide fists and throw each other back. My back hit against a tree, and I couldn't help but let a shriek out.
I fell forward and struggled to get up.
"Hurry! Prince Charming is being taken away!" Michelle got me on my feet and we ran towards the monster.
"Harry! Try to fight it off!"
"I'm okay!"
"HARRY! Listen to Michelle!"
"It's not hurting me! Just... I'll be fine! Go find the others!" The monster suddenly went away in a flash.
"NOO! HARRY!" I couldn't find a trace of him anywhere.
"Scarlett, he's gone."
No... No! He can't be!
"LET ME GO!" I pushed her off of me and ran towards a clearing.
"HARRY!" No response. I continue to follow along the shore to find somewhere to go to.
That's when I spotted a fire.
"Harry... Maybe it's Harry!" I kicked my anklets on and ran.
"I see a body... Please be okay..." To much of my disappointment, it wasn't Harry.
"Scarlett?" I looked at Louis who was lying down on the sand with a hand over his eyes.
"SCARLETT!" I turned to see everyone else sitting in a group. They ran up and towards me.
"Oh... Hey guys."
"Well you'd think that after a plane crash you'd have more enthusiasm." Jane chuckled as he nudged me.
"What's the matter, Sky?"
"I just thought you were– OH MY GOD YOUR LEG!" I ran down and towards Niall who was laid across Jocy.
"What happened?!"
"I'm fine now. Don't worry." He chuckled as he sat up straight.
"It was horrible! There was blood gushing everywhere!"
"Way to calm her down Eleanor." Perrie chuckled.
“Why do you look so worried Scarlett?” Jocy asked as she got up.
“We lost Harry.” I turned and saw Michelle walking towards us with her arms crossed.
“You lost him? How?” Gemma quickly rose up and looked worried.
“Some weird black monster took him off.”
“Perrie! El! Could it be the same kind we saw?” I turned and saw Jesy looking at the two with a worried look.
“It’s got to be! Was it tall and slim? Looked shiny?” Perrie asked me. I nodded as I looked at the three.
“How do you know this?” I asked as I narrowed my eyes at them.
“Perrie here had to fight off two of them when we were searching for everyone! El and I stayed back and watched her when she made those things burst into flames!” Jesy motioned her arms to the fire besides them.
“So that’s how you started the fire?” Zayn looked at Perrie incredulously.
“Perrie did not start that. She can’t even cook!” Leigh Anne teased.
“Watch it.” Perrie glared at her.
“Did those things try to attack you?” Michelle asked as she stepped closer.
“Well… It got a hold of Eleanor for a while… It attacked Perrie though.”
“Maybe it was only because you attacked it first.” Daisy mumbled.
“I don’t even know. I was only trying to defend everyone.” Perrie shrugged.
“It was kinda creepy though. The black stuff started to peel off of it when Perrie threw an earring at it.”
“An earring? Jesy, you sound crazy.” Jade chuckled.
“Oh… I hope he’s alright. My mum will kill me if anything happened to him…”
“Wait, it peeled off?” I asked.
“Yeah. It looked like a robot without the paint.” A robot? I turned to look at Michelle, and she, looked at me confused.
“Do you think it’s possible for someone to live here?” I asked Jess.
“With the right equipment; might be possible. Why?” I turned to look at Niall.
“And you’re sure my parents were last seen around the Bermudas?” He nodded.
Maybe we didn’t crash for any reason….
Maybe… Just maybe… We’re in the right place. I thought back to when I was younger… How my mom loved being at the beach and enjoying beautiful sceneries…
I turned to Michelle.
“Do you remember what mom would say about her dream house?” Michelle looked confused or a second before something clicked.
“She’d always wanted to live in a secret cavern.” She mumbled with eyes wide open. I grinned and nodded.
“And there was that cliff back there. We didn’t look around it.”
“What does this have to do with the robot though?” Liam asked from besides Danielle.
“Jane,” She snapped up to look at me.
“When you read the files on my parents, did it say anything about the contributions to security systems or technology they produced for the agency?”
“Im not sure. Niall?”
“Actually… There WAS something…” Niall placed a finger on his lips in thought. He snapped his fingers and turned up to look at me.
“Something about mechanical critters that would take unwanted guests off to wherever you programmed it to. They cancelled the project though. Something about it not being able to attack?”
“Mom never did like violence.” Michelle sighed.
“But she sure didn’t show that.” I chuckled.
“So are you saying that your parents might have made those?” Jocy asked a bit unsure.
“I think I know where you’re going with this. So; you think your parents are somewhere located on this island in some cave, those things might be their security, and that maybe if you find where they’re hiding, you’ll find Harry?” We all turned to Danielle in surprise.
“What? I catch on quickly.” She chuckled.
“She’s on point.” Louis chuckled.
“So, how are we supposed to find out where they are though? If they are in some secret hiding spot, how are we supposed to find it without getting lost or taken by those things?” Jade asked as she looked around.
“Maybe we can track them.” Laura chuckled.
That’s when a light bulb flashed in all of our heads. We turned and smiled at Jade and Laura.
“Why is everyone lookin at us like that?”
“You’ll be fine you two! I hope…”
“That doesn’t sound so reassuring Louis!” Laura yelled from the ground.
“You think this’ll work?” I asked Jocy.
“It’s got to. If something does go wrong, Jade has Laura to help.” I nodded and look back down. We were all hiding in the trees, just waiting for something to come after our bait; Laura and Jade.
“I bet Jade’s gonna run off.”
“Shut up Zayn.” Jade shouted.
“Babe! Be nice.” Perrie chuckled from besides him.
“I see something coming! Everyone, be quiet!” Leigh Anne shouted as she jumped from one tree to another. We got into position and watched Laura and Jade kick rocks and branches.
“Do you think Harry will be fine?” Gemma whispered to me. I turned and gave her a warm smile.
“He can’t be stopped that easily.”
“Sky! Look!” I turned and saw it coming; The Shadow.
Niall came up with the name. Original isn’t it?
We all stayed quiet and waited for the gadgets to take effect and make us blend in with the surroundings.
“Guys! I’m a tree!” Eleanor chuckled.
“Geeze! No fun.” She mumbled as she went back to being quiet.
“So how are you and you’re boyfriend dong Jade?”
“We’re good. He’s really sweet and all.”
“That’s great!”
“Do you have a special someone in your life, Laura?”
“Nah. After all of this that’s been going on, and being on the Shadow’s top wanted list; nobody wants to go out with a fugitive.” The two chuckled as they continued to talk. They both stopped and looked around.
“I think I hear something… Do you?” Laura nodded and backed up next to Jade.
“Just stay calm.” I looked behind the tree the two were backed up against and gasped.
The Shadow threw its hands over the girl’s mouths. I watched as they began to shriek behind the large hand.
“Let’s go help-“
“Perrie, don’t worry.” Zayn held her back, but I could tell it hurt her watching Jade struggle to get free.
After a couple of seconds though, the two stopped moving. Their eyelids fluttered shut as they slumped down. The Shadow threw each one over its shoulder and was about to dash off.
“Now! Everyone, get ready, and GO!” Michelle led us all behind the Shadow. It was difficult since it kept jumping up and down, swerved back and forth, and it was really hard to see it with the sun now going down.
“Hurry! It’s getting away!” Niall shouted as he passed by me with Jocy.
“There! It went inside there!” I watched as a boulder rose off of from the side of the cliff.
“Faster everyone!” I shouted as I went inside first.
I was fucking pitch black.
“Glasses!” Louis shouted. We took them out of our pockets and looked around.
“I saw it go that way!” Daisy yelled as she went off into a different direction. We all followed close behind.
“I think we lost it…” I mumbled when we came to a stop. We took the glasses off and saw that this spot was being illuminated by the sun peeking in through some cracks.
“No… We still have it!” I turned and saw Jess grinning as she held up the phone.
“We get signal from the tracking chips in Jade and Laura’s pocket!”
“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” I grinned as I pushed Jess ahead.
We weaved and bobbed through different paths till we ended up in some sort of white holding room.
“This must be it…” I mumbled under my breath.
“Does anyone else smell food?” Niall mindlessly said as he limped around while holding onto Liam’s shoulder.
“You’re just hungry babe-“
“No wait… I smell something too. It’s… Pizza?” Leigh Anne was dumbfounded by what she just said.
“You’re all going nuts.” Danielle chuckled.
“Hello? Is someone there?”
“That’s Harry’s voice!” Gemma gasped as she looked around. I flew up and looked in all of the cells, till I finally spotted the familiar curls.
“HE’S HERE!” I looked and saw he was eating…
“And… He has… Pizza…?”
“TAKE ME UP THERE!” Niall shouted.
“What are you doing?” I chuckled as I bent the cell open with my gloves. I stepped in and was surprised at how nice it was in here.
“Eating. Want a slice?” He waved the pizza in my face and I simply shook my head. He shrugged his shoulders and ate it himself.
“Those creatures sure do make some good food.” He mumbled as he reached for his drink.
“Wait… What?”
“Did he just say the creatures made the food?” I turned and saw Zayn along with everyone else, coming in.
“Who cares!” Niall dashed passed me and sat by Harry.
“Food is food!” He took the largest slice and took a giant bite.
“Save some for me!”
“Me too!”
“Hey, ladies first!”
“Niall! Stop hogging it all!”
“GUYS!” They all stopped in their positions and looked up at me.
“I call that slice.” I ran into them and began o attack the food myself.
“Okay, doesn’t anyone find this a bit weird?”
“No.” We all chorused. Michelle and Gemma rolled their eyes and sat down.
“Hey, where’s blueberry and the flirt?” Harry mumbled as he looked at everyone.
“JADE and LAURA got taken away as well. We followed them here, but, stopped because we found this place along with you.” Liam said.
“Shouldn’t we go find them?”
“No problem.” Harry stood up and pressed a red button. In an instant, we heard a growl by the cell. The girls gasped and shrank away at the presence of the Shadow.
“Don’t worry, he’s friendly.” Harry smiled as he pat the creatures back. The Shadow, in return, did the same, but, was too strong and made Harry stumble. We all chuckled quietly and watched as Harry fixed his posture. He cleared his throat and looked up to the Shadow.
“Right… Umm, have you found two girls by any chance? They’re our friends.” The Shadow extended its palm up, and a hologram of Jade and Laura sleeping in beds came up.
“Yes! That’s them! Can you take us to them please?”
“Of course.”
“AND IN MORGAN FREEMANS VOICE?!” Harry turned to look at all of us with a grin.
“It takes orders to accommodate to your own wants. I asked him if he could talk that way…” He chuckled.
“Follow me.” The Shadow began to walk out, and we all followed a little further behind as Harry made conversation with it. He turned to us and rolled his eyes.
“He doesn’t bite. C’mon!” He waved at us.
“We’re good right here mate!” Niall spoke for us all.
“Bunch of babies.” He chuckled and continued to talk to the Shadow.
“I think he’s being brainwashed.” Jesy mumbled to us all.
“He better not! I don’t want to get in trouble for it!” We all chuckled at Gemma’s remark.
“The two girls are located in here.” The Shadow stopped in front of a dark cell and unlocked it. After that, it walked away. We all followed it with our eyes till it disappeared.
“It isn’t bad, don’t worry.” Harry laughed as he stepped inside the cell.
We watched as he patted the side.
“Aha!” A light went on, and grumbles emerged from Jade.
“Five more minutes…” Jade murmured as she threw the sheet over her head.
“Look at Laura; she sleeps like a brick.”
“Not for long.” Jess jumped in her bed and began to shake her awake.
“FUCK YOU JESS!” Laura shot up with messy hair. She stopped and looked around at everyone.
“Why are you guys in my room? Wait… Please tell me the plane crash was a dream…” She whined as she jumped in her spot.
“Fuck. Im going back to sleep.” She crawled back in the bed and knocked out.
“Where are we?” Jade asked as she rubbed her sleep filled eyes.
“You got taken into some holding cell.”
“Nicest holding cell I’ve ever seen too.” Michelle chuckled.
“A holding cell? What?” Jade seemed a bit confused as she looked around.
“Looks more like a hotel room to me.” She giggled as she got up to stretch.
“If you’re parents really do run this place Sky: I don’t mind being a prisoner.” Louis chuckled as he sat on Laura’s bed.
“We should really get to investigating this place.” Michelle whispered to me.
“Well, we know how mom and dad work. It’s better for them to stay here and wait while we check this place out.” I nodded and turned to Jocy. She looked at me worried, but, I flashed her a smile and nodded her over.
“What’s up?” She mumbled as she got closer to us.
“Take charge. Michelle and I are gonna see if we can find anyone here.”
“I’ll come along. Jane can-”
“No, Jocy. You stay here. We don’t want you getting in harms way. We know how our parents work.”
“Sure our memories are a bit foggy, but, we can figure it out.” Michelle chuckled.
“Plus, you have Niall over there.” I gestured to the laughing blond.
“I guess…” She sighed and nodded.
“Great. When they notice we’re gone, just tell them not to worry, okay?”
“Got it Scarlett. Be careful you two.” We nodded and went our way.
“The Shadow went down this way. You think we’re going to be able to find out where it goes off to?”
“Beats me. Think like mom and dad.” I nodded and began to look around. Lucky for us, there was either lights or natural sunlight that lit the way.
We went down paths, took random ways up, and down, but, it seemed impossible to get around here.
“This place looks so huge. It’s almost endless.” Michelle grumbled as she looked down another trail.
“Mom always was real tricky…” Wait…
“Michelle,” She hummed and turned to me.
“Do… Do you think it’s possible that they made a labyrinth?” Her eyes got wide.
“Oh no… Dude… FUCK!” She ran her fingers through her hair and groaned.
“If what you’re thinking is true, then, we’re fucked.” She began to panic.
“Well, why don’t we just mark halls we already took?”
“Maybe that’ll work… But, there’s got to be an easier way. We just can’t see it.” Michelle began to examine the floors as she got down on her knees.
“Umm… That’s pretty weird…” I laughed as I watched her crawl. She flipped me off and continued to look.
“Well, while you do that, I think im just gonna relax,” I rested my hand against the wall.
“And figure something much easier out- WHOA!” I fell back as the wall began to move. I shook my head and looked up.
“What the hell…?” Michelle and I mumbled as our surroundings began to change. A door appeared on the other end of the room.
“Dude… Scarlett…” Michelle lifted me up and we walked slowly towards the door. I looked at the knob hesitantly, but, opened it up.
Maybe this was the end…
“What?!” I was disappointed when I saw we were still in the caverns.
“Maybe we have to find another one of those switches.”
“How are we supposed to do that if I found the first one by accident?” I groaned as I flopped down.
“We have gadgets. More specifically,” She reached in her pocket.
“These glasses.” She waved them around with a smirk on her face.
“GENIUS! You know, I think Harry is right; we really don’t think when it comes to gadgets.” I chuckle as I pull my pair out. Once I have them on, I change the settings one by one till I see something.
“Dude… There’s a colored trail in the UV light setting.”
“Really? In Cyclops mode, I see switches behind certain boulders.”
“Oh great… What the hell are we supposed to do?”
“Well, what colors do you see?”
“All the colors of the rainbow… Do you think we have to set each switch off according to the order?”
“There’s only one way to find out.” She sighed.
“Then let’s start.” We went off one by one, following the trails, pressing switches, and changing our surroundings. One we got to purple, we took in a deep breath.
“Here goes nothing.” Michelle reaches for the switch, we watch the setting change, and a door appears before us.
“I see it…” We take off our glasses and head towards it. Michelle reaches for the door knob, and I watch in anticipation.
“WAIT!” I stop her and she looks at me.
“What if we have to start all over? What if we actually get stuck in this place?” I begin to panic.
“Look, we’ll keep trying even if we have to blast this place up. Don’t worry, we got one another.” Michelle smiles at me. I nod and smile back.
“Ready to see what’s behind door 2?”
“Let’s do it…” I hold my breath and shut my eyes as Michelle creaks the door open.
“Oh my god…” I hear Michelle mumble.
“No! We started all over?!”
“Open your eyes and see for yourself.” They fly open, and im stunned by a staircase.
“Let’s go up.” Michelle holds my hand and we take one step at a time. We’re greeted by a giant glass window that looks out to the shore. I look around and see a kitchen, living room, staircase upstairs, and cans of paint and sheets spread out everywhere.
“It’s amazing here… But… Why is it so deserted?”
“Because my wife isn’t big on greeting guests. She’s lazy-”
“Oh you’re one to talk. You were the one sleeping when you should’ve checked out why the alarm was sounding.”
“Touché.” Michelle and I stiffen. We turned and saw two figures looking down from the second floor.

“Mom? Dad?”


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