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Shadow's Target

Chapter 27: Bonding Time.

[Harry's P.O.V.]
"Stop squirming! It won't hurt if you listen!"
I watched with a restraint chuckle as Niall was getting his leg treated by Scarlett's dad.
"There! See?"
"It... It's gone." Niall looked at his leg in amazement when he saw it was now perfectly fine.
"Who developed that gadget dad?" Michelle chuckled as she took a closer look at Niall's leg. David looked over his shoulder to Belle and smiled.
"Your mother. She always was overprotective-"
"Hey! It comes in handy."
"Was it really necessary for it to look like a metal detector though? Like, c'mon now mom." Michelle teased.
"It was the perfect design for it!" Belle defended herself as she walked over to me. She examined my face and then my arms.
"Just a couple of bruises is all. You'll be done in no time." She smiled warmly as she took the healing gadget from David.
"How's your mum doing? Is she alright?" Belle tried making conversation as she slowly ran the gadget down my arms.
"She's doing great actually."
"Good! And I can see Gemma has grown into a fine woman." She chuckled as she looked over to my blushing sister.
"She's getting there."
"I was joking Gem!" I laughed.
"Mom, this thing is out of juice." Scarlett muttered as she hit the gadget.
"Honey, don't do that. It will only make it worse. Your father messed it up when he got into some deep trouble with the Secret Service."
"They targeted me! I wasn't aware! Plus, it was only a broken Arm!"
"And look what it did to the gadget. There's another one in the cabinets by the sink." Belle instructed Scarlett. She nodded and went running off.
I smiled as I watched the Dane family bond slowly before my eyes. It's as if they were never separated in the first place and things just fell together.
Of course... It wasn't like that a couple hours ago.
"Mister and Misses Dane want me to escort you all to the living room. Please follow me." The Shadow instructed us as it walked along.
"Did it just say Dane?" Jane mumbled as she walked besides Lou and I.
"Yeah... That's Sky's last name... Isn't it?" Eleanor whispered over to us.
"I'm about to meet THE David AND Belle! Oh my god..." Jess shrieked as she walked ahead.
"Are Sky's parents really THAT amazing?" Niall asked as Jocy carried him on her back.
"Isn't it supposed to be the other way around, Niall? You know; You carry Jocy?" Laura laughed as she noticed the odd gesture.
"Shut it." Jocy chuckled as looked ahead.
"David and Belle were known for their top Shadow skills." Daisy began.
"They were THE Shadows. First ones to develop prototype gadgets that worked perfectly on the first try, perfect streak of completed missions, masters of disguise, top fighters, most requested for highly difficult tasks, and hideout geniuses too. It was every Shadow's dream to become like David or Belle, even my own." Daisy sighed as she drifted into her own world.
"Not only that, BUT, they both had abilities that worked together perfectly." Jane gushed.
"Like what?" Liam asked intrigued.
"David was the sneaky one. He was the one to go to for the slyest gadgets around. He had the smarts and patience for very mission. His weakness though; Sleeping. Our mentors would say how he would always oversleep sometimes during his time period for his mission." Jocy chuckled.
"Sound like Scarlett to me." Perrie mumbled, causing all of us to laugh in agreement.
"Belle was a beast though! She was the girl to Beat! Every guy wanted her, but, she played hard to get."
I chuckled to myself.
Like mother like daughter...
"Her fights were legendary to watch. David was the only one who came close enough to taking her down when it came to training. She was never beaten though. She was the toughest Shadow around. Her skills were a bit more straight forward and on-with-the-action type of thing. Even with that though, it was said she was always a softie on the inside." Laura smiled
"They say that David had done the simplest thing to win her heart; hand her a rose, kiss her cheek, and tell her she was beautiful. He left her there dumbfounded by the sudden gesture, and, well... They ended up together after a while." Jane chuckled.
"And then they had two kids who were just as tough and snappy." Louis muttered.
"We're here lads!" Zayn called from the front.
"I didn't even notice we were in front of a door."
"Harry; be prepared to meet your in laws."
"Shut up Lou." I chuckled as I walked away from him.
"Let's go in!" Jesy smiled from upfront. We watched as Leigh Anne opened the door slowly to reveal an amazing home.
"WHOOOAAAA..." We were all in shock when we saw what a gorgeous view they had in this place.
"Hey, I hear voices." Jade mumbled as she scurried up a pair of stairs with Danielle.
"It's Sky and Michelle!" Danielle grinned down to us. I smiled and ran up to surprise her.
"Mom? Dad?" I stopped when I noticed the two girls looking up somewhere. As I shifted my gaze to the two figures at the top, everyone else came rushing up quietly.
I recognize them...
It really was their parents.
"Well, I'm guessing you two got your memories back." Belle smiled.
"Y-yeah... It was n-no sweat." Michelle stuttered as she stared at her mother.
"So, how'd you do it? I told you these girls would grow up as the spitting image if you." David winked at Belle.
"Oh stop it. Come on girls, we'll go to-" Just as she was walking down the staircase with David, Scarlett interrupted.
"Why did you guys leave us?" Her parents stopped midway and looked down to her.
"What do you-"
"Don't play dumb."
"Sky, calm down-"
"Michelle! They ABANDONED us. And with who?! JASON!"
"Baby, we can explain it-"
"NO! Don't try and explain it! You guys should've taken action when you knew Jason was going to take us away!" My heart broke a little when I saw a tear streaming down a furious Scarlett's cheek.
"We didn't mean to leave you two.. We just knew that Jason wouldn't let anything happen to you. He thought of you guys as valuable Shadows." David said softly as he continued to walk down the staircase.
"Then what about Michelle? Huh? What about when she suddenly became a traitor and got taken to the Guardians side?"
"You never told her the whole story, did you Michelle? Young lady! I told you-"
"I didn't know when it was going to be the right time!" Michelle defended. Scarlett looked at Michelle baffled.
"What are you talking about...?"
"Things are about to get good." Jesy mumbled as she chewed on her nails.
Michelle took in a deep breath and shut her eyes.
"I knew where mom and dad were the whole time."
Scarlett's jaw dropped. She quickly closed it and looked back and forth at the people in front of her. She backed up slowly and shook her head in disappointment.
"What about me, huh?" Scarlett mumbled through her gritted teeth.
"Why couldn't anyone tell me? Why didn't ANYONE tell me MY PARENTS were still alive?! Huh?!" Scarlett's voice cracked as she began to sob.
"Scarlett, it was all-"
"DON'T TOUCH ME!" She shrugged David's hand off and looked at him with anger.
"This isn't going to be good... Let's step out before things get awkward." Jess mumbled as she led the way. All four heads turned to look at our group.
"How did you guys get here?" Scarlett asked as she began to quickly wipe her tears away.
"We let the Keeper bring them in here, Scarlett." Belle smiled to us.
"Aww! I was hoping it would be called a Shadow." Niall grunted as he kicked the air.
"See?! This kid agrees!"
"David, Now's not the time to fuss about names. You kids have a seat." Belle smiled as she walked towards us with David to greet us.
Gemma and I quickly dashed passed them and went to the girls.
"Not now Harry."
"Sky, please don't be so-"
"Michelle, you aren't gonna make things any better if you keep running your mouth." She spat at her.
"Michelle had her reasons to not tell you, Sky." Gemma suddenly said.
"She knew what you were like when it came to these kind of things."
"Gemma, I'd really appreciate it if you leave this conversation between Michelle and I." Scarlett muttered as she looked at her sister.
"Scarlett, Michelle, are you two okay?" I looked over my shoulder and saw Belle walking towards us with David.
"Oh my god..." The two stopped in their tracks in shock.
"Little Harry and Gemma? Is that you?" David looked back and forth at us.
"Nice to see you again Mr. Dane." Gemma approached the two with an opened hand. They gladly took it and smiled to her.
"Harry! You've gotten so handsome since the last time we saw you!" Belle chuckled a she walked over to hug me. I laughed and shrugged.
"Thank you."
"Getting all the women, aren't you?" David chuckled as she approached me for a quick manly hug.
"He better not. I don't want my brother to be a player." Gemma joked as she pinched my cheek. I waved it off and rolled my eyes.
"I'm going outside." I heard Scarlett murmur as she walked away. I followed her with my eyes and sighed.
"She takes after you Belle; Stubborn and fussy."
"Watch your mouth David." I laughed when Belle punched David's arm. She looked at me and smiled softly.
"Why don't you go talk to her. You two always did know how to comfort each other." I nodded and excused myself to go outside.
Once I found a door to the balcony, I looked to my left and saw Scarlett sobbing.
"No, no! Don't cry!" I ran to her and pulled her into my chest.
"I-I c-can't h-help it! I'm s-so..." She grunted and punched my chest slightly.
"It's alright." I rubbed my hand up and down her back as I kissed the top of her head. She pulled away after a couple minutes and looked at me with her puffy eyes.
"Why would they leave me left out? Why? Is there something wrong with me? Am I not good enough?"
"Scarlett," I pulled her down to sit besides me on a bench they had set to the side.
"Don't make such assumptions. Don't you remember when we got our memories back? How protective your mother was with you? How much your parents shower you with their love? There's got to be a good reason as to why they didn't include you into their plan or whatever. You've just gotta relax, and listen." I looked at her to see if she was soaking up everything that I was telling her.
"Now that you mention it," she sniffled her nose and looked down.
"I... I saw my mom before... When I blacked out once... She came to tell me everything would be okay."
"See? She cares enough to talk to you somehow. You just have to listen to their side of the story first." I smiled to her as I pressed my lips.
"Dammit Harry..." She grumbled as she ran her fingers through her hair.
"What?" I chuckled at her sudden change in tone.
"I made a fucking fool of myself!" She chuckled weakly as she punched her thigh.
"You do that a lot."
"Thanks for making me feel better." She laughed.
"It's what I do."
"Don't get too cocky now..."
*End Flashback*
After a long explanation, a lot of tears from the girls, and sorry's thrown out everywhere, Scarlett understood everything, and, I was now watching their bond develop once again.
"There you go! Good as new." Belle smiled as she stepped back.
"Wow. Thank You!" I smiled as I looked at my bruise free arms.
"Anyone else missing?" Belle asked around. She got a hum of no's as she looked at everyone.
"Guess that's everyone! You kids want dinner?"
"YES!" Everyone jumped up and pushed Belle along into the kitchen, leaving only Scarlett, Michelle, David, Gemma and I in the room.
"Aren't you hungry dad?"
"Always am, Sky. But, I think your mother is a bit too busy to take our orders on what we want." He chuckled as he looked over at the kitchen.
We all laughed as we watched everyone fight over the food.

"We have a studio session tomorrow!" Perrie groaned.
"And I have a meeting with an agent tomorrow!" Eleanor added on.
"So do I!" Danielle grumbled as she took another scoop of chocolate mousse.
"We can have you all sent off wherever you want. It's not that late." David said as he checked his watch.
"Can you really?" Jade asked with her mouthful.
"Of course. The Keepers can take you in the jet planes."
"I say we go soon. We don't want to get yelled at." Leigh Anne chuckled.
"I'll go get everything set up for your trip. You can all rest up on the plane and we'll get your hotel accommodations." Belle smiled as she took a small box out.
"That be great! Thank you!" Perrie smiled.
"Can I tag along? Mum must be worried about me." Gemma chuckled. Belle nodded and pressed a button on her small box.
We watched as Belle brought up a screen and touched a couple things. After a few seconds, she was done.
"That was fast." Zayn mumbled.
"What about you boys? You staying for a while?"
"Well, we don't really have much to do anyways. Just an interview in two days, so, we have time." Liam said.
"Scarlett? Michelle? What about you girls?"
"I've got nothing." Michelle sputtered as she leaned back.
"Sky here is a Popstar though, so-"Louis!"
"It's true!"
"What? How did that happen?" David asked in amusement.
"She has a great voice. Simon signed her to SYCO and she has a recording contract with him now." I smiled at them.
"That's amazing! So, I'm guessing asking you guys about our trip would be out of the question?"
"What trip?" Scarlett asked as she leaned in closer. David and Belle looked at one each other before turning to the girls.
"Your mother and I are going to do some work around the globe. Fix Shadow and Guardian problems, convince them to collaborate, and find Sarah. We don't know what she might do." David spilled.
"How long would this trip last?" Jane asked.
"About 28 weeks."
"7 MONTHS?!" Jocy shrieked.
"Or more. That's the minimum amount of time we might need." Belle informed us.
My mouth gaped open as I turned to look at an emotionless Scarlett.
“I’m in.” Michelle smiled.
“Me too.” My heart skipped a beat when those words came out of Scarlett’s mouth.
“I don’t want us getting separated again…” Scarlett smiled weakly.
“Are you girls sure? You have such bright futures ahead of you! We don’t want to hold you-”
“Dad, you aren’t to get rid of us that easily.” Scarlett chuckled.
“What about your recording deal?” Zayn asked.
“I’m sure we can talk to your boss about it. We some experience in the music industry as producers.” Belle chuckled.
“Then it’s set! When do we leave?”
“In a couple of days actually. We thought we’d go off to look for you if you two never came to find us.” David said with a laugh.
“Days? Isn’t that too soon?” Jocy whimpered.
“Jocy… Please don’t cry!” Daisy comforted her.
“It’s going to be a difficult task… Jane, Jess, Laura, Daisy, and Jocy; You’re welcomed to come along as well.” Belle smiled.
“Wh-what? Really? Under YOUR wing?” Daisy looked like she was going to scream of excitement.”
“Of course!” All the girls screamed and bounced up as they hugged David and Belle, all except Jocy.
“I cant go.” Jocy whispered.
“Why not? You’d be such a great addition to our team!” Michelle asked.
“I know why…” Scarlett stood up and went over to her side.
“She can’t leave Niall’s side.” She chuckled as she hugged the petite blonde.
“Really? Is that really why you don’t want to go?”
“Of course, Niall. I love you.” Jocy chuckled as she pecked his lips.
“This is so romantic.” Jesy gushed.
As Scarlett’s parents continued to go on about the details, I couldn’t help but feel more and more upset.
“I think we should get you girls on the plane now. We don’t want you getting there late.” The girls agreed and went around the table saying goodbye to everyone. The remainder of us stayed behind and watched David and Belle take them out.
“Wow… This whole trip sounds so… WOW!” Laura sighed as she bounced on her seat.
“Almost too good to believe!” Jess smiled.
“We’re finally getting rid of you Scarlett!” Louis joked.
“Excuse me. I need to step out for a second.” I muttered as I walked outside.
She can’t really be leaving me…

[Scarlett’s P.O.V.]
“That was weird…” Louis muttered as we watched Harry walk away.
“Maybe I should go talk to him…” I got up and took the way that Harry went.
“Harry?” I mumbled his name as I stepped out to another balcony. I looked around and spotted him leaning over the railing.
“Harry, are you okay?”
“Yeah… I’m Fine…” He muttered as he avoided eye contact.
“Harry… Look at me. Tell me what’s up.” I placed my hand on his shoulder and turned him to face me. His eyes were glassy as he stared at me.
“How am I supposed to go on without any contact from you for a whole SEVEN months?” He said in his husky voice.
“They’ll be up before you know it-“
“Why can’t you just stay here? With me? Jocy is doing it for Niall!”
“Is that what you’re really upset about?” I mumbled as I examined his face. He looked down and nodded.
“I just found out you were the girl ive been looking for for so long! Now, you’re gonna leave me again…”
“Harry…” I felt my throat itch as I began to chuckle nervously.
“It isn’t easy for me either….” I looked up to meet his gaze.
“Im gonna miss you all…But… I haven’t been with my family in so many years. Seven months seems like such a small time for me to be with them… Think of it this way; once that time is up, I’ll be back and we won’t be separated ever again. Look, I got you something.”
“What? Really?” He chuckled as he watched me look in my pockets.
“Don’t think it’s really extravagant. It’s just a really small thing I got for you to remember me by.” I pulled the small black box from my pocket and handed it to him with a smile.
“I hope you like it.” He took it in his hands and opened it up slowly. My heart fluttered when he had a smile that stretched all the way up to the moon.

“It’s amazing.” He smiled as he held the necklace in his hand.
“And I hope you’ll always wear it in memory of me. Make sure you don’t get your memory wiped, cause, I don’t have a key for that.” I joked and it caused him to laugh.
“Thank you. You’re truly amazing…” He wrapped his arms around me and I snuggled into his chest.
“Im gonna miss you so much Harry…”
“At least it isn’t for years.”
“Don’t jinx it Eddy.” I chuckled as we broke apart.
“C’mon, let’s go back inside.

[Harry’s P.O.V.]
I examined the necklace the whole time we were at the table talking with everyone. I occasionally joined in the conversation so I wouldn’t be questioned.
“Lou, pass me the paint bucket there.” Michelle asked.
“Say the magic word-”
“Geeze! Sorry!” Louis chuckled as he passed it to her.
“You guys didn’t have to help me with this you know.”
“David, accept their help. You don’t know how long it’s taken him to finish painting that damn wall.” Belle laughed as she walked around with drinks for everyone.
“Sp, do you guys have any childhood stories about your daughters?” I smirked as I asked them.
“Harry, I will MURDER you.” Scarlett grumbled between her gritted teeth.
“Now, Sky! Be nice!” David chuckled as he came over to me.
“I remember when Scarlett was about four years old, she ran around the house with her mothers bra on her head. It was the funniest thing ever! I think we actually have a video!”

“Oh my god! Dad! Stop!” Scarlett groaned as she buried her face in her hands. We all laughed as he continued to tell the story about Super Sky.
It was nice watching the family bond, and im glad Scarlett’s parents took a liking to me.
“Don’t forget the time when Scarlett and Michelle took your briefs-“
“MOM!” The two groaned as she began to tell the story.

“Harry was the exact same way though.” Gemma smirked as she looked at me.
“Don’t start Gem….”
“Don’t tempt me Harry…” I chuckled and continued to watch everyone bounce off of each others conversations.
“Harry?” I hummed and looked at Scarlett.
“Thank you. For making me realize how stupid I was acting… My family seems so happy. Even Michelle and my dad are bonding quickly.” She chuckled as she watched the two fool around.

“I just hope you use those seven months wisely, Scarlett. I don’t know how I’ll be able to survive without you…” She smiled and pecked my cheek.
“I’ll miss you Eddy….”

And I’ll miss you… Dani…


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