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Shadow's Target

Chapter 19, Part 2: Behind The Scenes.

[Scarlett’s P.O.V.]
I blocked out my thoughts and just let loose. The anger from within me began to flow out as I threw those first few punches. I bobbed and weaved through the men that tried to fire and capture me. For a quick second, I looked behind me and was surprised at how well the guys were doing to fight these men off.
“SKY! We have to get out of here while they’re all out cold!” Daisy shouted from afar. I nodded and knocked the guy in front of me to an unconscious state.
"SKY!" I turned, and luckily, caught a hover board that the girls threw at me.
"This way!" Niall shouted out for me.

“That was such an adrenaline rush!” I chuckled as I looked to Jess who was trying to shake it off. She looked at me and smiled.
“I miss these moments.” Jess sighed.
“I don’t think Scarlett even needs these things to beat them up; she has a strong punch as it is.” I heard Harry laugh from behind me. I looked at him and chuckled before I turned to Daisy.
“So, now where do we go?” I asked as I placed my hands in my pockets. I looked around in the building we were in; Looked like a hotel, but, it felt empty and quiet. I heard a couple of footsteps coming towards us, and saw Niall with Michelle wrapping her arms around his shoulders. Adam, Liam, and Louis then came from behind them.
“It’s about time you guys got here.” Zayn mumbled. Michelle looked up to him and grinned.
“I pulled something. Kinda explains why im limping a bit.” She said as she signaled with her eyes towards her leg. I rolled my eyes and walked towards Harry who was sat against the wall. I slumped down besides him and pulled my legs up to my chest as I wrapped my arms around them. I could feel Harry look at me intensely, but, I didn’t bother to turn to him.
“What’s the matter?” He whispered to me with his husky voice. I could feel his warm breath as he leaned in closer to me. I closed my eyes and sighed.
“I just can’t believe they have HER here.” I opened my eyes back up and shot a look towards Michelle, before I turned my attention to the person holding her; Niall.
“And HE’S being all buddy buddy with her even after what she did.” I growled lowly. I felt as Harry’s arm found its way around my waist, and pulled me in. He laid his chin on my shoulder as he leaned in towards my neck to place a couple of soft kisses. I felt a shiver go down my spine as he placed one last kiss that lingered for a couple of seconds.
“We don’t know what his reasoning is for the way he’s acting. Don’t be so quick to judge. The guys and I feel just as mixed with emotions as you do towards what Niall and Lou are doing.” He removed his chin from me, and I turned to face him. A smile tugged playfully at the corner of his lip as he stared at me.
“What?” I chuckled as I looked straight ahead. With his hand, he made me turn to face him again, a smile now completely taking over him.
“Don’t worry. Im here for you.” He said. I smiled and pulled him in for a quick kiss on the lips.
“Whoa. Talk about PDA!!!” I heard Daisy yell. I broke away from Harry, and turned to see everyone holding back smiles and laughs. I giggled and stood up, pulling Harry along with me. He intertwined his hand with mine, causing me to let out a soft gasp before smiling.
“Well, if you two are done, we would really love to get going now.” Lou sang as he motioned his hands towards....
"That’s a wall?" I chuckled slightly confused.
"I know what it is!" Lou screamed sarcastically as he continued to wave towards the wall.
"Here... Let me just get my key." I watched as Michelle slid her hand into her pants pocket. She pulled a key card out and waved it in front of a spot against the wall. I watched as a little laser beam scanned her up and down before beeping twice.
"Okay, go on in." Michelle waved us forward.
"Me first!" Niall cheered. He was running straight towards the wall...
"NIALL! Be caref-" Liam stopped and froze as he watched Niall disappear within the wall.
“Never mind then…” Liam said slowly.
"Maybe you and I can trade careers for a day. What do you say Sky?" Zayn smiled as he turned to me.
"Of course." I laughed and followed behind everyone.
As I stepped in, I saw it was just a white hallway with stairs up ahead.
“Where exactly are we going?” I asked Jess. She turned towards me and thought for a second.
“Jet plane… So… Up on the roof.” She said as she pointed up.
“I hate walking upstairs.” Louis groaned as he rubbed his thighs.
"It's the first door on your right." Daisy called out from behind.
"This one then?" Harry pointed to a wooden door as we finished climbing the flight of stairs.
"I guess..." I mumbled. Harry turned the knob and pushed the door open. I felt around for a light switch, but, Harry beat me to it.
“This is a nice place you’ve got here.” Liam said as he looked around. I nodded in agreement.
“You guys can take a seat if you want. They won’t find the door because it’s invisible now.” She chuckled as she plopped down on a reclining chair.
“Where’s the gadget room? Behind the fireplace?” Niall asked as he motioned towards it.
“Yeah. You remember.” Michelle smiled. I watched as Niall carefully counted the bricks, till he stopped at a particular one. He pushed it in, and then twisted it to the right. I heard a click as the fireplace moved to the right, revealing a bigger room. The lights flickered on and revealed her gadget room.
“What the-” I was at a loss of words.
“So… You were the one who was stealing gadgets?” I asked Michelle through my gritted teeth. She shrugged as she nodded in agreement.
“I knew this would all eventually happen, so, I prepared in time.” She smiled.
“Do you know how mad the boss was at my group? He thought WE had stolen them! We got in so much-“
“Scarlett.” Jess had cut me off. I turned to see her walking towards me.
“Everything has an explanation. Just wait… You’ll know everything soon enough.” She whispered to me. I frowned.
“Well, I hope you guys explain soon, because you’re slowly starting to make me lose trust in you guys.” I spat as I walked out towards the balcony.
I shut the gliding glass door behind me and headed towards the railing. I placed my hands down on it, and faced down.
“This is all too much…” I mumbled to myself. I raised my head back up to look at the dark sky beginning to take over.
“Are you okay?” I turned around to see Liam coming out. He closed the door behind him, and walked towards me. I ran my fingers through my hair and looked back straight ahead.
“Yeah… I’ll be fine.” I mumbled. I began to play with my necklace as I looked up at the stars. We stood there in a comforting silence for minutes, just soaking everything in.
“They must have a good explanation as to why they’re doing this.” Liam finally said. I turned and saw he was leaning back on the railing as he crossed his arms over his chest. He was looking up, watching the stars with a soft smile.
“I know Niall and Lou would never do something to intentionally hurt us, and that’s why Im just going to take their word and wait till they explain everything.” He grinned at me.
“But im guessing that’s not what’s really bugging you, is it?” He asked as he let out a sigh. I looked down at my feet, nodding my head.
“It’s Michelle.” I grumbled.
“Just the fact that she’s here is bugging me. She’s done so much that’s hurt me in the long run… And… After what happened to Jocy…” I felt a warm tear trickle down my cheek. I rose my head up and tried to hide the hurt in my voice.
“I want her gone for good…” I hissed.
“Niall must know that feeling all too well.” I hear Liam say.
“There’s an answer to everything Sky. We just have to wait till they give us those answers.” I looked up to him. He flashed me a toothy grin before leaning into me. He placed a stray strand of hair behind my ear, and did a tight lipped smile.
“Now, wipe that sad look off your face, and let’s go help everyone out. Everything will be fine.” He smiled.
“Thanks Liam…” I smiled back. He extended his hand for me to take, and I gladly accepted it. He slid the door open and pulled me in.
“Leave the door open… Your friend here stunk up the whole place.” Daisy grunted as she covered her nose.
“It was an accident! I bumped it with my shoulder!” Zayn groaned as he had his hand over his nose as well. I then suddenly got a whiff of what they were talking about. My hands instinctively flew over my nose.
“A stink bomb?!” I chuckled.
“We’ll be out of here soon. We just need to pack one more bag-“
“Done!” Harry shouted with a grin as he threw a backpack towards Jess.
“Never mind!” She chuckled. Harry and Niall then began to hand out backpacks to everyone.
“Great… Let’s get out of here.” Adam muttered as he helped Michelle up.
“Umm, im better now. I fixed my leg up with this handy gadget.” Michelle chuckled as he let go of Adams hands.
“Just trying to be friendly!” He smiled. He then looked at me, then Michelle, then back at me. He furrowed his eyebrows and began to scratch his head in thought.
“You know… You two kind of look alike.” Adam smile. I rolled my eyes and walked towards Harry.
“So ive been told…” I grumbled to myself. Harry flashed me a smile and handed me a black backpack.
“Here you go! I chose the ones I thought you might like!” He smiled enthusiastically.
“With my help!” Jess scoffed. Harry shot her a playful glare and turned back to me. I accepted the bag and chuckled as I placed it on my back.
“Let’s get going. I got a text from Laura saying that they’re in the building… And some of the guys followed them here.” Niall said as he looked up from his phone.
Wait a second…
“Is that one of the phones WE use?” I asked as I looked at him. He smirked at me and nodded.
“The girls gave it to me.” He chuckled.
“Enough chit chat! Let’s GOOO!” Daisy grunted as she stomped off towards another flight of stairs.
“Aren’t we gonna wait for the others?” Lou asked Jess.
“I don’t think it's such a good idea. If there’s any chance that there’s agents’ following us, then, we have to go. They know where to find us.” Jess said as she let out a sigh.
“What about Perrie?” Zayn suddenly asked. I had totally forgotten about the other girls!
“Yeah! And Danielle!” Liam added.
“The dancers as well! Are they alright?” Harry asked with a bit of concern.
“No need to worry. The others went to go and take care of them. They’re perfectly safe!” Michelle smiled at us.
“They better be. If they get a single scratch on them; you’re dead.” I spat at her.
“Sky.” Lou said sternly. It took me a bit by surprise, but, I just walked away towards the stairs.

“Is everyone strapped on?” I heard Jess say over the intercom.
“YES!” We all said in unison.
“Great. Let’s make this baby rip.” I heard her say with a hint of cockiness. I looked out the window and saw that we began to lift off into the sky. I felt Harry’s hand stroke softly over my thigh.
“Keep the touchy feely rated G, Styles.” I laughed as I moved his hand away. Instead, I held it in my hand.
“We finally admit to each others feelings, and I can’t have a bit of action?” He said pretending to be hurt as he pouted. I saw he was trying to hold back a smirk, and I chuckled.
“You’re just gonna have to stick with a kiss here and there.” I smiled before I pecked his lips.
“That works too.” He grinned, showing off his dimples.
“Admit your feelings? What are you two talking about?” I jumped a bit and looked behind me; Daisy and Lou had their mouths gaped open as they looked from one another, to Harry and I.
“Uhh….” I began to hesitate.
“We… We… We like… Each other…” Harry said as he tried to look for words.
“YOU USED THE L WORD DIDN’T YOU?!” Daisy and Lou screamed together. Everyone then turned their attention towards us. I felt as the blood rushed up to my cheeks, and I slid down from my seat.
“Kill me now…” I groaned.

“Do you honestly think this is really a smart idea?!” I said in a screaming whisper.
“SHHH! Trust us!” Jess chuckled. I looked up at our headquarters, and sighed.
“So, will you guys explain once we get inside? Everything is starting to hurt my brain.” Adam grumbled from behind us.
“Yes! Just… Just wait…” Jess said softly. I watched as Daisy opened a vent, and we all crawled in, following her lead.
“Ive got a nice view.” I heard Harry chuckle. I glanced over my shoulder and flipped him off.
“What?” He chuckled again.
“Okay… This is the end!” Daisy sighed. I watched as she opened another vent, and crawled out. We all did the same, and Jess turned the lights on.
“Hey! This is my room!” I smiled.
“It’s the one room we knew they hadn’t checked yet.” Jess sighed.
“This is your room?! It’s amazing!” Liam said in awe.
“Yeah… Jocy and I shared it…” I smiled.
“How touching.”
“Who said that?” Niall said slowly.
“Did you guys honestly believe we wouldn’t be waiting here for you?” I looked up at the second floor
“Boss…” Jess, Daisy, and I said simultaneously. He let out a hefty laugh and walked down, taking his time. I watched as the walls around me began to move. Agents began to pop up with weapons pointing towards us.
“Shit….” I cursed under my breath.
“You girls are so gullible. I thought we trained you all better?” He teased us.
“Oh… But you did.” Daisy said in a sweet tone.
“NOW!” Jess yelled.
“What in the?!” I watched as the boss, along with the others, began to float up, unable to move.
“GO! GO! GO!” I saw 2 dark figures pop out of nowhere, and move us along.
“This way!” Niall yelled as he opened the front door.
“Don’t let them get away!” I heard the boss yell.
“Go on without us! We’ll take care of them!” One of the dark figures yelled out.
“You know where to meet us!” Lou shouted out at them.
“Can someone PLEASE explain NOW?!” I yelled out confused.
“It’s all part of the plan!” Niall grinned back at me.

[Niall’s P.O.V]
I lead everyone up to the roof.
“I got a text from Nick! He said everyone is out already!” Daisy huffed.
“Great! Now we can blow this place up!” Jess yelled.
“What?!” Scarlett screamed in shock.
“Just trust us! Please!” Lou begged. She looked at Harry, who nodded, and then sighed in defeat.
“You better have a goo explanation.” She muttered as she squinted her eyes at us.
“We need to wait for Laura though! She knows how to hook this thing up!” I yelled out to Jess.
“We have Sky! She knows about that as well!” Michelle shouted out to me.
“Great! Let’s get to-” My body froze.
“Guys…” Why couldn’t I move? Im pretty sure I planted those anti-immobilizers in everyone’s backpacks.
“I can’t even move my finger.” Zayn said nervously.
“Did you honestly think it was going to be that easy getting rid of us?” I felt my body being shifted around to face Jason; their boss. My boy tensed up as he got closer to us, flashing his devious smile.
“You must be wondering why you can’t move, am I right?” We all stayed silent. He let out a sigh before letting a hardy laugh out.
“This baby right here let’s me control you guys, even though you guys have these things planted on you.” I watched as the reached into his pocket, and pulled out a crushed anti-immobilizer.
“What a shame… I’ll be honest though, I WAS a bit skeptical as to whether or not you would get away with your little plan. Guess I shouldn’t have worried.” I looked behind him as I saw four men walked in. They had two people with them…
“Fuck…” I heard Louis mutter under his breath.
“Yeah, what a shame they didn’t put up as big of a fight as I thought they would.” Jason sighed sarcastically as he made a sad face. The men began to pull off the masks they were wearing, and threw them aside.
“Laura? Jane?” Scarlett gasped with her eyes wide open.
“Sorry guys… We thought we could handle them…” Jane said through her gasps of air. She looked like she ha gotten taken down pretty badly.
“Stop holding me so TIGHT!” Laura barked at the two men holding her. I shifted my eyes towards the clock; almost midnight. Only five more minutes. I focused my gaze back towards Jason, and he had a cryptic look towards me. He glanced over his shoulder towards the clock, and then looked at me with a half grin.
“You. Blondie.” He was maneuvering his finger towards me.
“What do you know? Huh? By they way you were looking at the clock, you MUST know something-”
“Leave him out of this.” Michelle hissed at him.
“Well look who we have here! Michelle!” He played as if he were surprised to see her.
“Tell me; how have you been darling? Have you and Scarlett-”
“That’s ENOUGH!” Jane shouted.
“Jane… Please…” Jess begged. I looked at Jason’s eyes, and they were twinkling with excitement.
“She doesn’t know yet… Does she?” He asked us with a smile.
“Stop it boss… Please don’t-”
“What is it? What don’t I know?” Scarlett cut her off.
Oh No…
“Nothing…. It’s nothing Sky-”
“If it’s nothing, then why can’t you just tell me Lou?” Scarlett asked with a puzzled look.
“Please… Just wait….” Michelle whispered to her. Scarlett shot her a look.
“What is it?” She turned to Jason, hoping for an answer from him.
“You honestly don’t know?!” He laughed with an eyebrow arched. She shook her head slowly from left to right.
“My GOD! This is GOLD!” He shouted with a smirk on his face as we stretched his arms out wide. He slowly strutted towards Scarlett.
“My little, adorable, innocent,” He raised her chin up slightly to face him.
“Sky…. You’re in for a big surprise.” He huffed.
“And you’re in for an even bigger one.” I watched as a smoke bomb dropped down, clouding everything in sight. I heard a few thuds and grunts, until I finally felt myself gain control of my body.
“Hurry! Let’s go!” Jane yelled. I pressed a button that was on the side of the strap, and flew up and above the smoke. As I looked behind me, I saw everyone else follow along.
“THIS WAY!” Michelle yelled as she motioned her arm towards a door.
We were right behind her as she weaved through halls and dorms, till we got to where we were supposed to be. I landed a bit awkwardly, trying to regain balance.
“I’m gonna go help them out!” Michelle shouted as she left us.
“This thing is really cool.” Liam chuckled.
“What are we doing here?” Harry asked from behind me. I pulled off my backpack and threw it down in front of me. I bent down and opened the backpack up, searching for the chips. I finally felt the bag, and pulled it out.
“I got the box with the rest of the things right here.” Laura smiled as she waved it around. I stood up and smiled.
“Great! Now… We just need to pin point the spots.” I mumbled as I looked around.
“Where’s Jess? And Jane?” Scarlett mumbled.
“I guess they stayed back with Louis and Daisy to make sure they don’t come looking for us.” I said as I turned to her.
“Sky, come and help me arm this thing. Niall, why don’t you and the guys place the chips around the room?” Laura said with a smile.
“Adam… You’ve been awfully quiet. Zayn chuckled as he turned to him.
“Huh? Oh… Yeah… Im still kind of shocked by everything. It’s all too much…” He laughed as he rubbed the back of his neck.
“Well, it’s real… Let’s start placing these things around.” I sighed.
“How exactly are we supposed to do that?” Harry asked me as he scrunched his eyebrows up.
“In your backpacks, you should have a small tablet, about the size of your palm. It will beep when you’re close to a small metallic circle. You place one of these chips on the spot where the circle is located, and press the button so it receives the signal.” I smiled as I showed them the small chips.
“How are we supposed to know where to start?” Adam asked.
“Did you guys throw the sunglasses in there? Cause, you can set it up so it sees through walls. It’s the ones you, Zayn, and I used to spy on Jocy and Niall that one day Harry!” Scarlett giggled.
“Wait, what?!” I said a bit taken back.
“These?” Zayn waved a pair of white Ray-bans around.
“Yes! Those!” Scarlett chuckled as she pointed at Zayn.
“You’re ‘hipster’ glasses?” Laura chuckled.
“I like the design! Jeeze! Let’s get back to this thing.” Scarlett laughed as she turned away.
“The names Styles…” I watched as Harry pulled his sunglasses out, and over his eyes. He positioned his fists on his hips and tilted his head up slightly.
“Harry… Styles.” He smirked.
“HARRY! GO!” Scarlett shouted.
“Okay! Okay!” He laughed as he waved his hands up.

“I think this is the last one…” Liam shouted from the ceiling.
“Who knew there were so many of these things?!” Zayn groaned as he flopped down on the floor.
“Im surprised we took only five minutes.” I chuckled as I placed the sunglasses in my pocket.
“Are you girls almost done?” Harry asked as he turned to Laura and Sky.
“Almost… We just need to re-wire these things because we’re one wire short…” Sky grumbled. I felt the ground beneath me shake, making me loose my balance.
“What was that?! GUYS! WHAT WAS THAT?!” Adam screamed in a high pitched voice.
“Look!” We all turned to where Zayn was pointing, and saw Michelle and Louis thrown against the wall, making a loud thud ring throughout the room before falling down to the ground.
“Ahhh… That looked like it hurt…” Liam squirmed.
“GUYS! HURRY! WE CAN’T-” Daisy was cut short as someone kicked her behind her back, and sent face up to the floor.
“Get something out! Avoid getting hit!” Laura shouted as she flew up to keep the guys from flooding in.
“I need to help them…” Sky began to take her gloves out.
“No. You need to finish fixing that. We’ll keep them away from you.” Harry said as he held her back.
“But I can take them-”
“Harry’s right. We’ll finish them off.” Adam smiled.
“I’ll stay down here with her. I know where this thing has to be placed anyway, now, be careful.” I did a tight lipped smile towards them.
“I’ll come back for you.” Harry smiled towards Sky.
“Don’t get hurt.” She kissed his cheek, and the guys went running off. Sky crouched back down and began to fix everything up. I blocked a couple shots that were being sent out towards us, and luckily, she finished soon after.
“Where do we place this?” Sky asked as she turned to me.
“Center of the room! C’mon!” I pulled her hand along with me as we tried to avoid getting hit. We got to the center and placed the box down.
“Now we just have to turn it on.” I flipped a few switches and turned a button on. I watched as it lit up, indicating to me it was working.
“Perfect!” I smiled.
But that smile was soon swept off my face, as an electric wave went throughout my body. I fell down, shaking as I felt the piercing pain. I couldn’t even scream…
“NIALL!” Sky bent down next to me and tried to take a hold of me, but, jumped back a bit when she got shocked.
My eyes widened as I saw Jason coming up from behind her.
“Sc-sc-Scarlett…” I muttered weakly.
“Don’t talk! Just… Let me…” She was reaching for me again.
“Behind you.” She stop dead in her tracks, and turned her head around slowly, facing Jason. He pulled her up, and got her in a deathly headlock.
“EVERYONE….” He growled loudly.
“STOP!” His scream ran throughout the whole room, making everyone go silent. He smirked; obviously pleased by the reactions he was getting from everyone.
“Good.” He chuckled.
“Now I want you ALL to follow me…” He shouted.
I watched as the agents each took a hold of someone, shoving them along.
“LET HER GO!” I didn’t even notice Harry behind Jason as he threw a punch right to the side of his face.
“AGH! You little-” He dropped Sky, and threw his hands over his cheek. Harry then ran towards me, kneeling besides me.
“Are you alright mate?” He asked with concern on his face.
“I… I can… Talk… At least…” I said with a soft smile.
“Scarlett! RUN!” Jane yelled.
“Scarlett…” Harry and I shot our attention towards Sky who was being chased by agents to the other side of the room.
“NO! NOT THIS TIME!” Jason whipped around, and pulled something out… It… It looked like a metallic gun…
“No…” Harry whimpered.
“Harry! Stay back!” It was too late. I watched as he shot up, and ran towards Jason. He tackled him down to the side…
“NO! SKY!” Daisy screamed.
Jason had blown the wall up… And Scarlett got pushed back…
She was hanging there… Helplessly…
“No… No… NO!” I forced my body up. A thriving pain expanded its way towards my whole body…
I couldn’t let her fall…
“SCARLETT!” I glanced over at Harry, who was struggling to keep Jason down and away from his gun.
“Let me go you little brat!” Jason growled.
“Don’t let her fall mate… PLEASE.” Harry pleaded as his eyes began to get glassy. I nodded and ran towards her. I slid down, and gripped both her arms tight.
“NIALL!” She was crying.
“Hold on Sky! I got you!” I began to feel my throat burn and my boy flinch with pain.
“Niall… Just let me go…” She sobbed.
“NO! I WON’T!” I shouted furiously as I tugged her up slightly.
I know I can pull her back up… I just know!
“I know you’re in pain! PLEASE! Just let me fall!” She shouted back. I looked at her like she was crazy... Then... I looked below her…
“How about…” I began to push my body forward.
“We both fall…” I kicked myself off the building.
“NOOO!” I heard piercing screams from everyone.
We were now free falling…
“Hey… Don’t call my boyfriend an idiot.”
Scarlett was frozen… Unable to speak… Her eyes glued on to her.
“Thanks for catching me.” I smiled at her. I looked at Scarlett, her eyes taken over by tears.
“Is… Is it really you?” Louis kept his eyes on Jocy as she shot him a smile.
“Uhhh… Yeah?” She giggled childishly as he ran his hands trough her hair.
“JOCY!” He yelled from the top of his lungs as he gave her a huge hug.
“I can’t breathe Lou!” She squealed.
“You’re alive!” He began to kiss her… Cheeks… Again… And again… And again…
“Lou!” I shouted from my clenched teeth. He looked over to me.
“I think that’s enough.” I said with a forced smile.
“Are you jealous?” Jocy looked at me with a smirk. I quickly looked away, and began to pull myself up.
“Of Course Not!” I chuckled nervously as I walked over to them.
“You know I love your kisses the most.” Jocy whispered into my ear as she wrapped her arms around me. I rested my chin against her chin, and let my arms hug her by the waist.
“I missed you.” I whispered back.
"Can someone please explain why JOCY is here? I'm about to freak out! Oh my god!" Jocy and I watched amused as Lou rambled on and on to the girls about Jocy's presence.
"Looouuu? You can stop now, we get it." Jocy chuckled. Lou spun around and went straight towards Jocy, lifting her up and spinning her around once before planting her back down.
"You're alive!" His face then got stern. He held her hand, and flicked it.
"Hey! What's the deal?!" Jocy chuckled as she removed her hand from his.
"Do you have any idea how miserable Niall and Scarlett were after the incident happened?!" Louis said angrily. Jocy frowned and looked down. She then glanced up towards me, then back to Lou.
"I can't even imagine..." She said in a soft whisper.
"She's lucky we got to her." Jane said as she walked towards us with the rest of the girls.
"Although, she probably would've survived the fall. That stream... River... Thing... Was actually pretty deep." Laura chuckled.
"It's just the force of the current that probably would've been a bit hard to handle." Jess added.
"So wait... You girls saved Jocy?" Lou asked a bit surprised.
"Yeah... Long story... We can tell you tomorrow." Daisy smiled.
"Let’s go tell the others-"
"NO!" We all said in unison, causing Lou to flinch.
"Why... Why not?" He asked baffled by our response.
"Jocy needs to stay hidden. The boss wants to use her to get to Scarlett..." Jane said.
"And if she gets to Jocy and Scarlett... He could probably kill us off..." Jess hesitated.
"Please Lou... It's important that you keep it between us." Laura begged him. Lou looked to me, and I nodded in approval.
"How long have you known Niall?" Lou asked in an almost whisper.
"A while now... After I accepted Daisy's offer to join them, they brought me to her." I smiled at the memory and how amazing it felt to see her alive and in my arms. I looked over at her as she stared back at me with her cute smile. I felt myself blush as I looked at Lou.
"There's still some unfinished business we have here..." Jocy smirked.

"You sure this is the right place Niall?" Jane groaned.
"Yes! For the millionth time; this is where Michelle had her place." I looked up from the laptop, and stopped.
"That's weird..." I mumbled.
"What is it?" Jocy said as she leaned in to me. I briefly inhaled Jocy's sweet aroma, and smiled.
"Uhh... Well it's says here, her room is right..." I turned towards the wall.
"There?" I said questioning my findings.
"But there's nothing there...." Laura said as she felt around.
"Hold on..." Lou stepped forward and examined it. We all watched as he crouched down, and tried to look under.
"Does anyone have a credit card?" He asked as he turned to us.
"Here." Jess handed him one and he thanked her.
"What are you-?"
"I'm focusing Jocy!" He muttered. He pressed the card against the bottom of the wall, and slid it against it. He went from right to left, till we saw the card... Disappear.
"It's here." Lou smiled as he stood up.
"My credit card!" Jess groaned as she knelt down to look for it under the crack.
"That's ingenious! You wanna be part of our group?!" Jane smiled as she bent down to look under.
"Oh thanks... I know I'm quite clever." Louis smiled smugly as he examined his nails.
"So... How do we get in?" I asked as I knocked on the wall.
We turned around as we heard footsteps coming from a hallway.
"Well, well, well! This is MY lucky day!" Michelle piped as she picked up a dollar from the floor. She stopped midway, and turned to face us.
"Uh... Heeeyyy there!" She smiled.
"I would love to catch up... But..." She dashed off.
"MICHELLE!" We turned down the corridor and saw she was climbing out of a window.
"I'll be seeing you guys soon." She winked and pushed herself off the window. We all ran towards it, cramming to get a glimpse.
"FUCK! She's gone..." Jane growled as she punched the wall in front of her.
"We can always try tomorrow... Don't worry." Jocy sighed as she walked away from the window.
"We better get going Lou..." I mumbled as I looked through my phone at my missed texts.
"The guys are looking for us." I sighed. I looked towards Jocy.
"You sure you can't sleep over?" I whined as I walked towards her. She giggled and pecked my lips.
"We'll see each other tomorrow." She smiled.

{Day 4: Wednesday}
I ate my breakfast and watched as Lou sat there with his mouth gaped open.
"You'll catch flies Louis." Laura chuckled as she took a sip of her orange juice. He shook his head and closed his mouth.
"Sorry, that... That was just... Wow." He picked up his fork and began to pick at his food.
"I know... Niall here is still trying to figure everything out and put the pieces together." Jane sighed as she leaned back on her chair.
"Mind if I help?" Louis shot me a smile.
"I don't see why not!" I grinned.
"Just don't let anyone know what you two are up to." Jess chuckled.
"We'll be fine! This Shadow stuff is a breeze." Lou smiled.

"THIS SHIT IS HURTING MY BRAAAAAIIIINNN!" Lou screamed exaggeratedly as he flung himself back on the grass.
"Shhh! I don't want any attention! I haven't been caught yet, and I really don't want to start now." I chuckled as I clicked through more of Scarlett's files.
"Wait... What's that?" Lou mumbled as he leaned in to my screen. I shoved his head back a bit, letting a small laugh escape from me.
"It's Scarlett's DNA. I got it from a strand of hair-" He pushed his laptop by mine.
"Do you see that?" He said as he pointed back and forth at the screen.
"What the-" I looked from my laptop, to Lou's.
"She..." Lou stopped, and we looked at each other.
"Before you jump to any conclusions... There's something you need to know about Scarlett's past..."

"Do you think Jane is still freaking out?" Lou chuckled. I looked around the lobby, and watched as Laura and Jess tried to calm Jane down as they walked away. Daisy turned to us and mouthed a 'Sorry' before scurrying behind them.
"Never mind..." Lou laughed.
"How are we gonna tell Sky?" I mumbled as I looked at my phone, skimming through our findings.
"We don't." I have Lou a confused look.
"That would just provoke her. We'll tell her when the time comes." Louis smiled at me. I heard a couple of voices, and saw It was Harry and the rest of the boys.
"Here they come... Act calm." I said as I turned to them. Lou turned and faced the guys.
"Ready lads?" Louis asked with a smile.
"Yup." Zayn said as he walked along.

It was nice seeing Scarlett so happy, I couldn't help but smile.
"Aww! Group hug!" Eleanor squealed as her voice cracked.
"Let’s go on some of these rides!" Savannah yelled with excitement.
"Let’s do this! Cotton candy, here I come!" I yelled as I ran off with Rose and Elizabeth.
"C'mon you two!" I yelled out at them.
"Calm down Niall! The cotton candy won't just get up and walk away." Elizabeth chuckled from behind me.
As I got up to the stand, I got 3 of them, and handed one to each of the girls.
"Thanks Niall!" They squealed.
"Where to first?" I smiled.
"How about that!"
"Oh hell no..."
"What? It looks fun!"
"Hahaha! Fuck that."
I laughed as I watched those two argue about which ride to go on, then, I got a text.

From: Jocy <3
You're making me jealous... Cause they're pretty :c

I looked around, trying to spot her.

To: Jocy <3
Where r u babe?! We can hang out together!c:

From: Jocy <3
I'm lurking in the Shadows c; Get it? Cause in a shadow? And I'm IN the shadows?! Bwahaha! I'm hilarious c:

I laughed as I read her text and looked up towards a bench.
That's totally her.
"Hey, I'm gonna leave you two alone. I'm gonna go beat Lou and El at some games!" I smiled at the girls.
"Good luck!" The chuckled as they walked along. I turned towards the bench, and walked straight to it.
"You found me!" Jocy squealed. As she rose from her seat.
"Do I get a prize?!" I said with a toothy grin.
"Aren't I a prize enough?" She said as she fluttered her eyelashes at me.
"Well..." I pretended to think about as I rubbed my chin. She just let her jaw drop as she tried to hold back her laugh. She slapped my chest, and I let a chuckle out.
"Niall!" She giggled as she played on a mad face.
"I'm only kidding." I smiled as I wrapped my arms around her.
"How about me and you go on a couple of rides?" She muttered in between my neck. I moved her slightly away from my body to face her.
"You sure? I don't want you-" She placed her finger on my lips, and shushed me.
"It's fine. I have my-" She flipped her hood over her head, and it covered her eyes.
"My HOODIEEEE!" She said dramatically. I busted out laughing as she began to do superhero poses.
"Let’s get going... We're getting too much attention." Jocy chuckled as she pulled me along.

"Is that Harry and.... Scarlett?!" Jocy gasped as we got on top of the Ferris wheel. I looked down to the merry go round and saw them laughing and smiling as they snuggled up closer.
"They're so cute together." She squealed as she placed her hands on her cheeks.
"He's really helped a lot... He's the only person that can keep her distracted enough from everything..." I sighed as I laid my head on her shoulder.
"Imagine how she'll get when we tell her everything that we've found out... She'll have so many mixed emotions towards all of us." She muttered.
"Especially about me." Jocy and I turned our attention to the dark figure sitting in front of us.
"Michelle?!" Jocy shouted. She was starting to head towards her, but, stopped when the thing began to shake.
"I wouldn't make so many quick movements if I were you." Michelle chuckled. I watched as she placed her arms behind her head and leaned back.
"So... How did you find out the secret?" She turned towards me.
"What are you talking about?" I mumbled, trying to hide the crack in my voice.
"Don't act so oblivious! I know you know Horan." She smirked as she leaned in a bit closer to us.
"So... Where IS my little sis anyways?" She smiled at us. I shifted my eyes down to the merry go round, and then back at her. I noticed Michelle had observed my movements, and grinned.
"She's with him, isn't she?" She chuckled as she looked down at her shoes.
"If mom had seen how those two are now, she would've flipped." Michelle said as she popped her p's.
"What do you mean by that?" I asked her slightly confused.
"There's so much you don't know about those two..." She sighed.
"They don't even know it either..."
"So it is true? Scarlett's your sister?" Jocy said in a faint whisper. Michelle let a huff out before she smiled up at us.
"Yeah..." She looked out the window and smiled.
"I got my memory back... Sky on the other hand..." Her eyes widened briefly, and then she blinked 3 times.
"She's still has her wiped out." She sighed.
I saw we had gotten to the bottom of the Ferris wheel, and got off. We walked along side Michelle, engulfing the rings and bells of the games and rides going off.
"I wanna join you guys." Michelle finally broke our silence.
"Then... Why'd you run away yesterday?" Jocy asked.
"I thought you guys were sent there to bring me back to Jason. I found out you guys went rouge though, so, I want in." She smiled. Jocy and I looked at each other, and hesitated, but, agreed.
"Great!" Michelle smirked. I watched as she walked towards a light pole, leaving Jocy and I alone.
“I’ll go with her to the hideout. Maybe we can convince her to let us into her little room.” She whispered to me.
“That sounds like a plan!” I smiled. I felt my phone vibrate, and pulled it out to see a text message.
“We have to leave soon…” I frowned as I looked up to Jocy. She chuckled and kissed my cheek lightly.
“It’s fine. I ought to leave too.” She smiled against my cheek. When she pulled away, she looked towards Michelle. She furrowed her eyebrows and gave her a strange look.
“Why is she running-?”
“She spotted me! Better leave!” Michelle laughed as she sprinted away.
“Niall! Distract her long enough for me to leave!” Jocy muttered.
“Okay. I’ll see you soon!” I kissed her lips and watched as she left. I heard footsteps and saw the two familiar figures running towards me.
Now’s my chance.
“WOAH!” I pretended to trip, and fell right on top of Sky.
“NIALL!” Scarlett screamed. I flinched and looked up to see Harry extending his arms out to us. I took it and he lifted us up.
“Dammit! I lost him…” She muttered.
“It was a guy?” Harry asked Sky.
“I don’t know… couldn’t tell…” She quickly shifted her attention to me.
“What are you doing back here?!” She snapped, causing me to flinch again.
“I was talking to a friend…” I said as I quivered a bit. She was pretty pissed off…
“Sorry pal, she’s just a bit frustrated. She didn’t get a good look of this person she wanted to catch.” Harry chuckled. I smiled and looked down at my phone.
“Good…” I mumbled under my breath. I looked back up to them and sighed.
“Well, we got to go soon! Paul was looking for everyone and only gave us a couple more minutes!” I grinned before walking away. I felt my phone vibrate once again.

From: Jocy <3
Thanks! I love you <3

I smiled and continued to walk away.

{Day 5: Thursday.}
From: Jane
Get over here ASAP! We need to discuss this plan...

I grumbled and placed my cell phone back down.
Why do we have to do this so early?
I headed into the shower and closed the door behind me. I slid the curtain to the side and turned the water on. I stripped out of my clothes and stepped inside, letting the warm water run own my back.
After I finished, I turned the water off and wrapped myself in a towel. I began to hum to ‘One Thing’ and walked out.
“AAAHHHH!” I screamed and fumbled back a bit.
“It’s just us Niall…” Jocy chuckled.
“Oh god… Boy! Cover yourself up! Jocy might like seeing you naked-”
“JANE!” Jocy hissed at her before turning a bright red. She looked shyly away from me, rubbing her arm up and down.
“Yeah… Sorry… But, I thought I was going over there?” I asked a bit confused.
“Well… We decided to talk about the plan with you while Lou and the others go with Michelle to her place.” Jane sighed as she flopped on my bed.
“Well, please don’t make so much noise! I don’t want the guys coming in here.” I mumbled as I walked over to get some clothes.
“Hello there beautiful.” I smiled at Jocy as I planted a kiss on her forehead, earning me a giggle from her.

“That’s the basic outline of it.” Jocy said as she finished explaining the plan. I ran my fingers through my hair as I soaked all of it in.
“Okay…” I sighed.
“And remember this face; Jason. He can’t be trusted. If you find him-”
“Get away, press the button on my phone, and wait for you guys. Got it.” I smiled.
“Great! Now, let’s leave! I wanna shower cause I smell like alcohol and pizza.” Jane muttered as she headed towards the window. I was about to get up, when Jocy tugged me down. I turned to her, giving her a puzzled look.
“What’s the matter?” I asked.
“Let’s go on a date today.” She smirked.
“Navy Pier. You and me. I’ll call you.” She then placed a gentle kiss on my lips and walked away.
“What about-”
“Don’t worry. It’ll be fun” She smiled as she headed behind Jane.
“Oh! And later, we’re gonna go check out Michelle’s place. You’re coming with us. Later Horan!” Jane grinned as she flew off.
“Bye Niall! I love you.” Jocy smiled. I ran towards her, and pulled her in for one last kiss.
“I can’t wait for today.” I smiled between our lips.

I finished my food off, and saw my iPhone light up.

From: Jocy <3
Ready :3?

“I’ll see you guys later!” I shouted off to everyone as I walked off.
“Where to?” Scarlett asked as she chewed her pancakes.
“Let the lad have some fun on his own.” Louis said with a smile.
I was about to head towards the front, but, I saw too many paparazzi.
“Shit…” I cursed under my breath.

From: Jocy <3
We’re transporting you here! Turn your app on.

I smiled and did as she said. A quick flash passed by me, and before I knew it, I was in front of the girls.
“Hey there.” Michelle waved at me. I smiled as a response, and turned to Jocy and Jane.
“She’s gonna show us.” Jocy smiled at me.
I watched as Michelle waved a card in front of a spot, and a light scanned her, making some beeping noises go off.
“Go on. Step into my magical wall.” Michelle grinned. They all looked at me, and I sighed.
“Okay!” I groaned in defeat. I stepped in front of the wall, and took in a deep breath. I extended my arm, and saw it disappear within the wall.
“Whoa…” I then made my whole boy go in, and saw a hallway with a staircase right up ahead.
“Go on! It’s the opened door.” Michelle said as she followed behind me. I nodded and walked upstairs and into the room.
“You clean up well Michelle.” Jocy chuckled as she looked around.
“Thanks. Now, let’s get down to business.” I watched as she headed towards the fireplace.
“Come over here.” She smiled at us. We went up next to her and watched her count.
“It’s the 7th brick down.” She muttered. I watched as she pressed it in…
“What the…” A whole other room appeared behind the fireplace.
“Let’s pick our gadgets.” Jane chortled.

After we finished off our business with Michelle and Jane, Jocy and I went off on our little date.
Let me just say; the whole incident made me realize how many little things I hadn’t noticed about her. Just watching her soaking in the sun as she stood on the swing, relaxed me. She was s calm and graceful… And I can honestly sat that I love this girl…
“Did you just take a picture?” Jocy laughed as she turned to face me.
“What makes you think that?” I chuckled.
“It’s on twitter now.” I grinned, exposing my teeth.
“NIALL!” She laughed as she began to tackle me.
“Can’t catch me!” I laughed as I ran away from her.
We reached the board walk, and by now, that ice cream was beginning to slow me down.
"Gotcha!" I felt Jocy jump on my back and giggle by my ear. I held her legs around me and smiled.
"I can't wait till we can start doing this again." I whispered.
"I'm sorry things are so complicated with me..." I heard her say in a sad tone.
"No! Jocy... Listen..." I let her drop off my back, and I turned to face her as I held her hands in mine.
"You're worth it. You're the only girl who's made me feel this way..." I smiled as I looked into her eyes. I watched as a droplet fell from her eye, and a smile room over her face.
"I love you Niall..." She chuckled as she threw her arms around me.
"And I love you..." I grinned as I buried my face in her neck.
"Umm... Is that Harry and Sky?" I heard her mumble.
I shot up and tried to look for them, but instead, I spotted paparazzi.... And screaming fans.
"IT'S NIALL!" Screams flooded the area around us.
"We better run! Here, cover yourself." I gave Jocy my hoodie, and led her away from everyone.
“WE LOVE YOU!!!!” I heard girls screaming.
“LADIES! PLEASE KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!" Paul and the rest of the security began to push everyone back a bit.
"There! Lets go in there! And here..." I handed Jocy my cellphone.
"Transport Jessica and switch clothing so they won't know it's you." I said a I began to feel my breathing get heavier.
"Okay... I'm sorry Niall-"
"It's okay! Any time I spend with you is amazing... Now, go! I'll call you later!" She smiled and gave me one last kiss on the cheek as she went away.
I leaned back on the wall to catch my breath.
God, that was too close.
I heard the door besides me open, and saw Harry... With Sky.
“Dammit! We lost-“
“Sky?” I called out to her.
“Niall? Why are you in here? And who was that?” Her voice sounded harsh... But... I can't let her suspect anything...
“Umm… More like; Why are you two following me?” There we go.
“We just wanted to know if you were okay. We saw the girls swarming-“
“I’m ready!” I turned around to see Jessica come out.
“Hi! I’m a friend of Niall’s!” She beamed as she extended her arm to Harry and Sky.
“I’m Harry! The pleasures all mine.” He smiled. She then turned to Sky, but I could tell she wasn't pleased.
“Im Scarlett.”
I cleared my throat and stepped besides the petite blonde.
“This is Jessica. I met her a while ago. She does some modeling for a couple of big names.” I said as I looked at Sky.
“She told me she was in town, and we decided to meet up a couple of times.” I cleared my throat again, feeling a bit uncomfortable with the way Sky was looking at me.
“Well, we should get going now… I’ll see you guys later.”
“Bye!” Harry waved us off. I took a hold of Jessica's hand, and turned to her.
"You're a life saver!" I whispered to her.
"It's no problem. Just remind me to return this dress to Jocy." She chuckled.

I knew she was glaring at me... I just knew it...
“Soooo… How was it?” Eleanor said, breaking the silence.
“When were you going to tell us Niall?” Scarlett suddenly blurted out.
“Tell you what?” I asked confused as to what she meant.
“You know what…” She said with a serious smile.
Dammit... I can't say anything without giving my cover away...
I guess I'll have to do what Jane said, and challenge Scarlet head on.
“You mean tell you about my personal life?” I chuckled.
Oh shit...
If eyes could kill...
“No. That you’ve been sneaking off, seeing tons of girls-“
“Now, hold on.” That was kind of rude.
“Tons of girls? I go out with this one girl… ONE… And now you’re accusing me of seeing TONS? What’s your problem?” I chuckled again.
I saw Scarlett’s hands form into fists.... And I knew she wanted to kill me.
“She was just there to help me out. You don’t know what’s going on between us.” I said a bit ticked off.
“Scarlett,” I turned and saw Louis beginning to talk.
“He was only having a bit of fun. Calm down.” He said with a huff.
She immediately stood up.
Great Lou. You provoked her even more...
“Leave.” She growled.
“Sky…” Liam began to talk.
“What’s wrong with you-“ Louis was soon cut off.
“What’s wrong with me? What’s WRONG with ME?! More like what’s wrong with you two! You’ve been acting weird since the last concert! What’s up with YOU guys keeping all these secrets from us? Huh?! Get out of my room-“
“SCARLETT!” Harry yelled as he stood up. This was getting out of hand...
“PLEASE! You’re making a big deal out of nothing!” I shouted.
“You don’t know what im going through-“ I began.
“And YOU don’t know what I’M going through!” She yelled back.
“Hey GUYS!!!” Perrie bursted in through the door with Zayn, and the happiest look on her face.
That look quickly went away when she realized what was going on.
“Umm… Bad timing?” She mumbled a bit frightened.
“Don’t worry. We were all about to leave anyway.” I growled lowly, and left off.
Does she seriously think I've been tramping around like that?
"Don't let it get to you pal. She's just a bit ticked off with everything." Lou said as he caught up to me.
"She just has so many thoughts going through her head right now..." El said softly to me.
"I just can't wait till this is all over..." I sighed.

{Day 6: Friday.}
"THANK YOU!" We all ran off and went backstage.
I saw that Jess was calling me.
"Helloooo?" I said into the phone.
"Niall... They're there... They found us... They want Scarlett." I let a gasp escape from me.
"It's time." With that, she hung up. I turned around to look at everyone watching Adam getting chased around.
"Hey! Rose! Help!” Adam yelled.
“Sorry, I’m too busy enjoying this.” She chuckled. I watched as Adam opened up the door...
"Ouch! Hey, I'm sorry."
"Boss?" Scarlett whimpered.
"I think it's about time me and you talked Scarlett." The man grinned deviously.
"Excuse me, but, who are you?" Liam asked him with his eyes squinted. The man looked at him and smiled.
"Scarlett, aren't you gonna introduce me?" He looked down to her as he got close to her.
"Ahm... Ahh..." I could sense she was scared.
And now...
"What are you doing?" Harry whispered to me sternly.
"What I promised I would do."
A bright flash took over the whole room.
And so it begins...
*End Flashback*
"You two are so heavy! Lay off the midnight munches." Jocy giggled as she flew us up.
"Hey, I would've pulled us up, but, you were there... So... Why not give Sky a little surprise." I chuckled.

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
She's alive...


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