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Shadow's Target

Chapter 21: So Close...


[Harry's P.O.V.]

"Harry, what's wrong with you?" Niall chuckled as he patted my back.
I took off my necklace, dangling it out for everyone to look at it.
"Scarlett is the one I've been looking for this whole time..." I whispered.
"What? Have you gone mad or something Harry?" Perrie chuckled.
"Harry, what are you talking about?" Louis mumbled.
I placed the key on the palm of my hand, examining every small detail of it.
"I had a friend..." I began.
"I used to call her Dani. I'm not quite sure why I called her that, but, I just did." I smiled.
"She called me Eddy. I'm guessing that it's probably because of my middle name." I lifted the necklace and placed it back around my neck. I clasped my hands together and leaned forward, using my thighs to support my arms.
"We never knew each others names because, well, we never told each other. It was a good thing too cause our parents didn't get along quite well..." I sighed.
"She was my first friend, first pal, first... Crush..." I blushed slightly.
"Aww! That's so cute!" I heard Eleanor whisper.
I chuckled a bit, and continued on with my story.
"One day, I was going to go find her so we could go out somewhere and hang out." I closed my eyes, now beginning to visualize the day she left...
"But... She was getting into a car with some others girls..." I opened my eyes up slowly, looking around at everyone.
"She looked back at me, and... Looked... Scared. I wanted to know where she was going, but... I never saw her again." I ran my hand through my hair, taking in a deep breath.
"I gave her this necklace... It had a heart shaped locket on it." I mumbled.
"Like Sky's..." Liam muttered. I looked at him and nodded.
"And I had this key, which, unlocked her necklace." I said as I motioned to the chain around my neck.
"When Scarlett came back after finding her lost necklace from that one place, where you went with her,"
I looked towards Lou.
"Jocy showed me the necklace..." I sighed, placing my hand on my forehead, wondering why I didn't ask Scarlett the moment I had the chance.
"It was the exact same one...." I huffed, letting a smile cross my face.
"You idiot! Why didn't you ask her about it then?!" Zayn scolded me. I looked to him and saw he was at the edge of his seat, waiting for me to go on. I let a laugh out and shook my head.
"I thought it belonged to someone else..." I muttered. I looked down and started to feel all these emotions come up.
"Who? C'mon now man! Don't keep me hanging on like this!" Adam groaned as he tapped his foot impatiently.
I smirked, looking at my hands.
"I thought it belonged to Michelle." I let my head rise up to meet everyone's shocked look.
"Why did you think it was Michelle's?" Danielle said utterly confused.
"Jocy told me a story about her... How Michelle wanted Scarlett to keep the necklace. I thought maybe it was for her to remember Michelle or something." I shrugged. I heard Adam groan as he slapped his forehead.
"Dude... Seriously?! Why didn't you ask her about it if you had questions?" He said loudly as he looked at me with furrowed eyebrows.
"Bad timing... Plus, I thought that if Michelle really was Dani, then, she wasn't the same Dani I remembered..." I said as I bit my bottom lip slightly.
"So... You're saying you KNEW Sky before?" Niall said a bit lost as he scratched his cheek. I smiled and nodded.
"It makes sense too; us getting along so well, the jokes, feeling over protecting for one another, her tattoo... Wow..." I slapped my forehead, feeling utterly stupid of how oblivious I was to all these clues that were laid out flat for me to piece together.
"So then, Scarlett wants her necklace back cause... She wants to remember you, and... For you two to meet again! That's so romantic!" Perrie squealed.
"You two were long lost lovers, and now; YOU'RE REUNITED!" Eleanor cheered.
"To make things even better; You two are basically a COUPLE! You ended up with your first crush Harry!" Danielle gasped as she stood up smiling. The girls then looked at one another, and screamed, fan girling over the whole thing.
I just started laughing and blushing as they said random things to me.
"Girls! Girls!" Liam stood up, trying to settle them down.
"Did it slip your mind that Sky is pretty pissed off at Harry right now?" Louis said rather gloomy.
The guilt began to rise again, this time it was even worse...
I gave away the one thing I made Dani promise me to keep...
"Oh great Lou! You've done it now! Look at Harry..." Zayn remarked as he walked towards me. He sat by my side and tried to comfort me.
"It'll be fine... Don't worry." He whispered to me. I looked to him and did a tight lipped smile, not trying at all to seem any better.
"I'm sorry mate... I didn't mean it like that. I just meant like; she'll probably not want to talk about it, especially if it is true. She might even get more mad-" Niall slapped his hand over Louis mouth, but, it was too late...
"Lou!" Liam scolded him. He removed Niall's hand from Lou's face.
"I didn't mean it like that! I just... I mean... I KNOW Scarlett, and... And she just looked REALLY PISSED-"
"LOUIS!" This time, everyone yelled at him, looking back at me for a reaction.
"I think I'm just gonna shut up now." Lou mumbled as he pulled his beanie over his face.
"I know what you mean though... And it's fine. I really needed someone to point that out before I jumped in and talked to her about it." I sighed as I stood up.
"So, what now? You're gonna wait for her?" Adam asked as he walked towards us.
"I guess... If Jocy and Michelle bring her back soon. I think I just might wait till tomorrow though..." I said.
"After the concert?" Lou asked as he placed his beanie back on his head.
Just then, someone began to knock on the door. Niall rushed over and answered it.
"Babe!" He squealed.
I ran over to see if Jocy had Scarlett with her, but, was left disappointed when she was standing there alone.
"Nice to see you too Harry." Jocy chuckled as she walked towards me. I smiled sheepishly at her.
"Look," she placed her hand on my shoulder. I snapped my attention to her.
"Scarlett will let this all blow off soon, don't worry. She loves you way to much for it to have a huge effect between you guys." She smiled as she tried to re-assure me.
I let a sigh of relief- that I didn't know I was holding- out.
"Where is she anyways?! We have the best news ever!" Perrie squealed as she did small jumps in place.
"Yeah, where did you leave off to? And where's Michelle?" I asked, realizing she was missing as well. Jocy sighed and walked over to sit besides Lou. Niall and I followed along. Jocy leaned her head back as she stretched out her arms.
"She went with Scarlett to get her necklace back." She said as she got comfortable in her spot on the couch.
"WHAT?!" I guess I was pretty loud since Jocy flinched a bit.
"Yeah... Michelle said she would take Scarlett out to eat first, and then go get her necklace. Speaking of Michelle, there's something I need to tell-"
"She's Scarlett's sister, yeah yeah." I said waving it off.
"What? Wait... You guys told him without me?!" Jocy said a bit upset as she looked at Niall and Lou.
"Well, after what Liam said, we had to!" Niall said raising his hands up.
"You guys..." She groaned.
"Well... Yeah... She went with her." Jocy shrugged her shoulders.
"Dammit! I need to go with her!" I said as I began to look around for one of their gadgets.
"Hold on there tiger! What's the rush?" Jocy chuckled.
"She's my DANI!" I shouted as I began to panic.
"What did you just say...?"

I laid down on the floor, ignoring everyone's constant chatter.
"Why didn't you say anything in the first-"
"Why didn't you tell me who Dani was?" I said, cutting offJocy. She just rolled her eyes and nudged my arm with her foot. I let a grunt out as I flipped on my back, now facing to ceiling.
"Scarlett was the one WEARING the necklace. Didn't it seem obvious that SHE was the OWNER of IT?" She said as she over emphasized words.
"I had my reasons to doubt it!" I said rather loudly as I waved my arms to the ceiling before letting them fall over my chest.
"Like what?!" Jocy said chuckling.
"Well, like the fact that I didn't know Dani's real name, that she might have recognized me, she had a British accent, had blonde hair when we were little, she was raised in the same town as me, the story you told me about Michelle-"
"Okay, okay... I get it." Jocy laughed.
"Yeah! And Michelle recognized me once, so, I thought it really was her. That and the fact that I can still detect a small accent in her." I mumbled as I turned to look at Jocy.
"That's crazy dude... It's like one of those fairy tales where the prince is looking for his princess." Adam said as he swooned over Louis lap.
"You're so weird..." I chuckled.
"So, when are you planning to tell her?" Jocy asked me.
"Well, when do you think Scarlett's coming back?" I asked. She placed her finger over her pouting lips, thinking of an answer to give me.
"If they can find Jason by tomorrow... Maybe in 2 or 3 days..." Jocy mumbled between her finger.
"WHAT?! I can't wait that long!" I shouted as I jumped up. I placed one hand on each of Jocy's shoulders.
"She was unconscious for the longest time and I can't wait any longer! We need to go find her! What if she doesn't find him? What if he destroys the necklace?! What if she never comes back because she never stops looking for-"
"Calm down Harry!" Liam said as he came up next to me. He pulled me away from Jocy and sat me down.
"We can talk about this tomorrow. Don't worry..." He chuckled.
"Yeah, I'm pretty worn out. I've got to go to sleep cause I'm leaving tomorrow." Perrie chuckled.
"And me and Danielle have some things we have to take care of as well, so, we're leaving tomorrow too." Eleanor sighed as she got up.
"And we have a concert." Niall cheered.
"Looks like Elizabeth will have to be your partner for tomorrow." Adam laughed. I threw my head back against the seat and closed my eyes.
"Dammit! Scaaarrleeeettt..." I groaned as kicked my legs around childishly.

"Last song Harry! Don't worry!" Jocy laughed as she danced past me.
"I know!" I chuckled.
I left my heart out on that stage, putting emotion into every word I sang. Once it was done, cheers filled the arena as we gathered together, bowed, and thanked our amazing fans. We ran off backstage and cheered as another great concert ended.
"I'm never going to get used to all those screaming fans." Savannah laughed as she wiped her sweat off her forehead.
"Jocy has to get used to them though... She's got Niall." Elizabeth winked at her.
"If things don't work out between you and Niall, I'm single." Savannah said with a smile.
"You guys are so lame." Jocy chuckled as she sipped on her water bottle.
"It's nice to finally meet you though." Jocy said referring to Elizabeth.
"Yeah! Niall would always talk non-stop about you when we were rehearsing. He's seriously in love with you." She gushed. I looked over a rather red Niall, hiding behind Megan.
"Getting a bit flustered?" I teased him. He glared at me before stepping towards Jocy to embrace her.
"I'm just tired of all that dancing." He huffed.
"No. He was blushing." Jocy said flatly. We started to laugh a bit as Niall walked away, pretending to be mad at her.
"I love you too!" Jocy yelled out for him.
"Well, another successful night! Only one more stop, and this whole tour is over!" Adam sighed.
"Dude! That went by so fast! Months... Like... Oh my god! I'm gonna miss you all! What am I gonna do?!" Rose said as she began to pace bak and forth.
"Don't worry." Liam hugged her as he let out a laugh.
"We'll probably have another tour for our next album!" Zayn smiled.
"Oh yeah! You're working on the other songs right?" Savannah said as she snapped her fingers.
"Isn't 'Kiss You' and 'Live While We're Young' supposed to be on that album?" Jocy asked.
"Yeah... But, they were released for promotional reasons." Louis shrugged.
"Dude... We should all try out for your background dancers again!" Elizabeth chuckled.
"Ladies... Please..." Adam pushed himself in between our little group circle. He started to give everyone sassy looks.
"Y'all won't be nothing if I ain't here to do your choreography." He snapped as he began to walk away. We laughed as he swayed his hips dramatically.
"We have Scarlett though! She's a better dancer-"
"HEY! QUIET!" Adam snapped as he flared his nostrils.
"Hit a nerve there didn't she?" Niall teased. Adam just chuckled and came back to join us.
"Where IS Sky anyways?" Rose asked as she fanned herself.
We all looked at each other, thinking of an explanation.
"She had... Family issues... To deal.. With?" Zayn said rather doubtfully.
"Works for me." Savannah shrugged as she walked off.
"Is she gonna be okay? It wasn't anything serious, was it?" Megan asked me worried.
"She'll be okay." I reassured her.
"Hey! Jocy! A friend is here to see you." Savannah shouted from across the room. I glanced over to see... Jane?
I hurried over along with the other guys, towards her. Jane just looked at us... Eyes dull and worried.
"We need to talk."

I took another bite of my banana, and flipped through the channels.
"Wait! I like that show!" Jane grunted.
"To bad! I got the control." I smirked as I waved it around at her. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her stomach as she looked back to the screen.
I glanced back at Niall who was still sound asleep. I threw my banana peel at his face, causing him to wake up startled. He stopped and took the peel off his face, throwing it off to the side.
"Where's your bird?" I chuckled. He rubbed away his sleepy look and let out a yawn.
"Probably still in the shower. Savannah did get her pretty good with that whip cream." He chuckled as he got up.
"Go check on her then! Maybe you can give her a little surprise." Jane winked.
"What do you mean?" Niall asked.
"Don't bother with him love. He takes a while to catch on!" Lou shouted from the kitchen.
"That, or, he might not ever catch on!" Zayn added.
"Oh..." Jane nodded her head, understanding the situation. She looked back to Niall and smiled sweetly.
"I meant hop on in the shower and give her a good old SHAG!" She cheered as she thrusted her hips in the air with a open smile.
Liam did a spit take across the table, getting it all on Lou.
I couldn't help but laugh along with the boys at Niall's awkward face as he stood there dumbfounded.
"JANE!" Jocy yelled. I looked over my shoulder to see her with her mouth gaped.
"I didn't do anything..." Jane muttered as she sat back down slowly. Jocy just covered her eyes with her hands, groaning in utter embarrassment.
"This is why you can't come over to se the guys!" Jocy muttered.
"What?! Wouldn't it have been a nice surprise to see your man hop in the shower with you in his full glory-"
"JANE!" This time, Jocy tackled her, laughter erupting from them both as they wrestled each other for a second.
"She has one creative mind..." I heard Zayn mumble.
"You should've heard half the stuff she told me to pull on Scarlett." I laughed.
"Speaking of which, we need to talk." Jane said as she got up with Jocy. They brushed themselves off and Jane signaled the guys over.
"Come come my children! Gather around!" She said in her best British accent.
"So what's this all about?" Liam asked as he took a seat besides me.
Jane clutched her hands together and placed them under her chin as her elbows used her thighs for support. She inhaled, then exhaled, trying to calm herself down.
"Daisy and I were at the underground headquarters, doing research." She began.
"We were trying this new electro wave technology that Jess and Laura were talking about so we could locate Sky and Michelle like Jocy asked us to." She chuckled. She ran her fingers through her hair, parting it off to one side.
"While we were testing it out, we picked up this weird signal. It was like-" she stopped and began to motion her hands in small circles.
"To put it into simple terms; it was a blue light." She said.
"So, what? The thing worked?" Niall asked.
"Well, yeah." She chuckled.
"But that's not what I came all the way here for." She turned to look at me. I couldn't help but feel a bit intimidated by her stare, and began to look away.
"The signal we picked up... Came from Harry." She said.
I was completely lost right now, and I'm pretty sure the others were as well.
"Does that mean Harry has like... Something planted on him?" Zayn asked.
"Is it some more Guardian shit?" Louis groaned.
"No... It... It was something else. We tried to look for similar signals like the one he was sending off, and received a match on our readings." She pulled out her phone an began to look through it.
"And since Daisy is one curious motherfucker, she sent me all the way here to find out what it was that we were picking up to see if it was worth checking out." She chuckled as she stood up.
"So, mind if I take a picture of you Harry? Just stand straight with your arms out to the side, and legs open." She demonstrated for me, and I copied.
"Okay... Stay stiiiiilll..." I watched as a white light shot from her phone, and scanned me.
"I will never get used to this..." Liam murmured.
"Okay... Perfect!" She smiled.
"Now, lets see... Mind if I plug my phone to the television?" Jane asked as she pointed to it.
"Just make sure you don't blow it up like that one time-"
"It was an accident." She hissed towards Jocy.
"Just giving you a heads up." Jocy chuckled.
I watched Jane as she connected everything. Soon enough, my image popped up.
"Cool. Now, let's see what you're hiding from us Harry..." Jane chuckled. She touched her phone and I watched on the screen as it analyzed everything.
Little screens with pictures of my tattoos appeared, along with my necklaces, phone, pocket change, and a couple of other weird things I had in me.
"Okay... Lets see.." She tapped a picture one by one, waiting to get some response.
"Try his phone." Jocy said as she pointed at it. Jane did so, but nothing happened.
"Why not try his necklaces?" Zayn suggested.
She tapped each one, and when it came down to my key... The television began to get glitchy.
"Fuck fuck fuck fuck!" Jane began to panic.
"I've seen this movie before and the next part is pretty scary!" Louis screamed as he hid behind Zayn.
"Oh... There we go." I watched as Jane plugged a cable back into the TV.
"Just a minor problem." She chuckled. The screen went back to normal, and we all let out sighs of relief.
"I thought I was gonna die." Zayn grumbled.
"So, what's it say?" Jocy asked.
"Huh... This one is taking a while to analyze." Jane muttered a she looked at her phone.
"Wait, look!" I pointed at the screen, and my necklace was completed for analyzation.
"Uhh... Harry..." I looked over at Liam who seemed a bit shocked.
"What's up?" I asked with my eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Liam pointed to my chest.
I looked down, and sure enough, my necklace was glowing.
"What the..." Jane mumbled under her breath as she approached me.
"Is it supposed to do that?" Jane asked as she looked me in the eyes.
"It's done it before... But when I does, it gives me flashbacks." I answered sincerely.
Jane raised an eyebrow and examined my necklace a bit closer. Her attention moved to her phone, then back to me.
"Did you do something to it? Or did someone zap it with some sort of thing?" She asked. I shook my head in response, recalling no such thing.
Jane stood up and looked at Jocy.
"That's the thing we were picking up." Jane said.
"What does it mean though?" Liam asked.
"Has it always done that?" Jocy asked me.
"Where were you when I asked that like 10 seconds ago?" Jane mumbled as she thumped the back of Jocy's head.
"Ouuucchhh!" She groaned as she placed her hands behind her head. I let out a small giggle before getting a punch on my arm from Niall.
"Like I said; it's done it before, and when it does, I get flashbacks. It started happening a couple weeks ago though." I shrugged. Jocy got up and got to my eye level to examine my necklace.
"So... If what you said about Scarlett yesterday IS true, then I think I know what the other signal may be coming from..." She smiled as she locked eyes with me.
After a brief second, it hit me.
"Scarlett's necklace! That's what it is!" I screamed happily.
Jocy nodded with a huge grin.
"Then that's where Jason must be." Jane smirked. She turned the screen off and unplugged the wires.
"So, what are you guys up to tomorrow?" Jane asked casually.
"Umm... Free day, and then we leave." Zayn answered.
"Ohh... When is your next concert?" Jane asked with a devious smile.

"Guys... I don't think this is a good idea..." Liam groaned as we walked up to the roaring helicopter.
"We'll be fine!" Jane laughed as she led the way.
"This is like a battle helicopter! It's bloody huge!" Louis grinned.
"Wait till you see the inside." Jocy winked at us.
We hopped in, and my jaw dropped.
"What is this?! This isn't a helicopter!" Niall chuckled in amazement. I couldn't have said it better. There was computers, switches, screens, monitors, the whole nine yards.
"We ARE Shadows you guys. We can't have that low quality shit." Daisy laughed from the front.
"Take a seat y'all! We're about to lift off." Jess said over the intercom.
"I have a bad feeling you guys." Liam mumbled nervously.
"I'm surprised your boss let's you do this crazy stuff." Laura laughed.
"Who said out boss knows?" Louis smirked.
Jane came up to us and haves us confused looks.
"What are you talking about?" She asked.
We looked at one another with a smile.
"Lets just say; we have the best dancers ever." I smiled.
"YOU TOLD THEM?!" Jocy shouted from the intercom.
We all smashed our hands to our ears.
"TOO LOUD BABE!" Niall screamed.
"We didn't tell them! They just... We kinda-"
"Paul is controlling them." Louis grinned.
"You guys are so RECKLESS!" Jocy shouted in utter disbelief.
We couldn't help but laugh at her fuming up.
"She's so cute when she's mad." Niall smiled.

"Signal readings indicate we are about a quarter mile from our designated location. The barrier seems to have a vital point which we can dissipate. Wind readings are normal, blowing at 20-"
"Harry, what the fuck are you talking about?" Louis looked at me with a baffled look. I pouted and threw my paper was at him.
"I was trying to sound fancy!" I whined.
"You did!" Laura laughed as she looked over at me. I stood up straight and did a toothy grin.
"Basically Lou; were here. We need to make an opening so we can get in." Jocy said through the intercom.
"He could've said that to begin with!" Lou shouted sarcastically.
"Get launch gear ready. Get into your groups guys." Jane yelled out orders as she threw us each equipment. I already had my under suit on, so, I placed my helmet on and my back back straps. I clipped everything into place and checked out everyone else's progress. I saw the girls were wearing waaaayyy cooler suits.

"Hey! I want one of those!" I stomped my foot as I pointed at them.
"Unless you want your dick to live, I suggest you stick to those clothes." Daisy laughed.
"Give them the Puma ones." Jane chuckled from the other side.
"Yeah! Give us what she said to give us!" Niall demanded. Daisy rolled her eyes and walked over to a sliding door.
The guys and I followed behind.
"Is THIS good enough?" Daisy laughed.

We smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Everyone ready?" Jocy shouted as she opened the side of the helicopter.
"Wait... WE'RE JUMPING?!" I shouted.
"Yeah... Easiest way to get in." Jane smiled.
"That... That's really high..." I chattered my teeth as I took a peak down.
"Okay! So, Niall and Jocy, Zayn and Laura, Liam and Daisy, Louis and Jess, and I got Styles! Everyone got that?" Jane shouted. We all nodded.
"Great! Lets do this!" She cheered. She pulled me with her and stood on the edge.
"Ready Harry?!" She smiled.
"Well, I think we should-"
"GOOOO!" I felt Louis push me off.
OH MY GOD. I think I just saw my whole life flash before my eyes...
"YOU'LL BE OKAY!" I heard Jane chuckle through the ear piece.
I think she's right... I didn't even feel like I was falling. I smiled, letting myself get pulled down by gravity.
"There's that smile." Jane laughed. I looked over at her and did a thumbs up.
"Get ready to pull! We're almost at the right height."

"We got section Alpha B. Are we all good now?" Daisy said as she rolled the blueprints up. We all let out a yes or nodded.
"Great. If you find Jason, let the others know. If you also happen to spot Sky or Michelle-"
"Contact me first." I cut Jane off.
"Lets do this!" Zayn said as he got pumped up.
"I just want to kick some ass!" Louis grinned as he cracked his knuckles.
"Don't get in trouble! Call us for assistance. Now, Go!" We all took off with our partner.
"We gotta keep a low profile. We don't want to get busted." Jane chuckled.
"So..." She started to say.
"About the Dani thing..." She turned to me and smirked.
"I explained it all! Can we pleeeeaaase not talk about it right now?" I begged.
"It's crazy though! I can't believe it! Oh, step back." We kept quiet and among the dark as we watched two men pass by.
Once the coast was clear, we launched ourselves up to the next level.
"How do you plan on telling her?" Jane continued as we crept along.
"I don't know... I guess just say it." I mumbled. Jane stopped and smiled.
"Make it cheesy!" She squealed.
"Shhh!" I placed my finger over my lips.
"Ops..." She chuckled. She waved me over to another corridor.
"When we find her, pull her in for a kiss, and look her in the eyes and say; 'Baby, I've been searching everywhere for you.' Then she'll swoon." She fluttered her eyes as she imagined it. I just arched my eyebrow as an amused smile popped on my face.
"Okay.. Never mind. That's really lame." She chuckled.
"Glad we can agree on that." I chuckled along with her.
"Make it memorable though." She said with all seriousness.
"You don't know how long she's been waiting for you to come along." She smiled kindly. I nodded and continued to follow her along.
"This doesn't feel right..." I murmured.
"I know what you mean... I'm getting the feeling something's wrong in here." Jane whispered back. I looked around the dark room. It gave me this eerie feeling.
"You shouldn't be in here..." Someone whispered.
I froze.
"Did you hear that too?" Jane whispered to me. I nodded and looked around.
"YOU SHOULDN'T be in HERE." This time, it was a bit louder.
"Alright, this is starting to scare me..." I whispered to her a bit harshly.
"Hold on, put the glasses on." She mumbled to me.
"I better not see a ghost or something..." I whispered to her as I reached in my bag for them. I set them on my eyes, and turned them on.
"Woah..." I murmured as I looked around.
"These items... They... They're all glowing..." She turned to face me.
"Just like your necklace Harry." I tilted my head slightly, showing my confusion.
"I don't think we should be in here..." Jane mumbled. We started to back up slowly, making sure we didn't touch anything. I then felt a thud against my back.
"Oh... Sorry." I chuckled to Jane.
"What?" She whispered to me perplexed by my apology. I then felt a bit tense. I forced my body to turn around, and I faced a dark figure.
"JA-" before I could even finish saying Jane's name, the person in front of me popped me in the nose. I fell back on my bum.
"GAAAHH!" I screamed in agonizing pain as I pressed my hands over my injured nose. I felt small trickles leave my nostrils.
"That... Yeah... That hurt." I groaned.
"Harry?!" I heard someone different call to me.
"What?" I called weakly.
"It IS Harry!" I heard a different voice say. I opened my eyes and saw before me the person I've been looking for; Scarlett. I smiled as I saw her hands clasped over her mouth on shock of what she had just done.
"I'm such an idiot!" Scarlett chuckled as she helped me up.
"Yeah... Can we please do something about my bloody nose now?" I whined.

"You two scared the living SHIT out of me!" Jane let out a relieved laugh.
"What are you guys doing here anyways?" Scarlett jumped off the railing and walked towards us alongside Michelle.
"We came here looking for you... And your necklace..." I smiled sheepishly as I held the tissues against my nose.
Scarlett rolled her eyes and looked down, letting a chuckle come out.
"Typical..." She smiled.
"Why are you two in here out of all places?" Michelle asked as she leaned back on the wall.
"Well, we had to split up to cover more ground you know?" Jane smiled.
"Smart." Scarlett smiled. She looked at me and had a sad twinkle in her eyes.
"You guys found what you were looking for yet?" I asked them. Scarlett and Michelle looked at one another and sighed.
"We've been trying. We think it might be in here." Michelle waved her hand around.
"This is where we saw Jason's helpers throw gadgets and other miscellaneous items." Scarlett said as she began to walk around.
"I think you stopped bleeding now Harry." Jane chuckled as she removed the tissues off of me.
"I'm still really sorry about that Harry." Scarlett chuckled from the other side of the room.
"It's fine... I kinda deserved it anyways." I mumbled, but, I guess she heard it and turned to face me. She closed her eyes and sighed. She opened them back up and looked at me.
"Harry... About what happened-"
"I deserved it. That necklace means so much to you and I didn't respect that." I stopped her. She did a tight lip smile before looking down at her shoes.
"I should've told you beforehand what it really meant to me. I think only Liam knew out of all you guys." Scarlett said softly.
"We all know now though..." I said as I looked up to her smiling.
"And I have to tell you something." I grinned. She bobbed her head to the side with a half smile.
"What? Is it good? Cause that smile of yours-"
"SCARLETT!" Jane shouted. Scarlett rolled her eyes and looked over to her.
"IM HAVING A MOMENT!" He roared before looking back to me.
"Sorry... But, like I was saying-"
"SCAAARRLLEEETTT!!!" Michelle shouted this time. I watched as Scarlett got frustrated and slapped her forehead.
"What?!" She half screamed half squealed. I chuckled and placed my arm around we shoulder.
"I can tell you later. It's something you ought-a take in slowly." I smiled.
"Is this another penis joke?" She asked flatly. I couldn't contain my laughter.
"No! You naughty girl!" I teased.
"WE'RE COMING." She snapped as we walked towards them.
"Lookie heeeereee!" Michelle waved a heart around.
"You found it!" Scarlett gasped as she ran to her.
"Yeah! And look!" She extended her hand out to her.
"Jane found my ring!" Michelle smiled.
"You sure that thing won't make you go cuckoo again?" I asked a bit skeptical. Michelle looked at me and punched my arm playfully.
"Just like her sister." I chuckled.
"Lets get going! We've been here for a while now and I'm worried they're gonna pick up a signal on us." Jane muttered as she looked at her phone.
We sprinted down the halls, making sure to get out there without getting caught.
"Damn dude... I'm so hungry!" Scarlett whined.
"Can we take a break and figure out where we are?" Michelle chuckle as she slowed down. We rested against the empty hall and began to look at blueprints.
While Jane and Michelle discussed how to get out unnoticed, I looked over at Scarlett who was fidgeting with her necklace.
"You happy you got I back?" I grinned to her. She shot we head up and smiled back.
"Totally. I don't usually take it off, an I feel naked and empty without it." She giggled.
"Although... I can't help but feel like... It's missing something..." She grumbled as she looked at it.
This was my chance...
"Harry... Look at this..." Jane whispered over to me. I waved her off and scooted closer to Scarlett.
She looked up to me with a puzzled look. I grabbed the locket in between my fingers.
"Ever wonder what's inside of it?" I smiled. She nodded slowly.
"But... I can't ever open it though." She laughed.
"I can help you unlock it." I began to pull out my necklace.
"Harry..." I heard Michelle hiss.
I ignored them and continued to pull my necklace. It was glowing though...
"Guys..." I looked up at Scarlett and saw she was looking down. My eyes shifted to her necklace.
"Why is it glowing...?" Scarlett said weakly.
"Fuck..." I turned as saw Michelle staring at her ring.
It was glowing as well.
"Liam to Jane! Come in Jane!" I heard Jane's phone say.
"Jane here. What's the problem?" She replied.
"Get out of where you are... I repeat; GET OUT OF WHERE YOU ARE!" This time it was Jocy talking.
"Guys... I... I can't move." I saw Scarlett and Michelle moving weirdly.
"Bingo." We heard the intercoms above us say. I turned back to Scarlett; Her eyes were silver. I looked at Michelle; Silver as well.
"Harry..." Jane whimpered.
"RUN!!!" We dashed up and away. A giant boom exploded throughout the hall.
"WHAT ABOUT SCARLETT AND MICHELLE?!" I shouted above more bombs going off. A couple of cement crumbs began to fall.
"Scarlett's necklace was fucking glowing silver when I checked on my phone!" Jane cursed under her breath.
"We have to find the others Harry... Something's wrong with the things those two are wearing!" She shouted as another bomb went off. I looked straight ahead and saw two blondes.
"Wait..." I squinted my eyes and tried to focus on their faces. As they turned, I realized it was Jocy and Niall.
"GUYS!" I screamed after them. They stopped and waved us over.
"What the hell is going on?!" Jane asked.
"Niall and I ended up by Jason's office and overhead something about the necklace!" Jocy shouted. We turned down the hall and saw Zayn and Louis with Jess and Laura.
"HURRY! Liam and Daisy are waiting outside!" Zayn shouted for us.
"Why was her necklace glowing silver?" I turned to ask Jocy. She was silent, then looked over to me.
"I think they got them... What Michelle was talking about... Because her ring was glowing silver as well... Wasn't it?" Jocy whimpered.
This just cant be happening.... Not now!
We got to where we first entered through and began to get out.
"Hurry! we don't have much-"
"GET DOWN!" Was that Michelle's voice? I watched as Jess suddenly fell on her knees, hands over her stomach.
"WHAT HAPPENED?!" Laura screamed at the sight. I then saw my necklace begin to turn a bright blue. I felt it tugging me to turn around. I looked over my shoulder, and was disappointed at the sight.
"Guys... HURRY!" I pushed everyone along, trying to get them away from Scarlett and Michelle.
"I'm- I'm sorry..." I heard Scarlett force herself to say. Right as Jocy got out, the door exploded, sending Jane and I flying back. I landed on the hard concrete, causing me to flinch in pain. I looked up to see Scarlett hovering over me.
"I- I can't... I can't move on my own." She grunted. Her lips then began to form a wicked smile as she crouched down to me.
"Cant have you to roaming around here now, can we?" Scarlett said as she waved her gun carelessly in my face. Her eyes locked back down with mine. The silver began to dim down a bit.
"Stop me..." She whispered. Her eyes then flashed a bright silver as she pointed the gun at me.
"AWW FUCK IT." I watched as a foot made contact with Scarlett's chin, sending her off and against Michelle. I quickly got up and looked over at Jane. I pulled her up and we ran towards a different direction.
"We need to knock them out if we want to get out of here alive." Jane panted.
"I cant hit a girl!" I yelled.
"HARRY! This is SERIOUS!" She shouted at me. I felt a lump forming in my throat.
"It's Scarlett... I cant hurt her." I begged.
"She's not Scarlett right now. We have to do something Harry. You heard her." We looked over our shoulders and saw they were turning down the hall to follow us
"Your backpack is also a jet pack. We have to use those and bust out of here." She pressed the button on the side of my strap. I watched as she took of an earring and threw it above the ceiling
"DUCK!" She shouted. I crouched down, covering myself from any debris that was falling. I heard a gunshot...
"GO HARRY! GO!" Jane pulled me up and we flew up into the air.
"You can't get away THAT easily." I saw Michelle come up from below and block our way.
"Michelle! Snap out of it!" Jane shouted. I saw Michelle's eyes dims bit, but, she shook it off and was fully under control again.
"I rather snap something else." She growled as she pounced towards Jane. I watched a those two flew up and away from me.
It then hit me.
Where's Scarlett?
My necklace began to tug at me again. I saw from the corner of my eye a dark figure rising slowly.
"Oh Haaarrryyyy..." Scarlett sang. I didn't turn around.
I launched myself up and away from her.
"COME BACK HERE!" She yelled from behind me. I felt her grasp my ankle and pull me down, slamming me on the rooftop of the hideout.
I let out a shrieking yell as I tried to compose myself. As I looked up, I saw Scarlett's face was scrunched up in anger. She slowly made her way over to me, all the while, I was holding her gaze.
“Don’t be afraid.” She smirked as she got closer to me.
I saw she was placing on her gloves as I rose from the floor.
“Now, shall we?” and with one quick stride, she launched herself at me. I bobbed and weaved right and left, trying to avoid any contact with her fists.
"Scarlett! Stop this!" I tried knocking some sense into her, but, it was useless. She kept heading towards me with full strength. I by passed her and ran straight towards the edge, giving me enough time to place my gloves on.
"YOU CAN'T ESCAPE THAT EASILY!" I heard her roar. I felt a rumbling beneath me an lost all balance in my feet.
She had punched the ground.
I quickly turned behind me, and luckily, sidestepped to the right just enough for her to miss me.
Before she could do anything else, I crouched down on my hands, and with one swift movement, I connected my leg with hers, knocking her down.
"I'm sorry!" I yelled as I got dangerously close
Her eyes flew open, and with that, she hit me with her uppercut, making me double over.
"This is getting fun." I heard her chuckle. I ran away from her, hoping I would make it to the edge in time to fly off. She somehow gained enough speed to stop right in front of me.
"No no no!" She waved her finger from left to right. A devious smirk spread across her face as she bent her arm back, and with full force, went straight for me.
I quickly crossed my arms, blocking her hit. Even with that though, I was pushed back, my feet dragging along the concrete. As he power punch began to fade, I took this chance to grab her arms. With a quick flick, I threw her off into the opposite direction. She skidded and tumbled along the ground, making me cringe.
She stopped once her back hit the railing, and a groan escaped her lips as the pain began to claw at her.
But then... She started laughing.
Her eyes met mine as she grinned.
I looked down to the floor, and spotted what she as laughing about; an earring.
"SHIT!" I tried running off, but, my body was sent flying off, hitting a metal pole.
"HARRY!" I looked up to see Jocy coming towards me. She landed besides me and supported my body up as she wrapped an arm around my shoulder and one around my waist.
"Lets go!" She pushed off and away, leaving Scarlett behind.
I glanced back to see her getting up, her eyes never moving from my stare.
We landed on the helicopter, finally giving me time to catch my breath.
"Here mate." Niall handed me a water bottle, which I drank down in seconds. I wiped the drips off my face and began to pant.
"That was so epic!" I heard Jess squeal. I chuckled and looked out, watching the building gradually becoming smaller, and the sky beginning to go darker.

"You sure you're okay now?" I said as I handed Jess a glass of milk. She chuckled and nodded her head slowly.
"You're over doing it Harry!" Liam laughed from behind.
"Oh whatever!" I smiled.
"Do you think we'll be safe?" Zayn asked as he looked out the window of the hotel room.
It was already the next day. We asked the girls the day before to crash with us while we stayed in L.A. just in case Scarlett and Michelle came after us.
"Who knows. Jason stops at nothing to get what he wants." Jane sighed as she ruffled her hair up.
"Yesterday was crazy. You should've seen the stuff Jess and I had seen." Louis said as he scratched behind his ear.
"I bet it doesn't top what Daisy and I saw though." Liam huffed as his eyes widened briefly.
"Zayn almost took some of those headphones Jason wanted Scarlett to promote." Laura chuckled as she slid down on the couch.
"I'm my defense; purple is a nice color." Zayn snapped back jokingly.
"We can all talk about that later! Right now, we really have to figure out what we're gonna do with Scarlett and Michelle." Jocy sighed as she massaged her temples.
"Should we wait until out tour is over? It's only this week that's left." Louis said as he walked over to the kitchen.
"That might be a decent thing to do. We need you boys to help us out and we can't be pulling you out of your work." Daisy added on.
"But I really wanted to spend my last concert with Scarlett. It just wouldn't be the same." I said.
"If we get her back earlier, we might have a better chance of stopping that necklace from fully controlling Sky." Jane said.
"So, I agree with Harry." Jane walked over to me and placed her hand on my shoulder reassuringly.
"I really think Lou's plan is better though. Less distractions!" Jocy said as she walked over to him.
"I pick team Harry!" Niall walked besides me.
"Babe!" Jocy said with disbelief.
"She's our friend." Niall said softly.
"And as her friend, we should go in prepared to take her back." Liam said as he walked over to Lou.
"In going with what Harry says." Jess smiled to me. I nodded a thank you.
"And me as well." Zayn said as he sat my the foot of my seat.
"Well, I say Lou is right." Laura sighed.
"And me as well." Daisy shrugged.
It was tied.
"Where's Paul? We need a tiebreaker!" Lou screamed sarcastically. We laughed as he looked behind the Telly, couch, fruit bowl, and all kinds of weird places.
"Harry, I think your phones ringing.
"Oh! Yeah!" I rushed over to the table and answered.
"Hello?" I said cheerfully. It was weird that she was quiet.
"Heeellloooo?" I said once more. I removed the phone from my ear and looked at it. A screen then popped up.
"What the..." I mumbled.
"Gemma? How are you doing-"
"It's a long story Harry." She chuckled into the screen.
"Are you a Guardian?" Jane asked as she stared at the screen. Gemma let out a small chuckle as she shook her head.
"No, no. I'm just here to do a job I was assigned to do ages ago." She smiled. Her attention then turned to me.
"You need to go back as soon as possible. When's your next concert?" She smiled at me.
"Tomorrow. What do you mean; 'as soon as possible'?" I asked.
"You were Michelle's friend." I turned to Jocy who was rising off her seat.
"Yeah! How'd you know?" Gemma smiled.
"Wait.. What?" I was in utter shock.
"It's a long story Harry. I'll tell you later." Jocy chuckled.
"You girls must be Shadow's, am I right?" Gemma smiled at them. They nodded.
"Good. Then you can take good care of my brother. Now, after your concert tomorrow, you have a fee day right?" Gemma asked.
"Yeah. Two days actually." Niall said with his mouthful.
"Great. You need to go get the Dane sisters immediately the day after your concert." Gemma said with all seriousness.
"What's all the rush for?" Jess asked.
"My ring began to glow a dark blue color. Michelle's parents told me that if that were to ever occur, my memory would be regained, and I need to get to Michelle." She began.
"I called the number they left me for instructions, but, all they said was; Call your brother. Him and the Shadow's can take care of Michelle and Scarlett." She sighed.
"You knew Dani's real name?" I asked in shock.
"She just said she got her memory back when the ring glowed! Don't sass her!" Jane smacked me upside the head.
"Hey!" I whined as I rubbed my head.
"It's fine." Gemma chuckled.
"So, what do we do?" Lou asked as he stood besides me.
"My ring," she showed it to us.
"Is a friendship ring. When Michelle and I connected out rings, one on top of the other, it formed a picture." Gemma smiled.
"Her parents told me that when they connect, everything will be fine. I'm gonna transport you the ring so you can get Michelle out of that trance for good." Gemma smiled.
"What about Sky?" I heard Daisy ask.
"Her necklace. It has to do something with that. When she had it on, she began to act differently." I said.
"You think maybe it was a fake?" Liam asked me.
"But then... Wouldn't that mean Michelle's ring was a fake?" Jane said.
"No... Not really." We all turned to Gemma.
"The ring Michelle wears has an unmatchable inscription on the inner part of it that forms the words-"
"'Together As One' when they're placed together..." Jane mumbled.
"Yeah! You got it." Gemma smiled at her.
"Michelle kept repeating that and showed it to me when we found it. She said she could never mistake it." Jane chuckled.
"I'm gonna send the ring over. I'll leave everything up to you guys. Bye Harry! I love you! And bye to you too you guys!" She waved.
"I love you too! Say hi to mum for me!" I smiled. She nodded and we hung up.
"Looks like we still have a couple thing we have to figure out." Lou sighed as he walked over to take a seat.
"Well, anything to get Scarlett and Michelle back." I smiled.
"Did anyone else realize that she said she had Scarlett's parents number?" Laura said as she looked at us all.
We all exchanged looks.
"GUYS! HELP ME!" I screamed as I ran from the girls.
"We rather stay away from them..." Zayn chuckled.
"GUUUYYYSSS!!!" I groaned.


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