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Shadow's Target

Chapter 20: Dani.

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
I could feel the floor beneath me trembling, yet, I couldn't make out any distinguishing noises. I watched as Jocy carefully placed Niall down besides me, asking him multiple times if he was okay, yet, I still couldn't hear.
Her piercing eyes hit me as I saw they were full of life and hope. I saw her lips moving, forming a sentence. Her eyebrow arched in confusion as she waved her hand in my face.
Her eyes wide. Now full of fear.
I think she's mouthing my name... I think she is... But her image soon gets distorted as a dark fog overtakes my vision... Sending me into a peaceful sleep...
"Scarlett?" I hear a faint whisper...
"SCARLETT!" It's getting louder...
"DANI!!!" My eyes flew open. I take in a huge gulp of air as my chest pumps up and down unevenly. Where was I? This floor was... Concrete. It wasn't the same carpet cushioned one back at the... Wait...
I rose off from the floor and saw I was at a playground. Kids were laughing and screaming everywhere. I walked towards a young girl, about 11 or 12, who was sitting on the swings, watching others play.
"Be careful you twit!" She yelled out chuckling. I turned to look over at a little boy with green eyes as he lifted himself off the sand.
"I'm fine Gemma!" He squealed rather annoyed.
"He always acts like that around that girl; tough." I heard this Gemma girl say. I looked at the little boy again and saw a little girl with blonde-ish hair giggling behind him.
"Gemma!" I looked over my shoulder to see a woman coming towards her.
"Bring your brother with you and let's go!" The woman smiled.
"Okay mum." She smiled back. I watched as Gemma went up to the two little kids, and I followed behind her, being cautious that she wouldn't see me.
"C'mon, let's go!" She said as she held the boy's hand.
"Do we have to?" He groaned as he pretended not to look at the blonde girl besides him. That's so cute!
"It's okay Eddy. We can play some other day." Did she just say Eddy?
Hold the fuck up...
Is that ME?!
"I was BLONDE?!" I shouted. I quickly covered my mouth, and luckily, nobody heard.
"Okay... By Dani!" Eddy laughed as he walked away. I was intrigued. Maybe I should follow myself and see where I go. Yeah... Bad plan. I tripped over the sand box, landing face down.
"Motherfucker.." I muttered under it. I raised my head slightly, spitting out the sand I got in my mouth.
"Eww..." I pushed myself up and sat in an Indian position as I looked around at the dark room with blurry items all over the place. What happened to the playground? I could barely make my hands out as I looked at them. My vision was pretty distorted.
Was I back in the headquarters?
"Eddy... Please..." Who said that? I shifted my gaze to a figure standing besides me. I followed the body up, and towards her face. I rub my eyes with my hands, and then look up once more.
It's... Me?
I rubbed my eyes again, trying to clear the fog that was causing me to see double. I look behind me to try and catch a glimpse of the person the younger me was looking at. It's that kid again... He seems so familiar now... His features becoming a bit more... Refined. Even though he was still unclear to me, this was the most I've seen of him ever.
"So your name's Scarlett..." He chuckled. He didn't sound happy... He sounded more, grim, to be honest.
"You said you would leave once I told you my name... Now... Eddy... Please..." I stood up, making myself seem taller than the small frame I was before.
"What is this? Where are we?" I asked my younger self. She wasn't listening to me though... She kept her sad eyes focused on Eddy.
"Can you see me?" I tried to place a hand on her, but, it dissipated her shoulder. I pulled my hand to my chest.
"What the..." I mumbled under my breath.
"Don't you want to know my name?" Eddy said faintly. I watched as a smile began to playfully tug on her lips as her eyes scanned the boy up and down once. She nodded, a smile now beginning to take over. "Maybe one day we can go looking for each other." He smiled, revealing... Dimples...?
"Sounds like a plan." She chuckled. I watched as the two walked forward to each other, only a couple feet apart now.
"Let us formally introduce ourself then, Dani." Eddy smiled. He cleared his throat to tell her she can go first. I watched from afar as she extended her arm out.
"I'm Scarlett Dane. And who might you be?" She grinned. Eddy smiled and extended his arm out, taking my younger self's hand in his own.
"Sky..." Did someone call me?
"Nice to meet you...."
"Sky..." I heard a voice coming from above.
"Scarlett!" Another voice... This time... A different one. The two in front of me were beginning to fade.
"No... No!" I panicked.
"I need to know his name!" I began to run towards them, but, they slowly disappeared.
"I need to know his NAME!" I shouted. But it was to late... Everything was pitch black. I was standing alone in the middle of the darkness. I groaned loudly as I threw my hands over my face.
"I FUCKING HATE THIS!" I growled. Just then, something began to glow underneath my shirt.
"What the hell..." I picked it up with my index and thumb, hovering it at eye view.
It was a key...
"Hey!" I looked up, letting my necklace drop back in place.
"Harry?" I mumbled... I looked at my surroundings; a Starbucks.
"It's you..." He chuckled.
"Umm... I'm sorry, I don't know who you are..." I heard a voice behind me say. I quickly turned around and saw a young, but much older than before, me. I was in disguise, but, it was obviously me. I mean... Who knows me better than me? Right?
I stepped to the side, watching this interaction, which, I don't recall.
"You don't remember me...?" His voice sounded disappointed.
"I'm sorry dude. Maybe you've got me mixed up with my sister. We look a lot alike. That, and she's more of the guys type." The young me chuckled.
"I have a sister...?" I choked on my words, shocked.
"Oh... I'm so sorry... What's your sisters name?" Harry asked me as he furrowed is eyebrows.
"SKY! Let's go!" I heard someone yell.
"Sorry, I've really gotta leave dude." I watched as the younger me took the latte and sprinted out.
I turned to Harry. Why was he still here? Shouldn't he have left by now? I mean... This IS my mind causing this... Isn't it? I looked behind a disappointed Harry, and saw a man dressed in dark clothing come behind him.
"Harry... That creep-" oh wait... He can't hear me.
"Thanks!" I watched as Harry walked away with his drink in his hand as the man followed.
"No no no no..." I ran behind the two, watching as the man followed Harry's lead.
"HARRY!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. It was no use. Everything began to fade away again. Pitch black once more.
"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.
"Is this some cruel joke?! Cause it ain't funny!" I said through my gritted teeth. A small light began to appear.
"It's not time yet." I heard a soft british accent say. I twisted my body around to face a woman. She had dark gray eyes, long flowing brown hair, and a sweet smile that revealed a dimple to her side. She was barefoot, tight jeans hugging her toned legs, and a white cardigan pulled over her body.
"Who are you?" I mumbled.
"Oh wait... You probably can't hear me either! Great!" I groaned as I sat on the floor, cupping my chin in my hands.
"I can hear you baby." My spine tingled. I moved my eyes up slowly to look at the woman now standing besides me.
"It's okay baby! I'm just here to talk." The woman grunted as she planted herself next to me.
"Not a good day to wear skinny jeans." She muttered as she rubbed her thighs.
"Baby, are you okay? You look like you've seen-"
"Why are you calling me 'baby'?" I asked a bit creeped out. The woman chuckled.
"Right... I forgot Jason put everything from here," she tapped my head with a finger.
"To your necklace... And this unlucky it all..." She said as she lifted the key. I watched as she looked at it, and then let it drop down back on my chest.
"Wait... What?" I whispered.
"I'm your mum silly." She laughed. My... Mom?
"But, I don't expect you to remember. Jason made sure you wouldn't be able to remember anything by placing some essential memories of yours into that boy's key! And vise versa." She sighed.
"What boy? You mean Eddy?" I asked.
"That's it!" She smiled as she snapped her fingers.
"How is he anyways?" She smiled.
"I don't know where he is." I said in a faint whisper as I moved my eyes down.
"Your sister hasn't said anything yet... Has she?" She asked me a bit mad. I moved my eyes to face hers.
"Who's my sister...?" I asked her hopelessly. Her jaw dropped for a brief second before she closed it again. I could tell she was tense as she ran her fingers through her hair.
"That girl is gonna get a good hearing from me later on." She grumbled as she cracked her neck.
"Don't worry baby. She has to tell you. Either that or those sweet friends of yours will." She chuckled as she got up.
"C'mon." She extended her hand out to me and I took it hesitantly.
"So... You're really my mom?" I said as I tried to hold back my tears. Her face began to go sullen, nodding her head once.
"Where are you mom?" I whimpered. She was quiet.
"Answer me..." I whimpered again, letting tears trickle down my warm cheeks.
"I need you! I need you and my dad! My sister too! Where ARE you GUYS?!" I felt my body begin to quiver as sobs began to come out.
"Baby, don't cry! Please Scarlett." She was trying to hold back her tears as she continued to walk. I stopped, tugging her back slightly.
"Please... I feel hopeless! I have NOBODY! I have NO family! You know how hard it was to be that girl?!" I began to shout a bit through my sobs.
"Do you know how many times I was TEASED for it?! What they SAID about me?! MOM! I was looked DOWN UPON-"
"And I'm SORRY!" She yelled with a stifled cry. I stopped my babbling and watched as she began to let everything out. "I wanted to send you something on Christmas, on Valentine's day, on your BIRTHDAY." She said as she clenched the upper part of her chest.
"Anything that would let you know I was always there for you Scarlett.." She whimpered.
"But I couldn't... If I did.. They would've found me... They would've known your father and I were alive... You could've gotten into the wrong hands baby." She pulled me into her, stroking my back as she tried to calm me down.
"I couldn't lose you or your sister... If it weren't for your father... I probably would've blown my cover up a long time ago." She whispered.
"It will all be over soon." She said softly. We stood there, wrapped in each others arms till the sobs died down enough for us to talk. It was the most comforting thing in the world being held in her arms...
"Now..." She sniffed.
"We've got to wake you up." She sighed as she pushed herself off of me.
"That boy has been nonstop crying by your side, hoping you'd wake up. I'm surprised he's actually done his gigs." She chuckled.
"What boy?" I asks a bit confused.
"Harry, darling." She smiled.
"And don't let your sister say anything about you two! Your father and I approve." She said with a serious face. I felt myself blushing as I rubbed the side of my arm, trying to avoid eye contact.
"You always acted like that whenever he was mentioned..." I heard her whisper to herself.
"What?" I asked.
"Nothing!" She grinned.
"Time to go! Come here." She pulled a small orb out... A familiar orb...
"No... I know what that thing is-"
"It's the only way out of here. You can't take those memories out with you, they aren't yours. If you do, things might get messed up later on... Which is exactly what Jason wants" She said as she pushed the orb closer to me.
"But I'm too smart for him." She winked.
"So... Will I forget...?" I looked at her.
"Everything that happened here? Yes..." She assured me. I felt my heart drop, the waterworks beginning to come out again.
"When he unlocks your heart, you'll remember EVERYTHING. It'll all come soon baby... Don't you worry." She smiled as she caressed my cheek.
"Do you promise?" I asked with a weak voice.
"I promise baby." She smiled. I took in a deep breath, and looked at the orb in front of me.
"I love you Scarlett." My mom whispered.
"I love you too... Mom..." I smiled. I placed my whole hand on the orb, and the shocks spread throughout my body...
"Harry..." I heard someone mumble.
"Back off a bit mate. She'll be fine." Wait... I know that British accent.
"I just want her to wake up Lou... I'm scared..." I heard Harry sob. I let a small groan vibrate through my throat as I began to feel a bit of pain.
"I think she's waking up..." That was obviously Zayn. My eyes began to flutter open and I began to see some faces around me.
"Scarlett?" I slowly moved my eyes to Harry who was right besides me. His face showed some signs of sleep deprivation; bags under his eyes, green eyes that were now dull and lifeless, sunken face, and curls flying in every direction.
"You look like something the cat dragged in..." I muttered softly as I examined the small features on his face. His look transformed before my eyes as I saw him begin to glow; eyes sparkling, smile as wide as ever, dimples forming on his cheeks, and a look full of love.
"You're awake!" He shouted happily.
"Oh my god... SKY!" Eleanor shrieked. Everyone began to let out sighs of relief and let nervous laughs escape from them.
"Scarlett..." Harry smiled. He threw himself on me, catching me by surprise. He placed quick and messy kisses all over my face as he mumbled in between 'You're okay!' every time.
"Dude... I'm still pretty drained out." I chuckled weakly. He got off, apologizing, and then began to examine me.
"I can't believe you're awake..." He said softly. I did a small smile, and looked behind him. Louis was comforting Eleanor, Liam had Danielle wrapped in his arms, Zayn sat on the couch with Perrie as she placed her head on his shoulder, and Niall had his arm around Jocy's waist... Wait...
"JOCY!" I shot up, ignoring the numb feeling that was starting to devour me. I swung my feet off the bed, using my hands to push my body off, and tried to run for her.
"Sky! Stay down!" Zayn and Liam got a hold of me.
"It's fine guys..." Jocy laughed. The boys looked at each other, but, released me anyways. I stared at my little blonde friend in front of me, smiling as wide as possible.
"You're such a fucking BASTARD Jocy!" I laughed as I ran to her for a hug. I wrapped my arms around her neck, and pulled her in so i could bury my face in her neck. She, in return, wrapped her arms around my torso, giggling at my comment.
"I'm glad to see you too." She laughed.
"I though I lost you..." My eyes began to water.
"I HATED myself..." My throat began to burn.
"I'm so sorry Jocy-"
"Sky..." She cut me off, stroking the back of my head to calm me down.
"I should be the one apologizing. I stayed hidden from you guys, knowing that you were all probably in pain." She whispered. I pushed myself off of her slightly as I placed my hands on her shoulders, facing her red watery eyes.
"You have nothing to apologize for! I should've been the one to have fallen off of that thing! I should've DIED-"
"Stop." She said sternly as her voice cracked.
"I'm alive... That's all that matters. You're my best friend Scarlett, and I would do anything to protect you... Even take another fucking bullet." She chuckled through her now sobs. I looked at her arm and saw the small scar she had from that day.
"Is that it?" I sniffled. She ran a finger against it and nodded.
"I'm still really sorry about that Jocy." I looked behind me to face the person who said that; Michelle.
"Like I said; it's not your fault." Jocy chuckled. I removed my arms from Jocy and turned my body towards Michelle. She's gonna get it now.
"Scarlett, don't!" I felt Harry hold me back by my waist, pushing me against his warm body.
"Let me just get one good swing at her... Just One..." I growled, blood lust rushing through me as I tried to remove Harry's arms from me. Michelle smirked and walked closer to me with her arms crossed. She leaned in and turned her cheek to me as she placed her arms behind her back.
"Right there, get a good shot Sky." She teased.
This Bitch...
"Michelle!" Adam scolded her.
"What? She won't do it." Michelle chuckled.
"LET. ME. GO!"
"SOMEONE HELP ME!" Harry shouted.
"Sky! STOP!" Louis and Niall ran towards me and tried to hold me back as well.
"For someone who was knocked out for 3 days, you sure are strong!" Niall grunted.
I stopped.
They now had my full attention. I turned my head towards Harry.
"Three... Days?" I whimpered. He nodded slowly. I felt my body's tension go away, letting the guys know they could now release me. My eyes flopped down to my side, and my heart sunk.
"What... What happened?" I said faintly. Harry looked down at my bare feet, obviously thinking about how he was going to tell me. He raised his head just a bit, making eye contact with me.
"When Jocy brought you and Niall up, we were all a bit shocked. Jason began ordering his agents to capture us all again, since we all ran loose." He sat down, patting the spot besides him so I could sit next to him, which I did. I watched him carefully, taking in every emotion that I saw pass through his eyes.
"I was trying to keep him back." He continued.
"I kicked and punched, got knocked down, and got back up," he demonstrated with his arms.
"But..." he stopped, letting his arms drop down on his thighs.
"Harry? But what?" I placed a hand on top of his as I rubbed it with my thumb to make him feel more comfortable. He was still extremely tense though...
"But... At one point... He pulled this... This orb... A small glowing orb." He mumbled.
"It wasn't the kind of orb we've seen before Scarlett... It was a liquid orb." Jocy said as she stepped closer to us.
"He threw it at your back, and at first I thought it didn't work cause it just melted, but then, you began to glow..." He mumbled.
"Your body shot back, and then... You just fell..." He mumbled as he buried his face in his hands.
"I ran towards you and tried to wake you up... But... Your pulse..." He said as his voice began to shake.
"I'm fine now Harry! I don't see why your so tense." I wrapped my arms around him, and tried to comfort him.
"There's more..." Niall said. I looked to him, and he avoided my gaze. I looked back to Harry, now pale as a winters snow.
"What else..." I whispered to Harry. He didn't speak though.
"Harry...?" I mumbled.
"I'm... I'm So sorry..." He just got up, and left the room.
"I'll go talk to him." Lou said.
"I'll go with you." Liam followed along. I just sat there, dumbfounded at him leaving. Jocy sat down by my side, and Niall sat on the other.
"Do you guys mind?" Jocy said referring to everyone else in the room.
"Yeah, I don't wanna be here for this." Michelle said as she left. Everyone, except Jocy and Niall, left the room.
"We'll be waiting for you guys." Eleanor said as she closed the door behind her.
"You guys are seriously beginning to scare me... What the hell did he do?" I laughed a bit sheepishly.
"He just wanted to make sure you would be fine Sky... Keep that in mind." Niall said as he held my hand. I looked at him suspiciously...
"When he realized you weren't waking up with anything we tried," Jocy began.
"He ran furiously towards Jason, knocking the wind out of him. Harry pinned him against the wall, yelling at him to tell him how to wake you up." She sighed.
"Jocy and I tried to calm him down, but he wouldn't listen. And Jason made it even worse when he began to laugh in his face... Teasing him..." Nial growled.
"He said he would tell Harry how to get you to react, if..." Niall stopped and looked at me. I began to feel suspense fill inside of me.
"If...?" I waved my hand to make him continue.
"If he gave him your necklace... Scarlett." My body froze.
I lifted my hand up to my chest, and sure enough, nothing was there...
"He handed Jason the necklace... And in return, he gave Harry a purple orb that would make you come back to him." Jocy said. I was still frozen in my position. My neck was empty... Bare... Exposed. A part of me was missing...
"Sky? Are you okay?" Niall said softly. I just got up. My body walked me towards the door, making my hand turn the knob. I stepped out, walking down the hall. I ended up in the living room where everyone was at. They all looked up at me.
"Scarlett... Before you-"
"No. Save it." I said emotionless. My eyes shifted to Harry.
"I'm sorry Scarlett-"
"It's fine." I looked to my left and saw another door. I began to walk towards it.
"Woah. Where are you going?" Adam stepped in front of me.
"I'm leaving." I said matter of factly.
"You can't leave. You just woke up." Harry said as he rose from his seat. I just stared at him without an expression.
"I'm perfectly fine." I shrugged.
"I'll go with you then." Michelle said as she stretched out of her spot.
"Fine." I said.
"Scarlett, where exactly do you plan on going to?" Jocy said as she stepped out with Niall.
"I'm getting my necklace back."
"You can't just go off looking for that dude again-"
"Watch me." I hissed.
"Scarlett, you're being unreasonable." Harry stood in front of me.
"I need my necklace."

[Harry's P.O.V.]
I couldn't detect any emotion in her eyes.
"Please, just stay here." I reached for her hand, but, she pulled away.
"I NEED my necklace." She repeated.
"What's so important about your-" my face turned to the side... My cheek began to heat up... A stinging feeling ran through it. I gritted my jaw tightly, trying to hold back the anger running through me. I turned slowly back to face her.
"SCARLETT!" Jocy yelled at her.
"It's MY necklace." She growled at me. I looked her dead in the eyes.
"Harry, just leave her alone." Michelle tried to step in between us.
"I was only trying to help you-" "WE'LL YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE!" She shouted.
"DO YOU KNOW WHAT I HAD TO GO THROUGH TO GET MY NECKLACE THE FIRST TIME?!" She screamed. She was beginning to sob uncontrollably.
"THAT NECKLACE MEANT ALOT TO ME!" She shouted once more. I clenched my fists tightly.
"I DIDN'T WANT YOU TO DIE ON ME!" I snapped. My throat burned as I began to feel warm tears run down my face.
"Without that necklace... You can consider me dead already." She said in a low growl through her teeth.
"What's so important about it anyways?! Can't you just tell me-"
"I CAN'T." She shouted as she shut her eyes.
"Scarlett calm down." Michelle and Jocy began to hold her back.
"Harry, take it easy man." Adam and Liam began to hold me back as well.
"DON'T BRING THEM UP!" She yelled, as her eyes opened up.
"SHE LOST HER MEMORY!" Liam shouted at me.
The room went dead silent.
Everyone looked at Scarlett.
"I didn't know..." I whispered too low for anyone but myself to hear.
"I need to leave." Scarlett ran out crying.
"Fucking... Gah! SKY!" Michelle chased after her.
"Great man... Now you've done it." Niall groaned, pulling on his hair as he went by Louis. Jocy just gave me a look full of pity before running after her.
"I... I didn't know." I felt guilt rising inside of me.
"Nobody knew..." Liam said sternly.
"That necklace was the one thing she believed could help her bring back some kind of memory... Link her back to someone... Help somebody identify her."
"How do you know this Liam?" Lou asked with his eyebrows furrowed.
"She told me herself. She can't even open the damn thing... She needs a key... A key that some Eddy boy has..." My eyes widened.
"What did you just say...?" I said softly to Liam.
"She needs a key... You can't help her out though... An old friend of her has it." I placed my hand on my chest, feeling the golden chain around my neck.
"She only brought him up once though, while we were at the beach that one day." He sighed. "Did she say what this key might look like?" I asked as I tugged on my necklace a bit.
"It was just some key... She's had flashbacks before about the boy wearing it, but, her flashbacks are a bit distorted." She's had flashbacks too... These past few days, mine were occurring more often...
"Why didn't she tell anyone though?" Adam asked as he walked over to the couch.
"Maybe she was embarrassed." Zayn said.
"Or she didn't want us getting involved?" Danielle suggested.
"No... It's not that..." Niall sighed.
"There's something you all really have to hear." Lou said as he waved us over. I sat by him and waited for them to start.
"Scarlett's memory was erased when she was really young." Niall began. "She doesn't know her mom, her dad, her hometown, nothing..." Lou added.
"She would get teased about not getting gifts on her birthday, or a gift during Christmas. Kids would say how her parents probably never wanted her." Niall shook his head angrily.
"Michelle knows everything about her though..." Lou mumbled.
"How? Is she one of her old friends?" Perrie asked as she chewed on her nails nervously.
"Even better..." Lou chuckled. He looke at us all, examining our epressions.
"She's her sister." Gasps filled the room. We all looked at one another, unable to form any words.
"Michelle has her whole memory back-"
"Or so we thought..." Niall sighed.
"She actual has this small spot in her brain that got locked up even more while Jane, Jocy, and Daisy tried to unlock it." Niall said.
"It got so bad to the point where she forgot who we all were... She got us all mixed up and couldn't identify us." Lou said as he raised his eyebrows.
"We managed to unlock some memories though, and she remembers us a bit better."
"Scarlett for sure though." Lou added.
"We all think that that spot might contain the information that Michelle was intrusted with about her parents whereabouts, which is probably why it was so hard to unlock in the first place." Niall said as he ran his hand through his hair.
"And we really need to find their parents." Lou said.
"We think Scarlett might also know something, but, since we can't even figure out how to get her memory back, she isn't useful right now." Lou grumbled. I pulled out my necklace and took it off from around my neck.
This whole time... I thought Michelle was possibly Dani... I held it in my hands and looked at it. It was glowing again...
"Gemma! Please! I need to go see her-"
"Harry! Stop!" She shouted. I winced as her face got closer to mine.
"You know you can't talk to that girl-"
"She's my FRIEND Gemma! Please!" I pleaded.
"Mom will kill me if I let you leave!" She tried reasoning with me, but, I just can't let Dani go off like that.
"She means so much to me... I just need to make sure she'll be fine." I said softly as I looked down at my necklace. We stayed silent for the longest time, until;
"You're such a stubborn brat." She groaned.
"GO! But YOU better tell mom that YOU-"
"I LOVE YOU!" I kissed her cheek and ran off.
I'm coming Dani... "
Harry?" I snapped out of my trance and looked up at Niall.
"What's the matter?" He chuckled. I looked at the necklace, realizing what a huge mistake I've made.
"She's my Dani... Scarlett... She's Dani."
[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
I looked up at the stars. It was such a beautiful night.
"SCARLETT!" I'm not answering. I felt my bare neck once more, missing that old feeling of having that necklace around me.
Harry... You don't understand... I need that necklace to find Eddy.
"SKY!" Jocy shouted again. I wonder if Eddy every thinks about me...
"You're such a stubborn brat." I looked to my side and saw Michelle climbing the tree. She sat on a branch besides me, and sighed.
"Why didn't you answer us?" Jocy said as she sat on another branch besides me. I just looked back up at the stars. The soft breeze rustled the leaves beneath us, sending them flying off in different directions. "Scarlett... Talk to us." Michelle groaned. Nope. Not saying a word.
"So you won't answer? Fine! I'll go find Jason myself." I shot my eyes to her, and saw she was smirking.
"Got your attention, didn't I?" She chuckled. I rolled my eyes and went back to looking at a plane that was passing by. Its lights blinked, passing by effortlessly.
"We need to get your necklace..." Jocy said.
What's the point... Jason probably destroyed it by now-
"Dani, listen to me." I slowly turned to Jocy. She raised her hands up, shaking her head 'No'.
"Wasn't me." She muttered.
"Yeah... I called you Dani." I looked at Michelle. My shoulders tenses as she looked at me with a smile.
"Who told you...?" I whispered. She grinned as she looked up at the sky.
"I remember the day he gave you that nickname. It was the cutest thing ever." She chuckled.
"I was sitting up on a tree with Gemma, watching you and him play around with dandelions. Me and her were really close at the time." She sighed.
"Gemma pointed out that you two were arguing over something." She laughed.
"It was something like; 'It's not a Dandelion, it's a danilion, hear that? DANI!' That's what the kid said." She said as she smiled at me.
"And then he added; 'You're a Dani!' And you looked soooo insulted! It was the funniest thing ever! But I think he was trying to compliment you cause you always loved playing with Dandelions." She chuckled.
"Them Gemma got down and I followed behind her, right? And she went up to him and said; 'Edward! Be nice! She's a girl!' And he just pouted that cute little pout while he crossed his arms." She laughed a little louder. I felt a smile beginning to tug at my lip.
"And you were like; 'Haha! You're an Eddyword!'" She said as she mimicked a high pitched voice.
"And Gemma got so annoyed with you two bickering, that she said; 'Okay! You're an Eddy, and she's a Dani! Now stop for God's sake!' And I just stood there laughing my ass off as you two looked at her shocked." She smiled.
"From the on, whenever you two saw each other, you would refer to one another as Eddy and Dani." She chuckled. I let a laugh escape from me as I imagined it all happen.
"It was a good think too, cause, if their mom knew he was hanging out with Scarlett..." She sucked in air and gave me a look.
"Bette watch out." She grunted as she adjusted herself.
"I saw the guy recently somewhere... But... Thanks to Jane, Daisy, and JOCY," She looked over at her. Jocy just laughed nervously.
"I lost most of the things I knew about him besides the memories I remember that you had with him." She sighed.
"What a shame..." She chuckled. The one chance I had at finding Eddy... And it's gone... How-
"You must be thinking; How do you know this?" She said in a deeper voice. I nodded, trying to figure it out myself.
"Well, it's cause... Your mom is my mom." She grinned.
I blinked once, trying to let it sink in.
"What?" I said a bit loudly.
"Yeah.. We're sisters... Jocy has that DNA thing to prove to you that we are." She said as she nodded at Jocy. I looked to her and she nodded. I turned back to Michelle.
"But, I mean, if you really think about it, it's kind of obvious. We have mom's eyes, hair, and slim figure." She said as she waved her hands up and down at herself.
"And we have dad's eyebrows, smile, and strong character." She grinned.
"But, we have our differences too. You're more of a laid back personality, while I'm more of a flirty cocky bitch." She winked. I laughed a bit as she nodded her head up and down like it was the best thing ever.
"You're taking this all too well..." She said as she squinted her eyes at me. I smiled and looked down below.
"Nothing surprises me now... Not since Jason..." I sighed.
"So... You're really my sister?" I said with an eyebrow raised.
"Yeah. And as your sister, I have to tell you that we need that damn necklace back. Harry did us more of a favor than anything by doing that." She smiled as she pulled her phone out.
"Cause I planted a tracking chip on your necklace a long time ago." She said as she waved her phone around. My jaw dropped. I looked over to Jocy and she had the same look I did.
"I feel bad for Harry though... I should've said something before you slapped him like a bitch." She said as she scratched her cheek. I felt my cheeks heat up, guilt building inside of me, my heart sinking at how horrible I was towards him.
"I need to go apologize-"
"No... Niall and Lou will take care of everything. Jocy, you can tell everyone we're going after Jason." Michelle said as she looked over at her.
"But, Scarlett hasn't eaten yet. Can't we go back first?" She said worried.
"I'll take her out to eat myself. Don't worry." She winked as she smiled.
"And I'll tell you everything that's going on. Don't worry." She nodded at me.
"I'm sorry Michelle." I mumbled.
"For what?" She laughed.
"For being horrible towards you all those-"
"No... It's fine. I was being controlled like 99 percent of the time. I deserved everything you said and did to me because I was so cruel while I was under their control." She sighed as she rubbed her temples.
"My plan got so out of hand that I literally lost sight of myself. I'm just glad you guys stopped me before it was too late." She gulped nervously.
"What do you mean by that?" Jocy whimpered. I met Michelle's frightened gaze. I've never seen her like that before...
"Jason is capable of so much... Especially if he teams up with the Guardians..." She said as she squirmed in her spot.
"The Guardians? But they hate-"
"It's all a game Sky... I honestly thought it was true, but, I heard Sarah one day talking to Jason himself about it... They can't be trusted at all..." She spat towards the ground. She groaned and then shook her nerves off.
"Enough though. Jocy, go on. Me and Sky have some catching up to do." Michelle said as she hopped off the tree. I heard a loud thump...
"FUCKING BITCH! THAT HURT!" I heard her yell.
"She's not that bright is she?" I mumbled.
"I CAN HEAR YOU!" She shouted.
"It runs in the family." Jocy chuckled as she jumped off. Hold on...
"HEY! RUUUDDEEE!" I yelled after her.


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