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Shadow's Target

So, Who Are The Girls?


She started off as a Shadow; impressed the boss, the guys, the girls, and even Scarlett as well. Those two instantly became friends, comrades, sisters. Hell, they even dressed and looked fairly alike. She kept stuff about herself a secret, claiming she didn’t remember much, like Scarlett. Jane never liked her though. She always had her suspicions about this girl, and sure enough, everything she though, was right.
One day, while out on a mission with Scarlett and Jocy, her true colors were revealed. She took Scarlett’s necklace and tried to run off with it, leaving Scarlett baffled and unconscious on the floor. But, it wasn’t her fault. She was under control.
When she saw Jocy about to fall, with the last bit of control she had of herself, she got her back up, and handed her Scarlett’s necklace, only telling her she was 'Sorry.'
Time passed on, and she did the dirty work for the Guardians by manipulating people such as Taylor Swift, Adam Sevani, Simon Cowell, Harry Styles, and eventually, Scarlett Dane herself.
During an epic battle, which Scarlett holds a grudge against her for taking Jocy's life, Michelle was realesed from the Guardians control, and sent to the Shadow’s headquarters for surveillance. Eventually, she escaped, only to be then hunted down and found by Niall and Louis. Now that she’s with them, what will they find out about her past?


Funny, gorgeous, talented, and one of Scarlett’s best friends, Jane belongs to the Shadow’s. She’s the one to watch out for. Just like Scarlett, this girl is feisty and won’t let you win her trust that easily. That’s why she always had a bad feeling about Michelle.
Once she and the girls were assigned to watch over her, that’s when she began to do her research… And found something she shouldn’t have had…
And what’s even worse? Michelle’s escaped. But, hey, thanks to the girls clever plan of bringing Niall in to help, they have her back under their watchful eyes. What is it she found that was so bad? And how bad was it that they ended up on the Shadow’s Most Wanted list?


There’s always a flirt on every team, and guess what? Laura is that girl. She was taken in with the Shadow’s when Jess and Daisy found her wandering around on the streets alone after running away from her step-mother’s house. She was real sneaky though, and quick on her feet, which made her perfect for their group. She had a troubled past, but, with these girls, she doesn’t have to think about that anymore.
Once at their headquarters, she demonstrated everyone how quick, cunning, and just how amazing her shooting skills were, making her their weapons specialist along with Scarlett. Don’t let that innocent face fool you, because this girl is a mastermind.


Jess was always the shy sweet one. She was found by Jane while she was on an undercover mission at Jess’s private school. Jane was instantly intrigued by her quick reflexes and knowledge on vehicles, making her the specialist. She’s always there to help everyone out, and keep everyone safe from harms way. She even enjoys racing Scarlett every now and then on their motor bikes.


Daisy was the perfect student; Straight A’s, sporty, and kind to all her teachers. This, though, brought a lot of attention to her… And it wasn’t the good kind either. She was always picked on for being an over achiever, and hated everyone for it. Jocy though, thought she was unique, smart, and had tons of potential. She brought her back to the Shadow’s headquarters for a couple of tests, and was amazed by how intelligent she was.
When Jocy and Daisy are put together, they always make the best plans and blue prints for every mission. And guess what? Daisy is the one who came up with the plan to ask Niall for help.

The Dancers





"Dude, calm your ass down." Michelle chuckled as she looked at her nails.
"Michelle!" Lou yelled at her. She rolled her eyes and dropped her arms down to her sides.
"Okay! Okay!" She said as she put her hands up. She began to get serious, just like she promised.
"There’s a big story behind all of this… What im really here for… I was actually-" I watched as a fist made contact with her cheek, sending her back. Michelle placed her hand on it, and had her mouth gaped open.
"Son of a BIIIITCH." She screamed.
"What the fuck Sky?! Have you been taking steroids? Your punch is hard as fuck!" She groaned in pain.
"There's plenty more where that came from." Scarlett laughed maniacally.
"Okay, this is getting out of control. Jess, could you please talk to her?!" I begged. I watched as she took off her mask and pulled her hood down.
"I'm in the middle of trying to get us out of this crisis! He’s hot on our trail! So: KEEP IT DOWN! IM DRIVING HERE!" Jess yelled out nervously.
"I’m taking this off now. It's hot." Daisy whined as she removed her mask and hood as well.
"What's going on?!" Scarlett screamed as she looked at everyone. I realized she was extremely baffled as to what she was seeing right now.
Hell, I would too.


I decided; Why not give them pictures of everyone? So, here you go! I gave only a hint or two about what's going on in the next chapter, so, yeah c; Update To Come SOON!


I usually have them all done and and ready to post, but, sometimes i like to edit or make a whole new chapter if I dont like it.
I'd say an hour or so?

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How long does it take you to write a chapter?
@Your average weirdo
it's outtt yoooo!
Oh, that one. It's amazayn! I thought you posted the first chapter of Shadow Hunters....

but I love it too!!
It's Simple

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it probably would have been a good idea to add the link e-e loll. I wasn't thinking c: