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Shadow's Target

Chapter 19, Part 1: What Niall Knew.

[Niall's P.O.V.]
I watched as Scarlett stood there frozen, unable to speak.
"Dude... Can I have a snack now? I'm starving..." Michelle whined. I rolled my eyes and chuckled as she tapped her foot impatiently.
"What is SHE. Doing. Here." Scarlett said, each word full of venom and spite as her gaze locked on Michelle. She took one step forward, and Harry wrapped his arms around her tightly. Her eyes quickly looked to me, equally full of hatred.
"Why is she here, Niall?" She glared at me.
"Well-" I began.
"I'll explain." Michelle sighed with boredom.
"I just wanted to surprise you!" She smiled as she extended her arms out to her. I slapped my forehead in disbelief. She just wants to provoke her enough to make her-
"Michelle!" Scarlett began to throw punches and kicks. Liam and Lou had to help Harry hold her back as she flared her legs and arms, trying to claw at her. I flinched a bit and stood behind Michelle, trying to keep safe from her.
"WHY DO YOU HAVE HER HERE?! SHE A FUCKING TRAITOR!" She growled at me as she began to take deep breaths.
"Dude, calm your ass down." Michelle chuckled as she looked at her nails.
"Michelle!" Lou yelled at her. She rolled her eyes and dropped her arms down to her sides.
"Okay! Okay!" She said as she put her hands up. She began to get serious, just like she promised.
"There’s a big story behind all of this… What im really here for… I was actually-" I watched as a fist made contact with her cheek, sending her back. Michelle placed her hand on it, and had her mouth gaped open.
"Son of a BIIIITCH." She screamed.
"What the fuck Sky?! Have you been taking steroids? Your punch is hard as fuck!" She groaned in pain.
"There's plenty more where that came from." Scarlett laughed maniacally.
"Okay, this is getting out of control. Jess, could you please talk to her?!" I begged. I watched as she took off her mask and pulled her hood down.
"I'm in the middle of trying to get us out of this crisis! He’s hot on our trail! So: KEEP IT DOWN! IM DRIVING HERE!" Jess yelled out nervously.
"I’m taking this off now. It's hot." Daisy whined as she removed her mask and hood as well.
"What's going on?!" Scarlett screamed as she looked at everyone. I realized she was extremely baffled as to what she was seeing right now.
Hell, I would too.
"Dude, can I get some ice?! Im still in pain!" Michelle said as she walked to the fridge, hand pressed against her bruised cheek.
“Well if you would’ve done what you were supposed to and not provoked her, you wouldn’t be in any pain!” I teased her as I crossed my arms.
“Don’t even start…” She grumbled. I smiled cockily and turned my attention back to the lads.
“I’ll go help her out. Zayn, help the lads keep Sky back.” Zayn nodded with an eyebrow raised, uncertain if he should even listen to him.
“Would someone please explain what’s going on?” Liam said with a tired tone as he rubbed his temples in confusion. I sighed and placed my hands in my pockets.
“I haven’t been quiet honest with you all… About anything…”
“No shit Sherlock.” Scarlett mumbled.
“Scarlett.” Harry scolded her. She looked at him with an emotionless face, and then turned back to me.
“Keep going Niall.” Zayn nodded at me.
“As I was saying… I’ve actually been working with your friends, Sky.” I looked to her, and she just had confusion written all over her face.
“What?” She said flatly.
“Niall’s been working with us.” Daisy said as she stood next to me. I watched as Scarlett’s eyes shifted from Daisy, to me.
“Since when?” Harry asked. He had the same confused face as Scarlett.
“Since like forever!” Lou shouted out as he held the ice on Michelle’s face.
“Ouch, ouch! Too much pressure!” Michelle squealed in agony.
“Oh, so sorry love.” Lou chuckled.
“And why is Michelle here?!” Zayn asked with a bit of hatred in his voice.
“Hey, your friend is waking up.” Michelle yelled out.
What friend?
I turned to look over by the girl’s luggage and saw a mop of hair by it. Adam soon stood up and rubbed the back of his head.
“What the hell man… Someone knocked me out…” He groaned as he opened his eyes slowly.
“That would be me!” Michelle chuckled as she raised her finger.
Adam’s eyes widened and a smirk swept across his face.
“Why’d you hurt him?! We said to just bring us in the bus! Not knock us out!” I said as I turned to look at her. She shrugged carelessly and smiled.
“He was being fussy and wouldn’t listen, so, I just gave him some powder.” She grinned.
“That still doesn’t explain why my head hurts.” Adam chuckled.
“Oh… Yeah, I kind of wacked him by accident while I carried him into the bus.” Michelle grinned sheepishly.
“This is getting too weird! Will someone explain what’s happening?!” Zayn said aggravated.
“Well? How did this begin?” Harry asked me. I watched as they all took a seat and waited for me to speak. I sighed and took a seat across from them as well.
“How much longer till we get there?” I mumbled to Daisy. She looked outside the window, and then came back to me.
“Not enough… You guys will have to catch up on this story later. Right now, we need you guys to get into disguises.” Daisy said to us.
“Where are we going?” Scarlett asked as she stood up. Daisy turned to look at her.
“We’ve gotta pick up the others… And leave…” She muttered before she began to leave, only to be stopped by Liam.
“What?! What about our concerts?” Liam asked with concern. I watched as the others began to throw questions, complaints, and curses under their breaths as well.
I looked to Scarlett, then Michelle.
If only you knew Sky…
I took in a deep breath, not knowing what it was I was about to get in to.
“What do I do?” A smile crept up on her face as she looked at me.
“You’re doing a good thing Niall.” She smiled. I watched as her hands pulled away the folder from under me, and took out some papers.
“Here’s your food young man.” Said the smiling waitress. I thanked her and ate as Daisy began to talk.
“After Michelle was taken into our headquarters, our group was assigned to keep an eye on her.” She began as she laid out a couple of photos of Michelle lying lifeless on a bed.
“Do you remember Jane? She was with us when we met you guys?” I rubbed my chin and ate a fry as I tried to recall the night.
“I think I do… Long black hair?” I asked. She nodded with an approving smile.
“Well, she wanted to do some research on her to see what her strengths and weaknesses were. She already had the basics, but, began to go further into her background.” She pulled out some more papers with information about Michelle written all over. I picked one up and saw a couple spots missing; Parents, siblings, birthplace, birthday, etcetera.
“Those things may seem minor, but, Jane had a feeling that they were important.” Daisy sighed and looked down at her lap.
“Then…” She looked up at me.
“She found something she shouldn’t have.” Her face went pale. I placed the papers back down and gave her a questioning look.
“What exactly?” I asked worried. I watched as her eyes wandered around the room, trying to figure out how to word what she was about to say.
“Well, she found something Michelle herself wrote… About our boss.” I saw she had gulped, nervously…
“He plans on doing something diabolical once Scarlett achieves her mission… Something he never mentioned to us… And Michelle found that out.” Her eyes darted to the folder. I followed them and saw a beige piece of paper sticking out slightly behind some photos. I pulled it out and began to read it.
“He plans on finding Scarlett’s parents…” She trailed off, hesitant to continue. I kept reading the paper, and stopped once I read the end…
“And kill them…” I said in a whisper.
“Scarlett doesn’t even know who her parents are… Jane told us everything about her not remembering her past…” She mumbled.
“Wait… What?” I looked at her confused.
“She lost her memory… She’s been like that for who knows how long. She never told anyone besides Jane, Jocy, and Michelle.” She said with a tight lip smile.
“Don’t ask her about it, please! And don’t mention it to the other guys.” She begged me with her hands clutched together in my face. I nodded and placed the paper back down.
“So, what is it you want me to do?” I sighed.
“Well, when Jane was going to go and talk to Michelle, because she had finally woken up, but, she went hysterical.” She stood up straighter in her seat, and placed her hands on the table.
“She was saying how she had to leave, how she couldn’t let our boss get ‘them’, how she needed to escape. She never told us what she meant by that though, and ran off two days ago.” She shrugged.
“Then Jane had the balls to interrogate our boss about everything, and, we all began to get hunted down. We’re all wanted fugitives… We’re all in hiding.” She sighed.
“We aren’t able to do much at the moment without being caught, so, we need you to research Michelle’s background, research Scarlett’s background, stop the boss from getting to Scarlett, and most important; Find Michelle.” She then began to stand up.
“Im counting on you Niall.” She smiled and then began to walk off.
“Wait-” I called out to her.
“Everything you’ll need is in that backpack.” She smiled and then ran off.
What backpack?
I looked around the table, and then, I felt myself kick something. I looked under the table, and sure enough, there was a black backpack. I picked it up, but then, it turned invisible.
“Ehh!” I yelped and dropped it. It then became visible again.
“That is way too cool.” I murmured to myself with a grin.
I paid for my food, left a tip, and then left that restaurant to go back to my hotel room.
Time to research.

Time passed by so quickly. I spent most of my free time from the concerts trying to find any information I could on Michelle. Everything seemed like a huge mess to me, and it was all so confusing. Deciphering was the hardest part, and I had to call the girls numerous times to get help with decoding things. With time though, I slowly began it piece everything together.
Then, the time came.
I knew where to find Michelle.
And it was our next stop on our tour.

[Day 1: Sunday.]
I strayed from everyone while on the tour bus, just putting a couple of things together. It seemed, by the looks of it, Michelle also had her memory erased. It all must’ve come back once she was released from the Guardians control though, by the way she had reacted when she saw Jane.
“Gah!” I threw myself back on the bed, and began to think.
“What am I missing?” I sat back up and looked through all the files on the laptop. I saw I hadn’t even touched Scarlett’s file yet.
“Might as well work on it…” I mumbled. I got up and went to her hairbrush, then, took a strand of hair from it. I scrambled back to my bed and placed the sample on a tray and into the port.
“This takes forever to load.” I mumbled to myself. Data soon began to load onto my screen.
“Bingo!” I cheered as I clapped my hands.
“What are you so happy about?” I heard Scarlett say with a laugh. I immediately closed my laptop and looked at her.
“Ahm… Nothing. Nothing at all.” I smiled.
“I think I’m gonna go join the boys and play a game or two.” I grabbed my laptop and scurried away from her.
I can’t let her find out just yet.

Once we got to our hotel, I threw myself on the bed.
“So comfortable…” I mumbled under the sheets. I the felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I took it out, and saw a text message.

From: Laura
Meet us up at the bean in one hour. Dress in dark clothing. Don’t want anyone spotting us.

I responded back with an okay and began to look through my suitcase for clothes.
“Lou, do you know where my black faded jeans are?” I looked over my shoulder towards him.
“Hmm… Not really… Did you check with Liam? He had a couple of things that weren’t his while he was looking through his bag.” He chuckled.
“I’ll go ask…” I left the room and went towards Liam’s. I knocked on the door and waited for a response.
“Come in!” Danielle sang. I pushed the door open and said hello to her. Liam then came out of the shower and turned to me with a smile.
“What’s up?” He asked as he went towards the mirror.
“Do you happen to have my black faded jeans? I can’t seem to-“
“Here!” Danielle threw them to me and I caught them effortlessly.
“And do you also have my black hoodie?” I grinned at them.
“Umm… Danielle, check under my plaid shirt.” Liam mumbled as he threw a shirt on. I watched as she flung things all around, and eventually she found it.
“There you go Niall!” She smiled as she threw it at me.
“Thanks!” I smiled as I ran off.
Back in my room, I changed into my clothes, and laid down in my bed. I picked my laptop up, and turned it on to keep doing my research on Scarlett. As I read through the information, and organized everything to make sure it checked out, something hit me.
“What the?” I zoomed in closer to the DNA.
“This is kind of weird…” It almost looked like…
“NIALL!” I jumped a bit into the air as I saw a hologram of Jane pop up from my phone.
“What?” I asked a bit fearful.
“Where are you?! It’s 6:55!” My eyes popped wide open. Time went by really fast.
“I’ll be there in a bit! I’ll ask Paul to give me a ride.” I said to her.
“Alright… Hurry up! We want to hear what you’ve found out.” She smiled and said goodbye. I closed my laptop, and grabbed my cell phone. Just as I was about to leave, I saw myself in the mirror.
“Shit.” I cursed under my breath. My blonde hair was a bit too noticeable, and with the fans around, I’ll be screwed. Maybe Sky will let me borrow a hat…
I ran off into the living room where everyone was gathered.
"Hey, guys?" I looked at the TV. Man… I wanted to play games…
"What's up?" Scarlett asked through her mouthful of crisps.
"You're getting crumbs on me!" Zayn whined as he wiped them off his pants.
"I love you too!" Scarlett said loudly as she purposely spat more crumbs on him. I chuckled and looked at everyone.
"Do you guys have a black hat I can borrow?" I asked hopeful.
"I have my beanie. You can take that if you want." Adam said without taking his eyes off the game.
"It's in his small blue bag. He has tons." Scarlett added.
"Thanks!" I dashed away and went to search for it in his room.
“Blue bag… Blue bag…” I mumbled to myself.
“Aha!” I spotted it thrown to the corner of the room amongst a pile of other things. I looked through it and found his black Neff beanie. I threw it on, went for my backpack and laptop, and then began to walk out. I didn’t want anyone asking questions, so, I slyly made my way to the door, and…
"I'm going out now! Bye guys!” I swiftly ran out.
Clever, Horan

“It’s about time!” I heard Daisy chuckle as she leaned against the bean.
“Hey, Laura said in an hour! She sent the text as 6:10, so, im technically here on time.” I smiled proudly at them.
“He’s got a point…” Jess murmured. Jane punched her playfully, and then turned back to me.
“So? What have you found?” She squealed. I took the backpack off and placed it on the floor. I knelt down on one knee and took the laptop from inside of it, out. I turned it on and pulled up Michelle's file.
"According to what I found, Michelle has an apartment around here somewhere. She bought it a while back actually." I clicked on the file and showed them the papers she filled out when she got the place.
“It’s not that far away from here, but-“
“LET’S GO!” Jane was about to dash off, when Daisy stopped her.
“Michelle is smarter than that! Do honestly think she would stay in that place, knowing there are papers out there with this information?” Daisy said. Jane let her shoulders slump down, and she turned to me.
“Is that what you were going to say?” She asked with a monotone voice. I nodded and Jane let out a groan.
“Dammit!” She said through her clenched teeth. She ran her hand through her head and looked up at the sky.
“But,” I began as I clicked on another file. Their eyes darted to me.
“But what Horan?” Jess mumbled as she got down next to me.
“I found out some of the missing information from her past that you guys couldn’t find.” I smiled cheekily as I pulled it up. Laura knelt down on my other side and began to read it out loud.
“Michelle’s parents, David and Belle, were former Shadow agents.” She started.
“No way… THE David and Belle?!” Jane scurried behind me and followed the words along with her eyes.
“Those guys are on the top of the most wanted list! Along with us!” Jane squealed.
“Is that really something to be proud of?” Daisy chuckled with her arms crossed.
“Oh shush! Come over here and see this.” Jane smiled.
“As I was saying…” Laura said slowly.
“Top of the Most Wanted list, these former Shadows have top secret files that belong to the agency. Said files have blueprints for a plan that could destroy the whole agency and bring anyone else down with them. Last known location; Bermuda Triangle.” Laura finished with a sigh of disappointment.
“I couldn’t really find out what it was these blueprints have in them, but, im working on that along with Sky’s files.” I said as I closed the laptop. I stood up, along with the others, and we stood in silence for a moment.
“We need you to find out what was in that file. Maybe it has to do with what Jane found out about our boss’ diabolical plan.” Jess murmured as she rubbed her chin in thought.
“Whatever it is, report it to us as soon as possible. For now, we gotta go.” Jane, along with the other girls, took out her hover board.
“We’ll text you or call you when we want to meet up again.” Daisy said as she started to go off.
“Bye Niall!” The girls yelled out as they flew away.
“Bye! Wish me luck!”

{Day 2: Monday}
"Okay boys! Take a breather and we'll start again in 10 minutes!" Our vocal coach excused us and we walked out to get a drink. I stretched out a bit, when, I heard my phone vibrate. I ran towards it and saw the caller ID.
“Shit…” I cursed under my breath. I looked over to the guys and saw they weren’t looking. I turned to a small spot by some boxes.
I ran over and answered the call.
“Hellooo?” I said.
“NIALL!” Jane yelled.
“That was my ear.” I groaned as I furthered the phone away from me.
“SORRY!” I heard her yell again. I chuckled and placed the phone back up to my ear.
“It’s fine, but, what’s up? Why the random call?” I chuckled again.
“We need to meet up again. Daisy wants to work with you on that file for Michelle’s parent’s tomorrow-”
"Look, I don't think I can go tomorrow." I said as I rubbed the back of my neck thinking.
“What? Why not?! You better not be ditching us for the club or something…” She said sternly.
"No... I have a concert.” I giggled.
“Oh… that was my second thought…” She trailed off.
“Yeah.” I chuckled.
“Then… When are you available for us to talk to you?”
“Umm... Well I guess we can try on Wednesday and Thursday?"
“That’s perfectly fine with us. Text one of us and we’ll arrange a spot for us to meet.” She said with a sigh.
“Oh, and, nobody knows yet... right?” She said hesitantly.
"Yeah, nobody knows yet.” I mumbled as I placed my hand in my pocket.
“Not even Sky, right? I know you really want to tell her, but-”
“Yeah. I'll tell them when the time comes...”
“Thanks Niall. I’ll see you soon!” Jane squealed.
“Alright! See you then-"
"ATTAAAAAAAACK!" I turned to see Louis and the other guys with water guns… Aimed at ME.
“Nooo!” I screamed as I covered my face from their blows.
“That’s what you get for farting in the studio!” Zayn laughed.
“THAT WASN’T ME!” I yelled defending myself.
“I know...” I turned to see Adam smiling.
“It was me.” He grinned.
“You’re fucked now dude.” Louis laughed as I chased after Adam.

I laid around the roof, reading the files I found of Scarlett. How come I never knew about all of this? Her memory? Her family? It was sad to think she didn’t have a place to call home.
But she DOES.
I looked at the chat window and saw she had replied.
How come she kept it a secret from us for so looonnngg?
I answered back. Soon enough, I saw another reply.
She doesn’t want to be judged.
I was a bit shocked by this.
Who would judge her about that? We all LOVE Sky!
I waited for a while, noticing this time she lagged a bit.
During one of our missions, which was around Christmas time, we were in a school looking for evidence on this teacher. While all of us were gathered around the tree, wrapping presents our families sent to us, Sky was sitting alone on the couch, just watching the fire slowly burn down. One girl had said in a loud whisper how ‘Her parents probably never wanted her because she’s useless and pathetic.’ Sky heard that, and walked away. I found her in one of the stalls crying her eyes out, saying how that girl was probably right…She’s a warrior though. She doesn’t let anything get in her way c:
I held back my angry tears. Scarlett doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment from anyone.
Ive gotta go now! See you soon!
I frowned,
Aww… Already? Fine… See u soon!
And with that, she was now offline. I looked back to the files displayed before me. I clicked on her DNA strands and began.
Now I really have to find out about Sky’s past.

{Day 3: Tuesday}
As I munched on my sandwich, I got a text… form Jess.

From: Jess
Keep your mind open to the idea…

What in the bloody hell was THAT supposed to mean? I began to text her back, when Savannah came towards me.
“Hey, someone is here to see you! Some press lady...” She chuckled as she nodded at me to follow. I was right behind her and stopped in front of a blonde. She looked really young, about my age or so, small, cute, hair up in a bun with a summer dress on.
“I’ll leave you two alone. I’ve gotta help Rose with her outfit.” Savannah chuckled as she walked away. I turned my attention back to the girl, and saw her pointing her phone at me, scanning me up and down.
“Uhh…” I watched as she looked at her phone and nodded with a smile.
“Just had to make sure it was the real you!” She smiled perkily as she put her phone away.
“Oookkaaayyy…” I was about to step back a bit, when she extended her arm to me.
“I’m Jessica. Friend of Jess? No need to worry! I’m a Shadow in training.” She chuckled. I smiled at her and shook her hand once before letting it drop.
“Nice to meet you! Not to be rude or anything, but, why are you here?” I asked with an eyebrow arched.
“I’m going to be your ‘Love-Interest’.” She said as she did air quotes. I stopped and stared at her… Blankly.
“Excuse me?” I said as I snapped out of my trance.
“Jess and the other girls thought it be nice if you had a back up, just incase Scarlett or one of your friends get really suspicious and want to tag along! Besides, since im new, Scarlett won’t know I’m actually one of them.” She said with a grin.
“That… That’s actually pretty clever.” I said with a snort.
“Yeah! So, they told me to give you my number so you can call me and zap me to you whenever you need!” She smiled as she handed me a piece of paper.
“Thanks! Tell the girls I really appreciate it.” I smiled towards her.
“Alright! I better get going. Your about to go off now.” She grinned as she waved goodbye. I waved off to her as well, and then looked down at the number before me.
“Who was that?” I turned around and hid the number behind my back. Lou was just staring at me intensely.
“Umm… Nothing… We better go now.” I tried to run off, but, he caught a grip of me and spun me towards him.
“Maybe Sky was right; you’re acting really weird Niall.” He grumbled. He then let go of me and walked past me. I let out a sigh of relief and followed him from a distance.

“LET’S DANCE!” Scarlett yelled as she dragged Harry along with her to the dance floor. I laughed as she struggled to squeeze through the massive crowd of people.
“DON’T TOUCH ME YOU PERV!” She screamed angrily.
“It was only me!” Harry laughed.
“EXACTLY!” She laughed back.
“I’m gonna go now! Danielle and I have to get ready for Harry’s plan tomorrow! I’ll call you later Lou!” Eleanor shouted as she kissed his lips and walked away with Danielle.
“Sad… We’re all girlfriend-less now…” Adam slurred his words as he sighed and took a sip of his drink.
“Hey, we have girlfriends. You on the other hand-“
“No… Louis… No…. You’re slowly hurting my self-esteem.” Adam cutted him off as he held his hand in his face.
“I feel a bit tipsy… Will someone take me home please? Or to that girl… I think she’s checking me out.” Adam giggled as he winked at a brunette.
“That’s Elizabeth… Our dancer…” Liam said with a laugh.
“Huh…. Well never mind then… C’mon Zayn! Let’s dance with the ladieeesss!” He squealed as he pulled Zayn away. Zayn turned to us and mouthed he word ‘HELP’.
“I’ll go take care of it.” Liam groaned as he jogged behind the two. I then felt something inside of me… A pressure I couldn’t contain. I held my hands to my stomach and turned to Lou, my eyes pleading to him.
“You gotta go to the loo, don’t you?” He chuckled. I nodded and scurried off with him behind me. I pushed the door open, and ran to an available spot as I unzipped my pants and let it all flow out.
“That’s better.” I purred as I felt myself feeling less tense. I finished off, zipped my pants back up, and went to go wash my hands.
“Mind holding my phone for me?” I mumbled to Lou.
“Yeah, give it here.” I slapped it onto his hand and washed my hands.
“Adam, that cheeky bastard; He wants a good shag, doesn’t he? Especially by the way he’s extremely drunk and lust hungry…That and he whispered it to me.” I laughed a Louis comment. He turned to me and gave me a grin. I noticed he looked down at my phone.
“Umm… Jane is calling? You want me to answer-”
“NOOO!” I yelled, but, it was too late. The screen popped up with Jane and the girls smiling into it. Those smiles quickly wiped off when they saw Lou was the one who answered.
“Uhh… Bad timing?” Jess chuckled nervously.
“So that’s what the guy’s bathroom looks like! Girls are nasty as hell man. It’s like they don’t even have the decency to put their bloody-”
“That’s enough… Laura.” Daisy said as he slapped her hand over her mouth.
“Niall… Aren’t these Scarlett and Jocy’s-”
“Friends.” They finished for him with a smile from each of them. Lou did a lazy smile back, and turned to me.
“Care to explain?” He asked with an eyebrow raised questionably towards me.
“No time. Get out of there Niall.” Jane said in a frightened tone. Louis and I turned to look at her, confused.
“Why? Im only at-”
“The Funky Buddha.” Jess said, finishing my sentence. I nodded with a grin… Till… It hit me.
“Wait… I never told you where I was-”
“We know.” Laura said with a stern look.
“What? They close early on Tuesdays!” I said as I looked back and forth at everyone.
“No, Niall! We don’t care how long you stay there… It’s just that…” Daisy looked down and away from us.
“It’s just that what? C’mon now love, don’t leave us in suspense.” Lou said worried.
“Someone told us you were there… And they’re after you… Niall.” I froze at Jane’s words. Panic began to take over me, not knowing what to do.
“Niall… What are they talking about? Who’s after you? What have you been getting involved in?!” Lou said as his voice gradually got louder.
“No time to explain… She’ll be there in a bit to help you. For now, get out of there Niall-” We ducked down. She was cut off by the sound of a bullet passing between Lou and me. I glanced up to see a male in a black suit, with a smug look on his face. As he was about to take a step towards us, she jumped in and roundhouse kicked the guy back.
“GO!” She yelled. I grabbed Lou’s hand and led him out of the bathroom. We were back out to the loud music surrounding us. I looked around, trying to find a way out. I then saw the red lights with the word ‘EXIT’ on it.
“C’mon Lou! He saw you! I can’t leave you alone!” Even though he tried to protest, I pulled him outside and into an alley.
“WHAT THE FUCK NIALL! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!” He screamed as he began to take deep heavy breaths with his hand over his heart.
“I’ll explain later! For now, you have got to trust me and listen to what I say.” I pulled out my phone and zapped the two motorcycles he girls had given me. I got on mine and started it up. I looked at Lou as he just stared at the object in front of him.
“Well? Hurry!” The door then slammed open, and we saw the same guy looking for us.
“You don’t gotta tell me twice!” Lou stammered as he got on the other board. He placed his feet in the boots, and looked at me.
“They’re just like a real motorcycle, only it fly’s… Hovers… Whatever!” I told him. He nodded and we went up.
“I better turn the invisible mode on. Click on that blue button Lou!” He did as I said, and he became almost invisible. I could only see the outline. I did the same and went off with Lou behind me.
“GET BACK HERE!” The man yelled. He shot another round, luckily missing us.
“Now, press that purple button and we’ll be up in the air!” I yelled to Lou as we drove down the street. Before we knew it, we were up, overseeing everything around us. I changed the settings, only making the bike invisible, so I would re-appear.
“How’d you do that?” Lou mumbled. I instructed him, and he appeared before me.
“Woah… Can I keep this thing?! It’s amazing!” Lou laughed like a little kid as he admired it.
“We gotta go to the girls. We need their-”
“Help? Yeah we know.” I was caught off guard by Jane and the other girls hovering besides us.
“When did you get here?” I asked with a grin.
“Just now! We thought we’d get here as quick as possible.” Daisy smiled.
“Can someone explain to me NOW what’s going on? It’s making my dick hurt.” Lou groaned as he looked under him at the buildings.
“What does that even mean?” Laura laughed.
“Well, we better tell him now… He’s already been seen by the guy.” Jess sighed as she looked behind her for anyone who could be following us.
“Or…” Jess began.
“We can wait till later… Cause there’s more people behind us!” She yelled.
“GO FASTER!” She yelled again as she turned to face us.
We went at the fastest speed possible, trying to lose the men behind us.
“It’s impossible! We can’t shake them off!” Laura growled angrily.
“Fucking SHIT!” Jane muttered through her clenched jaw.
“We might as well go one on one with them.” Daisy smirked cockily.
“Im down for a bit of fun.” Jess said with a smug look.
“And you can count me in! I haven’t fought anyone since Scarlett taught me those moves back when we got captured.” Lou smiled cheekily.
“Then let’s do this.” I grinned. We led the guys down to the top of a roof, with music blasting from the inside. I watched as the girls placed some gloves on, never moving their eyes from the men.
“Here you two!” Jess threw us a pair and we placed them on our hands.
“These are some of Scarlett’s favorite gloves. Makes you feel like Hulk.” Jane chuckled as she cracked her knuckles.
“And since you guys aren’t as flexible as us, it gives you a bit of help to dodge some hits.” Daisy chuckled.
“I’m gonna enjoy this.” Laura grinned. I watched as she got don on one knee, watching the men slowly land on the roof.
“Gotcha.” She pulled her arm back, forming her hand into a fist, and grunted as she punched down on the hard concrete with her hand. The vibrations made me lose a bit of balance, but, as I looked up, I saw the men flying off in different directions.
“Now’s our chance!” Jess screamed out. We all ran out and towards the men, slamming them down with our hits. I was with Lou, just trying to keep everyone away from the other girls.
“NIALL! DUCK!” Before I could process what he said, me head flew back along with my body, as someone’s foot made contact with my chin. My body slammed down hard on the steel railing, sending a horrible pain rushing down my whole body.
“AAAAGHHHHH!” I screamed as I began to feel the intensity of the man’s hit. My tunneled vision slowly began to clear as I began to see the stars in the sky.
“Niall!” Lou yelled out at me. I looked up with little force, and saw a hand flying towards my face. I quickly rolled away, watching the guy’s fist connect with the rail. He threw his hand back and I watched as little droplets of blood fell from him. He turned to look at me with his eyes full of rage. There was no time to lay around in pain. Got up and headed straight towards the guy as he came towards me. I pulled my arm all the way back, aiming for a swing to this guys face. He dodged, making me miss by an inch. I saw his leg coming up from behind me, but I was swift enough to stop it with my hands. I lifted the guy up by his leg and swung him towards his little friends.
I knelt on the floor and began to take quick, heavy, oxygen deprived breaths.
“That… Was… The last… One.” Jess yelled out as she took breaks in between words for air.
“Nice… One… Mate.” Louis shouted as he approached me, also out of breath. I smiled at him, thankful we were all okay.
“LOUIS! NO!” I looked towards Daisy. She was running towards him, looking at something. I looked behind Lou and saw a guy aiming a laser at him.
“NO-” I jumped up and tried running towards him.
“MOVE LOU!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. He just looked at me confused.
“MOVE!” I watched as a shadow came from besides Louis and pushed him down. I hid for cover and watched as the laser fired behind me. I heard a loud boom as it made contact with something.
Once the initial shock was gone, I looked up to see Jane beating the shit out of the guy. I turned back to Lou, and saw his face; Shock. It wasn’t towards what just happened though; it was towards the person in front of him…
*End Flashback*
“NIALL!” I was snapped out of my thoughts as I looked up at Daisy.
“We’re here-” She was cut off by the blast that sent our heads all flying forwards.
“What the hell was that?!” Harry yelled in pure shock. Louis ran towards the window and looked outside. He cursed under his breath and Daisy came over to see what he saw.
“They caught up.” Daisy said with aggravation.
“There’s no time to talk! Lets get going!” Jess yelled at us as she threw each one of us a jetpack.
“just like old times.” Daisy smirked. Scarlett chuckled as she placed her goves on along with the jet pack. She bolted herself up and cracked her neck from side to side. She looked down to us and did a cheeky smile.
“Let’s have some fun.” She threw her fist towards the ceiling of the bus, making it burst open.
I looked over to Michelle. She was looking outside at something. I turned and aw it myself; 3 dark figures making their way towards us.
"You ready to tell her?" Michalle asked me. I turned to her and smiled.
"I think it be a bigger shock if she found out on her own."


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